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					 The Placencia Breeze
       A Publication of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association
   or February 2010

 Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival A Success!
Valentine’s weekend saw another successful Placencia Sidewalk Arts              for a new pump for the volunteer fire department and for new bathrooms at the
Festival. Artists from across the country including Pen & Ingrid Cayetano,      St John’s Memorial. Saturday night D’eclipse Entertainment Club hosted a
Adolfo Duran, and Image Factory made their way to Placencia’s famous            dance that night with all the proceeds of the gate being given to the Placencia
Sidewalk to set up their wares. It was an art lover’s dream come true!          BTIA.
Paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, jewelry and functional art -                                                                       Continued on pg 10
handcrafted drums and carved furniture is just a sampling of items that were
found at the Sidewalk Art Fest. And Placencia’s Sidewalk was full of
people who came out especially to enjoy the weekend.
Performing artists came out in droves to take part in the festival as well. A
range of rock, classic guitar, reggae, country, folk, blues music adorned the
stage as well as a special fire dancing show after dark on Saturday evening.
The Rotary Club of Placencia held their annual auction to help raise funds

 School Expansion Project Gets Second Wind
St. John’s Anglican School in Placencia Village has exploded in
student enrollment over the last ten years. The original school
building that many grown Placencians attended as children
simply did not provide the space needed. Several years ago a
second building was constructed to house four more classrooms.
Space was sufficient with class sizes of approximately 15 to 20
students. In that last 3 years class sizes have ranged from 28 to
35 students and again the school just could not comfortably seat
them all.
The idea had always been to add a second floor onto the new                     Image Factory @ the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival - by Muzamanzie Photographs
building and in 2008 it seemed as if the time was right to get
started. Several businesses and individuals in the community
came together and provided materials, finance, labor and other                  New Director of Tourism Hired at the BTB
support towards expansion of the building.
                                               Continued on pg 10
                                                                                -- Belize City, Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 – The Belize
                                                                                Tourism Board is pleased to announce its new Director of Tourism,
                                                                                Ms. Seleni Matus.
                                                                                                        Advisor for the Center for Environmental
                                                                                                        Leadership      in    Business (CELB)’s
                                                                                                        Mesoamerican Reef Tourism Initiative,
                                                                                                        Seleni Matus has more than five years of
                                                                                                        managerial experience in ecotourism and
                                                                                                        sustainable development. Her work
                                                                                                        experience includes project design and
                                                                                                        management, sustainable tourism strategy
                                                                                                        development, business planning for small
                                                                                                        and medium-size enterprises, marketing
                                                                                                        and promotion, fundraising, partnership
                                                                                                        development, and training and community
                                                                                                        capacity building. In her current capacity at

        What’s Inside                                                                                   Conservation International, Seleni provides
                                                                                technical support and oversight for implementation of CELB’s travel
                                                                                and leisure engagements in northern Mesoamerica.
Placencia BTIA Election Meeting Address……………...…..…….………..…….pg 2
St. John’s Student of the Month.…………………………………...……...…….. pg 2
Rotary Club of Placencia News…...………………………….................……… 2
                                                                                Seleni also worked as Ecotourism Manager at Conservation
What’s Happening In Town?!………………….……………..………………… 3                         International providing capacity-building and technical assistance
Dates You Need To Know!…….……….……………………………..…..….… 4                        to country programs in Latin America. Seleni has also worked at a
Ingrid & Pen Cayetano at Placencia Arts Festival………………………………...… 4         leading conservation NGO in Belize, Programme for Belize, where
Strengthening Coral Reef Resilience To Climate Change……………………… 5           she managed the organization’s ecotourism operations and provided
Haiti Relief……………………………………………………………………… 8                                  technical support to its headquarters and field stations. She was
Placencia Humane Society Clinic Update……………………………………….pg 12
                                                                                instrumental in the establishment of the Mesoamerican Ecotourism
The 3 Facebook Setting Every User Should Check Now....…………………… 13
Placencia BTIA Members…….. ….……………..…..…...……..........……pg 15 & 18             Alliance (Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico), serving as a
Placencia Village Map…………………………………………………… 16 & 17                           founding member and its first President.
Belize Tourism Industry Association……….……….……………….………… 21
February 2010 Placencia Breeze Crossword Puzzle….……..….……………… 21
                                                                                 Through her efforts with Conservation International, she was the
Belize Showcased as travelers explore New World……..…….……...………….pg 22           lead adviser in the formulation of an Environmental Action Plan for
Placencia Humane Society………………………...………….…….……………pg 25                          Belize, the first of its kind, which had the potential to serve as a
A Gift of Music...……………………………………….…………………...… 26                            model for cruise lines travel destinations around the world. This
BTIA Highlight Advocacy Tourism…………………………………………… 27                         Environmental Action Plan provided a framework to facilitate the
Listing Ads…………………………………..………...…………..………….pg 28-29                             sustainability of cruise tourism in Belize and involved stakeholders
Placencia Peninsula Liquor License Notices Posted in January….…………… 30
                                                                                in the process.
                                                                                Seleni brings a wealth of experience working
                                                                                                                                              Continue page 5
                                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze—February 2010- Page 2

      Placencia BTIA’s AGM January 25th                                         St. John’s STUDENT OF THE
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) conducted its
annual general meeting and elections of new offices for the                      MONTH JANUARY 2010
Placencia tourism destination. The meeting commenced with the
outgoing President Beverly Cabral giving thanks for the
opportunity to have served in the leadership role and to have had
the support of the entire membership and destination. She
expressed confidence that any new board would continue to
provide strong leadership and urged members to remain alert and

2010 Placencia BTIA Board - Beverly Cabral - Immediate Past                Front Row: Cristian Arresis - Standard I & Tristan Sutherland -
Chairperson, Wendy Lemus - Chairperson, David Vernon - Vice                Infant II. Middle Row: Emma Delorme - Standard IV, Courtney
Chairperson, Gillian Zabaneh - Treasurer & Hannah Cowell - Secretary.      Rhamdas - Standard II, & Isaiah Mayen - Infant I. Top Row:
Not shown Steve Christensen - Councilor, Eugenie Gabourel - Councilor, &   Tiana Felix - Standard V, Shamika Zuniga - Standard III, &
Patricia Ramirez - Councilor.                                              Christian Alvarez - Standard VI.
                                      Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs

   Placencia BTIA Election Meeting Address:                                                ROTARY CLUB OF PLACENCIA NEWS

          1/25/2010, Beverly Cabral,                                                     The new year started out strong for the Rotary Club
                                                                                         of Placencia with a new fund raising event,
              Outgoing Chairperson                                                       continuing discussions with other Rotary Clubs
I find it hard to believe it’s already been two years since I was first                  regarding projects, and discussions with another
elected by you to be Chairperson of the Placencia BTIA. I will not be      Rotary Club about a possible additional project.
running again for officer, but will remain on the Board as Past
President, as my New Year’s resolution is to spend this year being         BINGO & BILLY
creative, my chosen field so many long years ago.                          On January 16, 2010, a large group gathered at the Paradise
                                                                           Resort for an evening of music and bingo. The evening started out
So much has happened in 2 years. It seems Placencia is at a critical       with a performance by internationally known Irish musician Bill
crossroad in its major growing pains. We’ve had lots to contend with       Mcelaney, who generously donated his time to help us with this
and I’d like to say that I’ve learned from this as much as I’ve            new fund raising idea. After an hour of mostly Irish music, the
contributed: in being an advocate, writing policies and position           people lined up to purchase their cards for the first of 10 games.
statements, interacting with the Placencia Police, contributing            As the numbers were called, the room was filled with groans from
articles to The Placencia Breeze, being Webmaster to         those not having the number called and cheers from those
and, and also representing BTIA on the Board           fortunate to cover a spot or, for the lucky ones, a loud cry of
of SEA while it goes through its amalgamation pains, as well as            “BINGO”. The first 8 games featured a 50-50 split of the pot for
being on the BTB’s Marketing Advisory Committee where I helped             each game and were won by Malu, Cassie, Morris (2 time winner),
choose the new ad agency and watched the development of                    Kai, Gloria, Jason and Myrtle. After more music from Bill
wonderfully creative work they create to promote Belize, as well as        Mcelaney, a free game was played with Monique winning a free
harping at every meeting on the need for LOWER AIRFARES.                   dinner donated by the Paradise leading up to the jackpot game
I was very pleased to attend the last BTIA AGM in December and             won by Vilma (2 cards) and Antoinette. The evening proved to be a
see Placencia so well represented in attendance, as well as having a       tremendous success and we wish to thank Bill Mcelaney for
2-page PowerPoint listing of things we, as a chapter, have achieved        donating his talents and Alan and Janet of the Paradise Resort for
in 2009. I found their mixers and meetings to be very valuable in          hosting the event. Based upon the success of the event and the
schmoozing, for want of a better word, with the people in                  feedback we have received, we will be scheduling more bingo
government who need to hear from us in a professional capacity. I          games, so, watch for the flyers around the Village, check out the
lobbied whenever and wherever I could…in meetings, on planes, on           public access channel on the cable TV, or listen for information on
the street. It’s a good way to find out the true nature of our             LOVEFM.
visitors…and its better than any poll! And finally the Placencia
ROAD….                                                                     ONGOING PROJECTS
                                                                           As described in previous articles, we have been working with the
I have learned that there's a definite disconnect between the Locals       Rotary Club of Calgary Olympic, represented by Dr. Wayne
and the hardcore champions of the environment. Between the                 Warnica, on scholarships for Peninsula students to attend high
paradise-seekers and the true settlers. Even between the various           school. We are continuing to discuss the parameters for the
ethnic groups who come here to serve villagers and visitors alike.         handling of the funds donated and for awarding the scholarships
We need to connect better with each other.                                 and will share the results when they are known. In addition, as
We need to find a common thread. How can we join together to               previously reported, we are continuing to work with the Rotary
embrace the inevitable development that threatens the true laid-           Club of Saskatoon Nutana, represented by Joe Dierker, on projects
back life style we know and love about this place to begin with? And       for the Seine Bight School. Mr. Dierker is planning a visit to our
have no doubt about it; we WILL experience tourism in numbers              community in February and further discussions will be held
that will at times overwhelm us.                                           regarding potential projects. We have also recently met with
                                                                           Duane Evans and Christopher Gowers of the Rotary Club of
Unless we bind together. Work together. This year we will vote for a       Edmonton       West,    Alberta      regarding
new Village Chairperson. Who here is up for the challenge? We’d            Independence High School. During their time Continued on pg 7
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze - February 2010- Page 3

                            What’s Happening In Town?!
~ Jaguar Lanes and Jungle Bar located at the Maya Plaza           5pm - 7pm - local beer & rum $3 & complementary
in Maya Beach is now open!!! Bowling in Maya Beach!!!             snacks. Also Look out for announcements for live music
                                                                  events on select Saturdays.
                                                                ♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club - Live Music alongside
                                                                  D.J. Flames Cover charge.
                                                                ♦ Robert’s Grove - Poolside BBQ Buffet at 7 pm with
Every….                                                           local music. For reservations call 523-3565.
                                                                ♦ Singing Sands Inn - Margarita Night! Try our selection
Monday                                                            of flavored Margaritas for only $10. Our Mango
                                                                  Margarita made with fresh mango and the Cherry Coco
♦ Placencia Hotel & Residences- a division of Zeboz -             Margarita are two favorites.
  Margarita Mondays - 5 to 7 pm. Complimentary snacks
  and appetizers served at the bar.      Over 10 different      Sunday
  margaritas available plus regular bar menu.                   ♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club - Outdoor Sports -
♦ Michelo’s Belgian Café 11am: overview of touristic              Volleyball and Basketball
  activities in Placencia in English, presentación de           ♦ Robert's Grove Seaside Restaurant features US
  actividades turísticas en Placencia en español,                 Prime Rib Roast and Yorkshire Pudding along with its
  Darstellung der touristischen Tätigkeiten in Placencia          regular menu and daily specials. 6- 10 pm. For
  auf Deutsch, revue des activités touristiques à                 reservations call 523-3565
  Placencia en français, overzicht van toeristische             ♦ Yoli’s Bar & Grill - 4 pm Placencia’s Famous Ring
  activiteiten in Placencia in het Nederlands                     Game!!!

Tuesday                                                          Everyday
♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club- Talent Night. Come              ♦    D’Eclipse Entertainment Club- Happy Hour 5-7 pm
  show off your talent!                                              (Local mix drinks)
♦ Rotary Club of Placencia - Meets at Yoli’s Bar at             ♦    DeTatch Seafood Beach Bar & Grill - $4.00 rum
  12:30 pm.                                                          punch all day, everyday. On the beach - See you there!!!
♦ Sunova Beach Gift Shop - 10% Tuesdays! Get 10% off            ♦    Mangos - Happy Hour 5 - 6 P.M. $4 Belikins & $4 rum
  most items every Tuesday now throughout summer.                    drinks.
♦ Habanero’s Restaurant- Mexican Buffet. 7pm to 9pm.            ♦    Maya Beach Bistro Happy Hour 2 -5pm with half-
  Dinner pick up call 523-3565.                                      price appetizer menu and daily $5 bar snack specials.
                                                                     Also $4 Belikin and $4 local rum. Take the bus from
Wednesday                                                            Placencia at 1:30 pm, depart Maya Beach on the bus at
                                                                     5. Closed Mondays. 520-8040
♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club - Soca Carnival Night
                                                                ♦    Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill -Ten Dolla’ Lunch Special
  with Karaoke, Limbo & Free Jell-O Shots!
                                                                     noon to 2 p.m., Happy Hour 5 - 6 pm. Rum Drinks from
♦ J-Byrd's Bar - Karaoke starting at 8 pm!!!!!
                                                                     $3 & up.
Thursday                                                        ♦    The Placencia Hotel & Residences- a division of
                                                                     Zeboz - Happy Hour from 5 pm - 6 pm everyday.
♦ "Thirsty Thursday" at The Crows Nest Bar & Grill,             ♦    Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar - Happy Hour 7 - 8 pm (except
  Happy Hour 5pm - 7pm - local beer & rum $3 &                       Sundays)
  complementary snacks.                                         ♦    Singing Sands Inn Happy Hour 3 to 6 PM. Belikin
♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club- Latino Night (Free                   and local rum along with a discounted price and
  Cherry bomb)!                                                      appetizer menu. Closed on Tuesdays. Tel: 520.8022 or
♦ J-Byrd's Bar hosts organized dart competition with                 email:
  great prizes starting 8:30 pm.
♦ Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar - Karaoke from 9 pm on - plus
  Ladies’ Night 2 for 1 Panty Rippers & Free Jell-O Shots.

Friday                                                          Placencia Humane Society, Ltd.
♦ D’Eclipse Entertainment Club T.G.I.F (Thank God                   MEMBERSHIP
  It’s Friday) Bashment with D.J. Flames. Cover charge.         Dedicated to animal care and protection Date:
♦ Green Parrot - Beach BBQ, served on the Patio,
  features ribs, chicken & seafood (monster shrimp when
  available), plus all the trimmings. Reservation: 523-         Name

  2488.                                                         Address
• Robert’s Grove 6 - 7 pm Happy Hour at the Inn’s               City                                       State                  ZIP
  Poolside Bar. Experience Garifuna singers, musicians
                                                                Country                                          Tele-
  and dancers
• Siripohn Thai Food– every Friday Thai food for sale by        E-Mail
  Siripohn, menu changes every week. Located on the                                                                                     Sponsor
                                                                 Student            Individual     Family(2-5)            Patron
  main road, two story house beside the grave yard.             BZ$10/yr            BZ$20/yr        BZ$30/yr             BZ$100/yr
• Singing Sands Inn - Martini Night. All Martinis 25%
  off! We have a wide selection of flavors to taste including          Additional
  our Melon Martini or decadent Chocolate Martini.                     donation          BZ$              Total amount      BZ$
♦ The Placencia Hotel - Karaoke starting at 8 pm!!!
                                                                                                          Or cash or checks may be dropped off
♦ Michelo’s Belgian Café 1pm: bridge card players                Please make checks payable to:
                                                                                                          at the Placencia Tourism Center
                                                                 Placencia Humane Society
  gathering                                                      Placencia Post Office
                                                                 Placencia, Belize                        ¨   I want to volunteer, please contact me
Saturday                                                         Central America
                                                                                                              I want to donate animal care products,
♦   Happy Hour at The Crows Nest Cafe Bar & Grill                                                         ¨   please contact me.
                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze –February 2010- Page 4

 Dates You Need To Know !                                                   Ingrid and Pen Cayetano at the
February 1st- Earl Godfrey’s Birthday                                       Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival
February 2nd- Karel Eiley’s Birthday
February 3rd- Marita Rowland’s Birthday                                Well known Belizean Pen Cayetano from Dangriga is
February 6th- Emma ‘Aunt Em’ & Jimmy Westby’s Birthday                 a painter, singer, songwriter, percussionist and
February 7th- Julia Leslie’s Birthday                                  guitarist. He is the leading cultural revivalist and
February 8th- Cherilyn Godfrey & Felisha Brown’s Birthday
February 9th - Edwin & Norman Leslie’s Birthday                                                    ambassador      for   the
February10th- Dalton Eiley, Kieran Eiley, Tristenn Young & Arlove                                  Garinagu.       In    his
Leslie’s Birthday                                                                                  paintings he portrays
February 11th-Rosalind Eiley & Lawrence Leslie’s Birthday                                          scenes of everyday life in
February 13th- Maura Mayen’s Birthday
February 14th- Valerie Anderson & Valerie Leslie’s Birthday                                        Belize, and especially
                 Valentine’s Day & Last Day Of Lobster Season                                      aspects of his own
February 13th & 14th - 7th Annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival.                                Garifuna       folklore,
February 15th- Ian & Emelina Vernon’s Anniversary & Genie Gabourel’s                               h i s t o r y       a n d
February 17th- Lloydia Cabellero’s & Martin Cabral’s Birthday                                      culture. After living 20
February 18th- Harald Wallen IV’s Birthday                                                         years in Germany he
February 20th- Marcel Cabral & Christian Godfrey’s Birthday                                        returned to Dangriga in
February 25th- Anne Godfrey’s Birthday
                                                                                                   July 2009 where he and
February 26th - Evelyn Brown’s Birthday
                                                                                                   his German wife Ingrid
                                                                       recently opened the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery at 3
                                                                       Aranda Crescent.

                                                                       Punta Rock is the creation of Pen Cayetano and it
                                                                       started in the year of 1978 in the artist's Studio at 5
                                                                       Moho Road in Dangriga. He released several Cds and
                                                                       still performs with the Turtle Shell Band, his family
                                                                       band The Cayetanos and The Roots Life Band.

                                                                       Needle painting, application and assemblage are the
                                                                       techniques of the artist

                                                                       Ingrid Cayetano. She chose as an artistic medium
                                                                       needle and thread and fabrics to express herself. Her
                                                                       various subjects are cultural, emotional and mostly
                                                                       realistic. She studied Art from 1976 to 1980 in Cologne,
                                                                       Germany. She is a mother of three kids (Malí 1984,
                                                                       Beni 1986 and Ibo 1989) and a member of the family
                                                                       band “The Cayetanos” and assistant teacher in Afro-
                                                                       Caribbean drum and dance workshops.

                                                                       For the first time the artist couple will participate at
                                                                       the sidewalk festival, where they will present a
                                                                       spectrum of their unique artwork and music which
                                                                       includes oil paintings, posters, postcards, textile art
                                                                       and Cds.

                                                                       More information:
                                                                                        cell: 628-6807

 SEA Dates in 2010 to remember
                11 & 12 February
                      – Whale Shark Guide Training
                26 February
                      – Deposits due for Lottery
                11 March
                      - Information due for Whale
       Shark Id’s
       - Whale Shark meeting and Lottery drawing
                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze February 2010- Page 5

Strengthening Coral Reef Resilience To Climate
           Change: One Year Later
                  L. Carne & A. Bowden-Kirby
         It’s been nearly one year since six coral nurseries were set
up near Placencia with funding from the World Bank and the
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (based in
Belmopan). The focus of the work has been on the Acroporid corals
(Elkhorn, Staghorn, and a hybrid) for multiple reasons. These were
the first corals to be listed on the IUCN Red List for endangered
species     and     their
category is “Critically
Endangered”, one step
away from “Extinct in
the    Wild”.      Their
a b u n d a n c e
Caribbean-wide has
been reduced by over
98% in the last three
decades primarily due
to climate change:
increased frequency
and     intensity      of
storms,       bleaching
events due to sea
water temperatures rising, and deadly diseases associated with
bleaching events and predation. Yet these are the fastest growing,
main reef-building species and provide habitat to hundreds of
marine creatures, including the commercially important Spiny
lobster. They also provide storm protection and aesthetic value for
         Three different methodologies are used for growing corals
in their natural environment: “frames”, “ropes” & “tables”. The
first two are for the Acroporids and the table allowed us to
experiment with other stony corals species like star, brain, finger
                                           and pillar corals. Seven-
                                           month growth data was
                                           shared at UB’s Third
                                           Natural        Resource
                                           Symposium last October,
                                           and at two dissemination
                                           events held in December
                                           targeting tour guides and    New Director of Tourism Hired at the BTB
                                           marine reserve staff.
                                                                        in the tourism industry with countries in the region and engaging
                                           These were held in
                                                                        local and international stakeholders in sustainable development
                                           P l a c e n c i a    ( 3 0
                                                                        programs in those countries and in Belize. Ms. Matus is expected
                                           participants) and San
                                                                        to assume her post shortly.
                                           Pedro (40 participants)
                                           where two nursery frames     Ms. Matus holds a Masters Degree (With Distinction) in Corporate
were assembled in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve with their staff          Strategy and Governance from the University of Nottingham in
and Fisheries’ support. In early February a third dissemination         the United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s Degree in Personnel
event will be held in Placencia targeting regional mangers and          Management from Viterbo College.          She has ten years of
combined with the first out-planting effort from the nurseries.         professional experience in designing and directing innovative
After the one-year data is collected and the report generated there     initiatives that have mainstreamed sustainable tourism principles
will be an update in the Breeze.                                        into key sectors of the tourism industry.
         Using the help of tour guides and marine reserve staff, the
out planting will take place primarily at Laughing Bird Caye             For more information on the developments and events in Belize’s
where previous Elkhorn coral transplants have been successful.          Tourism Industry, please contact the Marketing Department at
Literally hundreds of coral fragments are ready to be trimmed           the Belize Tourism Board at (501)-227-2420, via email:
from their nursery substrates, where the “mother” stock will be left or visit our website
behind for more growth and out-planting at later dates. Genetic
analyses have been done on these corals and their symbiotic
zooxanthellae algae to make sure genetic diversity is represented.
This is crucial for the long term success which we hope will be         CHILDREN’S CALENDARS AND ART WORK 2010
defined by observed spawning of the out-plants. Nursery success
                                                                        Hopefully everyone stopped by the children's tent in front of St.
takes advantages of these species’ natural ability to reproduce
                                                                        John's Memorial Anglican School during the Art Fair. On
asexually, but they are animals, and hermaphrodites, and so
                                                                        Saturday the kids painted and drew pictures for the calendars. We
sexual reproduction is the hoped end goal of the out-planting
                                                                        also had poetry decorated beautifully with drawings. They were
                                                                        some of the first that people bought. We had both 2010 and 2011
         Laughing Bird Caye is the first target restoration area as
                                                                        (for the people who buy Christmas presents early), as well a huge
it was decimated by both Hurricanes Mitch (1998) and Iris (2001),
                                                                        display of paintings, donated by the kids. which were for silent
has over 10,000 visitors a year, and is both a National Park and
                                                                        auction to raise money for the pre-school. Bright colours!! One was
part of the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage System.
                                                                        an underwater scene, incredible!! Most of the painting were
         WWF-CA provided essential funding for the interim
                                                                        donated by Ana, a young lady of 14 who does amazing art work.
monitoring of the nurseries, the laboratory work, the December
                                                                        Carlos, Ashley, Wade and several pre-school donated the rest. On
dissemination events, and one of the Hol Chan nurseries. Thanks
                                                                        Sunday, we had some more paintings on auction, the kids made
also goes out to the Fisheries and Forest Department, and SEA for
                                                                        valentines cards, and great scary masks, which they painted and
their continued support and collaboration. If you would like more
                                                                        decorated with feathers. There were lots of the younger children,
information contact me at or check out Dr. Bowden-
                                                                        and it was amazing at some of the art work produced. They all had
Kirby’s website he has been doing
                                                                        fun, and are already asking when the next painting day is
this type of work in Fiji for many years.
                                                                                                                           Continued on pg 8
                                                             The Placencia Breeze –February 2010-Page 6

   A world class 9.83 acre marina with full service fee-simple slips
 surrounded by pristine single and multi-residential housing on half
                         acre and larger lots.
    On this 60 acre bayside development that boasts spectacular views of
  mountains and sunsets there will be commercial opportunities for a gallery,
  boutiques, cafes, professional offices, fine dining, international banking...

Landscaping and roads are all professionally designed together with the entire project
 which is exceptionally unique and artfully done by the successful developer and her
   design team “Platinum”, known for the highly acclaimed “Chabil Mar Villas”
                                  amongst others.

                  ~ Early Bird Specials ~
               10 ONLY - 75 x 100 - CANAL FRONT LOTS
                          Under $100,000 US OR
         First Five Four 1/2 acre lots come w/ a 40 ft. slip.
 It is time to secure residential or commercial space for the open minded
                     just 2/3minutes to Placencia village.
 Titles have already been issued to some of the first buyers! House
                    plans available for viewing.
  Phone Dianne (501) 604 5099 or email
   Phone Hannah (501) 610 0327 or
                                                                                                       The Placencia Breeze –February 2010-Page 7

Rotary Club of Placencia News - Continued from pg 1                        Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department and the securing of
                                                                           additional equipment, so, we hope that the community will come
here, they visited the school and met with Principal Longsworth,
                                                                           out in force to support their Fire Department. Additional events
who described what has been accomplished to date and what the
                                                                           that are being planned include at least one cricket match and a
current needs are. We hope to hear from them and develop a
                                                                           regular schedule of bingo games. As always, look for flyers around
working relationship with their Club to make much needed
                                                                           the Village, check the cable TV public access channel, or listen to
improvements at the High School. In conjunction with this, several
                                                                           LOVEFM (with thanks to Rotarian Rene Villanueva) for
members of the Rotary Club of Placencia, led by Rotary Foundation
                                                                           information on these events.
Director Bob Edmunds, have been attending meetings and seminars
on the new funding mechanism being tried by Rotary. Our District
                                                                           OUR CLUB
(District 4250 comprised of Belize, Honduras and Guatemala) has
                                                                           The Rotary Club of Placencia is dedicated to working to make our
been selected to participate in this pilot program, so, we hope that it
                                                                           community and the world a better place. To accomplish this, we
will be successful and lead to funding for some larger projects in the
                                                                           rely on our Club members and volunteers, but, without the support
                                                                           of the community at our fund raisers, we cannot accomplish what
                                                                           we need to. The major portion of the funds raised go back in to the
                                                                           community, so, we encourage everyone to participate in what we
Preparations for our annual auction are ongoing leading up to the
                                                                           do, whether it be joining the Club, volunteering to help at fund
event to be held during the Arts Festival in February. This event
                                                                           raisers and on work projects, or providing whatever support they
proved to be very popular last year and we hope to repeat that
                                                                           can. Anyone wishing to help can attend one of our weekly meetings
success this year. The next event that is planned will be assisting
                                                                           (Tuesdays at 12:30 PM at Yoli’s), visit our web site
the Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department with their annual
                                                                           (, or speak to any Rotarian. This is
Flaming Heart Ball, which is tentatively scheduled for March 6.
                                                                           your community, please do what you can to help.
This event raises much needed funds for the running of the

                                                           Wendy’s Restaurant & Bar
                                                          On the Main Street in downtown Placencia
                                                                                   Open Daily
                                                                      7:00 am til 9:30 pm
                                                              Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
                                                     Patio Dining Outside & A/C Dining Inside
                                                  Seating for 100 ~ Catering available for private events
                                                        Phone 523-3335 & email
                                                                   Visa & MasterCard Accepted
                                                              “Our best meal in Belize is at Wendy's Restaurant…..”
                                                                          - Travel + Leisure Magazine Feb 2006

                                                                             WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE TO
                                                                                THE PLACENCIA BREEZE?
                                                                                  The Breeze is now offering an annual mailing subscription!
                                                                                 Within the country of Belize: $20.00Bze per year (12 Issues)
                                                                             Within the US & Canada: $30.00Bze ($15.00 US) per year (12 Issues)
                                                                                           *Price includes Shipping and Handling*

  CALL BOB RODGERS U. S. P. T.A 626-4015                                                            (PLEASE PRINT)
          Court Time — Lessons — Pro Shop                                  Name:

                                                                           Mail address:


                                                                           Email address

                                                                           Form of Payment:______________         The Placencia Breeze
                                                                                                                   Placencia Tourism
                                                                                  (Cash or Check ONLY)
                                                                              Checks should be payable to the
                                                                            PLACENCIA TOURISM CENTER                  Pt. Placencia
                                                                           Please mail your subscription and pay- Stann Creek District
                                                                                          ment to:                   Belize, Central
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze –February 2010- Page 8

                                                                                  Placencia BTIA AGM January 25
                  Haiti Relief                                                                                       Continued from pg 1

On Friday January 22nd 2010, D’eclipse Night Club hosted “Haiti         proactive. In relation to the recent discussions for cruise tourism,
Fund Raising Bash” with local disk jockeys with the support of the      she urged remain vigilant, get the information and ensure their
Placencia Village Council.                                              positions are registered.
With a low cover charge of just $10 supporters were able to dance       The general meeting resulted in the election of the BTIA Board as
the night away to the musical styling of not one, but three             follows:
excellent local DJs!    All funds that were collected from the
                                                                        Chairman -Wendy Lemus - Wendy's Restaurant, 1st Vice
entrance fee were donated to the Belize Red Cross whom will
                                                                        Chairman - David Vernon - The North Beach & Toadal
ensure that the money goes to the people of Haiti that are in
                                                                        Adventures, Secretary Hannah Cowell - Platinum Designs,
desperate need after the devastating earthquake which hit just
                                                                        Treasurer - Gillian Zabaneh - Sunova Beach Gift Shop,
outside of Port au Prince on January 12th 2010. A total of
                                                                        Councilor - Patricia Ramirez - Splash Dive Shop, Councilor -
$1515.00 was collected.
                                                                        Jeanie Gabourel - Jag Auto Rental, Councilor Steven
Placencia Village Council would like to take this opportunity to        Christensen - Caribbean Cabinets & Furniture, Immediate Past
say a very special thank you to: Ms. Andria Villanueva, of              Chairman - Beverly Cabral - Whipray Caye Lodge.
D’eclipse Night Club for coming up with the idea and offering the       The Executive Director for the Placencia BTIA office reported on
venue, Mrs. Marita Eiley Rowland, Ms. Jenny Wesby, Ms.                  several achievements over the past year. These included:
Kristine Small, & Dr. Alexis Caballeros all of whom worked shifts         * Reception of the award for Best Receptive Service from the
collecting at the gate, DJ Flame (Dorian Young), DJ Scrape                  BTB Awards 2009
(Eyanick Pop), and DJ Hype (Karel Eiley) for their non stop DJ-           * Successful Lobsterfest 2009
ing – you guys made the party JUMP! And to all who came out               * Successful Mistletoe Ball 2009
and attended the event thank you!!!!                                      * Road Clean up and maintenance activities with heavy support
                                                                            from private sector members
                                                                          * Continued marketing for Placencia via the website and
CHILDREN’S CALENDARS AND ART WORK 2010                                      Placencia Breeze newspaper
                       Continued from pg 5
                                                                        Placencia BTIA will as well be responsible for the implementation
                                                                        of this year's Placencia Sidewalk Arts & Craft Festival.
In total, with sales of calendars, and a lottery of donated rings, we
raised $1200bze for St. John's Memorial School. The donated             The group as well considered the heavily discussed cruise tourism
pictures, which drew a big crowd at the 5 p.m. closing raised $500      for Placencia and agreed that consultation and information is key.
for the       St. John's                                                An invitation will be directed to the Ministry of Tourism and the
Memorial       Pre-School.                                              Belize Tourism Board asking for a consultative meeting in order to
Hopefully lots of art &                                                 receive information on the proposal being investigated. Spurred
craft projects will be                                                  on by this discussion, Placencia BTIA is as well preparing to
possible. The kids really                                               determine activities to derive a tourism development plan for the
enjoy all sorts of arts.                                                destination, so as to feed into the larger national tourism master
I want to first thank all                                               planning exercise that the government will be embarking.
the kids that came,
helped, painted and
drew. There are to many
to name, but some of
them are Ana, Carlos,
Carla, Zerick, Victor,
Carla C,Karisha. Isiah,
Blanca, Dina,& Gaby. Without them there would have been no
Thanks to the BTIA, who organized the fair, and gave us the spot
and tent. Without the tent it would not have been possible to work
two days out in the sun. Thanks to all who come out to help during
the fair; Shrile, Makenzie, Barbara, Ron, Beva, Alessandra,
Selena, Ewa, and to the two pre-school teachers, Head teacher
Carla, Teacher McKay who gave up their Saturday to help. With
sometimes up to 30 kids the help was greatly appreciated. Thanks
to Principal Griffith, and the teachers R. Eiley, N. Sabal, A.
Logan, D. Forman,K. Eiley, T. Leslie, J. Cawich, D. Cadle, M.
Rowland, C. Ramclam, C. McKay, Lisa and mr. James, for help
and for getting the kids to draw and paint for the
calendars.Thanks to Print Belize, who printed the calendars at a
very reduced rate, and donated lots and lots of paper. Thanks to
Stationary House Belize, for discounts on materials, Wallen's for
putting up the art work at the shop, Angie for internet, Tiki for
raffling the rings, Dawn Pollard of Grill N Go, JP Janice Leslie
and to all the people who supported the pre-school by buying a
picture or painting at the auction.
I would like to thank my mother Mrs. Barbara Grabowski, my
sister and brother-in-law, Barb and Jack McNab, for donating
money and supplies. Thank you to Roz, who donated rings that we
raffled. With Thanks to Ana Osegueda who donated so much art
work for the auction for the pre-school. It's great that the older
kids help the younger ones. Tutti Frutti, donated, as the kids say
“the best ice cream in the village”.
Anyone wanting to support the school can send money or supplies
to Principal Mr. Griffith, St. John's Memorial Anglican School or
Head Teacher Carla Ramclam St;. John's Memorial Anglican Pre-
School. Please mark the supplies educational supplies as
otherwise there is a big duty.
So thanks to all, I'm sure I’ve forgotten someone, but I appreciated
all the efforts, work, and supplies that were given. Ewa
                                                                                                       The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 9

                        T H E I N N AT R O B E RT ’ S G R O V E

               Good Times
                                P l a c e n c i a ’s M o s t C o m p l e t e L u x u r y R e s o r t
 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _
February 2010                                               Placencia, Belize                     

         ONE YOU L        VE
         Romantic Dining for
           Lobster Lovers
Celebrate Valentine's Day and mark the
end of Lobster season (February 15 ) with
a romantic Lobster dinner at Robert's
Grove Seaside Restaurant (Sunday, Febru-
ary 14). A special lobster menu featuring a
host of lobster creations, including lobster
bisque, lobster fritters and the Seaside's
famous curried lobster -- will complement
the Seaside's regular dinner menu, which
                                                   ROBERT'S GROVE DIVE                                    DAILY TOURS
also includes a variety of fresh fish, sea-         CENTER AWARDED                                The Inn at Robert's Grove operates all of
food and US imported beef selections. For
reservations call 523-3565.
                                                    FIVE STARS BY PADI                            its own Reef and Rainforest tours and
                                                                                                  excursions. For the months of January &
                                                     INTERNATIONAL                                February we will be offering the follow-
       ROBERT’S GROVE                              PADI International has just awarded the        ing trips daily. For additional information
                                                                                                  and reservations, contact the front desk at
         ENTERTAINS                                Robert's Grove Dive Center with 5 Stars, a
                                                   distinction given to progressive PADI Dive     523-3565.
For the 2010 Season, through May, The              Centers that PADI says, "Excel in provid-      ♦     Diving/Snorkeling the Reef and Cayes
Inn at Robert’s Grove offers its guests and        ing dive consumers with a full range of
                                                   diver education programs, equipment se-        ♦     Sport Fishing
visitors to the Peninsula a variety of culi-
nary and cultural evenings. So kick up             lection, and experience opportunities that     ♦     Monkey River
your heels and bring along your appetites          actively promote aquatic environmental         ♦     Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve
to enjoy the following special evenings:           awareness." Additionally, PADI explains,       ♦     Maya Ruins (Lubaantun & Nim Li
                                                   "A PADI 5 Star Dive Center is active in its
Saturdays Evenings at 7 pm, the Inn’s                                                                   Punit)
                                                   community presenting a professional im-
chef, Frank DaSilva throws his famous              age, better than the norm of the market-       ♦     Maya Ruins (Lubaantun) & Cave
Poolside BBQ Buffet featuring a large se-          place."                                              Swimming (Blue Creek)
lection of fresh seafood, fish, barbecued
                                                   In addition to its regular daily 2-tank dive   ♦     Horseback Riding
beef, roast pig, lamb and chicken, salads
and desserts. Local entertainment and              trips and certification courses, Robert's      ♦     Kayaking (South Stann Creek River)
dancing by reggae band Inner Vibrations.           Grove also offers the only Nitrox (enriched

                                                                                                            THIS MONTH
For reservations call 523-3565.                    air) dive program available in southern
Tuesdays, beginning at 7 pm, it’s Mexi-
can Night at Habanero Mexican Café &               For additional information and reserva-
                                                   tions call the Robert's Grove Dive Center      Tuesday Evenings                   6:30 pm
Bar. Chef Daniel Vasquez prepares a tasty
buffet of Mexican specialties, including           at 523-3565.                                   Habanero Mexican Buffet
dishes like Puerco Piccadillo, Chipotle,
Garlicky Shrimp, Guacamole, Black Bean                     National Tourism Award                 Wednesday Evenings (after Dec 17) 6:30 pm
Salsa and Cilantro Slaw. Pitchers of San-                 "HOTEL OF THE YEAR"                     “Belize’s Reef Ecology” lecture by local
gria and the best Margaritas in Belize are               Awarded to Robert's Grove                naturalist, Dave Vernon (complimentary)
also available along with wine, beer and                 By The Belize Tourist Board
brand label and mixed drinks.                                  January, 2008                      Thursday Evenings                  6 –7pm
Wednesdays 6-7 pm, the Peninsula’s                                                                Poolside Entertainment w/ Garifuna Drum-
resident naturalist, Dave Vernon talks
about the reef ecosystem and offers an                      SWEPT AWAY                            ming

understanding of the importance for pre-            TWO PRIVATELY OWNED ISLANDS                   Saturday Evenings                  7 pm
serving it. His weekly lecture begins with                                                        Poolside BBQ buffet w/ Local Entertain-
an introduction to the Barrier Reef – how it
                                                   For Robert's Grove guests or other visitors    ment
was formed and how it compares to other
                                                   to Placencia who wish to enjoy a private
types of coral reef systems. He then ex-
                                                   island "swept away" experience while ex-       Sunday Evenings                    6 pm
plores in detail the varied marine life found
                                                   ploring Belize, The Inn at Robert's            Paella Night at Habanero Mexican Café &
on Belize’s reef, including types of fish, cor-
                                                   Grove offers all-inclusive packages for
als and the many other sea creatures that                                                         Bar (Regular menu available)
                                                   overnight stays both at         Robert's
call our reef home.
                                                   Caye and its other privately owned island,
Thursdays from 6-7 pm, Happy Hour at               Ranguana Caye.
the Inn’s Poolside Bar is all the happier
when experiencing Garifuna culture
through the beats of local musicians, sing-
ers and dancers from Seine Bight Village.
                                                                                                               Tel: (501) 523-3565
  Robert's Grove provides complimentary pick
                                                                                                               Fax: (501) 523-3567
               up and return for                                                                         Email: info@rob er tsgrov m
      Seaside & Habanero dinner guests.                                                                  Toll Free USA 1-800-565-9757
                                                                                                      w w w . r o b e r t s g r o v e . c o m

                                —    -   A     D   V   E    R    T    I   S   E    M     E    N   T     —    -
                                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 10

Placencia Sidewalk Art Festival A Success                                             School Expansion Project Gets Second Wind
                                                             Continued from pg 1                                                  Continued from page 1
An unexpected treat was a surprise visit from our Minister of Tourism, Hon.
Manuel Heredia, who had heard about the festival and wanted to come see it           Two stairways and exterior walls had already been set in place. In
for himself and ended up taking part in the festival’s opening ceremonies.           2009 the project was put on hold due to the lack of funds to
The sidewalk truly bubbled with color, music and energy on that lovely               continue. Times were hard for everyone and the community that
weekend.                                                                             had given so freely did not have the resources.
For the first time the Placencia BTIA organized an “Embrace Art” booth               It now seems as if new life has been breathed into the expansion
where artists that could not make the festival could still send and have their art   project. The project will recommence in the next few weeks with
on display and for sale. Several took part in the cooperative booth including        the generous donation from Wild Orchid Properties of $50,000, as
Leo Vasquez, Terry Wright, & Lita Krohn. This will be something that will            well as $25,000 from the Placencia Land Reclamation Project. Red
become a regular part of the festival.                                               Moon Development is also coming on board to assist with some of
                                                                                     the logistics of the expansion. This will give the project the jump
The Placencia BTIA bar was managed by Cassie Dial of Barefoot Beach Bar
                                                                                     start needed to get going and completed!
and tended by an energetic volunteer work force including Tatyana Alpuche,
Tamara Alpuche, Sandy Johnson, Wini Mertens, Annette Vernon, Pablo                   We thank everyone for the support given to this project! Look out
Mendoza, David Taylor, Stephanie Wandke, Alyson & Zach Pohlman, and                  for updates in future issues of the Breeze!
Heidi Nunez.
                                                                                     From Wild Orchid Properties
Along the sidewalk we were lucky to have a star crew of help including Lydia
                                                                                     It is important to us to express how honored and privileged we feel
Villanueva, Susan Hall, Yoli Brown, Lou Nicholat, Ritzie Lemus, Kylon
                                                                                     to have the opportunity to call Placencia our home. We have, from
Garbutt, Karl Lovell, Boney Reynolds, Darryn & Tessa Eiley, Jonelle Dial,
Logan Westby, Adamas Clark, Penny Dial, Tony Parks, Chris Salmon,                    the very beginning, felt very welcome here, by everyone we have
Pandora Guadino, Claudia Hardeggar, Ian Westby, Natasha Eiley, Harald                encountered. From business relations to true and lasting
Wallen, Boy Wallen, Eric Westby, Benji Eiley, Lita Krohn, Evan Bull,                 friendships, we have been blessed with so much positivity, and
Patrick, Glen, Giovanni, & Dominic Rotier.                                           cherished learning experiences.

Entourage Movements, our home grown DJ’s, Canadian rocker Shawn Brady,               We are so happy, as entrepreneurs in Belize, to be able to contribute
blues harmonica Kungo Charlie, Rene Leslie Sr, the Beach Babes, the Lost             to the growth, evolution, and progress of the beautiful village of
Reefers, Mary McKee, Alex Bull, Kylon Eiley, Alan Lesclide, Karl Lovell,             Placencia. It is with great pleasure that we are giving back to this
Kylon Garbutt, Yellow Man, Bernadette Gardiner, Shawn Young, Brianna                 community, which has been so generous, welcoming, and friendly
Mayen, Stephanie Wandke, Joycenara & Walter, and Graham Berrie.                      towards us. We strongly believe that the future resides in our
                                                                                     children, and this is the reason why we have chosen to play a role
Businesses and other organizations that leant support to the festival include
                                                                                     in the expansion project of the St-John Memorial School. We trust
National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), Love FM, Wallen’s Market,
Serenade Guesthouse, Pirate’s Grill, Barefoot Beach Bar, Splash Dive Shop,           that these improvements will allow the children to learn, grow, and
D’Eclipse Entertainment Club, Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar, The North Beach,                thrive in a more productive and comfortable environment, therefore
Miramar Apartments, Sunova Beach Gift Shop, Platinum Designs, ICB Seine              enhancing the quality of the education they are receiving. These
Bight, Wild Orchid Properties, Doran’s Services, Maya Beach Hotel, and               positive changes will also benefit the hardworking teachers and
Evan’s Place.                                                                        school staff, allowing them to be happier, more contented in their
                                                                                     profession, and demonstrating an even greater excellence in their
For the first time the Placencia BTIA took on the role of coordinating the           teachings.
event which turned out to be successful with the support of many volunteers.
We are fortunate that the Placencia Peninsula Arts Association created such a        We are looking forward to getting this great project back on its feet,
wonderful event to showcase the beauty of Placencia and the incredible artists       and seeing the new face of the school unfold day by day. We are
that this country has. It is an event that we feel is important for our              committed to seeing it get completed. On behalf of the school body,
community and we will do our best to see that it continues and improves. We          and the children and parents of Placencia, we are encouraging
want to thank everyone that took part in the festival in any way - we could not      everyone from the community to contribute, volunteer, and
have done it without you!!!                                                          participate in this exciting and very necessary endeavor.
Beverly Cabral - Outgoing Chairperson - Placencia BTIA
                                                                                     Paul Habib & Aline Habib
                                               Continued from pg 2                   Wild Orchid Properties

better be prepared or we will be blindsided again by our apathy.
We need better schools. Better sanitation. Better
infrastructure. Better accommodations. Better policing. Better
Government support. We need a voice of someone who is with us…
who can keep us informed. Who can ask government to help us in
these times of recession. Who can get it done…for us!
This is the year the new Placencia International Airport will bring
tourists in numbers we once could only wish for. This year our PM
has promised us cruise ships.
How will we lobby against the inevitable without seeming to be just
a bunch of whiners stomping our feet? Time is not on our side.
According to my Mother-in-Law Miss Tensie, locals used to make
local dishes and sweets and crafts to sell to visitors. That's the kind
of thing tourists come seeking…little things they can take away
with them that are NOT made in neighboring countries. Can we do
that again? We need shops that sell Made in Belize.
                                                                                      THE ROTARY FOUR-WAY TEST
Are we too consumed with our petty differences to focus? Is
Placencia doomed to be absorbed into mediocracy? I think not, and
I will continue to fight the good fight in this village. Let’s continue
                                                                                            1. Is it the TRUTH?
to rally for:                                                                         2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Conservation = Goodwill
Goodwill = Publicity
Publicity = Visitation
                                                                                     3. Will it build GOOD WILL &
Visitation = Spending Premium
Premium = More Conservation
                                                                                          better FRIENDSHIPS?
Last but definitely not least, I’d like to extend a huge thank you on
behalf of the Board, to Ellie and her staff Felisha and Lloydia…I’ve
                                                                                      4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to
rarely seen people who work harder on your behalf.                                              all concerned?
And I thank you all for your support.
                                                      The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 11

                                    PHONE# 501-523-3555
                                    FAX# 501-523-3553

                                      AGENTS FOR

   “Making a Positive Difference in a Changing Belize”
Home owners Insurance                     Commercial Property Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance                   Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Liability Insurance                Tour Operators Insurance
                   Other Liability Insurance

                 OPENING HOURS
            SATURDAY 7:30 TO 12:00PM
                                      SEND MONEY COUNTRYWIDE!
                                                   Corozal Town
                                                  Corozal Boarder
                                                    Belize City
                                                    San Ignacio
                                                    Punta Gorda
                                                                                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 12

                                                             Placencia Peninsula Maps
From North of Placencia Airstrip to The Plantation                                                                          From Placencia Water Tower to Airstrip
                                                                                                                              D’eclipse Entertainment Club
                                                                                                                                                                           Platinum Designs

                                                                                                      Lost Reef
                                                                                                      Resort                                                                                r
                                                                                                                                                                                  lan   d Ai
                                                                                                                                                                             a Is
                                                                                               Beachfront Suites                                                        M ay
                                                                                                                                                              ic A

                                                                                The Placencia Hotel &

                                                                        The Placencia Tennis                                                                                                               RFG Insurance Agent
             Traveling north to Maya                                       Placencia Tennis
             Beach will take you to the
             Plantation area
             approximately 2.5 miles                                                                                                           Avadon Divers

                                                                                                                                                                        The Placencia Road

                                             Ocean’s Edge

                                             Maya Beach Hotel

                                              Green Parrot Beach Houses
                                              Joyce & Frank’s Bed & Breakfast

                                              Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows
                                              Singing Sands Inn

                                            Maya Playa Resort
Please note the
distance between
Blue Crab and
Maya Playa Resort                                                                                                                              Seaview Properties
is approximately 3                                                                                                                                                                          Chabil Mar Villas
                                                                             False Caye

                                                                                                                        Placencia Humane Society
                                 Cocoplum Resort Community                                                         PHS held its monthly animal clinic at the Placencia Community
                                                                                                                   Center on January 23 and January 24, 2010. Our pets received the
                            The Villas at                                                                          following services from Dr. Figueroa, the attending vet:
                                                                                                                   * seventeen dog vaccines
                                                                                                                   * five cat vaccines
Casa At Last                                                                                                       * thirteen rabies vaccines
                                                                                                                   * two cats were spayed
                                                                                                                   * two dogs were neutered
                                                                                                                   * four dogs were spayed

                  The Maine Stay                                                                                   Dr. Figueroa made house
Palmtree            Cordy’s Beach Cottage                                                                          calls     on   Saturday
Designs               Blue Crab Beach                                                                              afternoon after clinic,
                         Nautical Inn                                                                              and again two house calls
                      Bahia Laguna Beach Suites
                                                                                                                   early Sunday morning
                           Seine Bight Village                                                                     before clinic.
Lola’s Art
                                Caribbean Cabinets & Furniture
  Danube, Austrian                                                                                                 Many thanks to The Inn at Robert's Grove, who hosted Dr. Figueroa,
    Restuarant                   The Inn at Robert's Grove
                                                                                                                   and as always, our list of wonderful and committed volunteers: Pat
                                     Laru Beya Villas                                                              Rarrick, Renza Hoban, Amanda Ack, Pam Thomas, Pamela Keck,
                                                                                                                   MaryAnn Kaye, and Dorcas Lampella.
                                     Miller’s Landing

                                          Playa de Piratas Properties                                              The next PHS clinic will be on February 20 and 21, 2010, at
                                                                                                                   Placencia Community Center.

                                                                                                                   To schedule house calls or surgeries, please call Pat Rarrick at 610-
                                                                                                                   0522.    To volunteer, make donations, or receive additional
                                                                                                                   information on PHS, call Pam Thomas at 629-3599 or 627-4867
                                          Wild Orchid Properties
    Placencia Airstrip

                                 Barefoot Rentals
                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 13

       The 3 Facebook Settings Every User Should Check Now
In December, Facebook made a series of bold and controversial           right to share that information with search engines, too.
changes regarding the nature of its users' privacy on the social net-
working site. The company once known for protecting privacy to          To change this setting back to something of a more private nature,
the point of exclusivity (it began its days as a network for college    do the following:
kids only - no one else even had access), now seemingly wants to
compete with more open social networks like the microblogging             1. From your Profile page, hover your mouse over the Settings
media darling Twitter.                                                  menu at the top right and click "Privacy Settings" from the list
                                                                        that appears.
Those of you who edited your privacy settings prior to December's         2. Click "Profile Information" from the list of choices on the next
change have nothing to worry about - that is, assuming you elected      page.
to keep your personalized settings when prompted by Facebook's            3. Scroll down to the setting "Posts by Me." This encompasses
"transition tool." The tool, a dialog box explaining the changes, ap-   anything you post, including status updates, links, notes, photos,
peared at the top of Facebook homepages this past month with its        and videos.
own selection of recommended settings. Unfortunately, most Face-          4. Change this setting using the drop-down box on the right. We
book users likely opted for the recommended settings without            recommend the "Only Friends" setting to ensure that only those
really understanding what they were agreeing to. If you did so, you     people you've specifically added as a friend on the network can see
may now be surprised to find that you inadvertently gave Face-          the things you post.
book the right to publicize your private information including
status updates, photos, and shared links.                               2. Who Can See Your Personal Info

Want to change things back? Read on to find out how.                    Facebook has a section of your profile called "personal info," but it
                                                                        only includes your interests, activities, and favorites. Other argua-
1. Who Can See The Things You Share (Status Updates, Photo,             bly more personal information is not encompassed by the "personal
Videos, etc.)                                                           info" setting on Facebook's Privacy Settings page. That other infor-
                                                                        mation includes things like your birthday, your religious and po-
Probably the most critical of the "privacy" changes (yes, we mean       litical views, and your relationship status.
those quotes sarcastically) was the change made to status updates.
Although there's now a button beneath the status update field that      After last month's privacy changes, Facebook set the new defaults
lets you select who can view any particular update, the new Face-       for this other information to viewable by either "Everyone" (for
book default for this setting is "Everyone." And by everyone, they      family and relationships, aka relationship status) or to "Friends of
mean everyone.                                                          Friends" (birthday, religious and political views). Depending on
                                                                        your own preferences, you can update each of these fields as you
If you accepted the new recommended settings then you voluntar-         see fit. However, we would bet that many will want to set these to
ily gave Facebook the right to share the information about the          "Only Friends" as well. To do so:
items you post with any user or application on the site. Depending
on your search settings, you may have also given Facebook the            1. From your Profile page, hover your mouse over the Settings
                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 14
menu at the top right and click "Privacy Settings" from the list         To keep your data private and out of the search engines, do the
that appears.                                                            following:
  2. Click "Profile Information" from the list of choices on the next
page.                                                                      1. From your Profile page, hover your mouse over the Settings
  3. The third, fourth, and fifth item listed on this page are as fol-   menu at the top right and click "Privacy Settings" from the list
lows: "birthday," "religious and political views," and "family and       that appears.
relationship." Locking down birthday to "Only Friends" is wise             2. Click "Search" from the list of choices on the next page.
here, especially considering information such as this is often used        3. Click "Close" on the pop-up message that appears.
in identity theft.                                                         4. On this page, uncheck the box labeled "Allow" next to the sec-
  4. Depending on your own personal preferences, you may or may          ond setting "Public Search Results." That keeps all your publicly
not feel comfortable sharing your relationship status and religious      shared information (items set to viewable by "Everyone") out of
and political views with complete strangers. And keep in mind,           the search engines. If you want to see what the end result looks
any setting besides "Only Friends" is just that - a stranger. While      like, click the "see preview" link in blue underneath this setting.
"Friends of Friends" sounds innocuous enough, it refers to every-
one your friends have added as friends, a large group containing         Take 5 Minutes to Protect Your Privacy
hundreds if not thousands of people you don't know. All it takes is
one less-than-selective friend in your network to give an unsavory       While these three settings are, in our opinion, the most critical,
person access to this information.                                       they're by no means the only privacy settings worth a look. In a
                                                                         previous article (written prior to December's changes, so now out-
3. What Google Can See - Keep Your Data Off the Search Engines           of-date), we also looked at things like who can find you via Face-
                                                                         book's own search, application security, and more.
When you visit Facebook's Search Settings page, a warning mes-
sage pops up. Apparently, Facebook wants to clear the air about          While you may think these sorts of items aren't worth your time
what info is being indexed by Google. The message reads:                 now, the next time you lose out on a job because the HR manager
                                                                         viewed your questionable Facebook photos or saw something inap-
There have been misleading rumors recently about Facebook in-            propriate a friend posted on your wall, you may have second
dexing all your information on Google. This is not true. Facebook        thoughts. But why wait until something bad happens before you
created public search listings in 2007 to enable people to search        address the issue?
for your name and see a link to your Facebook profile. They will
still only see a basic set of information.                               Considering that Facebook itself is no longer looking out for you,
                                                                         it's time to be proactive about things and look out for yourself in-
While that may be true to a point, the second setting listed on this     stead. Taking a few minutes to run through all the available pri-
Search Settings page refers to exactly what you're allowing Google       vacy settings and educating yourself on what they mean could
to index. If the box next to "Allow" is checked, you're giving search    mean the world of difference to you at some later point...That is,
engines the ability to access and index any information you've           unless you agree with Facebook in thinking that the world is be-
marked as visible by "Everyone." As you can see from the settings        coming more open and therefore you should too.
discussed above, if you had not made some changes to certain
fields, you would be sharing quite a bit with the search en-
gines...probably more information than you were comfortable with.

Pictures from the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival
                                                                                                          By Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                                                          The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 15

                                                     Placencia BTIA Members
                    Placencia Tourism Center – Phone: 523-4045 - Email: &
                                       Website: or
BUSINESS NAME                       MAP #   EMAIL                              PHONE           CELL or FAX      CONTACT PERSON
Ah-Kinchil                                     523-8017                        Kevin Madore & Maya Krammer
Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas                     523-3625                        Wini Mertens & Steve Lobban
Atherly, Don & Lindsay                         610-3843                        Don & Lindsay Atherly
Aqua Oasis                                           605-0586                        Stefano Ragagnin
Avadon Divers Ltd                         503-3377                        Anne-Marie & Phillip McNeil
Bachmann-Fairs, Brigitte                     523-3248                        Brigitte Bachmann-Fairs
Bahia Laguna Beach Suites                        523-4091                        Doug & Madalon Richardson
Barefoot Beach Bar                     523-3515                        Cassie & Brice Dial
Barefoot Rentals (Auto)                523-3438        610-3214        Megs Yearwood
Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows                       523-8010        523-8010        Bill & Adriane Taylor
Bayshore Ltd.                                    523-8019                        Jenny Wildman
Beachfront Suites                        606-1521                        Maricia & Robert McMahon
Belize Trips                                    610-1923                        Katie Valk
Belize Ultralight Flying Adventures              523-3279        6002342         Tito Roveda
Belize Sailing Charters              523-3138                        Rob & Kim McDaniel & Tonya Wakefield
Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club         523-3303                        Melissa Rea
Blue Crab Beach Resort                        523-3544        523-3543        Kerry Goss & Linn Wilson
Blue Garden House                               207-326-9171                    Costas & Sally Christ
Blue Lagoon Apartments                   523-3481        523-3081        Veronique McKenzie
Brady, Alice                                         625-0673                        Alice Brady
Brown, Felisha                                   602-9300                        Felisha Brown
Caballero, Alexis & Lloydia                        523-4038                        Alexis & Lloydia Caballero
Capeling, Ralph                                   610-1278                        Ralph Capeling
Captain Jak’s Cabanas                        523-3561        622-7104        Erin Ivy
Caribbean Travel & Tours                            523-3481        523-3081        Veronique & Lance McKenzie
Carpenter, Nick & Kim                            520-3021                        Nick & Kim Carpenter
Caribbean Cabinet & Furniture                             523-3555        610-1399        Steve Christensen & Maretha McCullock
Carol’s Cabana                                         523-3132        609-5073        Egbert Cabral
Casa At Last                                523-3630                        Dewey Harshbarger
Casa Del Sol                                523-3481        523-3081        Veronique McKenzie
Casa Placencia                                 503-3143        669-4842        Jacki Tipton
Celeste, Donna                    
Century21 BTAL                         670-2034                        Bradley Rinehart
Chabil Mar Villas                     523-3606        523-3611        Robert Argue
Coconut Cottage                                 523-3234        609-4267        Kay Westby
Cocoplum                                   610-1009                        Stewart Krohn
Cohen, Howard & Karen                      622-6695                        Howard Cohen & Karen Kotansky-Cohen
Colibri House                                                        605-0586        Stefano Ragagnin & Nicoletta Sala
Cordy’s Beach Cottage                            523-3341        627-3150        Cordelia Ford
Coston, Debbie                                                                 523-8001                        Debbie Coston
Cotton, Lynn & Les                                 604-4088                        Lynn Cotton
Cozy Corner Restaurant & Hotel                     523-3280                        Gilbert Garbutt
Danube Austrian Restaurant                610-0132                        Herbert Kollmann & Simone Gareis
D'eclipse Entertainment Club                   523-3288                        Andria Villanueva
Decked Out House                                     503-3017        624-8637        Linda Burrows
Denyse’s Originals                             523-3086                        Denyse Rosa
Destinations Belize                       523-4018        610-4718        Mary Toy
Dial, Elysia                                                                     Elysia Dial
Dial, Mary Ann                                  523-3209                        Mary Ann Dial
Dianni’s Guest House                                  523-3159        609-5124        Ruth Turner/Dean Cabral
Easy Living Apartments                          523-3481        523-3081        Veronique Mckenzie
Eloise Travel Lodge                                                            523-3299                        Sonia Leslie
Evan’s Place                                       523-3127                        Evan Bull
Feijer, Egbert                                  627-1020                        Egbert Feijer
Finca                                               523-3481        523-3081        Veronique McKenzie
French Connection                            523-3656                        Marcus Perigo & Anna Dahlberg
French Louie Caye                                 523-3228                        Randolph Villanueva
Frisky Frog Fast Food Fix                            670-0108                        Gary Geier
Garden Cabanas                                 523-3481        523-3081        Veronque McKenzie
Galipeau, Cheryl                                 523-3329                        Cheryl Galipeau
Gentile, Franco & Mariuccia Levoni           523-3624        605-1648        Franco Gentile & Mariuccia Levoni
George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse                                                          Jean Reed
Green Parrot Beach Houses                        523-2488                        David Allardice & Leo Ramirez
Harry’s Cozy Cabanas                                523-3234        523-3155        Harry Eiley
Heaven’s Gate Beach Bungalow                   523-3148                        Jodie Leslie
Hess, Tina                                                                     523-3344                        Tina Hess
JAG Auto Rental & Property Management              523-3074                        Eugenie Adderly Gabourel
Joy Tours                                             523-3325                        Hubert & Karen Young
Joyce and Frank’s Beach House                       561-683-3899    561-683-3899    Joyce Danz
Julia’s Room                              503-3478        523-3225        Julia Leslie
Keck, Pamela & Karl                                 520-4057                        Pamela & Karl Keck
Kingfisher Adventures                        523-3323        523-3322        Charles Leslie
La Chapelle Suites                         523-3777        523-3477        Mark Mondier
La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant     523-3115        604-1089        Simone De Angelis
Laru Beya Villas                                    523-3476        523-3483        Ian McField
Linarez, Cindy & Francisco                                                             Cindy & Francisco Linarez
Lola’s Art                                           523-3342        601-1913        Lola Delgado
Lost Reef Resort                                606-7262                        Lisa D’Amore
Lydia’s Guest House                                    523-3117        523-3354        Lydia Villanueva
Manatee Inn                                        523-4083                        Slavek Machacka
Mangos                                       523 8111        600 2040        Steve Bauer & Annemarie Glanzmann
Maya Beach Hotel                              520-8040        520-8040        Ellen & John Lee
Maya Breeze Inn                                523-8012        523-8012        Larry Matthews
Maya Dream Beach House                      523-3148                        Jodie Leslie & Wanda & Roger Snell
Maya Lodge                                     605-0586                        Stefano Ragagnin & Lou McLeod
Maya Playa Resort                                   523-8121                        Chuck Meares
McDougall, Rory & Michelle                  523-3391        610-5592        Rory & Michelle McDougall
Michelo Flats                                     523-3519        626-2518        Michel Ardoullie
Miller’s Landing                           523-3010        523-3011        Gary & Ann Miller
Miramar Apartments                             523-3658/3117   503-3095        Ilsa Villanueva
Mirasol Villa                                  523-3481        523-3081        Veronique McKenzie
                                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 18

                                                          Placencia BTIA Members cont.
MnM Hardware Placencia                                523-3517        523-3537           Dora Duncker
Moorings Belize Ltd.                           523-3351        523-3206           Renee Brown
Mosquito Coast Trading Co. Ltd.                                                523-8141        610-1441           Ray Twanow
Muzamanzie Photographs                           523-3563                           Ed & Marion Carr
Nautical Inn                                         523-3595        523-3594           Sandy Johnson
Ocean’s Edge                               514-606-5582    514-697-9435       Francine Martel
Ocean Motion Guide Service                        523-3363        523-3484           Bernard Leslie or Lavern Parham
One World Rental                          523-3618        620-9975           Claudia Hardegger
Palmetto Bay Resort                             671-4613                           Barnabe Burgos
Palmetto Retreat                                    523-3481        523-3081           Veronique McKenzie
Palmtree Designs                                   523-3563        603-5143           Marion Carr
Paradise Vacation Hotel                                   523-3179        523-3256           Alan & Deloris Stamm
Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development       610-4718                           Mary Toy
Pickled Parrot Cabanas                      624-2651                           Wende Bryan/Denise Williams
Philbin, Kevin & Tammy              625-0724                           Kevin & Tammy Philbin
Placencia Bazaar                                523-4309                           Annette & Sonny Vernon
Placencia Humane Society                                                          Pam Keck- President
Placencia Peninsula Arts Association         523-3284                           Candy Power
Placencia Pointe Townhomes              719-282-3258    719-488-1628       Ed McBride & Carol Milnes
Placencia Tennis                                626-4015                           Robert & Lida Rodgers
Placencia Village Square                    523-3292        623-5122           Yvette Guild Gagliano & Frances Gagliano
Placencia Yacht Club                                970-209-7251                       Michael Potoker
Platinum Designs                                601-7459                           Hannah Cowell
Playa de Piratas Properties                523-3180        610-2428           Ron Shivers
Property Pro Belize                        523-3292        623-5122           Yvette Guild Gagliano & Frank Gagliano
Ranguana Lodge                                       523-3112        523-3112           Joy Leslie
Regent Reality                          523-3636        670-8558           Kitty Fox & Glenn McCullough
RFG Insurance Agent                         523-3636        523-3428           Kitty Fox
Rumfish y vino                                        523-3293        666-6934           Pamela & John Solomon
Seahorse Dive Shop                                   523-3166        523-3166           Brian & Ardie Young
Seakunga Ltd.                                       523-3644                           Ajinder Garcha & Bernard Burgos
Seaspray Hotel                                 523-3148        615-2925           Jodie & Norman Leslie
Sea View Properties                                 604-5099                           Diane Bulman
Secret Garden Day Spa                   523-3420        609-3104           Lee Nyhus
Secret Garden Restaurant                         523-3617                           Erin Parker
Silver Leaf                                    970-944-2550    970-944-0552       William & Jolanda Brown, Stefano/agent
Singing Sands Inn                               523-8017        520-8022           Jean-Marc Tasse
Siripohn Thai Massage                             620-8718        600-0375           Siriporn Thakham
Smith, Stan & Mary                                   523-4306                           Stan & Mary Smith
South Environmental Association                   523-3377                           Shannon Romero
South Water Resort                                        523-3308        523-3208           Alvin & Marie Cabral
Sunset Pointe Condos                               523-3314                           Eric & Janis Winchester
Spectarte Gallery                                 523-8019                           Jenny Wildman
Splash Dive Shop                            523-3058        620-6649           Patricia Ramirez
Stann Creek Auto Rental                       523-3284        662-6711           Candy Power
Stepping Stones Resort                  674-3474                           Chris & Sue Harris
Sunova Beach Gift Shop                               523-4060        523-3264           Gillian Zabaneh
Taylor, Winston                                  623 7971                           Winston Taylor
The Arches                                          479-841-7970    605-0586           Mark Risk & Stefano Ragagnin
The Inn at Robert’s Grove                       523-3565                           Bob & Risa Frackman; Elena Cuellar
The Joint Boutique                                523-3712                           Brice Dial & Carlen Hultgren
The Maine Stay                                  523-3507                           Drew Travers
The North Beach                                    523-3207                           Deborah & Dave Vernon
The Placencia Hotel & Residences                520-4110        520-4112           Marco Caruso
The Shak Beach Café                           622-1686                           Magda Morales
The Villas at Cocoplum                  523-3263        628-6447           Boris Mannsfield or Erin Ivy
The Yellow House                                    523-3481        523-4028           Veronique McKenzie
Three Iguanas Villa                                  605-0586                           Stefano Ragagnin & Joe Stark
Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar                                                              Salva Zabaneh
Toadal Adventures                                  523-3207        604-6044           David & Deb Vernon
Toucan Lulu                               628-8474                           Paul Fanning
Trade Winds                                        523-3122                           Janice Leslie
Traveler’s Inn                                                                 523-3190        609-7344           Lucille Villanueva
Trip N Travel                                        523-3205/3614   523-3205           Laura Godfrey & Fiona Macfarlane
Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor                                                       Tiziana Del Col
Village Inn                              523-3217                           Jacob Perez
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar                                                523-3335                           Wendy Lemus
Weller, Jim & Cindy                      523-3599        623-3286           Jim & Cindy Weller
Werlwas, Robert                              523-3040                           Robert Werlwas
Westwind Hotel                               523-3255        523-4016           George & Lisa Westby
Whipray Caye Lodge                              608-8130        610-1068           Julian & Beverly Cabral
White Sand Villa                                604-7471                           Jeanie Gabourel
Wild Orchid Properties                 670-3665                           Aline Habib
Yellow Bella                                     605-0586                           Stefano Ragagnin
Yoli’s Bar                                                                                                        Yolanda Tretheway
Yount, Doran & Kim                             670-4130                           Doran & Kim Yount
Z-Touch Day Spa                                  523-3513                           Ysela Zabaneh

    Become a member of the most active and fastest
        growing BTIA chapter in Belize!!!!!
        Stop by the Placencia Tourism Center
              Today to find out how....
                                           Placencia: Home of the “Barefoot Perfect” Beaches


Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas        92-A2
Aqua Oasis                         87-E2
Avadon Divers Ltd                  46-D3
Banana Tree House                  35-B3
Barefoot Beach Bar                 38-E3
Belize Sailing Charters            99-C4
Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club      98-A2
Blue Garden House                  88-E2
Blue Lagoon Apartments             80-D3
Captain Jak’s Cabanas              52-D2
Caribbean Travel & Tours           43-C3
Carol’s Cabana                     53-C3
Casa Placencia                     81-F2
Century21 BTAL                     93-B4
Coconut Cottage                    54-D4
Colibri House                      55-E3
Denyse’s Originals                 94-D3
Destinations Belize                42-C4
Dianni’s Guest House               56-B3
Easy Living Apartments             57-C4
Eloise Travel Lodge                58-C3
Evan’s Place                       59-D3
French Connection                  41-D5
French Louie Caye                  33-D3
Garden Cabanas                     60-B3
George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse        89-E3
Harry’s Cozy Cabanas               61-B3
Joy Tours                          44-C3
Julia’s Room                       62-E3
Kingfisher Adventures              45-E3
La Chapelle Suites                 63-C4
La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant   25-C3
Lydia’s Guest House                64-E3
Manatee Inn                        65-F3
Maya Lodge                         66-E2
Michelo Flats                      67-F2
                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 16

Miramar Apartments                 68-E3
Mirasol Villa                      69-C4
MnM Hardware Placencia             96-D3
Moorings Belize Ltd.               97-B3
Ocean Motion Guide Service         47-C4
Moorings Belize Ltd.                 97-B3
Ocean Motion Guide Service           47-C4
One World Rental                     70-C4
Paradise Vacation Hotel              71-B3
Pickled Parrot Cabanas               26-C3
Placencia Bazaar                     7-D3
Placencia Pointe Townhomes           50-A1
Placencia Village Square             43-C3
Placencia Yacht Club                 34-A5
Property Pro Belize                  43-C3
Ranguana Lodge                       30-E3
Rumfish y vino                       43-C3
Seahorse Dive Shop                   48-D4
Seaspray Hotel                       79-E3
Secret Garden Day Spa                4-C3
Secret Garden Restaurant             24-C3
Silver Leaf                          86- E2
Siripohn Thai Massage                43-C3
South Environmental Association      95-D3
South Water Resort                   72-B3
Sunset Pointe Condos                 40-A1
Splash Dive Shop                     49-C4
Sunova Beach Gift Shop               5-E3
The Arches                           85-E2
The Joint Boutique                   9-C3
The North Beach                      73-E3
The Shak Beach Café                  16-C4
The Yellow House                     8-D3
Three Iguanas Villa                  90-E2
Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar                39-E3
Toadal Adventures                    37-D3
Toucan Lulu                          75-F3
Trade Winds                          91-C5
Traveler’s Inn                       83-C3
Trip N Travel                        51-C4
Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor         43-C3
Village Inn                          31-F4
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar      15-C4
Westwind Hotel                       78-D4
Whipray Caye Lodge                   32-E5
White Sand Villa                     82-C3
Yellow Bella                         29-F2
Z-Touch Day Spa                      6-D3

                                              Placencia Tourism Center - Where can you find us online?
      Bank                                         The Official Website of the Placencia BTIA   The online version of the Placencia BTIA’s
                                                                                                           monthly newspaper
     Grocery Store

     Fuel                                                         Just search                                          Follow us:
Placencia Health Center       C3-1
                                                                  Placencia Tourism Center &
Placencia Police              D3-2                                Placencia Lobsterfest
                                                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 17
                                  The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 19

Pictures from the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival
                                                By Muzamanzie Photographs
                                  The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 20

Pictures from the Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival
                                                By Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 21

                                                                             February Crossword Puzzle
                                                                             1         2


                                                                                                                4         5

Dear BTIA Team:                                                                        6

This year 2010 is our 25th Anniversary. On April 26, your BTIA
officially celebrates 25 years of operations and serving you in the
tourism industry. With that in mind, the organization will                        7

undertake several new initiatives. These include:                                                                                 8
•   Establishing a new logo for the organization featuring all
    aspects of our tourism product                                                                         9

•   Revamping our website to be more interactive and informative                                      10
•   Creating a BTIA promotional video - BTIA's History,
    Achievements, Role and Future - Join the BTIA TODAY!
•   Establishing a New Members Kit and Welcome Packet
•   Establishing a new Board Members Orientation Kit
•   The new logo is now ready. Drafts were presented to general
    membership at the 2009 AGM. We are pleased to present to
    you the new BTIA logo approved at our Board meeting on
    January 20, 2010.
We encourage you to look out for the following activities included in   ACROSS
our 25th Anniversary Calendar:                                          3. Placencia _____________ Art Festival
• BTIA BIG Easter Raffle starting in February 2010, to be               4. Caffeinated drink
                                                                        6. Color that is associated with holiday in February
raffled April for Easter holidays
                                                                        7. Holiday for Lovers
• BTIA BIG Summer Raffle starting in May 2010, to be raffled            9. Brunch drink
in early August for Summer holidays                                     11. Goss ___________ is making truffles for the holiday
A full roster of training including
• Change Management
                                                                        1. There are twenty ________________ days in this month
• Fire Safety and Disaster Preparedness
                                                                        2. Second Month of the Year
• Customer Service                                                      5. A social networking site
• Marketing 101                                                         8. Many bars offer this hour
• Accounting and Financial Management for SMEs                          10. Stew _______________ and Rice
                                Welcome to the BTIA Inner Circle.
                                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 22

   Belize Showcased as travelers explore new world of vacation ideas at Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show
Belize City, Monday, January 25th, 2010 –Belize was proudly represented at
                                                                                   Last year, the Minister and the CEO of Tourism, along with members of the
the Toronto Ultimate Travel Show on January 23rd and 24th, giving over
                                                                                   Belize Aviation Development Committee, met with representatives from
20,000 consumers the opportunity to take advantage of planning vacations
                                                                                   west Jet Airlines in Calgary, Canada to discuss the merits of Belize as a
earlier in the year. With the rhythms of Caribbean music in the air, it was easy
                                                                                   destination for West Jet. The objective of the Aviation Committee is to
for visitors to imagine they were at an exotic destination rather than downtown
                                                                                   build relationships with the international airlines to grow Belize’s airlift
Toronto during the show days.
                                                                                   capacity and to attract greater business opportunities.
The two day show provided consumers with the ultimate travel experience
                                                                                   Belize representatives included Robin McCutheon of the Belize Hotel
through deals, savings, and onsite purchasing opportunities, as well as valuable
                                                                                   Association, Joanna Arellano of the Belize Tourism Industry Association
research information. The show has long been known for its entertaining and
                                                                                   and Melecia Banks and Pauline Buller of the Belize Tourism Board.
informative presentation of premier travel destinations, providers, hotels and
resorts, and retailers all under one roof. It is one of the most powerful and
                                                                                   For more information on the developments and events in Belize tourism
effective ways to reach qualified travel consumers in Toronto and from across
                                                                                   industry, please contact the Marketing Department at the Belize Tourism
                                                                                   Board at (501)-227-2420, via e-mail: or visit us at our
This year, the event featured a scuba diving tank with live demos,                 website
entertainment from a Caribbean band, and exciting speakers including
Canadian television host and journalist, Valerie Pringle, and WWE Champion
and yoga guru, Trish Stratus who shared stories about traveling the globe in
search of the most exotic locations and daring physical challenges from her
new original series, Stratusphere on Travel + Escape.

                                                                                                 Siripohn’s Thai Massage
“Attendance at Toronto’s Ultimate Travel Show is an exciting way for
consumers in the Canadian market to ‘wet their appetite’ for Belize,”
comments Acting Tourism Director, Shakira Tsai. “Canada is the fourth
                                                       biggest market                                  Certified Thai Therapist
                                                       for     Belize.
                                                       The      Belize                                          We do house calls!
                                                                                   ♦   Thai Massage
                                                       T o u r i s m               ♦   Essential Oil
                                                       Board,     with
                                                                                   ♦   Swedish
                                                       the     strong
                                                       support of the
                                                                                   ♦   Jet Lag Massage
                                                       private sector
                                                       continues     to            ♦   Back and Shoulder
                                                       b u i l d                   ♦   Foot Massage
                                                       awareness of                ♦   Body Treatment
                                                       Belize     with             ♦   Facial Treatment
                                                       key     tourism             ♦   Hair Treatment
                                                       partners      in
                                                       Canada        to                       Situated at Placencia Village Square right next to the
                                                       grow        the                         BTIA Placencia Tourism Center, we are up stairs.
                                                       demand,” Tsai                                  Phone number 600-0375 or 620-8718
                                                       stated.                               Time: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Air Conditioned Room!!!
                                                                     The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 23

Placencia Tourism Center’s Updated Tour Guide License List As of 7 February, 2010
Alfonzo Zuniga     25 Sept, 10   Elton Eiley         4 Nov, 10     Rafael Villanueva 4 Nov, 10
Alfred Williams    11 Feb, 10    Eric Forman         14 Dec, 10    Randolph S. Faux 12 Feb, 10
Alrin Muschamp     10 Jan, 11    Ernest Garcia       3 Apr, 10     Randolph Villanueva Jr 14 Dec, 10
Anthony Eiley      8 Dec, 10     Evaristo Muschamp 21 Jan, 11      Randolph Villanueva Sr. 13 Nov, 10
Arthur Vernon      23 Apr, 10    Eworth Garbutt      4 Dec, 10     Reina Eiley       21 Mar, 10
Ben Bol            11 Nov, 10    Francisco Linarez 22 Dec, 10      Rene Leslie        22 Dec, 10
Bernard Leslie     22 Dec, 10    Gareth Longsworth 14 Mar, 10      Shawn Young       11 Aug, 10
Bertrand Garbutt 23 Apr, 10      George "Benji" Eiley In Process   Stephen Lopez      11 Feb, 10
Bruce Godfrey      13 Sept, 10   Gilbert Garbutt     8 Dec, 10     Walter Garbutt     23 Apr, 10
Carlton Young Jr 23 Apr, 10      Glen Eiley          13 June, 10   Warren Garbutt     4 Jan, 11
Cirilo Chun        21 Feb, 10    Hubert Neal         30 Dec, 10    Wayne Castellanos In Process
Claudia Chon       11 Mar, 10    Hubert Young        11 Mar, 10    Verna Z Coleman 30 Dec, 10
Clint Villanueva   3 April, 10   Ian Cuevas          11 Feb, 10    Zane Westby-      21 Feb, 10
Clive Garbutt      19 Mar, 10    Ivan Leslie Sr      8 Dec, 10     Zeferino Mes      22 Dec, 10
Condrad Villanueva 14 Dec, 10    Jeremy Garcia       13 Oct, 10
Cyrillo Cal        4 Dec, 10     Jeremy Joe Garbutt 11 Feb, 10     Please note that there may be licensed
Dale Godfrey       13 May, 10    Julian Cabral       11 Feb, 10    guides that may not appear on this list.
Daniel Cabral      7 Feb, 10     Lloydia Westby      8 Dec, 10     Feel free to contact the Placencia
David Vernon       21 Feb, 10    Kenroy Eiley        13 May, 10    Tourism Center for further information.
Dermin Shivers     19 Mar, 10    Kurt Godfrey        3 Apr, 10
Derwin Garbutt     24 Mar, 10    Lance McKenzie 20 Jul, 10
Devin Lozano       3 Apr, 10     Leopold Leslie      14 Dec, 10
Doren Leslie       28 Jan, 11    Leslie Vernon       24 Jan, 11
Dorian Young       23 Apr, 10    Louis Godfrey       11 Feb, 10
Earl Godfrey       In process    Malcolm Young       19 Mar, 10
Ed Carr            11 Mar, 10    Natasha Gibson      In Process
Egbert Cabral      11 Feb, 10    Nick Pollard        8 Dec, 10
Elroy Tucker       10 Jan, 10    Patricia Ramirez    11 Feb, 10
Eloy Cuevas        3 Oct, 10     Prince Gongora      11 Mar, 10
The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 24
                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 25

             Placencia Humane Society                                                    Placencia Humane Society
                                                                                              February Clinic
              A voluntary community organization dedicated to animal
                       care and protection.
5 February 2010
                                                                        When                        Saturday February 20th
                                                                                                      Sunday February 21st
This is to inform everyone that Pamela Keck has chosen to resign
from the Placencia Humane Society. Due to her resignation the                           (They will be no clinic in December due to the
Board had to re-elect the executive positions until the Annual                                               holiday)
General Meeting when elections will then take place. Listed below
are the Board positions and the people filling those positions at       Where             Placencia Community Center
this time:
•    Chair –      Pam Thomas                                            Hours                            9am - 2pm
•    Vice Chair – Pat Rarrick
•    Treasurer – Mary Ann Kaye                                          General                  Afternoons both days
•    Secretary – Shannon Romero
•    Councilors – Kat Harshbarger, Jim Hoban, & Madalon                  Clinic                   No appt necessary
                                                                                           Morning both day ~ by appt only
We would like to take this time to let our membership and pet          Surgery              Call Pat Rarrick @ 610-0522
owners know that if they have an emergency call the vet(s) in          Spays, Neuters
Belize City or Belmopan for advice. If you need further assistance     Tooth cleaning
                                                                                                     And don't forget!
in the emergency you can contact the following Board members.               Etc           No food after midnight before surgery!!!
• From Riversdale to Caribbean Way call Pat Rarrick – 610-
• From Caribbean Way to Seine Bight Call Pam Thomas – 629-
    3599 or 627-4867                                                    House            Clinic weekends by appt only
• From Seine Bight to Placencia call Shannon Romero - 600-
                                                                        Calls            Call Pat Rarrick @ 610-0522
• In Placencia you can also call Mary Anne Kaye – 670-3491
                                                                       Dress Code          Dogs on leashes with collars
For Donations call Pam Thomas 629-3599 or 627-4867 or Pat                                       Cats in carriers
Rarrick 610-0522
For Adoptions call Mary Ann Kaye 670-3491 or Pam Thomas                Donations
629-3599 or 627-4867
                                                                                           Enthusiastically accepted!
To volunteer, schedule a surgery or request a house call,                                Donation boxes Placencia Tourism Center,
call Pat Rarrick 610-0522                                                                Atlantic Bank, Lost Reef Resort, Wallen’s
                                                                                         Market, Tropic Air, & the PHS Clinic each

                                        GOSS CHOCOLATE
                                     ORGANICALLY GROWN        MADE IN BELIZE
                                              AVAILABLE ON THE PENINSULA
    Placencia: Wallen’s Market, Everyday Grocery, Placencia Tourism Office, Sunova Beach Gift
       Shop, Beach Bazaar, Michelo’s Café, Chabil Mar Villas, Turtle Inn, Placencia Grocery,
                         Nang Kee Market, Tutti-frutti Italian Gelato Shop
        Seine Bight: Lola’s Art, Danube Restaurant, Moorings, Western Horizon Grocery &
                          Restaurant, Peninsula Store, RFG Insurance, and
                   Blue Crab Beach ~ ~ Home of Goss Chocolate 523-3544
                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 26

                                                     A Gift of Music
By Patricia Celenza                                                  Brad comments, "Brian is trained in classical music and is very
You may have heard some beautiful music pouring out of Western       talented. He learns things very quickly. His fingers just seem to do
Horizon restaurant in Seine Bight.                                   what is natural. He has a relaxed, fluid technique."

It   is    live                                                      As gifted as Brian is, he needs someone to mentor him, to teach
piano music--                                                        him piano or violin.
very      live                                                       The call is going out for anyone who has a musical background and
indeed,   and                                                        would enjoy teaching Brian.
played by the
very    gifted                                                       Even if you are just visiting Placencia peninsula and would like to
nine year old                                                        return home with some very uniquely personal memories, your
Brian Chow.                                                          time and musical skills would be much appreciated.

I met Brian a                                                        If you are interested in working with Brian, please call him at 601-
few weeks ago                                                        3955, or just follow the beautiful tunes into Western Horizon
when I was                                                           Restaurant in Seine Bight.
biking     with
m              y
daughter and
son-in-law in
Seine Bight. I had been told by a number of people to check out
this "really cool kid who can really play the piano."
We stopped in, and when my son-in-law introduced himself as a
musician, the first words out of Brian's mouth were: "Can you
teach me?"
Brian has been in Belize only one year. He was born in Toronto,
Canada, where he studied both piano and violin.
In addition to attending school at St. John's Anglican School in
Placencia, helping his grandparents in the restaurant, chasing his
pet cat around, and playing Pokey Mon, Brian practices his piano
two hours every single day.
"I got to take New Year's day off, " Brian states.
My son-in-law, Brad, sat down with Brian and listened to him
play. Brad recognized that this young boy had talent and
volunteered to spend two afternoons working with him on the
                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 27

                            BTIA HIGHLIGHTS ADVOCACY FOR TOURISM

January 25, 2010....
                                                                                                In consideration of recent developments for
BTIA in celebrating its 25th Anniversary                                                        the labor laws in relation to the severance
will be centering its focus on a series of                                                      pay legislative amendments, BTIA joins the
issues with the hopes to reinforce its                                                          Belize Chamber of Commerce in its efforts
message of celebrating diversity while                                                          in this specific regard. BTIA as well calls on
advocating for responsible tourism                                                              the Ministry of Labor to conduct a
development. The past year was by all                                                           comprehensive assessment of labor laws in
means a challenging one for Belize's                                                            Belize. Any recommendation for change
economy. Tourism, Belize's major service                                                        should not be implemented in isolation but
industry experienced declines in revenue                                                        with a full review of other areas of the
collection from hotel taxes, decline in airport arrivals for          legislations and for its full impact on the cost of doing business in
international tourists and the operators and BTIA members in          tourism and Belize in general.
the sector reported several business challenges ranging from
longer low season hotel closures, cutting and rearranging             The above are some of the major issues which BTIA will be actively
employee work hours and schedules so as not to lay off workers,       advocating on, conducting assessment and making industry
ownership and management changes for hotels, reduced                  recommendations to the government via the Ministry of Tourism and
vibrancy in tours, reduce spending from tourists across the           the BTB. As the umbrella private sector organization for tourism in
board in areas affecting arts and craft and restaurant services.      Belize, we call on all our national tourism industry private sector
                                                                      agencies for their continued collaboration.     Only in unity and
Having observed the early signs and hearing the call from             partnership can we achieve the public sector attention and establish
membership, early in 2009 BTIA undertook a strategic planning         an enabling environment conducive to continued recovery after a
exercise. This exercise took stock not only of the organization 25    recession and sector growth.
years after but assessed its role in the development of tourism
for Belize. It was clear that while the partnership with tourism      We urge our public sector partners not to view partnership as
public sector is important and needs reinforcement, BTIA had to       censorship or advocacy as being adversarial but a constructive process
remain a strong advocacy voice for the industry and the               that if approached maturely, with level heads and the true
operators. The emerging focus for advocacy was rightfully then        commitment to collaboration can yield maximum benefits for tourism
determined to be:                                                     and Belize.

Increased advocacy on safety and security in general - Crime
has well established negative impact on the quality of life in
general as well as economic processes and operations. Tourism
is no exception. The negative effect of the sensational criminal
activity on daily life and business operations prompts concern
and requires the assistance of all. In conjunction with the
Ministry of Tourism, BTB and the public sector security
agencies, BTIA kicked off a series of safety and security
consultations in the tourism destinations across Belize in
September of 2009 and intends to continue with the activity.
The early successes of the closer collaboration and partnership
with public sector security agencies have fostered improved
dialogue and a direct line of assistance to the security agencies.
The continued high profile criminal activity requires continued
action and vigilance, stemming any possibility for negative
international press and travel advisories.

Increased advocacy on responsible tourism development -
During 2009, BTIA formulated position papers in relation to
tourism development in Southern Belize, objected to the large
scale development in San Pedro and recommended to the
Ministry of Tourism a Cabinet Paper for the expansion of the
Returnable Containers Bill to include a national buy back
campaign for all plastic containers and stringent measures to
reduce the importation and use of Styrofoam containers. While
we will continues in these efforts, this year 2010, BTIA will be
working with our public sector partners and private sector
operators for the proper consultation on the "discussed" cruise
tourism expansion for Placencia and Southern Belize.

In addition and most critical, BTIA is preparing for active
involvement in the consultations for the development of the
Tourism Master Plan for Belize, included under the IADB
Sustainable Tourism Development Project. Our Destination
Chapters are being urged to pre-determine the respective
destination's master plan so that our input is well coordinated
and documented and represents broad industry views.

Increased advocacy as it relates to taxation, fiscal incentives and
labor issues for tourism - BTIA commenced discussions with
public sector tourism agencies in 2008 and 2009 for the
reclassification of hotels under the General Sales Tax. In 2010,
BTIA will advocate for the comprehensive evaluation of the
tourism tax regime and its impact on sectoral development. The
view is that with comprehensive assessment a more equitable
tax regime can be proposed. As well, BTIA will continue its
advocacy for the full utilization of collaboration between BTB
and BELTRAIDE to establish an applicable fiscal incentive
program for tourism.
                                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 28

                                                                                     Bora Bora. Robert’s Caye, privately owned and managed by Robert’s Grove,
                                                                                     is just 10 miles from Placencia (1/2 hour by boat) on a one acre island with
                                                                                     four tastefully appointed cabanas built partially over the water. Each cabana
                                                                                     is outfitted with a king bed, full bathroom with hot and cold running showers,
South of Airstrip                                                                    and a private terrace with hammocks and stairs that descend directly into the
                                                                                     Caribbean. A small restaurant and bar, also built over the water, serves three
Easy Living Apartments - 4 two bedroom apartment units in the heart                  meals daily – or on your private cabana terrace if you’d prefer. An ideal
of the village. Central air, carpeted, fully-equipped kitchen, & veranda. Each       setting for honeymooners and sportsmen alike, this “swept away” island
unit sleeps a max. of four persons - 1 queen sized bed, 2 twins. Internet service    paradise is surrounded by crystal clear water, ideal for swimming (right off
available. Less than 100 yards from the beach and within easy walking                your own terrace), snorkeling and diving. The nearby flats are renowned for
distance of dive shops, tour guides and restaurants. Taxi service available.         fishing as well. The inn is happy to arrange rendezvous diving, fishing and
For more info call: 523-3524 or 626-8662 fax: 227-0849, email:                       snorkeling guides – even a massage therapist -- upon request. Kayaks and website:                                 snorkeling gear are complimentary to island guests. Reservations for dinner
One World Rentals: Seven beautiful, comfortable and immaculate                       or lodging call 523-3565
studios and rental houses around an attractive courtyard . Cable TV, wireless        Whipray Caye Lodge: Whipray Caye is a magical private island in the
internet access, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom,         heart of some of the best fly fishing flats in the world. This caye has room to
fully screened, hammocks. Located in the heart of Placencia (behind the              roam, with two spacious 2-room guest cabanas, private bath in each room,
“Rumfish” restaurant) close to the beach, shopping and restaurants.                  and verandas facing a glorious Belizean sunrise. Hearty family-style meals Contact Swiss owner Claudia Hardegger at                  are served in our thatched roof restaurant and "Sea Urchin Bar". Enjoy the
5233618 or 6209975. Email: MC, VISA                     natural unspoiled beauty of the coral reef surrounding the caye, chock full of
accepted. Rates from 49US$ plus Tax.                                                 beautiful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes, rays, sharks, turtles, crab, and
Ranguana Lodge: 5 Private ocean view cabins located right on the beach               even the occasional manatee, all nurtured by the abundant mangroves on the
in the heart of Placencia Village: We have three private air-conditioned beach       southern half of the caye. Owner and renowned fly fishing guide Julian
cabins each w/ 2 Double beds, fans, large refrigerator, coffee makers, private       Cabral and his wife Beverly will make your stay a memorable one. PHONE:
bath w/ hot/cold shower, private balcony w/ a hammock. We also have two              501-608-8130, CELL: 501-610-1068, EMAIL:,
other cabins with full kitchens, 2 double beds, fans, private bath with hot &        WEB:

cold shower & tub, private balcony with a hammock. Beach Palapas, beach
chairs. Tropic Air agent, Gift shop. Phone/fax at 011-501-523-3112, E-mail: website:
The North Beach offers luxury suites in our sea view villa with full
kitchens, living areas and configurations from one to five bedrooms. Each
                                                                                     Dining Around in Placencia Village
suite has air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable t.v. & phone. Located north end      French Connection - Best Meal in Belize - Conde Nast traveler.
of the sidewalk-walking distance to services. The perfect spot to enjoy              Exquisite modern European cuisine using only the freshest local produce.
Placencia Village. Contact us at phone 523 -3207, e-mail                             Catch the new early bird set menu from 5 - 6.30. Enjoy the ever changing a la or visit                               carte menu we are famous for under our thatch. Or why not swing by for a
Tradewinds: Overlooking the Caribbean Sea & the Mountains of Belize!                 drink and sample our light bites at the new martini bar. M/C and visa
9 Cabanas w/ private bath, hot/cold, 2 double beds, fans, coffee maker (coffee       accepted. Closed Thursdays. Website:, Email:
provided), refrigerator & veranda w/ hammock. Tel: 523-3122; Email:        , We strongly recommend reservations @ 523                                                                   3656. French Connection has a new location, we are now on the main road
North of the Airstrip                                                                opposite Scotia Bank.
                                                                                     Pickled Parrot Pizza Bar & Grill: Restaurant serving seafood,
Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows: 2 secluded bungalows on the beach                   homemade pizza, appetizers, fajitas, burgers & salads. Great blender drinks
in Maya Beach. Full kitchen, queen size bed, sleeper sofa, h/w, and                  & ice cold Belikin beer. Happy Hour Rum drinks from 5-6 p.m. daily. Ten
fans. Complimentary kayaks. 5 night min. Tel/fax: 523-8010; email:                   ‘Dolla’ Lunch Special noon to 2p.m. Tel: 624-2651. Open 12 noon to 9 pm; Website:                                Everyday. Cabanas also available. Visa only.
Blue Crab Beach Resort: Set on 5 acres from sea to lagoon, offers 4
beachfront A/C rooms and two thatch cabanas. Home of Goss Chocolate. Tel:
                                                                                     The “Inn” Spots - North of Placencia Village
523-3544; Fax: 523-3543; Email:                              DANUBE Austrian Restaurant                     EAT - DRINK - RELAX in a
Green Parrot Beach Houses: Maya Beach: 6 mahogany beach houses,                      romantic atmosphere. A/C indoor, lounge area outdoor. Viennese Schnitzel,
loft bedrooms, fold out sofa, kitchenette & bath on main floor. 2 bay leaf           Goulash, Dumplings, famous Apple Strudel and more. CIGARS from Cuba
thatch cabanas w/ garden showers & private beach. Tel/fax: 523-2488; Email:          and Mexico. Dice your FREE Belikin beer between 4.30pm-6pm. Open; Website:                              4:30pm - 10:30pm, closed Tuesdays. Ph: 610-0132,
Miller’s Landing: Seaside Eco-tourist resort, lush natural gardens,                  Green Parrot Restaurant: On the beach at Maya Beach. Our chef
farthest from road noise, bird haven, fresh water pool, secluded beach,              changes the menu daily and features a wide variety of local and international
personalized service. Tel 523-3010, email:,               cuisine. We feature seafood and tropical dishes. For reservations call 523-
Singing Sands Inn: on Maya Beach, 6 private thatched cabanas on the                  2488. Email:
beach, with own bath & patio as well as 2 garden view flats. Roll away beds          Maya Beach Hotel Bistro: A creative, modern menu. Prepared with
available to accommodate families w/children. Bonefish Grill on site                 the freshest local ingredients and infused with flavors from around the world.
Beautiful landscaping w/ swimming pool. Tel:                            520-8022     Open to the public all day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anywhere
Email:                                                         in between. Visa/MC. Indoor and outdoor tables, right on the beach.
The Inn at Robert’s Grove: Placencia’s most complete resort. Deluxe                  Reservations are recommended for dinner (520-8040). Closed Mondays
beachfront rooms w/private bath, ceiling fans, cable TV & A/C. Restaurant,           Miller’s Landing: Specializing in gourmet pizzas & different evening
bar, 3 - 50’ Pools, Jacuzzis, Conference Center, Tennis court, Fitness room,         special, Icy cold drinks, great music, poolside bar. Available for private
Internet room & Gift shop. Land and sea tours. Canoes, kayaks, sailboats,            functions 523-3010. .
windsurfing boards & bikes for our guests use. Tel: 523-3565; Fax: 523-3567;         Singing Sands Inn: Enjoy dining on the beach front in the open air
Email:; Website:                         Bonefish Grill restaurant. The menu features traditional Belizean dishes as
The Placencia Hotel: A lavish Caribbean escape with European flare,                  well as Asian, Italian & French influenced entrees. Closed Tuesdays, 5pm-
The Placencia Hotel is a one of the most spectacular and pristine ocean front        9pm for dinner. Reservations are suggested, but not required. Call 520-8022.
property in Belize. The newest and luxurious resort boasts 90 first class            All major credit cards accepted
accommodations starting from Sea front Villas to Condominium Suites. Finest          The Inn At Robert’s Grove: Offers two dining venues: The
restaurants, with exquisite cuisines, first class service and amenities to indulge   romantic, fine dining Seaside Restaurant, with a world class menu created
every vacationer’s dream. The exclusive private beach and the easy access to         by Frank Da Silva, their talented North American chef. The Seaside serves
the main land will let you discover a world of opportunities from one location.      breakfast, lunch & dinner and offers a bar and wine cellar. We accept credit
Tel: 520-4110 or email:                                       cards. For reservations at both call 523-3565.
At The Cayes                                                                         The Placencia Hotel: Largest pool in Belize, complete with swim up bar
                                                                                     and restaurant area. Main Dining Room in Air Conditioned, beach front
Ranguana Caye: is a privately owned two-acre island, managed by The                  building, with outdoor dining also available. Third restaurant and bar area at
Inn at Robert’s Grove. Located on the reef with three charming wood                  the end of The Great Pier. Four thousand foot pier head accommodates guest
cabanas.    Meals and beverages are available. Ranguana offers prime                 in the lap of luxury. Open every day. Beach Bar 10a.m.-7p.m. Pier Bar 10
diving, snorkeling and fishing. Robert’s Grove PADI Dive Center will rent            a.m.-10p.m. Main Dining 6 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Call 520-4110 for pick up of
tanks and dive & snorkel equipment on the island as well as                          any number over 4 guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
kayaks. Moorings are available. Reservations for dinner or lodging call 523-         Whipray Caye Lodge: see accommodation for info about our
3565.                                                                                restaurant & bar.
Robert’s Caye: If you didn’t know better, you’d think you’d landed in
                                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 29

                                                                                    organically grown Belizean cacao, 100% Belizean cane sugar, dash vanilla
                                                                                    bean. Now sold in fine stores, hotels, & restaurants on the Peninsula.
                                                                                    Wholesale only ph 523-3544, fax 523-3543.
Placencia Peninsula Bars                                                            Food Markets
J-Byrds:Local Bar by the Seaside docks. Open daily from 10am to 12pm.               Wallen’s Market: Serving Placencia with fresh produce, dry goods, &
And live music every Friday’s Tel :523-3412                                         specialty items. Wholesale/retail. Tel: 523-3128; Hardware Tel: 523-3316 or
Singing Sands Inn’s two bars, The Bonefish Grille pool side from 11                 523-3523; Pharmacy Tel. 523-3346. email
AM to 10 PM and Chez Albert’s from 11 AM to 11:30 PM at the end of our              Serving the peninsula for over 25 years!! Located across from the sport field.
200 ft pier under a Thatched roof! Special drink nights to appeal to your taste     Internet Access
buds! Closed on Tuesdays. Tel: 520.8022 or email:             Placencia Office Supply: HIGH SPEED INTERNET. CD Burning,
The Placencia Hotel: Three restaurants and three bars to better serve               USB, Floppy, Card Readers, Laptop - Wireless/LAN accessible, Printing,
you. Margarita Monday with at least 10 different margaritas to tempt your           Faxing, Copies, Passport Photos, Publishing, Laminating, Stationery. Tel/
taste buds!! Poolside open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pier Head bar 10 a.m. to 10      Fax: 523-3205, Email:
p.m. Main Bars 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Drinks menu, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. happy hour           Singing Sands Inn offer wireless internet access, faxing, copies and CD
on local rum mixes at Pier Head Bar, Ice Cold Belikins and a variety of             burning. Tel: 520.8022 or email:
Blended Mixes. Credit cards accepted. Phone 520-4110 for reservation for
pick up of groups 4 or more.                                                        Photography
Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar - Placencia's best night spot located on the                  Muzamanzie Photographs – contact us for wedding photographs,
beach! Offering pool tables, foosball and big screen TV. Karaoke every              portraits, web & brochure photographs. Tel# 523-3563 or 603-5143 email:
Thursday & pay per view sporting events available. Open Sunday &          
Wednesday 7 p.m. - 12 a.m. and Thursday - Saturday, 7 p.m. - 2 a.m. Now
accepting credit cards.
                                                                                    Real Estate
                                                                                    Ocean Motion Real Estate - Specialized in the sale & listing of
Coffee Shops                                                                        properties. Beach Front, Lagoon Front, Commercial & Residential Lots,
Singing Sands Inn in Maya Beach offers espresso , latte, cappuccino all             Resorts, Cayes, & House w/ Lots. Ph: 523-3162 or 523-3363, Cell: 602-2152
                                                                                    or 660-2863.           Email: or
day long. Closed on Tuesdays. Tel: 520.8022 or
Gift Shops & Art Galleries                                                          The Placencia Hotel : Beachfront & Beach view condominiums, Lagoon
                                                                                    and Canal Front lots and homes with private boat docks in our planned, gated
Art ‘N’ Soul Gallery: FINEST Art in town, featuring over 100 local
                                                                                    community, offering full service and amenities. Full on site management and
Artist! Just North of main peir on the Famous Sidewalk. Open 9 am - 6 pm,
                                                                                    rental through The Placencia Hotel for all of our property options. Please call
                                                                                    5204110 or 610-3600 or email to meet with our
Green Parrot Gift Shop: The in-place to shop on the peninsula.                      agents and view our piece of paradise! Website:
Featuring a wide variety of Belizean, Guatemalan, & Central American crafts.
                                                                                    The Villas at Cocoplum will certainly be the premier Condominium
Lola Arts: In Seine Bight Village open from 8am-9pm. Phone 601-1913                 residence in Belize. We offer you an exceptional high-quality home with
Placencia Bazaar Gift Shop - simply the best! Original pottery,                     nonstandard features in a low-density, environmentally friendly setting. The
jewelry, arts and crafts...everything from souvenir spoons to Bazaar Art.           West Indies-inspired architecture will provide a home that is not only open,
Maya Island Air Agent. Located on the main street, next door to Scotia Bank.        comfortable & tropical, but also in tune with the relaxed environment
Summer hours: Open (most!!) every day 9am-1pm and again from 4pm-7pm                Placencia is famous for. Please visit our on-site sales office just south of
and by appointment! Tel 523 4309.                                                   Maya beach where the road is paved. M-F 9-5. Office # 523-3263. Cell 610-
Robert’s Grove Boutique: Local arts and crafts, jewelry and fashion.                0294. Email: www.theVillasatCocoplum.
Tel: 523-3565.                                                                      com.
Singing Sands Inn in Maya Beach offers arts and crafts and souvenirs                Airlines
from local artists. Tel: 520.8022 or email:
                                                                                    Maya Island Air, the safer alternative to air travel in Belize, announces its
Spectarte Gallery at Maya Beach a visit that will excite and delight with           new San Pedro Sula, Honduras route. Questions?? Call 523-4072. Maya
a cornucopia of unique furnishings and works of art. 10 am - 4 pm or by             Island Air...because we do more!!
appointment 523 8019 next to Bayshore Limited Real Estate
                                                                                    Tropic Air: The Airline of Belize. Over 180 daily scheduled flights
Sunova Beach Gift Shop - Located on the sidewalk in Placencia Village               throughout Belize. Charters to remote and exotic places. For reservations call
near the Tipsy Tuna. Offering a wide variety of t-shirts, Belizean souvenirs,       523-3410.
beachwear, jewelry, Tipsy Tuna & Belikin souvenirs and much more! Take
advantage of 10% Tuesdays where you get 10% off most items every                    Rentals - ( Golf Carts, Auto, Bicycles)
Tuesday! Open Monday - Saturday 8:30am - noon, 1-6pm. Tel: 523-4060                 Singing Sands Inn offer reliable bicycle rental service and see through,
TOUR PROVIDERS                                                                      clear bottom kayak in Maya Beach by the hour, half day, full day or weekly.
                                                                                    Competitive rates. Tel: 520.8022 or email:
Ocean Motion Guide Service - Snorkel, Manatee Watch, Fishing,                       Shipping Service
Monkey River, Jaguar Preserve, & Mayan Ruins. Ph: 523-3363 or 523- 3162    Your buying and shipping service form USA to
email:                                                          Big Creek Port or by air contact: or Pole at 606-1501
The Placencia Hotel: tour operators specializing in snorkeling tours,
inland excursions, Monkey River, fishing, Scuba Diving, Island to Island            Spa, Massage & Physical Therapy
Kayaking, Maya Ruins, Cave Tubing or Fly fishing . We do special charters           The Placencia Hotel: Our third floor lookout is the perfect spot to have
as well. We offer all new equipment, local guides and quality service. Call         your massage done!! We offer Swedish and Shiatzu Massage, facials,
520-4110 for booking. Fax: 520-4112, Email:                   manicures & pedicure. Our treatments can be tailor made to suit any request.
Website:                                                       For reservation call 520-4110.
Robert’s Grove Dive Center Member PADI Int’l Resort Assn, offers                    Sea Spa at Robert’s Grove What better place to relax, repair,
daily Scuba diving and snorkeling trips to the reef and cayes with licensed         rejuvenate -- body and soul - than on the white sand beach of the Placencia
insured PADI dive masters and guides on the inn’s new 48 foot Pro Dive              Peninsula. At the heart of this seaside setting is Robert's Grove SEA SPA, the
Boat. The Fishing Center features on-property licensed guides for fishing           inn's full-service spa. The Sea Spa's oceanfront location is ideal for
charters -- bone-fishing, fly fishing and trolling. The Inn also operates           succumbing to the sea's healing power. Treatment rooms are inside thatch
Horseback Riding and Buggy Tours, its own Eco Tours to Monkey River,                roofed beach cabanas. Treatments -- including massages, facials, body wraps,
Jaguar Reserve and Maya Ruins. For Diving, Snorkeling or Fishing at                 manicures and pedicures -- are adapted to your specific needs and
Seahorse Dive Shop: Offers SCUBA Certification, snorkeling, fishing,                administered by professionals. For reservations call 523-3565
river trips & charters. Call Brian Young (office) 523-3166; (home) 523-3356;        Siripohn’s Thai Massage: Therapist from Thailand - Thai Massage,
Email:; Website:                               Essential Oil, Swedish, Jet Lag, Back & Shoulders, Foot Massage, Body
Singing Sands Inn offers right from their dock scuba diving and                     Treatments, & Facial Treatments. Open 10 am to 7 pm. Call 620-8718 or
snorkeling trips to the reef or snorkel right in front of our beautiful reef just   600-0375, email: - Kob Khun Ka
feet away! Kayak expedition is also available. Inland excursions, Monkey
River tour, inshore and offshore fishing, Mayan ruins and much more. Tel:
                                                                                    Wedding Planning
520.8022 or email:                                            The Placencia Hotel: Our 90 rooms can easily accommodate your
                                                                                    weddings quest, family and friends. The Placencia Hotel boasts the largest
SERVICES                                                                            selection of on-site wedding and reception locations. You can choose from
                                                                                    our spacious pool deck, extensive beach, scenic and spacious pier deck or
Chocolatier                                                                         thatched pier restaurants, dramatic and spacious third floor viewing deck or
Goss Chocolate made & sold exclusively in Belize. Made with 100%                    adjacent beachfront chapel, whichever is the perfect choice for you. We also
                                                                                                       The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 30

                                          Placencia Area Line Advertising Cont.
offer our own on site full service Wedding Planner/Special Event Coordinator           RAFFLE * RAFFLE * RAFFLE * RAFFLE
Tara Westby– Hotel Coordinator Please call: 520-4110, Fax: 520-4112 or
email; or Website:
                                                                                           The ROTARY CLUB of Placencia is offering an                                                                         all-exclusive package for two persons to the
Robert's Grove offers complete wedding planning and packages -- both at                               Caribbean jewel of Belize.
the resort and its private Caye. For further information contact 523-3565; or                          TICKETS ARE US$50
visit; Email
                                                                                                          (only 1,000 will be sold).
Singing Sands Inn can easily plan your entire weeding in our exclusive            For more information on this fantastic trip or to buy tickets,
beautiful boutique Inn. Tel: 520.8022 or email:
                                                                                please visit our website Please
CHURCHES                                                                                          tell your friends and families.
St. John’s Memorial - Placencia Anglican (Episcopal)
Church: Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. .
Ministries of the Son of God Church - Seine Bight Village
Sunday morning service 9 am, Sunday evening 6 pm. Saturday morning
children’s bible study 9 am. Reverend Don Palmer. Phone 523-3301 or email
Plantation Chapel (Calvary Chapel of the Placencia Peninsula):
Sunday Service 10:00 a.m. Non-denominational church. Call Pastor Jim
Mensie for more information: 523-3362
Seventh Day Adventists: Services Fridays at sunset; Saturdays 9:00
a.m. Lay ministers. U. Torres - Tel# 503 2270
Seine Bight Catholic Church: Services Sundays 8:00 a.m. Seine Bight
Village. Lay ministers. Catholic (lay) - Mrs Dora. Williams Tel# 523 3527 or
523 3564
Worship Center: Bible Study – Wednesday 7:00 p.m. – until. Services:
Sunday 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Non
Denominational - Pst. Moore - Tel# 523 3333
Placencia Village Council - 523 3396 Placencia Water Board - 523 4036
Seine Bight Village Council - 523 3660 Seine Bight Water Board - 523
Hokey Pokey: Departs Independence/Mango for Placencia MNM Dock
6:30a.m., 7:30a.m., 8a.m., 11:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30p.m, & 4:30p.m. And
returns from Placencia MNM Dock to Independence/Mango Creek 6:45a.m,
10a.m., 12:30pm, 2:30 pm, 4p.m, & 5p.m, 6pm (except on Sundays). For
more information please call 523-2376.
De Express: Departs Placencia Shell Dock- 9:30 a.m. Arrives Big Creek 10

                                                                                               9:30 am Sundays -
a.m. Departs - 11:00 am. Arrives Puerto Cortez, Honduras, 2 pm. at Laguna.
Return trip – Monday: Departs Puerto Cortez, Honduras 10 am. Arrives Big
Creek 12 noon. Departs - 1:30 p.m. Arrives Placencia 2 pm. Tel: 523-4045.
Tickets available at the Placencia Tourism Center.
                                                                                                 Open Meeting
     Thank you for choosing Placencia!
Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that DAISY
LESLIE is applying for a Publican Special License
for a the year 2010, to be operated at J DEE’S
RESTAURANT & BAR Placencia, Stann Creek
District, under the Intoxication Liquor Licensing
Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                                                      The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 31

    Ritchie’s Bus Line As of August 2009                                        Radiance Ritchie’s Shuttle Schedule
                                                                                       Placencia to The Plantation Area
Placencia to Dangriga                Dangriga to Placencia
Mon to Sat -                         Mon to Sat -
                                                                                        5:50 AM, 11:15 AM & 4:30 PM
6:30 am, 7 am, & 1:00 pm             11 am, 2 pm & 4:40 pm
Sun                                  Sun
7 am & 1 pm                          2 pm & 4:40 pm                                       Plantation Area to Placencia
                                                                                         7:00 AM, 11:50AM & 5:20PM

National Transport Schedule
                  As of November 2008                                               IN CASE OF FIRE
Leaving Belize City to Benque Veijo
             - every half an hour to the hour from 5:00am to 12:00 pm           VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT
Leaving Benque Viejo to Belize City
            - every half an hour to the hour from 1:00pm to 6:00 pm
                                                                                EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS
Leaving Belize City to Chetumal
6:00am (premier)                      Leaving Chetumal to Belize
                                                                            •   POLICE PLACENCIA: 503-3142
6:45am (express)
                                     City 10:45am (premier)
                                     1:45pm (premier)
                                                                            •   SEINE BIGHT POLICE: 503-3148
9:00am (premier)
                                     3:00pm (express)
                                                                            •   KATHY ANGLIN: 626-0667
11:00am (premier)
                                     4:45pm (premier)
                                                                            •   DAVE VERNON: 523-3207
P.S. Premier are the AC ex-
                                                                            •   STEVE WADE: 503-3069
press buses and express are regular express buses.                          •   SONNY VERNON: 523-4309
 NTSL does not have any south runs do to the zoning changes! Any further
questions kindly contact NTSL at email:                      For Placencia Village &
                                                                                                 Seine Bight Only
 Earth Hour 2010: 27 March, 2010, 8.30pm

                   At 8.30pm on Saturday 27 March, millions of
                                                                                 Placencia Police Officers
                   people across all continents will switch off their                Sgt #114 Norman Benuche - 624-9965
                   lights for one hour – Earth Hour – to show the                      Sgt #1 Enrique Aldana - 623-9252
                   world what can be done to resolve the dilemma of                  PC #666 Brenford Middleton - 660-2873
                   global warming.                                                      PC #281 Shawn Moore - 620-7159
                                                                                      PC #156 Sydney Augustine - 626-5096
                  By participating in this year’s Earth Hour,
                  Belizeans can join citizens from all over the world                   PC #730 Macario Choc - 627-6167
in more than 70 countries that have already signed up to the ‘lights                    PC #785 Elton Palacio - 669-5482
out’ event. Earth Hour continues to gather momentum as the                               PC #357 Curtis Card - 669-9504
people of the world take it upon themselves to show that a                               PC #752 Andy Choco - 624-7533
resolution to the threat of global warming is possible through                       PC #1109 Godwin Augustine - 665-2972
collective action. New countries, cities, towns and municipalities
are signing up daily to take action by turning their lights out on 27                WPC #1218 Shereen Vasquez - 660-2667
March, 2010.                                                                            PC #404 Eyon Valerio - 602-7474
                                                                                     PC #1189 Daren Ogaldez - 666-1509
Earth Hour Co-Founder and Executive Director, Andy Ridley, said                         SC Claude Augustine - 624-5345
it is clear from the huge interest and commitment to Earth Hour                           SC Jose Sanchez - 667-4388
from all over the world that the planet’s population is determined
to lead the way for a climate resolution. “Earth Hour 2010 is proof                       WSC Alva Leslie - 626-0807
of the global community’s desire to adopt low-carbon lifestyle habits
and show some leadership to our world leaders in addressing the
issue of global warming,” he said.

“Never has there been a more important time or better opportunity
for the people of the world to stand up and take the matter of             Belize Emergency Response Team 223-3292
climate change into their own hands. Earth Hour brings together
communities, businesses and individuals to show world leaders              Placencia Medical Center: 523-3326 Located Behind the school,
and, more importantly, show each other, that a resolution to global        Placencia Village. Opening hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 12:00
                                                                           noon - 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. after these hours Dr. Alexis Caballero will see
warming is possible if we work on it together. It’s time to show the
                                                                           only extreme Emergencies such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Asthma Attack,
world what can be done,” he said.
                                                                           Accident, and Severe Allergy Reaction. Note: Weekdays after 5:00 pm and
                                                                           weekends Dr. Alexis work by appointments only. (Private). Dr. Alexis
Since its inception in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has           Caballero- Monday/Friday– 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m
grown from a one-city event to a sweeping global action, with
hundreds of millions of people in over 4,100 cities and towns across       Seine Bight Medical Center: 523-3328
88 countries participating in Earth Hour 2009 in what was the              Independence Medical Center: 523-2167
greatest voluntary action the world has ever known. Some of the            POLICE:
world’s most iconic landmarks also went dark.
                                                                                   Placencia Police Station: 503-3142
So the stage is set for Earth Hour 2010: the greatest show on Earth                Seine Bight Police Station: 503-3148
for action on climate change.
greater than 1,000 cities.
                                                                                   Independence Police Station: 523-2022
                                                                           FIRE EMERGENCIES - 523-3207 or 523-4309
                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze – February 2010- Page 32

                         WHY?                                          SMALL BUSINESSES: ADVERTISE HERE IN THE
  •Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Associa-
  tion (BTIA) is initiating a new Buy Local initiative. It rein-                                                 HOUSE FOR RENT
  forces the message that we are a strong community with all                                               Brand new 2 BR, fully furnished
  of the goods and services members and guests alike might                                                Located on the lagoon, near football
  need to access.                                                                                          field. Fully fenced Yard, pets ok
                                                                                                               US$600/mo, incl. utilities
  •It supports our local economy and communicates that the                                                 Email for info.
  Placencia BTIA members and the community we live in are
  very glad they can provide their products and services to an
  appreciative audience.                                                                                     House for Rent - Long Term.
      • It makes our villages self-sustaining and gives us all a                                           2 bedroom, 2 storey house for rent
  sense of pride in that we can supply top quality product cre-                                             next to Purple Space Monkey w/
  ated or grown in or near our home base.                                                                 large garden. $850 BZ per month +
      • The goal of the program is to highlight local companies,                                             All utilities & 2 months deposit
                                                                                                                  Call Ewa 628 -7725 or
      who combine great service with competitive pricing.
      Supporting local business is critically important to Placen-
  cia and our surrounding areas.
      • Locally-based businesses not only create much greater
                                                                           Advertise Your                         Advertise Your
      economic impact than non-local businesses but also con-
  tribute more per employee to local charitable efforts in both              Business                               Business
  dollars and time commitment, and contribute much more to                     HERE                                   HERE
  our unique sense of place

                    HOW?                                                                                        Advertise Your
     • Look for the “BUY NEARBY PLACENCIA” sign to                         Advertise Your
     spot who is a participating in this initiative and chose                                                     Business
     to give them your valued business!                                                                             HERE
     • Advertise in the Placencia Breeze special section with
     a 2” x 1” ad for just $15 monthly. We will help you format
     your small space ad to make it as effective as possible.

                                               THANK YOU!
   The Placencia Village Council on behalf of our villagers would like to extend a Special thank you to
     Belize Electricity Limited for repairing our village’s street lights along the sidewalk and along the
  Village’s main road. It was a task which needed urgent attention and we thank you greatly for rendering
                                           your time and assistance.
 We would also like to say a special thank you to The Belize Sports Club for donating two (2) Field lights
   for our basketball court. We really appreciate your donation and we extend our heartfelt gratitude..

                                         Placencia Breeze
                                                  Advertising Rates
Ad Size        Non Member               BTIA Member                  Non Member             BTIA Member
               Monthly                  Monthly                      Quarterly              Quarterly
Full Page      $395.00                  $297.00                      $1125.75               $810.00
1/2 Page       $238.00                  $178.00                      $678.50                $486.00
1/4 Page       $119.00                  $89.00                       $339.00                $243.00
1/8 Page       $79.00                   $60.00                       $225.50                $164.00
Line Ads                                                               $18.50                $15.75
               **** Special rates available for annual advertising, front & back page advertising & centerfold advertising.
                                     Inquire at the Placencia Tourism Center for more information.

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