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									                                               Volume 01 Issue 05

    The official newsletter of the Aubrey Gilbert Detachment #1312

                                August 2010

Ooh Rah, Devil Dogs! Welcome to         rines, and Toys for Tots, for exam-
the fifth OUTSTANDING edition of        ple. So now I would like all our 51
The Scuttlebutt, the official           members to get involved. GET IN-
newsletter of the Aubrey Gilbert        VOLVED ! You need to nominate
Detachment of the Marine Corps
                                        and elect new leaders, and those
League. The newsletter has a new
column, written by our very own         new leaders need our support.
Commandant, Herb Bradley! And           Remember, we are Marines---THE
now, without further ado…..             FEW, THE PROUD.
Commandant’s Corner:                    Semper Fi,
Well, we are about to nominate a        Herb
new slate of officers, beginning
with our August meeting.
                                        We had 17 members & 1 guest at
I have enjoyed being the Comman-        our July 2010 meeting. Come on,
dant for two years, and was the         Marines! Our attendance numbers
                                        are dropping. Let’s show our com-
organizer that got the detachment
                                        mitment to our Detachment and
started. I am very proud of the         make some meetings. Our meetings
several awards given to me by the       have had very interesting guest
State, and National MCL. But it re-     speakers recently, so don’t miss
ally has been a group effort. I have    out on future meetings and speak-
had the support of many of our          ers.
members in recruiting, as well as
all the other programs: Young Ma-
New members & GUESTS:             Good Luck,
                                        Lucy & Robert, and Semper Fi!
We had two new guests at our July
2010 meeting: Mike Aaron & Don          Carlis Baker will be having a very
Bolton. Please give them a “Semper      special .45 Model 1911 made to be
Fi” and welcome them to our De-         raffled off for the benefit of the
tachment when you see them.             Young Marines. More information
                                        on that will be forth-coming.
Young Marines:
                                        Speaking of Carlis, he will be head-
The Young Marines of the Aubrey         ing up the Toys For Tots in Har-
Gilbert Detachment will be hosting      alson County. He is also working
a Summer Encampment 27 – 28             on getting the Zac Brown Band for
August 2010, from 2100 27 August        a “Concert For Children” event at
to 1200 28 August. The event will       the University Of West Georgia in
be held at the Whitesburg Recrea-       November 2010. More details on
tion Center in (you guessed it)         that as I get them.
Whitesburg, Georgia. Lucy and
Robert are looking for adult vol-       Detachment happenings:
unteers to assist with this great
event. Please contact them with         Our guest speaker for the August
the information provided later on       2010 meeting will be our very own
in this paragraph if you wish to        Eric McBee. He will be discussing
help out. The Young Marines De-         his role as an aerologist & Meteor-
tachment is looking for a few good      ology, which was his MOS in the
kids and a few good adults to help      Corps. I am definitely looking for-
with this great cause. The Young        ward to his presentation!
Marines now have 10 members!            MARINES!! Get your Dress Blues or
Lucy & Robert Gamble are heading        Alphas ready!! Chuck Feaselman is
up the Young Marines here in Car-       heading up the Marine Corps
rollton, and need anyone and eve-       Birthday for the Detachment this
ryone who can to help out. Kids         year. Our guest speaker for this
and teens, ages 8 through 18, can       event will be Dr. John Burson,
be a Young Marine. The meetings         who, in my book, is an American
will be at our Oak Mountain meet-       Patriot above all else!! It will be
ing facility on Stripling-Chapel        held on 10 November 2010 at Sun-
Road in Carrollton on the 2nd & 4th     set Hills Country Club in Carroll-
Saturdays of each month, from           ton. The costs will be $15.50 per
0745 – 1500. They are looking for       person, including any guests that
volunteers to be Drill Instructors      you might want to bring (such as a
for the group, along with other du-     designated driver; girl/boyfriends
ties. If you’re interested in helping   optional!! Kidding!). An RSVP slip
out, please contact Lucy and Rob-       is included at the end of this news-
ert at 770-834-0328 home; 770-328-      letter, so just fill it out and get it to
8625 for Robert; or 770-328-8627        James Pack (our treasurer),
for Lucy. Their e-mail address is       Chuck, or a Detachment officer, by
                                        15 October 2010, along with your
payment (checks should be made        and military-in-general websites,
out to “Marine Corps League De-       all of which are great perusing.
tachment 1312). There will be no      The newsletter is now posted on
bar for this event. Ed Wilson’s       the website, so that everyone can
daughter will be providing music      get a good look at what our De-
for our Birthday Ball. The BIG        tachment does on a monthly basis,
mystery at this function will be      and to see what we’re all about. A
who are the youngest and oldest       big OOH RAH!! to Eric McBee for his
Marines present. Speaking of the      great work and accomplishments
big event, Chuck brought some         on this website! A word from Eric:
samples of the plates and napkins     Marines,
for the Ball. They have the USMC
emblem on them, and he is also try-   Long overdue on my “to do” list for our
ing to obtain small USMC flags on     website was the creation of a Photo Gal-
toothpicks for souvenirs, too.        lery for posting pictures of the detach-
Semper Fi, Chuck!!                    ment’s participation in community activi-
                                      ties, significant events and other items of
Vice Commandant Roger Knowles         common interest. I am happy to report
is in charge of recruiting for the    that I have just completed the gallery and
Detachment, and requests that all     have posted pictures collected from vari-
members should be recruiters for      ous members of our recent participation in
the Detachment. We all see Marines    the 4th of July Parade. It is available for
out-and-about everyday (well, al-     viewing at the following link:
most every day). If we don’t tell
them about the MCL and our De-
tachment, who will? Applications      Shutterbug members who would like to
can be obtained from Roger, or you    share their softcopy photos for posting to
can go to the Detachment’s website    the website can email them to me (320
(        and above pixel size resolution is pre-
and get the required applications     ferred for website viewing). Pictures from
there.                                events such as meetings, parades, Birth-
                                      day Ball, Young Marine activities, etc.
Ed Wilson has a four-acre lake that   would be wonderful additions to the gal-
he would like to share. For more      lery, and will showcase our detachment
details about what Ed has planned     within the community and potentially at-
for his lake, just e-mail him at      tract new members. .
                                      Next up on my to do list is creating a
In case you haven’t checked out       website portal for our Young Marines to
the Detachment’s exceptional web-     link into. No target completion date set,
site (no excuse for not doing so!!)   but hopefully within the next couple of,         months. In the meantime, enjoy the gal-
you should do so at your earliest     lery. Thanks.
convenience. Our Webmaster, Eric
McBee, has done an OUTSTAND-          Semper Fi!
ING job with it! He has included a
great many links to various Marine    Eric McBee - Web Sergeant
If you would like a Detachment          Future meetings:
ball cap, Ozier Products, Inc., sells
them for $7 each. They are red,         The Detachment’s next meeting
with our Detachment’s info on           will be at the Carroll County Parks
them. Just contact Ozier Products       & Recreation Department in Car-
at 770-838-5552. Their address is       rollton on 21 August 2010 at 1000.
405 Rome Street Carrollton, GA          Our meetings are always the third
30117.                                  Saturday of each month at 1000 at:

Our commandant, Herb Bradley,           Carroll County Parks & Recreation
requests that you e-mail him at         Department, or me,       1201 Stripling-Chapel Road
Gary             Mason,           at    Oak Mountain Academy, so that       Carrollton, Georgia 30116
we can get an accurate list of e-mail
                                        From Bankhead Highway (going
addresses for the Detachment. This
                                        towards Carrollton), take a left on
will help keep postal costs down,
                                        the bypass. Go to Highway
as most information can be e-
                                        16/Newnan Road and make a left
mailed to you instead of sent via
                                        (you’ll see the county jail on the
snail mail. Information such as this
                                        left after you turn). Go about a
newsletter, for example…..
                                        mile, then make a right onto Strip-
The Georgia 4H needs community          ling-Chapel Road. The facility will
exposure and your help, especially      be about a quarter mile down on
with marksmanship training (a           your right.
Marine hallmark!) for our youth
                                        Well, that’s all for this month’s
and adolescents. If you’re interest-
                                        newsletter. Hope you all enjoyed it.
ed in learning more about this or-
                                        If you have any critiques, good or
ganization, please contact Ty Dyer
                                        bad, or any new ideas for the news-
at 770-500-7437.
                                        letter, just drop me a line at
Sick call:                    , or you
                                        can call me at (H) 770-834-6330 or
Our Detachment Chaplain, Bill           (C) 706-662-1617. Thanks for read-
White, is a bit under the weather       ing!!
(back problems, I believe). Yours
truly stood in for him at the last
meeting (I’m the assistant chap-
lain, by the way!!), and we sure did
miss his humorous style. Get well
soon, Bill!!
Fallen Marines:

No one to report at this time.

I,__________________________________________________, plan to attend the 2010 Marine
Corps League’s USMC Birthday Celebration.
I will have the following guests:
My birth date is:________________________________________________
               (Needed to determine the oldest & youngest Marines)

Enclosed is $__________________ [$15.50 per person]


Makes checks payable to: MCL Detachment 1312

Turn in form and payment to Jim Pack no later than 15 October 2010.
Marine Corps League
Gary D. Mason
183 Gina Drive
Carrollton, Georgia 30116-8084

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