interested please call the arts pone at 420-0692 or e-
                                                                     mail mistydancer1@yahoo.com.

                                                                      Directors are Misty Anderson, owner of Ultimate
                                                                      Dance, and of Saratoga Springs” February 2004
                                                An Official Publication of the “CityManu Harris, formerly- the director of the
                                                                      Lehi High School show choirs.

              SECONDARY WATER                                        The Lake Mountain Arts Guild is actively looking for
                                                                     members of our community who have an interest in
     With spring and summer approaching, outside watering            helping the arts grow and better serve the needs of
will again be the topic of much discussion. This year, more          our community. We have many plans for events,
than ever, conservation of water will be critically important.
                                                                     classes and other arts related opportunities and we
As a reminder, the City passed an ordinance last summer
                                                                     need your help to make it happen! If you are
that limits the use of secondary water during the daytime or
                                                                     interested, have a skill in a branch of the fine arts, or
hottest times of the day. There is no outside watering
allowed between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.                would even like to help by taking tickets or doing
Your voluntary cooperation is greatly appreciated.                   public relations call us for information on the current
     Secondary water will not be available until April 15th at
the earliest in certain areas. It will take the City about a         For more detail on The Guild, upcoming programs or
week to completely fill the system throughout the entire             how you can help visit our website at
City. Also, several subdivisions this year will be using Utah        www.lakemountainarts.org and check it often!
Lake Distributing Canal water for irrigation purposes. If you        Information will be updated on a continuing basis with
live in the Saratoga Springs Development, Saratoga Hills,            upcoming events, audition notices and volunteer
Belle Maison and Loch Lomond subdivisions you will be                opportunities.
using canal water. All other subdivisions in the City will
begin this spring by using secondary grade well water.
                                                                     Lake Mountain Arts Guild -- For the arts!
                                                                     For the community!
Lake Mountain Arts Guild: Update

Community Symphony:
The West Desert Symphony has been meeting
Thursday evenings at 7:00. So far we have had 25
musicians come out but there is still room for more!
This group is NOT auditioned. It is an opportunity for
our community to get together and PLAY! We are
aiming for June for our first concert to open the silver
lake amphitheater. It is recommended that
musicians play at an intermediate level and ALL
ages are welcome!

For more information call Liza Gatica at 789-4384 or
call the Arts phone at 420-0692.

Auditions for a New Performing Troupe!
We are starting a new singing/performing troupe in
our community with the aim of providing fun, high-
energy concerts for pre-school and elementary-aged
children. This group of will perform within our
community and throughout Utah Valley and will form
the basis for a perpetual group to entertain and
represent our communitites.

Auditions for the 2004 summer season will be held on
Saturday, April 17 from 10am-12noon at the "Ultimate
Dance Etc." studio, 2502 N. Pear Place, Harvest
Hills. We are looking for 8 to 10 gifted singers and
dancers from 14 to 19 years of age. If you are

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