Minutes of the Waverly Park_ Recreation_ and Tree Advisory by wuzhengqin


									    Minutes of the Waverly Park, Recreation, and Tree Advisory
                    Date: September 8, 2008
                Waverly Community Meeting Hall
  Committee Members: Pat Ballou, Nathan Grube, Justin Evertson,
                  John Toy, Jake Whitefoot

Members Present: Pat Ballou, Nathan Grube, John Toy, Jake Whitefoot
              Justin Evertson was absent.
Also Present: TJ Petersen, Parks and Recreation Director
              Chad Neuhalfen, City Council Representative
              Doug Rix, City of Waverly

Public Hearings: None

                        ACTION BY THE COMMITTEE
New Business: Minutes for August 11th, 2008 meeting that were e-mailed
      were approved.
   a) Lawson Park Update: Co-op applied roundup on the grounds. Hoich, of Omaha,
      will be the seeding. The sewer should be finished in 1-2 weeks depending on the
      weather. A meeting is planned between the School Board and City Council to
      discuss joint venture on the ball fields and concession stand.
   b) Wayne Park Security (gate, cameras, locked?) The committee is looking for
      someone to lock and unlock the gates. The gates can be locked without someone
      checking for persons in the park. If they are locked in they will be in violation. It
      was suggested to review the times of the park and then post a notice of the new
      times, and maybe even distribute a news letter to the school on the times also. We
      also are going to check and see what the Lincoln Parks have for times. It was also
      suggested that if the perpetrators that are causing the mischief in the park are
      caught, maybe they may be able to work off their time by doing odd jobs in the
      park. We also discussed putting up some fake camera’s and some signage to see
      if this will make a difference in the park.
   c) Wayne Park lighting Update: Phase 1 and 2 will be completed by October 1st,
      2008. Phase 3 and 4 have been paid for and will be completed in the next few
      months. Phase 5 and 6 are not currently budgeted. These are the phases that will
      complete the lighting along the path from the south picnic shelter and south to the
      tree line, to include one pole and light at the mid point between the path and
      picnic shelter.
   d) New Fall leagues: TJ reported that last weekend went very good. He is going to
      try and set up youth and adult volleyball and basketball starting in early
      November. TJ will see about coordinating this with the Y. This will be for 4th, 5th
      and 6th grade youths. There also will be soccer camps on Sunday.

Other Business:
   a) The pool front and camera system will be tentative for next year’s budget. The
      trees in front of the pool should be taken out this fall. We should get some bids

     on cementing or tiling the area in front of the pool. Also, checking on the
     painting of the pool house.
  b) Justin e-mailed the committee about a serious bagworm problem on the spruce
     and cedar trees in Wayne Park. We could lose several of the spruce in the next
     few years if we don’t do something. He suggested a “Bag Worm Party” in the
     park some weekend and seek volunteers to come and help pick the bags off. We
     could have prizes for the most bags picked. Maybe have a BBQ going and some
     drinks and try to have fun. We could then burn all the bags in a barrel fire.
     During the walk thru we did view a lot of the bag worms.
  c) Doug Rix distributed next years budget to the committee members.

  Wayne Park Walk Through
      a) The VFW shelter is damaged and park of it is down. We need to check into if
         the fence actually belongs to the park and see about fixing it. Also, the floor
         in the shelter needs to be power washed and the ceiling painted.
      b) The back stop fence on the Legion Field needs to be repaired.
      c) Get some native grasses and cattails put in the swampy area by the Eastbourne
         entrance. Also, see about removing the two weeping willow trees.
      d) Repairs of the benches in the structure by the Hockey Rink, planting some
         climbing vines, and putting some rock down.
      e) Field 3 the fence needs some repairs by the left dugout. Also, check into the
         possibilty of fencing in the backfield.
      f) The poles on the south shelter seem to be leaning. These need to be checked
      g) The tennis fence on the northwest side needs to be grounded.

     .The next meeting will be held on November 11th, 2008 at 5:00pm at the Waverly
      Community Hall.
     Any corrects or additions to the minutes may be sent to Pat Ballou.

                                           Respectfully Yours,

                                           Pat Ballou

                                           cc: Doug Rix


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