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									                                                                               going places

Warming Up
     Look at the travelers in the pictures. Are they doing anything wrong? Write your answers below.
1. The man is driving too fast. He should drive at the speed of 30 km an hour, but he is driving at 60 km per hour.

2. The woman is littering waste things. She shouldn't throw rubbish where there is a sign, saying “No Littering!”

3. The man is smoking in the park. It may cause a big fire! The man is in the park. He shouldn't be smoking in the place where there is a sign, saying “No Smoking!”

4. The car is stopping at the wrong place. There is a sign, saying “No Parking!”

    What do you have to consider before you decide you decide which means of transportation you will use?
     •       time    money       whether we will feel comfortable   safety

    How would you like to go to the places, by boat, by train, by air or by bus?
         Situation1: by air/plane

    It’s a long way from shanghai to London. It is the better and faster way to get there by air than by ship.

          Situation2: by bus

    Chongqing is not far from Chengdu. It takes us only several hours to get there by bus. it is faster by bus than by train.

          Situation3: by train

    Beijing is far from Guangzhou. We can get there By train or by plane. It’s faster by plane, but it’s much more expensive. I think it’s better to get there by train.On the

train we can be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful scenes on the way there.

         Situation4: by boat/ship

    It is shorter by ship than by bus or train. At the same time, we can enjoy the beautiful scene on the sea.

Imagine that you have a machine that lets you travel in time. With this time machine you could travel to the past or the future. You could visit any year you
wish. Where would you go and why?
Then ask three classmates about the year and the place they want to travel to. Write the information in the form below. Choose one to make a dialogue with
your partner
    It’s a time machine. With it you could travel to the pastor to the future. You could also visit any year and anyplace you wish.

          *Where would you prefer going? In which years would you like to go there? Why? Name
1. T: Hi, Jim, which year would you like to go to?

  J: I’d like to go to the year 3000.

  T: Where would you like to go?

  J: I’d like to go to Africa.

  T: Why?

  J: Because I want to see how       they live at that time.

2. T: How about you , Mary? Where and when would you like to go?

   M: I’d like to go to the year 1840 in China?

   T: Why?

   M: If I went there, I could prevent the foreigners from attacking China.

3. A: Which year would you like to go?

  B: I’d like the year 3000 BC.

  A: Where would you like to go?

  B: I’d like to go to Egypt?

  A: Why?

  B: I want to be one of the designers of Pyramid and discover the secrets in it.

4. A: Hi, Andy. How are you these days?

  B: Oh, the year 2087, I think.

  A: 2087! Wow! Where would you go?

  B: I’d go to China.

  A: Why would you go to China in the year 2087?

  B: Because I want to see what China will be like in the future.
   Adventure travel
1. Why do people travel?
 Because they want to see beautiful or famous places,

 to meet new friends, to experience

 life in other parts

 to get away from cold

 even to experience an adventure

2.Why is adventure travel becoming more and more popular?
  Many travelers are looking for an unusual experience

3.How many kinds of adventure travel are mentioned in the passage?

   Two. They are hiking and rafting.

1.What are some safety tips when you go hiking?
      •     Don’t hike alone.

      •     Tell someone where you are going.

      •     Bring water and a good map.

      •     Watch out for dangers, such as spiders, snakes or poisonous plants.

      •     Wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

      •     Bring a cell phone if you have one

2. What is the basic equipment you need for hiking?
   Good shoes,         clothes, backpack, map ,water, sunscreen,        cell phone, hat

3. Where can you go hiking?
   You can kike in the mountains. You can kike along a river. You can hike in a forest. You can hike in the city.

4. What is hiking?
Hiking is going for a long walk in the mountain, in the forest, in the country ,in the city or along the river.

1. What is rafting?
Rafting is using a small boat to paddle down rivers and streams. It’s a good way to experience nature.

2. What is whitewater rafting?
It’s more adventurous and difficult than normal rafting .It is done on rivers and stream where the water move quickly.

3. What is the basic equipment you need for rafting?
   A raft, paddles , good clothes, life jacket , boat,

4. What possible dangers will you meet while rafting?
  Hitting rocks and fallen trees, falling into water even losing one’s life.

5. What skills do you have to learn before you want to go rafting?
   Basic safety rules and skills, How to haddle the raft, How to paddle, How to get in and out of raft, How to swim.

Normal rafting A quiet stream or river that is wide and has a few fallen trees or rocks           normal, exciting, adventurous

 Whitewater rafting           rivers and streams where the water moves quickly,       more exciting, more adventurous and difficult

1. Similarities
1. Both are examples of adventure travel .2.Both take place outdoors. 3. Both are fun and exciting. 4. Both make people get close to nature. 5. Both have safety tips

2. Differences

Language study
   Word study
   Destination         a place you are going to         transportation       a means or way of carrying passengers or goods from one place to another   vacation        any period of
holiday        get away from         to be away from a place       consider             to think about something      equipment    the thing needed for a particular activity   watch
out       to take care      basic       being the main or important part of        poisonous         having the effect of poison

  Times change and so does the way we live. Think how things were done in the past, how they are done today, and how they will be done in the future.
  1. People could read few books at home in the past. Today many people read all kinds of books in the library or in the bookstore. In the future people will read by computer.

  2.      In the past people used to write with writing brushes. Today people write with pens or ball pens. In the future people will write by computer.

  3.      In the past people used to go shopping with metal coins. Today we go shopping with paper money. In the future we will do some shopping only with a credit card or

through the internet

  4.      In the past people had to work by hand or man power. Today people do most work by machine. In the future we’ll work at home by computer.

  5.      In the past, people used to travel by horse. Today, many people travel by car or by plane. In the future, people will perhaps travel by spaceship.

Integrating skills
   Reading and talking
1. What is an eco-travel?
Eco-travel is a form of travel that combines normal tourism and learning.

2. What’s the difference between normal travel and eco-travel?
Normal travel is simply for pleasure and is often bad for the environment while eco-travel is a way of traveling responsibly to protect the environment and of finding out what

can be done to help animals and plants as well as people.

       Work in groups of four. Imagine that the four of you are going on an eco-trip. Prepare role cards for the discussion and decide where you are going.
Each group member has to prepare reasons for visiting one of the places above.
       I think we should go to the Red River Village, because we can swim in the river; go boating on it; look at the bridge; go for walks along it; plant trees near it and we can

learn about water and the fish in the river; the birds by it; how to keep the water clean. If we visit the Red River Village we can help the villagers make money so that they can

take care of the river and the birds.

       I think we should go to the Snow Mountain, because we can go hiking in the mountain; go skiing in the winter; look at birds and other animals; plant trees on the

mountain and we can learn about nature; the birds and other animals;             the old trees in the mountain.

        If we visit the Snow Mountain we can help the people there to keep the mountain clean and to take good care of the birds and other animals.

  What should you do before writing?
  Before you start writing, you need to think what you are going to write. List good ideas and make notes. Think what the readers already know and what they need to know. Consider

what you are going to tell them and what you need to explain or give examples of.

  Look at the schedule for Sue’s trip. Imagine that you are Sue. Write two letters in which you describe what you are doing, what you will do and what you
have done. The first letter should be written on Friday and the second letter should be written on Sunday.

  Dear Mum and dad,

              We have just arrived at the hotel. We are unpacking our bags and we will go to the park this morning. We are going to have a picnic in it. eating sandwiches. In the

afternoon we’ll go to the hotel to watch a movie.

            Tomorrow morning, we’ll go swimming first, and then go to play volleyball. After having lunch at the hotel, we’ll go for a walk. And in the after- noon we’ll sing songs


            Don’t worry about me. I can look after myself well. I’ll write to you later when I have time.

  Best wishes!



  Dear Mum and Dad,

             We are playing on the beach. Yesterday we went swimming and played volleyball in the morning. After having lunch at the hotel, we went for a walk and in the

afternoon we sang songs. At 2 o’clock this afternoon, we’ll go hiking to the hotel to pack my things and then go to the train station by bus to go back home.

             I’ll see you soon.



  .How would you like to get to the destination?(that’s to say, which means of transportation you will choose? )

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