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									                                  Park District of Oak Park
                                   Regular Board Meeting
                       218 Madison Street-Hedges Administration Center
                                      Oak Park, Illinois
                             Thursday, June 19, 2003, 7:30pm


The meeting was called to order at 7:35pm.

Present: President Kelly, Commissioners Kindler and Philion. Commissioner Gartland arrived at
7:40pm and Commissioner Conway arrived at 8:10pm.
Park District Staff present: Gary Balling, Executive Director; Mike Grandy, Superintendent of
Buildings and Grounds; and John Seaton, Manager of the Conservatory; and Greg Evans,
Manager of Adult & Senior Leisure Services

A motion was made by Commissioner Kindler and seconded by Commissioner Philion to
approve the Agenda. The motion was passed by a voice vote of 3:0.

 Marty Noll the President of Community Bank and President of the Gala Trust addressed the
    Board concerning the upcoming Gala Fireworks at Oak Park River Forest Stadium July 4th.
    The bank is the primary financial sponsor for Gala. He appeared before the Board tonight to
    get the Park District’s support and permission for this annual event. Year after year the bank
    strives to keep the event the communities, while preventing accidents and presenting a show
    for all to enjoy. This year’s show will be special because they have the newly renovated
    football stadium available for viewing the show, along with the Oak Park River Forest
    Symphony to give a concert prior to the show. This item will be discussed and voted on in
    new business.
 Norb Teclaw from the Institute of Science Education and Technology briefly addressed the
    board concerning the Percy Julian Bust to be located in Scoville Park. The artist has been
    selected and work will soon commence. This issue is on the Consent Agenda which will be
    our next item.

A motion was made by Commissioner Gartland, and seconded by Commissioner Philion to
approve the Consent Agenda, which includes the Fund Status Report; Warrants and Bills
dated June 19, 2003; Approval of Minutes – Committee of the Whole Meeting, May 8, 2003;
Regular Board Meeting of May 15, 2003: Regular Board Meeting , May 15, 2003--Continued on
June 3, 2003; and, Committee of the Whole Meeting, June 3, 2003; Dr. Percy Julian Bust—Scoville
Park; and, Prevailing Wage Ordinance. Attachments (white paper) include information on the Consent
Agenda items. The motion was passed by a roll call vote of 4:0.

   A. Director’s Report:

   1. Comprehensive Master Plan—Executive Director Balling indicated that the board will
      be asked to consider the Contract with Leisure Vision/ETC Institute, Inc. and the Letter
      of Understanding with the Village of Oak Park. He would like to begin gathering names
      for candidates to be appointed to the PDCC. As work progresses an updated schedule
      will be distributed.

   2. Barrie Park—The structure is rapidly coming down and intrusive work is in a hiatus for
      4-6 weeks. He indicated that the Park District is awaiting word on the agreement on how
      Westchester and Broadview will proceed with their water main.

   3. Stevenson Park – Executive Director Balling informed the board that work is
      progressing slowing at the Park, due to completion of work by the reservoir contractor.
      However, Kenneth Company is being very patient with the delay. Superintendent Mike
      Grandy stated that some trees would likely be planted in the fall while others will have to
      wait until next spring. Their have been difficulties on the south side of the tank therefore
      a guard will now be in place.

   4. Pools – Superintendent Mike Grandy gave the board a brief update on the progress of
      Ridgeland Common. This has been a tremendous project, but he is confident that
      between Bill Hamilton, himself and a leak detection company that all the leaks have been
      found and will be repaired shortly. They hope to have the pool up and running by
      Saturday morning.

   5. 2 Summer Interns—Executive Director Balling informed the board that the Park
      District has hired 2 summer interns, Anthony Hill and Marcus Lucy. They will probably
      be attending a board meeting in the near future.

   6. Day In Our Village – Thanks to all that helped make this event possible especially
      Adrienne Gedvilas and Shari Wenzel and the Maintenance crew. It was perfect weather
      and a great day for the Park District.

   7. Summer Programs – Summer programs began this week with a tremendous amount of
      enthusiasm. All staff has gone through many training hours and programs are off to a
      great start!

   8. Pleasant Home – A planning retreat will be held on Saturday, June 21 from 8:30am-3pm
      at Pleasant Home, all Park Board members are invited to attend.

  B. Division Managers’ Reports (Updates & Information):
      Executive Director Balling highlighted that Julie Garrigues has been hired as the new
      Field Center Director, she has been working with the Park District for over 9 years and
      we are happy to have her on board. Superintendent Grandy also informed the Board that
      the softball leagues at Stevenson will most likely not be compensated for their lost
      playing time, but will make up most games.

    A. Committee Reports:

   1. Recreation and Facility Program Committee -No action.
   2. Buildings and Grounds/Facility Maintenance Committee- No action.

   3. Administration and Finance Committee
      A.      Comprehensive Master Plan-Leisure Vision Contract- Commissioner Philion
      thanked Executive Director Balling, the infrastructure committees, and Village of Oak
      Park, along with the past and present boards for all their hard work. It really shows that
      people care about the parks. Commissioner Kindler noted that he was at a village
      meeting and was very pleased to see their support for this project. Lastly, Executive
      Director Balling stated that this contract provides a smooth progression. Also, attached
      to the agreement is the hourly rates for leisure vision and all the terms and agreements.
      Commissioner Philion made a motion, which was seconded by Commissioner Gartland,
      to approve the contract for consulting services, related to preparation of a
      Comprehensive Master Plan for the Park District of Oak Park, between the Park
      District of Oak Park and the Village of Oak Park, as owner and Leisure Vision/ETC
      Institute, Inc., as consultant in the amount of $98, 750.00. The Executive Director is
      authorized to sign the Contract. The motion passed in a voice vote of 5-0.

       B.      Comprehensive Master Plan-Letter of Understanding- Executive Director
       Balling indicated that the board has taken all the comments and concerns from the
       Infrastructure citizens and put them into a universal letter addressing all the major issues.
       He feels that there is a very good team of consultants working on the plan. He also
       passed out a tentative comprehensive plan. Next week we will be starting the process of
       selecting the PDCC. Commissioner Philion made a motion, which was seconded by
       Commissioner Conway, to acknowledge and agree to the Letter of Understanding
       regarding the creation of a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Park District of Oak
       Park, between the Village of Oak Park and the Park District of Oak Park. The
       Executive Director is authorized to sign the Letter of Understanding. The motion
       passed in a roll call vote of 5-0.

       A.      2003 GALA Fireworks Show- President Kelly briefly touched on Mr. Noll’s
previous presentation. Commissioner Kindler made a motion, which was seconded by
Commissioner Conway, to approve continuing cooperative event with Fourth of July Gala
Fireworks, staff for crowd control, fireworks oversight, clean-up and $1, 000 to pay for
sound and orchestra. The motion passed in a voice vote 5:0.
       B.      Barrie Park CAC Appointment- President Kelly suggested that item B be
postponed, the board consented.
       C.      Cap the IKE Resoultion- President Kelly reported that it has been discussed to
have someone attend a Board meeting to inform us of this project and to give us direction on
how to come up with a resolution. This could be a great opportunity to acquire major park land.
Executive Director Balling passed out a proposed letter to the Village along with a letter from the
governor. It was decided to hold this discussion to the Committee of the Whole.

    Commissioner Conway commended Bill Hamilton and Mike Grandy for all their hard
       work at the pool. He also noted that he attend a WSSRA orientation meeting, he learned
       a lot and is excited to get involved.

      Commissioner Gartland recognized all the staff throughout the village, saying they are
       really looking great. He appreciates the work and says that there are a lot of happy kids
       in the parks.
      Commissioner Kindler mentioned that he really enjoys the Sunday night concerts at
       Scoville. He says that the park is filled and is pleased to see that the Park District is
       Commissioner Philion said he visited the Forest Park pools and was happy to know that
       the Park District of Oak Park didn’t name their waterslides after anyone.
      Commissioner Kelly reported that Day In Our Village was a great success and it looked
       like everyone was enjoying themselves.

IX. EXECUTIVE SESSION—Executive Session began at 9:10pm. A motion to enter into
Executive Session for purposes of discussion of pending litigation in accordance with
Section 2 (C) 11 of the open meeting action was made by Commissioner Kindler and
seconded by Commissioner Conway. Motion carried in a roll call vote 5-0.


XI. ADJOURNMENT—A motion was made by Commissioner Kindler, and seconded by
Commissioner Gartland, to adjourn this meeting at 9:50pm. Motion carried in a voice vote 5-0.

Mark Gartland________________                       Tim Kelly______________________
Secretary                                           President
Board of Park Commissioners                         Board of Park Commissioners

July 24, 2003                                       July 24, 2003
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