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					                                                   Principal’s Corner
Dear Parents,

          It is hard to believe that this is the last newsletter of the year. I can assure you we won’t be finished until the last
day (June 3) at the last minute (12:45 pm dismissal time). It has been a very productive year, but we always feel the need
for just a little more time. As May gears up and winds down, we have several important topics that need to be discussed
before we adjourn for the current school year.

Core Testing
        The testing month is upon us. All second through fifth grade students will take part in Utah State Criterion
Reference Testing in language arts and math. Science testing will also be conducted in fourth and fifth grade. Second
graders take all test portions using paper and pencil. All other grades use on-line testing. Please help us by talking with
your child about the tests and encouraging them to do their best work. Students who are actually here, well rested and fed
also help us conduct our testing in the best possible conditions. We do not finish Core testing until May 28 . If, for some
unfortunate reason, your child misses a section of the test, we will do our utmost to have them complete make-up
sessions before the 28 . Test results should be available at the beginning of the 10-11 school year. Thank you for your
help with these important tests.

Capital Improvements
        This summer, Parley’s Park has been awarded substantial building improvements from the school district. All
classrooms in the old wing will have complete updates. Rooms 1-17 will have new carpets, removal of carpet walls for
tackable wallboard, new paint, new ceiling tiles, new floor tiles, new cubby areas and a refacing of the old cabinetry. Fifth
graders will have lockers in the back hall creating a bigger classroom area for the larger desks and computers. Teachers
in these classrooms will be packing everything up and storing it in the cafeteria for the summer. We are excited to see the
grey carpet in the classrooms go and expect the makeover to create quite a stir as you return to class in August.

          As I have written before, we are required by the state of Utah to conduct several drills throughout the year. We
are provided the protocols from the district and review them for each drill. We have a core school team who supports us in
each drill. On April 20 , we had our annual earthquake drill. Summit Co. sheriff officers and our district safety director
were on hand to oversee the drill. On Friday, May 14 we will have a reunification drill and will need your help. This
drill is conducted to help us test the process of getting many students back to parents/guardians in the event of a disaster
so that all students are safely accounted for and reunited with family in a timely fashion. The drill will be conducted from
11:30 to 12:30 pm. I will send out more detailed information in a separate letter to outline this drill and your part in it.

Student Placement 10-11
        Superintendent Timothy has requested that class lists for the 2010-2011 school year not be released until August
2 2010 in order to make certain that school membership is confirmed. If you know that you will not be returning to
Parley’s Park next year, please call the office or notify your child’s teacher so that we do not place your child on an
upcoming class list. Parents will be notified of the child’s class placement in two ways. All class lists will be posted on the
school windows on August 2 . All efforts will also be made to send parents an email to notify you of the lists as well.

Thank You
        We have been blessed this year with a wonderful group of volunteers who have run a great PTA. Shawna
Doughman has done an awesome job as president, Laura Starley has been a great advocate to the school as co-
president, Krista Clayton has managed our funds for the best return as treasurer, and Wendy Mendelsohn, as secretary,
has minutes next to none. Thank you so much for all of your efforts on behalf of the students and teachers here at PPES.

Below please find a special way to contribute to Parley’s Park and nominate yourself or a friend to serve on the school
community council. Thank you for a wonderful year. It has been a pleasure to work with such great kids and wonderful,
caring parents.

Sincerely, Michele Wallace, Principal
Parley’s Park School Community Council (SCC) is a staff and parent-based committee that does many important
behind-the-scenes projects for our school. We handle the annual evaluation of test results, make adjustments in school
improvement plans, make decisions regarding Land Trust funds, create the staff development plan, and oversee many
other areas that look at long range plans for the school. SCC meets monthly from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm.
Every year we are required by law to elect two new parent members to our School Community Council. Each parent
elected serves for two years. If you are interested in submitting your name for elections in August/September, please fill
out this section and return to school by May 15th.

Election ballots will be included with back-to-school registration packets in August 2010.

SCC nomination form. Please return to office by May 15th.

Name (Please print) _________________________________ Phone number______________________________

                                                 From the PTA…

Spelling Bee

What a great turnout for this year’s Spelling Bee “Qualifier” on April 21 . Congratulations to all the kids who participated!
Hot off the presses, we have the list of invitees to the Park Record Spelling Bee at the Egyptian Theater on May 20 .
Parley’s has 13 kids moving on. Look for your “official” invitation from the Park Record coming in the mail soon, as well as
the published list of words around May 10 . Best of luck to all our Parley’s representatives!

 nd    rd
2 /3 Grade Finalists

Gracie Averett                   South Summit
Camille Breiholz                 Jeremy Ranch
Darian Carter                    Trailside
Arian Chandra                    Parley’s Park
Brynli Fawcett                   North Summit
Stephanie Hupe                   Jeremy Ranch
Gabi Hutchings                   Trailside
Samantha Macuga                  Parley’s Park
Trinity Nirenberg                North Summit
Alex Obradovich                  Trailside
Anna Peters Miller               Parley’s Park
Samantha Peterson                McPolin
Griffin Riggs                    Parley’s Park
Craig Ritzman                    North Summit
Katie Rusconi                    Parley’s Park
Emma Strong-Conklin              Parley’s Park
Nicolai Wacht                    Trailside
Alicia Whitty                    Parley’s Park
Nino Williams                    Jeremy Ranch

 th   th
4 /5        Grade Finalists

Emily Billow                     Parley’s Park
Alexia Daugaard                  South Summit
Avery Dunmire                    Parley’s Park
Diana Felipe                     South Summit
Lulu Feltovich                   McPolin
Sarah Fosburg                    Trailside
Matt Gustafson                   Parley’s Park
Mikayla Hall                     JR Smith (Heber)
Molly Hanrahan                   Trailside
Tyrell Horocks                   South Summit
Danielle Jensen                  Trailside
Rob Kaylor                       Parley’s Park
Pauline Kneller                  Jeremy Ranch
Matthew O’Brien                  Jeremy Ranch
Sydney Oraskovich                Jeremy Ranch
David Reko                       Parley’s Park
Caleb Rutkowski                  Jeremy Ranch
Trinity Smithers                 Parley’s Park
Tanner Stratton                  Trailside
Madison Wacht                    Trailside

Talent Show

Many thanks to Pam Dion and Cathy Schaede for jumping into the Parley’s Park Talent Show and making this highlight
                                           nd                                                            th
possible! Mark your calendars for June 2 , 1:30 pm. Registration forms were due Wednesday, May 5 . This year’s
show will be offered to 2nd through 5th graders only. A sign-up board is in the school lobby for parents to sign their child
up (alone or with their group) to rehearse their performance on either May 12th, 13th or 14 , before or after school.
Parents are required to sign their children up for a rehearsal time to make sure that kids are prepared, allowing us to have
a successful show. Please contact either Pam Dion ( ) or Cathy Schaede (
) if you have any questions.

Travel Clean Car Wash…Spring Edition !

I don’t know about you all, but my car is in desperate need of its owner stocking up once again on car wash cards--helping
out the school at the same time is a wonderful bonus! With our “spring” snowstorms, rain and wind, I think this is coming
around just in time. Look for the envelope to come home in your child’s backpack, and see just how many cards we can
               nd      rd
sell! All the 2 and 3 grade classrooms are now equipped with the wonderful, interactive Promethean Boards which
allow for the next level in education to be presented to our children, and we would love for this round of car washes to
outfit our 4 grade classrooms. Thank you again to Sarah Marsh, and thank you also to next year’s Fundraising Chair,
Shelly Barratt. Most especially, thank you to Mike and Paula Higman of Travel Clean Car Wash! If you have any
questions, please contact Sarah Marsh at

THANK YOU        THANK YOU         THANK YOU         THANK YOU         THANK YOU          THANK YOU

- Thank you to Stacey Reko for putting together a wonderful Science Enrichment for a record 60 kids. Many fun
experiments were performed and surely some new budding scientists were inspired!
- Thank you to Elizabeth Madsen and Kathy Silianoff for putting together this whole week of appreciation, food and fun for
our incredible teachers!
- Thank you to Amy Renola and Larali Miller, as well as a host of classroom volunteers, for a truly amazing Books and
Beyond program! The children of Parley’s Park were transformed into reading buffs with the hope of a trip in a limo with
Ms. Wallace, the “silly-stringed” Mr. Brown, and Olympians Shannon Bahrke and Nikki Stone. Thank you to All Resort
Limousine for the price break on our limo fun and to Jupiter Bowl for donating the lunch and bowling. The closing
assembly was so fun, to see a room full of kids bedecked in “reading gold medals.” Thank you finally to all the parents
who kept track of all those reading minutes, keeping kids motivated and on track.
- Thank you to Desiree Lindemann who has been working to pull off another wonderful Sports Enrichment—started this
- Thank you to Alison Russell who has quietly transformed our lobby all year with great bulletin boards.
- Thank you to Brenda Krebs who organized parent volunteers to help the teachers through three rounds of DIBELS
- Thank you to Michelle Fogarty who will be organizing yet another Fantastic Field Day on May 28 —how many is this
- Thank you to Stacy Riley, chair of Masterpieces in Art and the wonderful grade chairs, Sarah Elbert, Cara Jones,
Felicity Gardner, Barb Zimmerman and Tess Whitty, as well as the numerous parent volunteers throughout the year who
provided our children art education throughout the entire year.
- A HUGE THANK YOU to the GREEN TEAM members - Cindi Robinson, Stacey Reko, Todd Keizer, Karin Carestia,
Alina Coleman and Julie Jeffrey. And to the Chairs of the Green Team Angie Schmae and Katherine Martz! Thank you
for all your hard work helping Parley's recycle this year. We couldn't have done it without you!
- Thank you to Bev Porter for pulling off this great resource of PPES knowledge…our newsletter! This last edition is
packed with information because Bev thinks of everything!
- Thank you to Laura Falter for keeping us connected with the PCEF—what a great organization benefitting all our
- Thank you to Monica Gustafson who coordinated all redemptions and brought in thousands of dollars for PPES.
- Thank you to Kirsten Nilsson who remained unruffled in her “Mickey” gloves through all the rain, sleet, snow and
sunshine of our Safety Patrol.
- Thank you to Liz Yokubison and Linda Jager who ramped up Student Council once again, providing many opportunities
for leadership for a record number of 5 grade participants.
- Thank you to Renee Weidman, Laura Starley and Tara Stocker for what is sure to be a keepsake of a yearbook, coming
- Thank you to our incredible teachers and staff for another terrific year! We appreciate your dedication to our children
and all the hours above and beyond the call of duty that you put in on their behalf. Your influence on our children will be
felt and appreciated for the rest of their lives.
- Thank you to Ms. Wallace for the exhaustive amount of time spent to raise the bar of education by our teachers, staff
and students. Ms. Wallace went to bat for resources for our school all year long, and has worked with the School
Community Council, the PTA, and the District to bring the latest and greatest technology, teaching tools, curriculum, and
materials to our classrooms. Please pass along a special thank you to her for the capital improvement money she
secured on behalf of Parley’s school improvements, which will be taking place all summer long.
- And lastly…thank you to all the Parley’s parents for the endless motivation, kind words, hugs, homework help,
volunteering, lunches, and love to your students, your student’s friends, classmates, and schoolmates and our entire
school community! Good luck in these last few weeks of important testing, working our way to a well-deserved summer.

                                          CONGRATULATIONS !

         Two Parley’s Park Students Score Big in Chess Tournament
Samuel Mason (4th Grade) and Maxwell Pilzer (2nd grade), both from Parley’s Park Elementary, competed in the Utah
State Elementary Chess Championships held March 20 at the University of Utah. Samuel won first place in the fourth
grade category and was the only fourth grader to go undefeated with six straight wins. Maxwell took home the fourth place
trophy in the second grade age group, winning five out of six of his matches. Final standings are determined not only by
the number of wins, but also by the strength of the opponent.

The tournament was an all day event that drew approximately 500 elementary school students from around the state in
grades K-6. Students competed within their grade level for the state championship title. According to Paul Zane Pilzer,
father of Maxwell Pilzer, “At one point both Sam and Max were in first place for their grade levels. A parent from Rowland
Hall came over to ask me who was coaching such strong players at Parley’s Park Elementary School.”

Congratulations to Sam and Max.

(Reported on the Park City District Website)

              Successful Fundraiser for American Heart Association
Parley’s Park raised $3,990 online and $19,251 total for the American Heart Association as a result of its recent
fundraiser. To date, we have, by far, raised more dollars for this cause than any other school in Utah! Way to go

                                            UPCOMING EVENTS

                                     PTA Appreciation Luncheon

Thank you to all our amazing Parley’s parents for another wonderful year. Please join us for appreciation and delicious
sandwiches, sides and cookies from Parley’s parent, Houman Gohary of Good Karma. Questions, or to RSVP, contact This year’s luncheon will again be held at the Sun Peak Clubhouse (across the street
from Parley’s) at 11:30 on Tuesday, May 11 . We’d love to see you there!
                                                  Running With Ed
PPES has 25 teachers participating in the Park City Education Foundation relay race powered by Ragnar Events to raise
funds AND awareness for our schools. Relay teams of five (runners) or 10 (walkers) will run a 41-mile route that visits all
seven of Park City’s public schools ON May 22. Each school will have a chance to show off their school spirit and the race
is open to EVERYBODY – beginners, competitive runners, families, baby strollers, speed walkers… Stretches of the race
will vary in length (1.5 to 7 miles) and difficulties, and runners can choose their portions.

The race begins in Newpark at 8:00 am and events there will take place until 4:00 pm. Come to our school that day to
help show school spirit and cheer on runners, especially our very own teachers and principal!

                                        First Annual Spring Fiesta!!

Come join the celebration of Spring with our First Annual Spring Fiesta! Think Fall Fun the
costumes...and outside (weather permitting). Individual carnival-type tickets will be sold, and can be traded in for
amazing, authentic south-of-the-border fare by our own Latino families, all kinds of games, and music and dancing! Stay
in town this Memorial Day weekend and celebrate with our very own Parley's Park Community on May 28th, 5 - 7 pm.

  Summit Association for Gifted & High Achieving Children (SAGHAC)
                         Community Meeting

Date: May 6
Time: 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Location: Kimball Junction Library

Parents, teachers and education administrators, please join us for an informative presentation on Park City’s current
GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program and hopes for the future of GATE and advanced learning.

There will be a Q & A session, with discussion of local gifted issues, ideas and aspirations.

For more information, visit or contact Kendeyl Johansen: or 801-

         Park City School District Gifted Advisory Committee Update

The Gifted Advisory Committee, comprised of PCSD administrators, educators and parents, has worked diligently this
year to bring about the district’s top priorities for gifted education. All of our PCSD children, not just gifted children, will
benefit from these recommendations:

*Continue and Expand Skill Grouping: Flexible skill grouping allows children of similar abilities to be placed in
classrooms together for specific skills. For instance, each elementary school teacher would have like-minded students
studying a few spelling lists instead of the 10+ spelling lists some teachers currently juggle. Skill grouping promotes
frequent reassessment of students every few weeks and the groups change often as students progress.

*Cluster Grouping: Gifted/high achieving students (usually 5-8) are placed in a classroom with a teacher specially
trained to meet their needs. Clustering benefits all students, whether in clustered classes or not, because teachers can
more appropriately target instruction for all students due to this ability grouping. Additionally, teachers with clustered
classrooms offer modified versions of the gifted challenge work to benefit all children, and in non-clustered classrooms,
formerly overshadowed high-ability students emerge as leaders and role models.
The Gifted Advisory Committee hopes that parents, administrators and teachers will support these efforts to increase
opportunities for our children. Also, the GAC has a vacancy at JRES for next year. If you would like to serve on the
committee, please contact Shawn Kuennen,

For more information on the GATE program please contact Gina Mason, PCSD GATE specialist,,
your school’s administrators, teachers or your GATE representative:

TSES: Maura Hanrahan,

JRES: Kendeyl Johansen,

MES: Stephanie Howell,

PPES: Wendy Davies,

EHIMS: Kendeyl Johansen,

TMIS: Gaylynn Mooney,

PCHS: Julie Eihausen,

                                              Summer Math Series

Get Ready for Math 6 or Math 7: This course reviews elementary school math and introduces Math 6 or Math 7. No
credit. Instructor: Lars Nordfelt. M-F, 1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M., EHIMS, August 2-13. Cost $25

Register online at:, click on Community Ed, click on Compass /Leisure Learning


                                                  PTA Legislature
The most important education issue in the 2010 legislative session was the budget. In October we were bracing for up to
a 12% cut in education funding in Utah. Instead, there was a 1% cut of about $21 million dollars. In practical terms, this
will feel like a bigger reduction because there was a 5% cut in funding last year, and there will be 11,044 additional
children entering the system next year, which will increase costs.

About a third of the reduction will reduce capital outlay, which will not impact Park City as much as other districts, because
we receive little funding under this state formula. Most of the rest of the reduction will come from what the legislature
refers to as “below the line programs,” which are special programs. For instance, the K-3 reading program was reduced
by about 2%.

The legislature did not cut the Basic School Program, which determines the value of the weighted per pupil unit. If the
Basic School Program had been cut, Park City would have paid more local property taxes to the state.

There were many other bills dealing with education this session. A few were of particular concern to Park City. The
equalization bill, which is always a concern to Park City, failed this year, although efforts to pass it are likely to continue in
the future. People from the Park City area made efforts to contact Representatives of other districts, such as Salt Lake,
that would lose money under this plan.
A proposed increase in the number of miles from school a student had to live in order to be bused (from 2 to 3 miles) did
not pass.

A sex education bill that would have clarified existing law and provided information to parents failed.

If you are interested in any other legislation, please check out the state legislature’s website:

                               Parley’s School Community Council
The PPES SCC met on March 25 specifically to finalize the 2010-11 Land Trust Plan, which will focus on reading and
math. Writing goals will be included in the School Improvement Plan. Land Trust goals and objectives are intended to
support the broader scope of the School Improvement Plan. SCC identified specific improvement areas regarding
language arts and math, which will be measured by CRT and Iowa Test scores. Land Trust funding for 2010-11 is
estimated to be $45,000.00. A breakdown of the line item expenses is available on the PPES/SCC website posted under
“March 25, 2010, minutes”. Generally, the funds will support language arts paraprofessionals, additional books for the
leveled book program, Junior Great Books training, math paraprofessionals, creation of a math fluency clinic, and Math
Lab materials. Additional topics discussed were the purchase of reading enrichment materials for fifth graders, the
estimation of $2,000.00 to restart Junior Great Books, a bulk purchase of calculators (costing approximately $3,000) for
classroom support of Everyday Math, math supplements and manipulatives for the PCEF-funded Math Lab, and the
purchase of 9 additional Step Up to Writing Kits (an estimated $2,700).

Michele Wallace announced that Capital Outlay funds were granted to Parley’s (see Principal’s Corner). Monica
Gustafson also updated SCC on the snow/St. Luke’s crosswalk dilemma. The church agreed to allow a partial sidewalk to
be completed and some Safety Patrol volunteers have agreed to clear the walk, if a shovel is provided.

Final discussion focused on SCC elections for 2010-11. Three parent positions will be open due to moves or the ending
of terms.

                                              MARK YOUR CALENDAR

May 7 – Parley’s Kindergarten Orientation, Gym, 10:30 - 11:30: Upcoming kindergarten students are welcome and invited
May 11 – PTA Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, Sun Peak Clubhouse, 11:30
May 5, 12, 19 – Sports Enrichment
May 20 – Park Record Spelling Bee at the Egyptian Theater in Park City
May 22 - Running with Ed Relay Race, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
May 28 – Field Day (during school)
May 28 – Spring Fiesta
May 31 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL
June 2 - Talent Show
June 3 – Last Day of School, 12:45 dismissal
August 24 – Back to School night, 6:00 pm
August 26 – First Day of School in the Fall

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