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Term2 Week 5                                                                                      In this issue :

Headmaster’s message                                                                              Face To Face: Barry Banks
                                                                                                  Music Tutors: Leaving On A High Note
I am delighted to report that over the weekend Collegiate has had the best attended Open
  Day for some five years. We welcomed 71 families on to the campus and over 40 youngsters
participated in the now famous ‘sleep-over’. The vast majority of these are destined to join
                                                                                                  Junior School News
                                                                                                  Sport Profile: Football
in Year 9 and we are therefore looking confidently to having a Year 9 of previous proportions
as a good base to the School.                                                                     Matariki Celebration
In the coming week we welcome back the first group of Aramea students who have spent              Big School 30 May 2011
four weeks on the mountain and send off the next tranche. It will be very interesting to see      Sports Weekly
how the returnees adapt to regular school once again. I am led to believe the weather has
been rather wet but the temperature not unkind; given that Group 2 are departing some             Year 12 Media Studies Trip
three weeks after normal schedules, it will be interesting to see what happens next!              The Week Ahead
- Tim Wilbur

Experience the key to ongoing success
A   fter coming third in New Zealand last
    year Year 12 student Enzo Peace has
once again proven he has the edge by
                                                 business”. Techpass
                                                 is supported by their
                                                 teacher Mark Wilson
teaming up with fellow Collegiate student        and business mentor
Jack Marchant and taking out the Wanganui        Russell Bell. The list
Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme’s        of winners are as
top award at the Dragons’ Den.                   follows:
Judged by Wanganui’s own set of business         MOVAC       Dragons’
‘Dragons’, TechPass had to convince the          Den top place:
judges that they were a worthy investment,       Techpass – Wanganui
gaining $500 from Dragons’ Den sponsor           Collegiate School
MOVAC.                                           Promotus Dragon’s
Techpass has developed new revenue               Den Award: Garage
streams that have built on the highly-           Sale – Wanganui
successful study guide for learner drivers       Collegiate School
they developed last year. The new range of       Lyndsay Tait and
study guides includes iPass, a guide to how      Associates Business                            And first prize goes to….at the prize-
to get the most out of your iPhone, WebPass,     Plan Award : A Cook’s Choice – Nga Tawa        giving are (from left) Young Enterprise
a guide to support new users of Facebook,                                                       Trust CEO Terry Shubkin, Enzo Peace,
                                                 Meteor Printers Business Card Award: Tech
TradeMe, Online Shopping and Skype and Job                                                      Jack Marchant and MOVAC director
                                                 Pass – Wanganui Collegiate School
Pass, the essential guide for a job interview.                                                  Sharon Weaver.
Enzo said “the second year is definitely         Year 11 Entrepreneur Josh Harrison led the
easier, especially after having achieved last    second place team, “Garage Sale” as the
year. You know what the judges are looking       Managing Director with Tua Lertkietpanit
for and it is easier to look strategically       being involved in the third-placed team as
into the future about what is possible in        the Communications Director.

                                                       Wanganui Collegiate SChool
                                                        STAFF PROFILE
FACE TO FACE WITH….                                most difficult, yet the most rewarding, job I       boys on the day.
Name and title: Barry Banks – Head of              have ever done. While the grass is certainly        Interests: Man alive – I have many. I love
Faculty, English                                   greener for Deanne and me in Wanganui, I            sunrises and sunsets. Poetic time of day,
                                                   do really miss a great deal about that quirky,      especially if you are on the water! I think I am
                                                   parochial place.                                    passionate about everything I do. My family
                                                   Subject/s taught/responsibilities: I have           is paramount in this. I am a little manic on
                                                   taught History, Classics, Geography and             rugby and rowing and try and get as much
                                                   English. I have been a Senior Housemaster,          reading in as possible.
                                                   Head of Sixth Form, coached sailing, rowing,        What you are currently reading: I am trying
                                                   rugby, tennis, swimming, basketball and             to catch up on all the books in the English
                                                   even run a bag-pipe band. Once again –              Department that I haven’t read. A difficult
                                                   another story. I have been in charge of school      ask as the Kiwi genre is foreign to me but
                                                   newspapers, choirs, debating societies,             is providing some lovely, fresh style and
                                                   exploration clubs and some other nefarious          expression. Changing the way I think, really.
                                                   clubs that would raise eyebrows. The thing          At the moment, I am reading my Year 13
                                                   I really love about teaching at schools such        research. Not quite bedtime reading but I am
                                                   as Collegiate, is that it really pushes you to      pleased with the work I have read to date.
                                                   the limit and challenges you. The kids, the         Your most memorable meal: My wife and
                                                   activities and the situations. I guess I am not     I had green-lipped muscles in Queenstown
                                                   finished and it would not surprise me if you        after our wedding. Wine was great, food
                                                   see me doing something else quirky here at          was awesome, setting was spectacular and
                                                   Collegiate.                                         company was unbeatable. If there is one
                                                   Why this career? Greg Cunningham. Great             moment in my life I would like to repeat, I
                                                   English teacher. Had a cricket bat in his           think that hour would be it.
                                                   classroom and used to ‘convert’ us out of           Your happiest moment: Walking the
                                                   our careless errors with a ‘tap’ across the         corridors of Glangwili Hospital with Sophie in
      Barry Banks in “coach” mode                  proverbial. Being a tutor at St. Andrew’s           my arms. Suddenly I was a Daddy. A seismic
                                                   while studying for my degree and rowing             event.
                                                   at such a high level, it was this that pushed
                                                   me towards teaching. I ran a business for a         Your biggest vice: Probably Collegiate. I can’t
Where you were born: Grahamstown, South            short period. Even though it did quite well,        drive past without wanting to pop in and
Africa.                                            I was not very good at it. So I went back to        catch up with some work.
Years at WCS: This is my second year.              the school where Greg taught me. He moved           Your greatest virtue: Patience, I think. This
                                                   on when he heard I was coming back. It              has really improved as it wasn’t always so. It
What you did before WCS: I have taught
                                                   was rather sublime teaching in the same             is something I continue to work on and really
in many different schools all over the
                                                   classroom as he taught me.                          value. I know I have a long way to go to be
world. I started at St Andrew’s College in
                                                   The co-curricular activities you are involved       better at it.
Grahamstown (student, tutor and teacher)
which is really the SA version of Wanganui         in: I coach rugby and rowing. I have a couple       Where you have never been that you’d love
Collegiate. Then I was at Grey High School in      of other pots coming to the boil but we will        to visit, and why: St Petersburg – Just a place
Port Elizabeth (student and teacher) for a few     see if these end up bubbling or just steam          I would love to spend a fortnight with my
years. This was my dream job but I needed          away.                                               wife. Art, architecture and history.
a break after five years of a very hectic          What qualification are you most proud of?           The first record/CD/song you bought with
teaching and coaching workload. I took a           Probably my Masters in Education which I            your own money: George Michael’s Faith.
year out to teach in the UK at The Oratory         obtained while being a housemaster and              Although I have upgraded to Neil Diamond!
School (Catholic Boys’ boarding school near        head of Sixth Form at Llandovery College. I         Not sure if I should admit to either of these
Oxford in the UK) which really opened my           was a new dad to Sophie and a new husband           as they are generally perceived as ultra-
eyes. Not as much as the term I spent in the       to Deanne, so the pressure was on.                  uncool and my ‘Drive-cred’ will take a dive.
Docklands in London though. While waiting          Successes: The highlight was the victory on         Your most prized possession: I would say
for my teaching position to come available         the 13th February 1999 when the Grey 1st VIII       my wife but she might read this. Probably a
in Oxford, I taught at a community school          won a major title for the first time ever. We       rowing boat I sold before coming out here. I
in Newham in London, The Royal Docks               came from behind to win the Buffalo Regatta         sold it to a pupil who coached at Grey; it still
Community School. Emphasis should be               by a bow ball. The fact that I engineered a         is on the Thames.
placed on Docks rather than Royal if you           loss at the national championships a week           Favourite website: Rugby365
would like a sense of what the school was          later by not tightening a bolt sufficiently
about. Hated going home at 3pm. I enjoyed                                                              What you find special about WCS: The
                                                   did not detract from what we achieved that          people, the buildings, the tradition, the way
it and met my wife while teaching here. Had        season. On the rugby front it probably was
huge disagreements with the Head, Deputy                                                               things are done. This must be one of the
                                                   the style of rugby played by the Oratory U16        most special places I have been and worked
Head and Head of Department about parking          XV of 2005. We had two unbeaten seasons
and technology. But that is another story. I                                                           at. I hope I will be here for a while.
                                                   at that level and I remember drubbing St.
was exiled to Llandovery College in Wales          Edward’s Oxford by 35 points in the last
where I really think I came into my own as a       match of the season. Last year’s quad was a
Boarding Master. By the time I left here, it was   highlight; I still think about the passion of the
as if we were leaving family. It was by far the
                                                  Wanganui Collegiate SChool
                                               LEAVING ON A HIGH NOTE
 Tom Chapman and Richard Stafford were complete strangers before arriving at Wanganui Airport on 3 August last year.
 Now the GAP Music tutors are not only great mates, but also professional colleagues, whose harmonious collusion has taken the
 Music Department to new heights. And while their interests and musical backgrounds may be different, they complement each other
 Tom’s from South-East London, Richard from Cambridge. Richard is a pianist/organist, Tom foremost a vocalist.
 Tom is a darts and pool man, Richard is a cricket fanatic. Richard’s musical background is more theoretical, Tom’s more performance-
 The list could go on. Needless to say, Director of Music Nicholas Grigsby will have a tough job replacing them when they end their
 tenure at School this term. Richard leaves New Zealand on 21 June, and Tom follows a few weeks later on 12 July.
 Described as the most talented Music Gap tutors in the country, the pair will bid the School an emotional farewell when they perform
 together for the last time at a concert in Big School on Thursday 16 June at 7pm. If you’re looking for musical excellence, don’t miss it!
                                If you wish to read their full profiles, please visit our School website:
                              www.collegiate.school.nz/Co-Curricular/The Arts/Music/Gap Tutor Profiles
Richard Stafford                                                                             Tom Chapman
You are both extremely multi-talented. What                                                  You are both extremely multi-talented. What
instruments can you play?                                                                    instruments can you play?
Although I have not played properly for four or                                                       My first instrument as a child was the
five years, I like to consider the clarinet as my                                                         piano but singing has always been the
first instrument. Aside of this, I play the piano,                                                       main passion and pursuit. It wasn’t
organ, bassoon and occasionally utilise my                                                              till much later that I branched out to
vocal chords!                                                                                          the bassoon and then teaching myself
You’re also good at sports - what have you                                                            guitar in many of its forms; the ukulele
played this year?                                                                                    swiftly becoming one of my favourite
                                                                                                    pastimes. I’ve always been one for trying
One of the highlights of my year in Wanganui
                                                                                                   out ridiculous instruments that no one else
has been playing cricket for local club, St
                                                                                                  really plays, things like the Didgeridoo.
John’s Tech, a club that was reformed this
year and which partook in the Senior Premier                                                     What have you learnt in the last year?
Wanganui Men’s League. A particular highlight                                                  I’ve learned a lot and I will take away so much
was playing on WCS NO.1 against the School                                                    from this experience. Schools are created for
1st XI. Friday afternoons and Staff Football has                                             learning but I had no idea that as a teacher you
often been the pinnacle of our weeks at WCS                                                  learn so much on a day-to-day basis as well. It’s
– just need to make sure we are on the same                                                  just been a great experience where I’ve been
team as toe-crunching John Wright!!                                                          constantly challenged everyday and been able
What have you learnt in the last year?                                                       to apply my practical musical skills in order to
                                                                                             help others.
The entirety of my time at WCS has been a huge
learning experience from all facets of school life.                                          What has been the best thing about Collegiate?
This includes teaching techniques and learning                                               One of the best things has been Staff Football;
styles in the class room, practical issues such                                              it’s just great to be able to unwind at the end
as learning the organ practically from scratch,                                              of a busy week. I’ve also really enjoyed having
coaching techniques for both cricket and rugby.                                              the chance to conduct the Chapel Choir. Many
I think overall, the greatest thing I have learnt                                            will be surprised that I’ve never really done any
is patience and trying to be inspirational – that                                            conducting before.
helps to get the best out of the kids – really the                                           After WCS, where are you studying, and what?
main reason why we are here, I suppose!
                                                                                               I am going back to York University where I
What has been the best thing about Collegiate?                                               came from. I’m doing a 1 year masters in
It was a daunting adventure travelling to                                                    Composition. I can’t wait.
the other side of the world, but the friendly,                                               Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
homely and lively nature of Collegiate has been
                                                                                             Wow, a 31-year- old. I don’t want to think about
incredible. Simply, for a school of its size and
                                                                                             it. Whatever it is, I hope I’m enjoying it.
stature, to have so much going on is brilliant! It
has been great to get involved with and be part                                              Anything else you would like to add?
of a unique ethos – the Collegiate spirit.                                                   I owe a lot to Nicholas Grigsby. One of the
After WCS, where are you studying, and what?                                                 students made me laugh once on last year’s
                                                                                             Year 10 Music trip. She said, ‘Does Mr Grigsby
In October, I head up north to Durham
                                                                                             look after you well?’ Thinking about it, the
University, and more specifically, to Hatfield
                                                                                             answer is definitely yes. He’s a top bloke
College to study for a MA in Musicology with a
                                                                                             outside and inside the classroom. He’s a rock
specific interest and dissertation in the Music of
                                                                                             and is always there to support Richard and me.
Gerald Finzi (an English composer from the Early
                                                                                             It’s been a pleasure to work with him and of
Nineteenth Century).
                                                                                             course the legend Sharon Warburton, the most
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?                                                       reliable and organised woman on the planet. I
Hopefully in a good job potentially in a school                                              have to thank them both for firstly giving me
having completed a DPhil/Doctorate, settled                                                  the opportunity to come here and then for
with children – you never know, could be in                                                  being great colleagues and friends throughout
Wanganui! Unlikely, sadly!                                                                   my year.
         The Memo
         Junior School News
                     From the Head of Campus
                      Dear Parents/Caregivers
                      At the end of this week we will be half-way through Term 2. The Queen’s Birthday long weekend comes at a good time.
                      Some of the sporting codes are not having games this Saturday as many people try and get away or take advantage of
                      having a break from competitive sport. Please check with your child’s coach or teacher to find out if they are playing this
                      weekend. I know the junior rugby and netball players are having a break. Remember, it is a holiday on Monday for Year
                      1-8 students - enjoy your sleep-in!
                      Students in Years 1-6 will have their three-way conferences this week, and next week, on Tuesday and Thursday
afternoons. Notes should have come home with confirmed interview times. These conferences are a very good opportunity for you to find
out about your child’s progress. If you are unable to attend at the times given, please feel free to book a time that is more convenient with
your child’s teacher.
The Year 6 Give it a Go Day was very successful last week and I enjoyed teaching science to some young, eager learners. All the students who
visited us were well behaved and a credit to their current schools. Thank you to the marketing department and staff for all their organisation
for Year 6 Give It a Go Day and the Open Day. I know it was busy week for you.
Have a great week. - Anton Buys

A Message from the Board
A   meeting of the St George’s School sub-committee was held on Saturday 28 May 2011. This meeting considered in detail all matters
    relating to the development of a viable business model that would allow the School to continue to operate on a purely independent basis.
Parents are advised that recommendations from the sub-committee will be presented to the Whanganui College Board of Trustees at its next
meeting on Saturday 11 June 2011. Following that meeting the Board will immediately communicate its decision to the School community.
The Board is grateful to parents and families of St George’s School for their continued patience and support.
Tam Jex-Blake, Board Chairman

Farewell from Mrs Keelty - until next time!
PE teacher extraordinaire Marjory Keelty has finished a five-week stint                  Sports Results
at the St George’s Campus, filling in for Mrs Eales while she has been at                Basketball Tuesday 24 May
Aramea.                                                                                  StG A              53    WIS D                 7
“I have thoroughly enjoyed being back on the St George’s Campus for the                  StG B              17    Fordell               17
last few weeks, and I wish everyone well for the future,” says Mrs Keelty.               StG C              6     WIS B                 72
A big thank you to Mrs Keelty from St George’s!                                          Football
                                                                                         1st XI              2     WIS 1st XI           5
                                                                                         2nd XI              2     St Mary’s Wolves     10
                                                                                         StG Knights (U7)    2     St John’s Hill       13
                                                                                         StG Dragons (U9)    3     St John’s Hill       5
                                                                                         Hockey Wednesday 25 May
                                                                                         StG Whitesticks     3     St Anne’s            2
                                                                                         StG Blacksticks     12    St John’s Reds       0
                                                                                         StG A               19    Tupoho               12
                                                                                         StG B               8     Waverley A           10
                                                                                         StG C               9     RJH                  8
                                                                                         StG JA              4     Keith St A           3
                                                                                         StG JB              1     Keith St A2          6
                                                                                         StG JC              2     Mosston B            2
                                                                                         Year 7/8s           37    Hunterville          10
                                                                                         Players of the Day
                                                                                         Football: Alex Craig, Luca Durning, Dorothy Yap
                                                                                         Hockey: Ben Conder, William Stevenson

Sausage sizzle for the
                                              Want to club together
                                                 for some fun?
                                                                                                THIS WEEK
World Vision 40 Hour Famine                   The St George’s Campus is seeking                  Happy birthday….
                                              support from the School community                 Celebrating a birthday this week:
                                              to run clubs on Tuesdays at the                   Ailyas Bunyasakdi, Travis Eccleshall,
                                                                                                Courtney King, Ella Medlicott,
                                              Already, students have the opportunity to         Zachary Wilson.
                                              join Science, IT, Maths and Chess Clubs,
                                              Drama, Guitar and Tai Chi.                        Celebrations
                                              The Campus is calling for parents/supporters
                                                                                                First Honours were awarded to Logan
                                              to share their hobbies or skills with students.
                                                                                                Bryant, Jemma Rasmusen, Ethan
                                              Year 6 teacher Megan Orme-Whitlock said
                                                                                                Ellwood, Brittney Matthews
                                              she would love to be able to offer some
Year 6 student Rhea Colaabavala is            sort of craft club for the students. The clubs    Star of the Week:
holding a sausage sizzle this Saturday to     would run over five weeks beginning in Week       HP - Flynn Gilbertson-Small
raise money for World Vision. It will be      6, from 1pm-2pm each Tuesday.                     JC - Ben Conder (winner of Paper Plus
held outside Harvey Norman from 10am-         If you would like to share your enthusiasm        voucher)
2pm. Head boy Joseph Redpath also held        for a particular fun activity with a group of     SP - Miaa Brandon,
a successful sausage sizzle at Harvey         wonderful students, please contact:               MO -Jordan Hume
Norman last week. Well done, Rhea and
Joseph!                                                    Mrs Orme-Whitlock,                   Merit Certificates: Library - SP & HP.
                                                          ph 349 0298, or email
Netball - Any Year 6, 7 or 8 girls wanting    Megan.Orme-Whitlock@collegiate.school.nz          IB Learner Profile….
to join a netball team, it’s not too late!
                                              Thank you - we would love to hear from you!                  Communicators: We
Please phone Robyn Walford on 06 342
7844 evenings or 027 303 2357. Thank                                                                        understand and express ideas
you.                                                                                                        and information confidently

Rugby - All Under 13 Rugby Rep Nominees
                                              Year 5 students have been                                     and creatively in more than
                                                                                                one language and in a variety of modes
are required to meet at Springvale Park on    experimenting with sound!                         of communication. We work effectively
Saturday morning (4 June 2011) at 10am
                                                                                                and willingly in collaboration with others.
with boots, mouth guard etc. The session      Having fun with the sound
will run until 2pm, rain, hail or shine.      investigations are Miaa Brandon,                  PYP Attitude: Creativity - being creative
Please bring a lunch. Notices will be given   (pictured on page 4), Sam Yorston                 and imaginative in our thinking and in
out at the training about how the Under                                                         our approach to problems and dilemmas.
13 squad will be run in 2011. If any of the
                                              and Harry and Mitchell Dickson
boys are unable to make it please phone       (pictured below).
Danny Tamehana direct on 342 6648.
Mark your calendars!
Book the babysitters - the St George’s PFA
will hold a social evening at the Sarjeant
Gallery on Friday, 24 June from 6pm-8pm.
This is an opportunity to mingle with
friends and make new ones among the St
George’s community. Invitations will be
posted this week.
Mufti day for Year 1-6 students
This Friday, Year 1-6 students can wear
mufti to support the World Vision 40 Hour
Grandparents’ Day, Years 1-8
Grandparents’ Day will be held on Friday
10 June at St George’s Campus and will
include tours of both campuses. A notice
will be distributed with this Memo.
                                                     Wanganui Collegiate SChool
                                                  SPORTING PROFILE - FOOTBALL
Football MIC: David van Zanten
                                                   winning regularly and many players will see        year’s Wanganui United football team. He
Background/experience?                                                                                has brought great experience and humour to
                                                   themselves in higher grades next year thanks
                                                   to Mr Morgan and Mr Macklin. A special             the Boys’ 1sts and is also sharing that with
                                                   thanks must be made to Tim Whitlock who            the Girls’ 1sts. Some of the strategies will be
                                                   was team manager and the rock behind Mr            passed on to the other teams over this term
                                                   Morgan’s efforts.                                  so all will benefit.
                                                   Biggest personal football achievement?             2011 wish list?
                                                   Playing alongside All White Michael McGarry        • 1st placing at both tournaments
                                                   at Mosgiel (with his two brothers who were         • An excellent trip to Samoa
                                                   awesome). Playing alongside All White Steve
                                                   Woodin (two goals against Scotland in the          • As many players as possible to make the
                                                   world Cup) at Chch Utd. Playing on-loan with            Wanganui rep teams
                                                   Dutch side Neerlandia in Perth. In that side       • We actually get an Old Girls v Girls’ 1sts
                                                   were several ex-Ajax and national team play-            fixture this year
                                                   ers who could strike the ball so hard it felt      • We continue to get the great numbers
                                                   like my arm would break when I blocked their            of parents/supporters coming to our
                                                   shots!                                                  matches (it is awesome when we travel
                                                   Biggest challenge? A few of these:                      away yet get more spectators than the
                                                   • playing up field after 20 years in goal               opposition!)
Played football since age 9. First club Dunedin    • getting back into playing shape after            I would like to add my personal thanks to
City. Played for Dunedin technical, Mosgiel,             each of the nine times I broke something     the number of people who have supported
Green Is., Otago Uni, Christchurch United                                                             us in our fundraising for Samoa. Many of you
                                                         on my body!
and Neerlandia (Perth).                                                                               went out of your way to either buy or sell
                                                   • starting up football at St Augustine’s           raffle tickets, buy my book ‘My Grandmother
What do you enjoy about coaching?                        (Cullinane now) and being sole coach/        Used to Say’ or generously donate towards
I love the game of football and therefore love           manager and laundry boy to three             this awesome project. Thank you.
passing that on to my teams. Watching them               teams there.
improve and more importantly, enjoy, their                                                            When we get back be assured that there will
                                                   • running football at WCS                          be a full report of our adventure and of the
game is the payment!
                                                   What do you hope to realistically achieve in       hard work (and fun) that all of the students
Wrap-up of 2010 season?                                                                               will have experienced.
                                                   2011? Goals?
FIRST XI BOYS - This team played better as a
                                                   • the on-going goal is to build a ‘club’ feel
team than I can recall in my 10 years at WCS.
The end results were only affected by a diffi-
                                                         to the football teams and players.           Matariki celebrations about to shine
culty to score. It has been awesome to watch
a team that was lead so well by an outstand-
ing captain, Jonathan Steward. Finishing 12th
                                                   • placing in the top 4 of each tournament
                                                         for both boys and girls (actually hoping
                                                         for 1st place)
                                                                                                      M     atariki is the Māori name for the
                                                                                                            cluster of stars called Pleiades. This
                                                                                                      year Matariki begins officially on Saturday
in their tournament was a fitting reward for       Strength of school sides? Any stand-out            4 June.
a great team. Mr Kemenater has certainly           players this year? Both 1st teams are at the       However, locally we also celebrate the
forged the boys into the unit they are and         strongest I have seen for many years as we         rising of Puanga or Rigel (Rigel is the
deserves huge credit.                              have lost only 5-6 from each team last year
                                                                                                      brightest star in the constellation Orion).
FIRST XI GIRLS - Finishing 10th in their tour-     and the replacements have really stepped
                                                                                                      Keep an eye out for local events celebrating
nament (the best ever by a girls’ first XI)        up. This is possible through the great coach-
                                                                                                      this uniquely New Zealand festival.
showed how able this team was. Playing in          ing at the lower levels as they come to the
the local women’s league they performed            1st team environment already understanding         “During Matariki, we celebrate our unique
admirably, especially in the second half of        so much about football. There are so many          place in the world. We give respect to the
the season, letting in just 2 goals. They lost     stand-out players that to start naming some        whenua on which we live, and admiration
only two inter-schools and played some bril-       will make too long a list and I will inevitably    to our mother earth, Papatūānuku.
liant football. A big thank you to Gregor Val-     miss one out!
lely who has now retired from WCS football         Challenges? The politics of local football         Throughout Matariki, we learn about those
having ably coached both the Girls’ and Boys’      is always a challenge but the main stress is       who came before us. Our history, our
first XIs.                                         the travelling for our Boys’ 1sts. Although        family, our bones.
So much could be written about all of the          they will only get seven games in Palmerston
                                                   North, it is still a hassle.                       Matariki signals growth. It’s a time of
teams: The Boys’ 2nds finished 2nd in their
                                                                                                      change. It’s a time to prepare, and a time
competition. The Boys’ 3rds finished so well       Particular strategy/skills worked on for this
in their grade that they became every bit                                                             of action. During Matariki, we acknowledge
                                                   season? Through empowering the coach-
as strong as the 2nds. Mr Vaz and Mr Cliffe        es and players rather than bossing them, I         what we have and what we have to give.
deserve a huge thank you for their great ef-       have found that the strength of team skills,       Matariki celebrates the diversity of life. It’s
forts. The Girls’ 2nds competed for the first      coaching skills and individual player skills has   a celebration of culture, language, spirit
time alongside the 1sts in the local women’s       increased.                                         and people.
league and learned so much about the beau-         Specialist coaches in 2011? Who are they?
tiful game of football from Mrs Mertens. The       This year we have the great fortune to have        Matariki is our Aotearoa Pacific New Year.
delight from the squad when they scored            secured the coaching skills of Kenny Halliday.     Te Taura Whiri: The Māori Language
against the 1sts was awesome! The devel-           Kenny is a strength and conditioning coach         Commision.
opment team of both boys and girls began           to many local codes and was coach of last
                                                   Wanganui Collegiate SChool
 Big School - 30 May                           Congratulations to Godwin House,
Drama Presentation
                                               which took out the Girls’ Cross Country
Alice Hartley and Kate Merson presented
a scene from Henry V. This is their entry      challenge at Collegiate Weekend.
for the National Shakespeare Festival in       Proudly holding the challenge shield is
Wellington this weekend. Good luck!            Rebecca Attwell (left) and Kate Jefferd.
Mentioned in dispatches:
Boys’ Hockey is currently top of their table
They beat Broadway 5-1 on Saturday,
following on from a 2-1 win against
Wanganui High School in a friendly on
The Girls’ Hockey won 7-3 against
Waiopehu on Thursday.
The Girls’ Football also had a good 4-2
win against Wanganui High School.
                                                Up Coming Event:
Netball                                         Inter-school v Hawera High School
The A Team are in the Premiers losing           Wednesday 8th June
narrowly to a strong High School Team           10am       Hawera High School arrives
last week. They played Taihape at the           10:45am    Powhiri in Big School
Sports Stadium on Monday night.                 11am       Lunch for 1st XV Rugby, 1st XI Football Boys
Cross Country                                              (WCS students to return to Period 3)
Our runners performed well at the               12pm       2nd XV Rugby game on No.2 field
Wanganui Secondary Schools’ Cross               12:40pm    Junior A Netball over at Springvale Stadium
Country event.                                  12:40pm    Senior A Netball over at Springvale Stadium
Individual winners                              12:40pm    1st XI Girls’Football - on WCS No 2 Football field
Sophie Collins Year 9 Girls                     12:40pm    1st XI Girls’ Hockey - on WCS Turf
Connor McErlich Year 9 Boys                     12:40pm    1st XI Boys’ Football - on WCS No 1 Football field
                                                1pm        1st XV Rugby game - on No 1 Field
Kate Jefferd Senior Girls                       2:30pm     Afternoon tea in Big School
Antoine Bonnet Senior Boys                      3:00pm     Hawera High School depart
Winning Teams: Year 9 Boys 6 to Score,
Senior Boys and Girls 3 and 6 to score
The JD Edmonds Trophy is for the most
improved runner during his or her time
at Wanganui Collegiate and this year
the Award goes to Tim Durkin-Wright
following his efforts on the track and at
the School Cross Country.
100 games for the Girls’ 1st X1 Football
Team: Rebecca Attwell and Harriet
The Young Enterprise Scheme is an area
where we have traditionally done well.
Last week WCS competed in the “Dragons’
Den” presenting their ideas to business
‘Dragons’. Enzo Peace and Jack Marchant
received certificates for their wins.

The whole School has a special and
wonderful opportunity to listen to the
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on
Thursday at 2.15 pm. Students will go
back into school for Lesson 5 Thursday
at the conclusion of the short concert, in     Individual place-getters in the Wanganui Secondary Schools’ Cross Country
which violinist Helen Kim will perform.        were (back row from left) David Mellsop, Antoine Bonnet, Jamie Wells, Anton Possegger,
                                               Connor McErlich, (front row from left) Laura Bell, Kate Jefferd, and Sophie Collins.
Musical item Ailyas Bunyasakadi (Year
 8) played “Autumn Leaves” on piano.
                                                      Full sports results appear in Sporting Week on our School website.
                                        YEAR 12 MEDIA STUDIES TRIP REPORT
W      e arrived at the vans at 7am ready for
       our journey ahead. We got in the van
to head to Wellington and the conversation
                                                 the workshop was astounding. We then got
                                                 given the opportunity to sit in one of their
                                                 small theatres to take a behind the scenes
                                                                                                   Workshop began. The group then stepped
                                                                                                   out the door of the creative building with a
                                                                                                   whole new insight to the New Zealand film
stopped there. Everyone had their Ipods in,      look at the magic they’ve created over the        industry.
oblivious to the world. At 10am, we arrived      years. Major New Zealand represented films        Next stop was the Media Works. However,
at Promotus, in the heart of Wellington.         such as King Kong and The Lord of the Rings       there was a slight delay on our arrival
There we had a brief from Promotus CEO,                                                            because of an unfortunate misunderstanding
Sigrun Peace, on how media and advertising                                                         involving our little van and a rather large
work and we were shown examples of some                                                            car transport truck! This consisted of our
previous advertising campaigns that have                                                           side mirror and headlight being smashed
been on air recently. The main campaign that                                                       to pieces. Luckily, none of us were hurt
we saw was the latest Suzuki Swift campaign                                                        in this collision which could have ended
that we all recognised from TV, billboards                                                         with a much more serious outcome! At
and around Suzuki dealerships in the past                                                          last we arrived at Media Works, still a little
few months. We also got given the task of                                                          shaken from our near death experience and
designing an advertising campaign for either                                                       received a grand tour of the building which is
a Timex watch or a new Suzuki scooter. This                                                        the mastermind of; TV 3, C4, The Edge, More
really put our minds to the test and gave us                                                       FM, The Rock FM and many more successful
a good challenge. Both Sigrun and Annabel        Pictured above, from left: Monica Russell         media businesses. The tour showed us a lot
Gardner, a creative designer, listened           and Josh Chandulal-Mackay thanking                about how different types of media operate
carefully to our ideas as it was a great way     Promotus CEO Sigrun Peace.                        and about the people who work in them and
for them to get ideas from the Youth target                                                        how they got there. An added bonus was the
market.                                          trilogy caught our eye as the short clip showed   radio freebies we could all help ourselves to.
Lunch time came around and so the van            the different ways of creating the creatures
                                                                                                   Overall the trip was an exciting/terrifying ex-
took us to our next destination – lunch and      and characters, from digital technology to
                                                                                                   perience that all of our class will benefit from
then the well-known Weta Workshop. This          hand made sculptures and costumes, our
                                                                                                   and remember in the future, and we are now
was an exciting and enjoyable place to learn     eyes never left the screen. We were also
                                                                                                   all much more aware of how the media works
and be in as we were surrounded by various       exposed to the workshop’s involvement with
                                                                                                   around us and now know how rewarding it
masterpieces and souvenirs that linked with      pictures such as The Chronicles of Narnia and
                                                                                                   would be to contribute in a business like the
New Zealand’s creativity in the film industry.   children’s TV series. The clip showed Peter
                                                                                                   ones we saw. - Enzo Peace, Monica Russell,
The marvellous talent from the workers of        Jackson’s background and how the Weta
                                                                                                   Lily Shanks, Year 12 Media Studies

 The Week Ahead (Junior School items in red)
    TERM 2 WEEK 5 & 6
    Thursday       2                             Years 1-6 3-Way Conferences
                         5:30pm                  Hockey: Boys’ 3rd XI v Waipehu, Levin
                         6:45pm                  Hockey: Girls’ 1st XI v Horowhenua, Levin
                         6:15pm                  Debating-Intermediate Repechage
                         7pm                     Defensive Driving Course: Session 2
    Friday         3                             Drama: National Shakespeare Competition (to 5 June)
                         1:10pm                  Student Dining Hall Committee Meeting
                                                 Mufti day for 40 Hour Famine, Years 1-6
                         4pm                     Hockey: Boys’ 4th XI v City College
    Saturday       4                             Matariki
    Sunday         5                             Sunday after Ascension
                                                 Group 1 Aramea Boarders arrive back at School
                         9am-4.30pm              Barista Courses
    Monday         6                             Charity Week: Selwyn House
                                                 Aramea Group 1 return to class
                                                 Queen’s Birthday: Normal School for Years 9-13
                                                 Years 1-8 not at school
    Tue            7     12:35pm                 Peer Support Student Committee Meeting
                                                 Years 1-6 3-Way Conferences
    Wed            8     4pm                     Aramea Group 2 Departs
                                                 Hawera Inter-School Fixtures (H) - 1st XV & 2nd XV Rugby, 1st XI Football (Boys
                                                 & Girls), Snr A & Jnr A Netball, 1st XI Hockey (Boys & Girls)
                                                 ICAS Science Exam


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