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									                                      OCEAN PARK ELEMENTARY

                                          MAY 2010 NEWSLETTER

A Message from the Principal: Mr. Salisbury
It’s hard to believe that we are rapidly approaching the end of another school year at Ocean Park Elementary.
         Please notice the many upcoming activities and events on our May and June calendars.
I’d like to take a moment this month to thank all of you for your support during this past year. I am amazed at our wonderful
parent and community volunteers who give tirelessly to our students and staff. We have a dedicated team of teachers, support
personnel, para-educators and our office staff. We all do our best making sure each student’s needs are met, each one is
accounted for, your requests are taken care of, the building is clean and everyone is safe so they can all learn.
I hope many of you will be able to participate in end of year activities such as field day and classroom events. Be sure to check
the schedule on the newsletter and calendar. You can also check the website at:, click on Ocean Park
Elementary in the upper banner to check out all the great things happening at Ocean Park School. Be sure to check the calendar
of events and photo gallery also!
Attendance: Attendance has been improving and illnesses have been decreasing! Please do everything you can to have your
child here at school so he/she isn’t missing valuable learning.
F.O.O.P.S.- There is a Friends of Ocean Park School (FOOPS) meeting on Thursday May 6th at 6:30pm at the school library.
Any parents/guardians are welcome to attend and help plan fun activities for the school, parents and teachers.
THANK YOU parents/relatives/friends and staff for supporting the FOOPS Online Auction! FOOPS raised around $5,500 to
support Ocean Park students with field trips, awards and activities!!! Thank you again. We are already thinking about next
WASL….newly renamed the MSP (Measurement of Student Progress). Ocean Park will be taking the MSP on May 12th,
13th, 18th, 19th, 20th. Please have your 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th graders all well-nourished, rested, and on time ready to perform
their best for the test! This once-yearly test is a very important way to show the school, state, and feds how great Ocean
Park is!
                                                           Have a great May!

                                                    Mental Math
          Congratulations to the following students who will be going to Clatsop College for Mental Math.
                           Third Grade: Payton Curtis, Adriana Araujo and Ben Collins
                       Fourth Grade: Reece Pierson, Madelyn Skillings and Grace Thrasher
                         Fifth Grade: Ethan Bannister, Marcos Mendosa and Aslyn Fisher
                         Sixth Grade: Abbey Bentley, Hope Bellinger and Taylor Thomas
                                               Good Luck Everyone!

                                                                        Dates to Remember:
                                                      5/7     ASB Hawaiian Day
                                                      5/7     OPSM Assembly at 1:10 pm
                                                      5/12-20 MSP (Test formally known as the WASL) testing
                                                      5/13    Mental Math at Clatsop Community College
                                                      5/13    Spring Music Concert K-3rd Grades at 6:00 pm
                                                      5/14    Early Release Day 11:30 am
                                                      5/15    Fire Department hosting a Bike Rodeo in the covered
 A big thank you to FOOPS, our                                area at Ocean Park Elementary 10-4 pm
 generous community and everyone                      5/17    Knutzen and Jacobsen’s Field Trip to Fort Clatsop
 who helped to make the Ocean Park                    5/20    6th Grade Orientation at Ilwaco MS/HS at 8:30 am
 Elementary Online Auction so much                    5/20    Spring Music Concert 4th-6th Grades at 6:00 pm
 fun and such a big success. Over                     5/21    Volunteer Recognition at 1:10 pm
 $5,000 was raised for our school and                 5/24    5th Grade Field Trip to Leadbetter Point
 a good time was had by all.                          5/24    School Board Meeting at 7:00 pm
                                                      5/24-27 Auditions and Rehearsals for Talent Show After
                                                              School, Monday thru Thursday 3-4 pm
                                                      5/26    K-3rd Grades Maritime Museum In-School Talk on
                                                              Water Safety
                                                      5/27    FOOPS Meeting at 6:30 This will be the last one for
                                                              the year and there will be a pot luck!
                                                      5/28    Talent Show at 12:45 pm
                                                      5/28    Game Night Extravaganza at Ocean Park
                                                              Elementary 6:00-8:00 pm
                                                      5/31    Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
                                                                                          ASB News
                                                                      It looked like everyone got dressed in the
                                                                     dark on Clash Day. Our favorites were
                                                                     Hunter Manecke for K-3 grades, Skylar
 Congratulations to our Jr. Miss Loyalty princesses on               Kendall for grades 4-6 and Ms. Fletcher in the
 doing so well at the coronation program.                            adult category. Way to show your school
 Congratulations to Taylor Kemmer on being chosen as                 spirit everyone! On May 7th we will be
 Jr. Miss Loyalty Queen, Aslyn Fisher as 1st runner-up               having Hawaiian Day….so dress like you are
 and Taylor Adams-Agee as Miss Pioneer.                              going to the beach or a luau!
                    Way to go girls!!!

The Second Grade Beach Dogs have dreams of SUMMER. Here are their plans! In their own words:
Hunter T.    * Disney World and seeing my new little cousin.
Estella      *Going swimming, put the cages outside so my guinea pigs can run around. Be able to sleep in!
Matt         * Camping near Portland and playing water tag at my aunt’s house.
Kevin        *I do The Dunes Camp and family camping.
Marissa      *Going to The Dunes Camp and playing with my friends in the park.
Isabelle     * I will see Grandma Marlene in Idaho.
Nathaniel     * Going to see my grandpa in California.
Hunter M.    * Silverwood Amusement Park!
Austin       *Going to Grandma and Papa’s.
Nisa          *Going to Wild Waves!
Lilly          * I will be going swimming in Astoria.
Willow         * I will go to The Redwood Forest and Ocean World in California.
Calvin          * The Dunes Camp and to Arizona to visit my family.
Zachere         * Sometimes I go to my grandma’s in St. Helens and we go to a swimming place.
Daniel          * Playing soccer in my backyard and basketball.
Nathan          * Two birthdays! One at my house and one at Chuck E. Cheese’s!
Melissa         * I’m going to Mexico and a dance.
Jared           *Searching for rocks, swinging, running,playing.
Sadie            *Going to camp and my BIRTHDAY!
Blake            *Golf!
Adam             *Maybe going to Grandma’s.
Justice           *Probably swimming and looking for something fun to do on a hot day.
Favian             *Soccer!
Faith             *Absent today, but I’m sure she’ll be singing more original songs with her grandmother!
Mrs. B.           *Books, time to write, beach walks, picnics, family time!

 Mrs. Curry's Class - Wow! Where has the year gone? We have had a great year learning so many new things.
Everyone in my class is a reader! Keep up the nightly reading this summer and see how improved your child's
reading will be next year. We have been learning about Air and Weather in science and it has been so much fun.
Please try to have your child come to school everyday on time. There is so much to do these last 24 days of school
we don't want anyone to miss out.

May Days….
May 3-June 8 leaves us with only 24.5 school days left. That is amazing!
The fifth grade is working hard on math. We are actually reviewing for the MSP-
our New WASL-the math section is May 18. Look for some more math homework the next few weeks.
 Twelve of our students from Ocean Park and three of our own will compete in Mental Math at Clatsop College on May 13.
Congrats to Ethan Bannister, Marcos Mendoza and Aslyn Fisher.
Junior Miss Loyalty is our own Taylor Kemmer, and our two princesses are Aslyn Fisher and Taylor Agee.
Our Science Fair was exquisite. The caliber of and knowledge about the experiments and models was exciting to see and hear.
Now we will continue with the Geology kit. Remind your child to bring in a “Mystery Rock”.
We are working hard on our self-management skills and receiving compliments. We have only 9 more compliments in order to
head down to the beach with our lunches. The class is very excited about this. Be watching for the date, as I need and want
parents to come along.
Our all day trip with Julie Tennis is still on for May 24. Some parents have already voiced a desire to come along. You are
welcome. The trip slip will come home in a couple of weeks.
Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms and grandmothers.
I will be in Spokane on that day, watching my son graduate from Gonzaga. Remember, he is a peninsula boy. With goals and
focus, dreams can become realities.
As always, Martha Williams

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