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					                   CHALLENGING WORDS



“A Wolf at the Door” is an exciting story about a mean
wolf scaring all the animals. They all ran to Little Bear’s
  house. Each telling their own stories of the big bad
wolf. After they all arrive, there’s a knock at the door….
 It’s little Wolfie. He wants someone to play with him.
 After they play all day, Wolfie says he’ll bring his big
           brother over to play tomorrow. UH-OH!
                --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Retell the story for me in your own words.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   If you could change the ending would you? Why or why

(2)   Assume you were the bear, how would you feel when all
      the animals came running and screaming something was
      chasing them?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever been so scared?

(3)   Estimate how long it took the Billy goat to get to Bear’s
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    How far from town do you live?

(4)   Compare a time you were scared to when the three little
      pigs were scared.
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Name some things you do to overcome your fears.

(5) Define the word cozy.
(Answer)    Comfortable, warm
(Follow Up)   Use the word “cozy” in a sentence.

(6) Search for the first person to come to Bear’s house.
(Answer)    Little Billy Goat Gruff
(Follow Up)    Where did Billy Goat see the wolf?

(7)   Search for where the three little pigs were when the big
      bad wolf came.
(Answer)     At their house.
(Follow Up)     Do you think Little Bear is scared now?

(8)   Look on page 13 and tell me how Little Bo Peep knew it
      was a wolf.
(Answer)    She saw his bushy tail
(Follow Up)    Have you ever seen a wolf?

(9)   Hunt for what the animals said the wolf had eyes like.
(Answer)    Fireworks
(Follow Up)    Did you like the ending? Why or why not?

(10) Name what the wolf always says.
(Answer)    Come out, come out wherever you are.
(Follow Up)   What did Billy Goat say the wolf looked like?

1.    Draw the wolf scaring Little Bear.

2.    Draw the wolf, as you would picture him.

3.    Make a list of all the characters in the story.

4.    Add to the ending. Write a paragraph telling how you would
      like it to end.


     1. Show the child the front cover of the book. Ask them what they
        think the book is about. Say “Today we are going to read A Wolf at
        the Door, Let’s see what happens and if you’re right!”

     2. Have a toy bear and wolf. Ask them if they know a story about a
        wolf. Discuss what a story could be about involving a bear and a
        wolf. Say, “Today we are going to read A Wolf at the Door, Let’s
        see if you’re right!”

     3. After the child has come in and sat down, come running in saying
        “A Wolf is after me!” Discuss other stories with a big bad wolf in it.
        Say, “Today we are going to read about a wolf scaring all the
        animals in town called A Wolf at the Door, Let’s read and find out
        what happens!”

Book Title: A Wolf at the Door
Author: Nick Ward                                Illustrator:
ISBN: 0-439-31453-4                              # of Text Pages: 23                         AR: 2.5       AD80L
                                      Building Oral Vocabulary
 5            whimpered             8             fierce          19                                    gobble
                                        Prediction Questions
 5     What do you think will happen next?
 7     Who do you think is at the door?
15     Who else do you think will come over?

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