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Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 provides six Web Parts that allow users to access Project
Server data from Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and ... Microsoft released an
official fix for the bug in the add-on to Windows SharePoint Services. The bug
affected customers after Nov. 24 when installing or upgrading the newly integrated
Windows SharePoint Services in the Windows Small Business Server 2003 and in the
Windows Server 2003, said Katy Hunter, a product manager at Microsoft.

Both the standard and premium editions of SBS 2003 were affected by the bug, the
Redmond, Wash.-based company said. The CDs with the WSS bug fix for SBS 2003
began shipping last week, Hunter said.

http://www.businessobjects.com/jump/microsoft/dd/The Crystal Decisions Web Parts components
allow users to integrate Crystal Decisions' technologies - Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise and
Crystal Analysis Professional - into the view of a company's diverse sources of knowledge
through SharePoint Portal Server. The components are available as downloads from the Crystal
Decisions web site, and will be available on the Microsoft Web Part Gallery.

       Alerting: Crystal Enterprise includes powerful alerting technology that provides intelligent
        notification to users based on data triggers set in a report.
       Report Listing: The Report Listing Web Part requests all the reports and displays them
        in a folder-tree structure within SharePoint Portal Server.
       Report Viewer: Crystal Enterprise is designed to deliver highly interactive reports in pure
        DHTML. The Report Viewer Web Part takes advantage of this functionality to provide a
        full range of report navigation and interaction features to the SharePoint Portal Server
       Report Thumbnail: Crystal Enterprise creates thumbnail "snapshots" of the first page of
        a report to help users quickly navigate to the right report. The Report Thumbnail Web
        Part uses this feature to display a scrollable set of thumbnail images within the
        SharePoint Portal Server.

To download Crystal Decisions Web Parts, or for more information, visit the web site at
www.crystaldecisions.com/digitaldashboard. Crystal Decisions Web Parts will also be available
on the Microsoft Web Part Gallery, located at www.microsoft.com/digitaldashboard. For additional
information phone 1-800-877-2340 (North America) or 1-604-681-3435 (International), or visit the
Crystal Decisions web site at www.crystaldecisions.com.

competitioion: http://www.transformmag.com/contentmgmt/showArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=AFHXTN
ZK1FXQIQSNDBCSKHY?articleID=18402624&pgno=2 The portal provides indexing, a
Microsoft-developed search engine, single sign-on and BizTalk integration with
connectors to 300 applications. Site and Workplace creators can also enhance
their sites with "Web parts." For example, users can pull calendar, inbox, mail
folder or task folder Web parts onto their sites from Outlook/Exchange.

                                     Updated. Displays current user
                                     name and IP Address. Sort of a
UserName.dwp               Me
                                     hello world web part. Now shows
                                     users Display Name.
                                   Shows the 3 most recently
                                   published docs and allows you to
                          Jérôme open or do Show Actions. Can
Recent documents.dwp
                          Barrelet change the number displayed by
                                   changing the 3 in the Part Storage
                                   property of the part. Very Cool.
                                   Demos how to use one web part to
WebPartVisibilityEG.zip   Ravi
                                   control the visibility of another
                                   Shows the 3 most recently
                                   published docs and allows you to
                          Jérôme open or do Show Actions. Can
Recent documents.dwp
                          Barrelet change the number displayed by
                                   changing the 3 in the Part Storage
                                   property of the part. Very Cool.
                                   Updated. Displays current user
                                   name and IP Address. Sort of a
UserName.dwp              Me
                                   hello world web part. Now shows
                                   users Display Name.
                                   Very basic example of how to
AccessEG.dwp              Me       connect to Access db from a web
                                   part. Uses Northwind.mdb
                                   Extension of SQL Search.dwp.
                                   Excellent example that shows how
                                   to integrate SQL with HTML and
SQLEmployee.zip                    vbscript, use HTML form objects
                                   and make self referencing web
                                   parts / pages. See the ReadMe.txt
                                   in the zip for details.
                                   has a modified Web Links web part
                                   to allow links to be organised
MiscWebParts.zip                   better as well some other demo
                                   parts including
                                   Shows how to search SQL Server
                                   using the Northwind db as an
                                   example. Great example of how to
SQLSearch.dwp                      interact between vbs content and
                                   html input. Change servername
                                   and username and password in the
                                   conn.execute statement.
                          Anders   Shows how to create a Dashboard
                          B.       Programatically. Cool as I
                                  Skjoenaa remember struggling with this.
                                           Well commented within.

                                  Travis      Shows the permissions (author
                                  Illig       etc) on the current page.
                                              Gives stats on Docs awaiting
                                              Approval. Requires Res Kit Web
AwaitingApproval.zip              Me
                                              Part Doc Status which is included
                                              in the Zip. Includes WSH version.
                                              Enumerates NT Groups for the
                                              current user. Very useful concept
AuthInfo                                      as it means you can change
                                              behaviour of a web part based on
                                              Group Membership.
                                              Calculator Web Part from the SQL
                                              Server Digital Dashboard Resource
Calculator                        MS
                                              Kit. Good e.g. of use of forms in a
                                              Quote of the day from Homer J.
Homer Quote                       Me
                                              Will do a XML version soon.

asOne eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server
With asOne eArchive for SharePoint Portal Server
the SharePoint Portal Server will be extended with
longterm archiving functionality. Your valuable
company information will be additional proteced
against manipulation and loss.With the build in
archiving engine you could migrate the data on
revision safe optical media. The effect will be
additional data security and more performance for
the SharePoint Portal Server, because non used
data are swaped out into eArchive for SharePoint
Portal Server and nevertheless they are at any
time ready for access. For more information
please go to our homepage.You will find the PDF
file under "Products and Solutions/asOne

ASP Today

... By integrating SOAP and web services into Web Parts, you can take SharePoint to
the next level and provide your users with access to the wide variety of web ...
www.asptoday.com/Authors.aspx?ID=548 - Similar pages
[PDF]   Equilibrium MediaRich for SharePoint User Guide for Microsoft ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... . Section II: Using MediaRich for SharePoint Web Parts SharePoint Portal Server
uses MediaRich for SharePoint Web Parts to generate image previews for search ...
www.equilibrium.com/.../ MR4SPS_User_Guide.pdf - Similar pages

Sps hosting http://www.vianetworks.net/hosting/sharepointhosting.aspx

More good info
http://www.only4gurus.com/v2/ShowCat.asp?Cat=SharePoint%20Portal%20Server Microsoft
SharePoint Team Services Integration Architecture and Extensibility
(39) Downloads
Summary: This white paper describes how SharePoint Team Services can be used with Microsoft
Project Server. It describes integration information as well as information about deployment,
document and issue management, and feature administration.
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Submit Date: 3/26/2004
Experience Level(s): Intermediate - Expert
File Type:     Microsoft Word
File Size: 184 Kb
  IT Showcase: Team and Enterprise Collaboration Platform
(80) Downloads
Summary: Collaboration is essential to productivity at the personal, team, group, and enterprise
levels. The Microsoft hosted collaboration platform, based on Microsoft® SharePoint Products and
Technologies, provides rich services for information workers while lowering IT costs.
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Submit Date: 3/17/2004
Experience Level(s): Beginner - Intermediate
File Type:    Microsoft Word
File Size: 238 Kb Administrator's Guide for Windows SharePoint Services
(547) Downloads
Summary: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services includes tools to help you manage the Web sites
you create. You can manage Windows SharePoint Services locally by using HTML Administration
pages or a command-line interface, or remotely by using HTML Administration pages. In addition,
you can set properties -- such as specifying whether alerts are enabled for a virtual server -- by
using the command-line interface or HTML Administration pages.
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Submit Date: 1/14/2004
Experience Level(s): Intermediate - Expert
File Type:    Zip File
File Size: 862 Kb Migrating Web Sites Based on SharePoint Team Services
(280) Downloads
Summary: Despite the best planning, there will come a time when one or multiple virtual servers
running SharePoint Team Services will need to be moved from one server to another. This migration,
if executed correctly, can be hassle free for the server administrator. The following paper gives step
by step instruction on migrating a SharePoint Team Services site from one server to another.
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Submit Date: 12/12/2003
Experience Level(s): Intermediate - Expert
File Type:    Microsoft Word
File Size: 100 Kb

BI http://www.cognos.com/partners/strategic/microsoft/ms_technical.html dspportal [PDF]
Decision Support Panel (DSP) DSP Portal Edition
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... and shared Enables integration with market- leading analysis tools Publishes data
directly from the DSP BI Web Parts wizard to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 ...
www.dspanel.com/files/dsp_portaledition_so.pdf - Similar pages

Sharepoint Code
    Provides code samples and web parts in relation to Sharepoint Portal Server and Digital
                                     Dashboard Technology.
  Maillist, how to's, FAQs and other solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and
                                       Digital Dashboard.
Google Sharepoint Group
                 Google newsgroup server for Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server.


 Wswyig superp plus 8 other web parts. These may allow push of info to sites.

For companies that upgrade to Windows 2003 Server and Windows SharePoint Services,
FrontPage offers a dynamic data solution using Web Parts, which is a new feature that only
works with Windows SharePoint Services. With Web Parts, users can quickly create forms that
access databases. This technology allows users to develop highly dynamic, data-driven sites that
utilize XML, OLEDB and Web Services.

The forms created using Web Parts have all the usual options that are available to HTML
programmers. For instance, users can add rules for number validation that will only accept entries
with numerical characters. Validation choices can be added to blank fields, drop-down menus and
other fields. FrontPage can also collect data from forms and input it into databases created by
users or by the application.

Results from a form can also be saved in XML, HTML or text files. XML files can be exported right
into Excel or any other application that accepts XML formats.

One caveat is that the Windows 2003 Server must be running Windows SharePoint Services 2.0
for Web Parts to work with forms that input data into databases.

Bulding web parts web cast

http://www.kbalertz.com/technology.aspx?tec=314&pNo=3 good info example: 71)
3/9/2004 831610 Information About the Form Web Part in FrontPage 2003
(831610) - In Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, you can use Form Web Parts to extend the
functionality of Web Part connections by enabling site visitors to enter data through familiar form
interfaces that pass data into a Web Part connection. The Form Web Part is...
Sabrina E. Quintana, M.M., D.M.A. Candidate

Music Education Instructor, Boston University, Boston, MA
Choral Conductor, Northern Essex Comm. College, Haverhill, MA
Minister of Music, St. John's Episcopal Church, Westwood, MA

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