Goal Setting

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					Goal Setting & Vision Boards

Goal Setting….
    Why bother?
           o Goal setting is a powerful process for personal planning
           o Helps you to get more done in less time
           o Builds confidence
           o Helps to align you feelings, thoughts and actions in a powerful and
             positive way
    Who does it?
           o Professional business people
           o Top-notch athletes
           o Young children!
           o Pretty much everybody!
    Methods for goal setting
           o SMART goals
                  Specific; Measurable; Attainable ; Relevant ; Time-bound
                          For example, instead of having “to write a best selling
                             book” as a goal, it is more powerful to say “To have my
                             book completed by December 31, 2010.”
           o Tony Robbins method….a process to identify, clarify and integrate
             positive and powerful life goals for the near/mid and long term.
    Tips for keeping goals
           o Make the right goals…ones that are in line with your core values
           o Get your friends involved!
           o Seek out mentors and role models
           o Look at them EVERY DAY….INSPIRE YOURSELF every day

YOUR CHALLENGE: Before the next meetup: find a friend to work with. Set aside
2 hours. Make sure you are both in positive moods! Complete Tony’s “Power of
Momentum” worksheets!!!!

Vision Boards
    “Look…..if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever
       wanted…one moment….would you capture it or just let it slip?”
          o Capture the mission statement for your life
          o Capture the core values that really drive you
          o Take the power away from values that dis-empower you
          o Visualize and clarify your near-term goals
    Type of vision boards: structured, descriptive or highly visual (collage)

NEXT MEETUP: We will build our own vision boards!
   Make sure to bring your completed “Power of Momentum” worksheets
   Bring any magazines that represent values or goals that you have in your life
   Bring a pair of scissors, glue-stick and/or tape
   I will bring Poster Board and some other supplies.

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