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					                 THE COLLEGE GRIT       PUBLISHED         WEEKLY        IN THE   INTEREST           OF WASHINGTON                 COLLEGE         OF LAW

  FIRST YEAR; No.9                                         WASHINGTON,        D. C., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1920
                                              -~~~~~~~~========~~~:~~~                                                                                                                     FIVE CENTS

 SENIOR COMmHTEE                               MEMORIAL CONTINENTAL                                  "ACORN"         IS $918.75 SHORT OF
                                                                                                                     IT'S GOAL.
                                                                                                                                                             JUNIORS YOICE AID
                       HALL SECURED FOR JUNE 3
                                                                                                         The fuiId being raised to meet
    PREDICTS BIG NIGHT Arrangements have been defi-
                                                                                                     the $1,000 note due on the first
                                                                                                     trust on the College building is                            fOR SENIOR DANCE
                                                                                                     growing very slowly.                   It being
 4i:hairman Szombathy Finds All Mem-             nitely made whereby the com-                        near Thanksgiving Day, everyone
                                                                                                     is thankful it has some llra. The                       "Get-Together" Meeting Committee Is
    bers of the College Cooperating-             mencement exercises will be held                    figures follow:                                            Commended-Other    Features of
        Joyous Evening Predicted.
                                                 Friday evening, June 3, 1921, at                    Previously acknowledged ... $72.25                            Wonderful Class Exposed.
     The senior dance committee reports                                                              Anonymous. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.00
                                                 Memorial    Continental    Hall on                                                              At the regular meeting of the junior
  a favorable and substantial progress in                                                            Sale of book. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 1.00
                                                                                                                                              class Thursday, November 18, the re-
                                                 Seventeenth Street N. W. This                       Miss Moyers, account of he
  the development of plans for Saturday                                                                                                       port of the entertainment      committee
                                                 is one of the best auditoriums in                      first $100. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 1.00
  evening, November 27, when all of                                                                                                          on the expenditures in connection with
                                                 the city and will be a proper set-                  Sale of chocolate. . . ... . . .. 2.00   the "get-together party" was received.
  Washington, at least all of Washington
                                                 ting for this important event.                                                               The committee is to be congratulated
  College of Law, will walk, street-car or                                                               Total to date             $81.25     on the splendid results secured from
  motor to the National Woman's Party                                                                                                         such a small outlay. When it comes
                                               FRESHMEN HOLD PRELIMINARY                           SENIORS HOLD IMPORTANT                    to the selection of a committee that
 Hall, 14 Jackson Place Northwest.
                                                 POLITICAL MEETING TUESDAY                               MEETING TUESDAY         EVENING     will get results, we'll say our worthy
     Although the primary object of this
                                                                                                                                             chairman is some picker.
  dance is to raise money for the build-       Next Tuesday Night Will Bring Con-                                                                The sale of tickets for the senior
                                                                                                   Several Important Topics Will Be Up
   ng fund, the dance committee prom-             sideration of Constitution  and                    for Decision of Class, Among Them       dance is going ahead with tolerable
   ses to make this a gala event in the                Possibly Nominationll.                          the Report of Photo Committee.        certainty and a satisfactory report is
  social life of the school.                    If the juniors notice any unusual de-                                                        assured by the junior volunteers b}
                                               gree of famiilarlty on the part of the                 President Ebert K. Burlew called a the time that memorable event conies
     A wonderful floor has been engaged        freshmen since last Tuesday they may                meeting of the executive committee        off-Saturday,    November 27.
 for this occasion, music of superb qual.      attribute it to the fact that the fresh-                                                          Owing to the severe illness of her
 ity will render seductive strains, and                                                            last Tuesday evening, at which the
 there'll be punch galore (the liquid
                                              men begin to feel they have reached                  chairman of the several standing com- mother, Miss Marguerite M. Milne is
                                              the state where they are the equal                                                             unavoidably absent from class these
 kind, Of course, with no kick in it);        of the middle classmen, for, 10, behold              mittees rendered reports of the prog- days. The entire junior class joins in
  the committee       states turkey sand-                                                         ress of their work ..                      the hope that Mrs. Milne's recovery
                                              you, they too now can have their own
 wiches will be served, provided those        pnlitical fight.                                        Chairman Owen, of the photographs      will be rapid and complete.
 wanting them (the turkey sandwiches)             Last Tuesday evening Prof. Hegarty               committee, submitted a report which
 will bring the aforesaid sandwiches                                                              received the favorable consideratton of        Scribe  Exposes Several      Junior
                                               (he whose class roll and digest were                                                                        "Weaknesses."
 with them (the dancers).                                                                         the executive committee.     This report
                                              purloined a few days since and never
     It was stated "confidentially"    that   returned) presided over a meeting of                will be submitted to the class at the         Oh, Gracie, says the scribe, how
 the senior girls, notwithstanding      the   these freshmen      until a temporary               meeting to be held Tuesday, November      could you ask a member of the faculty
 lack of a "kick," can make a punch           chairman was elected.                               23. As the adoption of this report if she was a freshman-and              YOUso in-
 which has its effect. After draining a           The contest for this honor resulted             will entail sittings by members of the terested in Domestic Relations, too!
 few a senior once threatened to sing         in the selection of Mr. Evans who                   class to begin December 5 and the re-         Suppose that combined in one per-
  'The Quartette of Lucia;" (he wears a       thereupon appointed a committee to                  jedion of ihe report will entail more son you should find the pleaalng pres-
 little penciled line under his nose; he      form the class constitution      and by-            work on tJAl committee, a large attend- ence of Adams, the forceful speech of
was followed by another wishing to            laws. This committee consists of Miss               ance is desired that this matter be Breen, the studiousness of Miss Alida
 Sing, as he alleged, a beautiful little      Sullivan, Miss Bray, Mr. Barron Mr.                 attended to.                              Smith, the quickness of perception of
 ditty entitled "I might be a poor man        Clayton and Miss Hill. A report will                   Chairman Fellheimer, of the class- C. C. Smith and the tenacious           emory
now, but as soon as I wear out my             be submitted by the committee Tues-                 pin committee, also will endeavor to of Miss Van Valkenburg, what a won-
 shoes I'll be on my feet again"-this         day evening, November 23.                           get a decision from the class as to derful student that would be!
 fpllow reads Davis's notes.                                                                      whether a distinctive pin for the class       (It would be like attempting to paint
     The leader of the six-piece orchestra    EAGER       FOR   MORE     KNOWLEDGE                is desired or simply the College pin the lily to wish that person to possess
~tes     that monkey glands are unneces-                                                          with the date 1921 thereon.               also the flow of Mr. Perisin's dowen'
sary, for old and young alike, fat and           Three of last year's male graduates                 Other     committees   made    reports language or the retiring modesty of
thin, can not resist the tempting call        are now taking advanced courses at                  showing that the work of the class is Mr. Rugg.)
of its melodious tunes.                       the American University.    Mr. Simeon              being well attended to.                       It may be of general interest to note
    Thus when extending to the deans,         C. Capule is taking a course in diplo                                                         that the papers are still missing!       or
faculty, alumni, members of the under-        macy, Mr. Orin J. Bundy a course in                                                           course, Prof. Hegarty's digest and roll
                                              citizenship, and Mr. Paschal Sherman                ALUMNI ASSOCIATION DECIDES
graduates and all their friends an in-                                                                                                      (not bank roll) are referred to.
vitation, the committee feels certain         a course in civil law leading to the                        TO    GIVE      THEATER           PARTY
if they accept the invitation they will       degree of D. C. S.
                                                                                                                 --                                         HOLIDAYS  NOW WITH US;
have a jolly good time at Woman's Na-                                                             Committee ApPOinted to Investigate                          WEDNESDAY    LAST SCHOOL
tional Party Hall, 14 Jackson Place           THIRD FRIDAY OF EACH                                   Feeding 'Students With Light                                  SESSION FOR THIS WEEK
Northwest, Saturday, November 27.               MONTH TO BE MEETING NIGHT                               Lunches Before Classes.                                             _
    In order that the committee can esti-
mate with some degree of certainty                   Of   THE   LAMBDA       SIGMA CHI           The Alumni Association met Thurs.                          Prospect Is That Students Will Have
the number of persons who will enjoy                              ---                          day night in the Myrtle Green room                                One Night Each Week Free
this evening with them, the junior and           The Lambda Sigma Chi Fraternity               of the College. This was the regular                               Until End of College Year,
freshman committees are requested tr          held a meeting Friday night in the               faU meeting.      The president,   Miss                         Wednesday evening classes are the
make a report of sales of tickets Wed-        College halls.      Two candidates were          Mary C. Laird, Presided.                                     last until Monday, November 29. The
nesday evening, November 24.                  introduced to the mysteries and bene-              The principal subject considered was                       prospect of 'boarding house turkeys
    The following are the committees          fits of the fraternity and other matters         the raislng of funds for the building.                       and their resultant consequences is re-
cooperating: Junior class, Miss Nellie        of interest to the members received at-          It was decided to give a benefit at one                      sponsible for the decision not to have
                                              tention. The by-laws were amended so             of the theaters some time in Decem-                          classes Friday evening.
C. Hurley       (chairman),   Miss Hiatt,
Miss BI'Own; freshmen, Miss McVey
(chairman),      Miss Sue T. Hill, Miss
Considine, Miss Bass, Mrs. Wilkerson,
                                              as to make the third Friday of each
                                              month the regular meeting night.                Ibel' or .Januarv.  Miss Cora Larimore
                                                                                               Keeley (1908) was appointed to head
                                                                                               the committee authorized to make ar-
                                                                                                                                                               After two more Thursday evening
                                                                                                                                                            sessions at 5.(}5, moot-court work will
                                                                                                                                                            be on Thursday nights beginning at 7
Mr. McNearny, Mr. Boyle.                            ENGINEER       OR LAWYER?                 rangements,                       .                           o'clock and ending before           Friday
                                                 Mrs R A Heindl (Margaret                H       Constderatton was given to a project                       ~orning .. This will leave Saturday
RANK'ING MEMBER OF THE BAR                    M h·       1'918)' h          bOt rn C be'      to serve light refreshments just before                       night, which heretofore has been the
                                                ac eNn.'
                                              14 at    iagara   FalsI aNsony °M r, H em drl
                                                                  as..                ~       class hours each day '. and Miss Laura                        night . devoted to . this d work, free for
                                                                                                                                                              t d                           di

  Mrs. Marilla M. Ricker, of Dover,
                                              IS anboy IS a native-born III a~a a,
                                              but     en~neer
                                              His parents
                                                           .           'I
                                                                   ~p oye
                                                                           d'     C
                                                                have. not yet decided
                                                                                        d     Berrien was appointed chairman of the
                                                                                              ca ft"tt
                                                                                                  e eria co~m! ee.
                                                                                                 The assocIation. voted to sub~cr~be
                                                                                                                                    .                   I   II u ymg

                                                                                                                                                            thankful, eh.
                                                                                                                                                                          or movres, epen mg upon
                                                                                                                                                            "ability" of the the student.
                                                                                                                                                                            •           \      Let's b
N. H., died early this month at the
age of 80 years.    At the time of her          hether he will carry a 'brief case or         for The College Glfit for the aSSOCIatIOn                             ,------             __
death she was the oldest woman law-           w "                                             records.                                                         Don t forget to come to the sentor
                                              a dmner pall.                                      The following members of the class                         dance Saturday night.
yer member of the District bar, having
                                                                                              of 1920 were elected to membership:
been admitted in 1882. Miss Emma M.           HOM ESTEADER        "CITY'S"     FOR            Mrs. E. J. M. Clemens, Theodore P. C.
Gillett, Dean of Washington College of                 THE        WINTER       MONTHS         WIllis, Stuart E. Womeldorph,        Ida
Law, now is the ranking woman mem-
ber of the bar, she being admitted
June 5, 1883.
                                                              , ---
                                                 Miss Anna Speich, who is working a
                                              homestead claim near Cody. Colo., has
                                                                                              Stout, John F. Lundquist, Nathan L.
                                                                                              Goodman, Robert Herrnany, Mrs. Marie
                                                                                              S. Ruth.
                                                                                                                                                            JJ (Q)<e IB3<a!.lflllteIffis>llHll«!o
  Mrs. Ricker, as United States com-          arrived in Denver, where she will re-                                                                                430 FIFTH      ST. NW.
missioner, had limited judicial powers        main until the ..spring.  The winter                                                                          PRINTERS    STATIONERS         ENGRAVERS
                                                                                       Only a few days remain in which to
While living in Washington she was            breezes do not blow away the lone- enroll among the Red Cross member-
known as the prisoners' friend.               someness on the claim.                                                                                        Legal Instruments of All Kinds-
                                                                    ,                                                                                          Law Blanks- -Legal Papers

Page Two                                                                  THE         COLLEGE      GRIT                                   Monday, November 22, ]920

THE COLLEGE GRIT                                EXAMS       LOOM UP TO
                                                          PLEASURE  OF
                                                                                           I   BAR EXAMINATIONS
                                                                                                                                 18th. They will be held at Georgetown
                                                                                                                             16 Law School, 508 ESt.    NW. All appli-
    Published every Monday by the                               --                                   --                          cations should be filed with Mr. Mor-
                                                  Starting this week the holidays be-   Exmination of applicants for admis-
              UadergrRduRte. of                 gin to "intrude" themselves into the sion to the District of Columbia Bar gan H. Beach, clerk of the Supreme
 "VASIIINGTON       COLLEGE        OF   LAW     school life. They would be enjoyed will begin Thursday, December 16, and Court of the District of Columbia, not
       131G K     Street Northwest,                                                                                                                          ~
                                                much more by the student body if the ,co~n~t~in~U~e~fo~r~t~h~r~ee~d~a~y~S,~thie~1~7~t~h~an~d~1~at~e~r~t~h~a~n~s~a~t~u~rd~a~y~
              'Vashlngton. D. C.                shade of the following examinations
                                                did not follow in their wake:
                                                      .        Class of 1921.
              Subscription Rates               December 9, Cases on Evidence.
Single copy                     Five Cents     December 20, Negotiable     Instru-
Collegiate year .......••.....  One Dollar     December 22, Cases on Constitu-
Managing Editor                Wm. G. Jones
Advertising Manager. Maude Fellheimer
                                            tional law (mid-year examination).
                                                        Class of 1922.
                                               December 13, Evidence.
                                                                                                           Sidney West    Incorporated
                                                               Class of 1923.
                                                  December 16, Criminal Law.
      Monday, November 22,1920                    None of the professors have guar-                                14th and G Street.
                                                anteed to give goo dmarks for Christ-
                                                mas ~ifts. "A word to the wise is                                 WASHING TON~ D. c.
        THANKSGIVING.                           sufficient."

   To a large number of Americans                         Everything   Quite Legal.
Thanksgiving Day means little
more than a day of pleasure, a day
devoted to feasting and jollification.
And yet this is an occasion distinc-
                                                   "And," continued the narrator of the'
                                                thrilling experience, "the great waves
                                                rolled on and on, until at last my frail
                                                bark was arrested by an oncoming
                                                wave more powerful than the rest."
                                                                                                                    I   Men's Wear         I
tively American in its origin and                  "Well, and what did you do when
                                                your boat was arrested by this wave,"
practice. No other nation observes              asked the cynic.
an annual Thanksgiving Day. At                                                                                            Sole Agents
                                                  "We bailed her out," said the ad-
the end of their first year in a new            venturer.                                                               Dunlap Hats
country our Pilgrim Fathers found                                                                                   Stein-Bloch Clothes
                                                  Where you find a man who dies from
themselves with half their number               overwork you'll find a hundred who
dead, the other half menaced by                 have rusted from underwork.
hostile savages and a severe winter.              Money also is the root of much hap-
The harvest was plentiful, however,             piness.
and when the winter's provisions
had been gathered Governor Brad-
ford appointed a day of thanks-
giving. Since 1863 our Presidents
have issued annually a Thanksgiv-
ing Day proclamation.      These are
days of great prosperity in the
United States, but the wolf is near-
er our doors than most of 11S real-
ize. One year of complete blight
would sweep humanity from the
face of the earth by actual starva-
tion, and nothing stands between
the terrible fate of famine but the
covenant of God in which He
promises that the "seed time and
harvest shall not fail." This is a
time for thankfulness. Each indi-
vidual has at least this boon of life
for which to he grateful, and the
overwhelming mass of Americans
have many and varied causes for
thankfulness. Let us observe this
national day of thanksgiving in a
truly American spirit of gratitude,
gratitude for the privilege of being
surrounded by the protection of our
free and independent institutions
and the traditions left us by the
Fathers of our country.

    501 EAST CAPITOL        STREET
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                                                                    Because wrapped up in his pipe is a fellow's peace of
                                                              mind, his relaxation, his contentment.      This is more than
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 Registered Pharmacists From Fresh                            true if it's a W D C Pipe, because then a good smoke is multi-
     Stock of Drugs and Chemicals
Toilet and Fancy Goods       Sick Room                        plied many times over. Our special seasoning process takes
                                                              care of this by bringing out all the sweetness and mellowness
A Complete Line of School Supplies
 and Stationery, including Eaton &                            of the genuine French briar. Just you go to any good dealer
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   peclals.                                                   and select several good shapes. Put them in your rack.
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Price of Property
    Monday, November 22, 1920                                      THE    COL LEG E       GR I T                                                      Page Three
                                         -----------10                               -I G T WAy
                                                                                         H                                ACTIVITIES   OF W. C. L.
                                                                               .1.'-.:)                                            AID  SUFFRAGE            CAUSE

       NO JOB TOO UIRGE;                 MO JJO~ 1rOO SMALL                         1218 N~~o~Oo~~::~~~UE                 Founders, Facul-ty-a-n-dStudents Unite
                                                                                                                            To Emancipate Women-Amusing
                                To Be Printed   by                                If you are thinking about learning to        Incidents Come to Light
                                                                               dance, don't make a decision before       By Helen E. Jamison. .
                                                                               you have visited the Rightway Studio,           PART III.
                                                                                                                 When the "hikers" appeared at the
                                                                               the only up-to-date Dancing Academy
              SllIP(Q)S & JMUIRIRA 1f                                                                         dinner given in their honor at Rausch-
                                                                               South of New York. Private course
                                                                                                              ers, all traces of travel stains from
                                                                               lessons half hour $1. Private room for
                                                                               beginners                      their
                                                                                             You need not have an ap-  tedious    journey were gone.
                            IP~llN1rIE~                                                   .                   "General Rosalie" herself was particu-
                                                                                                              larly charming as she told of their ex.
                                                                               pointment. Open 10 a. m. to 10 p. m.
                                                                                                              periences on the road, regretting only
                   923 ELEVENTH   STREET NORTHWEST
                                                                                                              that they had not allowed more time
                                                                          "See ETZ and See Better"
                             Walhington,  D. C.                                                               for missionary work along the way.

                                                                               EdW •- H. Etz
                                                                                                                 These "hikers," In their long dark
                                                                                    n                         travel-stained    capes, were a pictur-
                                                                                                              esque feature of the parade; but prob-
                                                                                                              ably the greatest value of their pil-
       Main 7578                                                                                              grimage      .lay in the interest    they

                                         Ask W. G. Jones for Estimates

                                                                                                              aroused in the many small towns
                                                                          1217 G St. NW.    Washington, D. C. through which they passed which had
                                                                                                              not yet been touched by the suffrage
-                                                                                                             movement.
                                                                                                                 As the date set for the parade ap-
                                                                                                              proached it was evident that those who
                                                                                                              had estimated Washington's       suffrage
                                                                                                              strength uy the membership of the sut-'
                                                                                                              frage organizations had greatly miscal-
                                                                                                              culated.     Suffragists had sprung up,
                                                                                                              like mushrooms, overnight, who had
                                                                                                              never belonged to a suffrage organi-
                                                                                                              zation and who, in many cases, had
                                                                                                              never thought much about suffrage
                                                                                                              until confornted with the question,
                                                                                                              "To march or not to march." And the
                                                                                                              morning of March 3d every train was
                                                                                                              bringing in more sutrragists.
                                                                                                                 The Lawyers' Section formed just
                                                                                                              south ot the Oapitol, and it was a sort
                                                                                                              of W. C. L. reunion of alumni, faculty
                                                                                                              and undergraduates, with a sprinkling
                                                                                                              of out-of-town lawyers.     The section
                                                                                                              was headed bv a float on which Mr.
                                                           Modern Motive Might                                W. Edgar Leedy (1912) and Miss Re-
                                                                                                              becca L. Blaine (1909), in caps and
                                                                                                              gowns represented aomethfng=-co-edu-
                                                MOUNTAINS,             miles and minutes give                 cation in law, I think-at      any rate,
                                                       way before electricity, the magic mo-                  they were dignified and handsome, as
                                                                                                              was fitting.
                                                      tive power. Properly applied, it drives giant.                      OF COURSE, THERE          W.ERE
                                                                                                                          MEN ALSO.
                                                      locomotives across the continental divide,                             Then there was our Washington Col-
                                                      tows ocean liners through the Panama Canal,                         lege of Law banner (the 'big felt one,
                                                                                                                          faded now but stm cherished), carried
                                                      or propels huge ships.                                              by Prof. W':Illiam Clark Taylor and Mr.
                                                                                                                          Gilbert Temple (1914). I think each
                                                       Through good light,safe signals,and illumin-                       was relieved in turn for a time by Mr.
                                                       ated highways, it is making travel better and                      Herbert B. Andrew (1914), a son of our
                                                                                                                          professor.     Mrs. Mussey       marched
                                                       safer and also is increasing the usefulness of                     stone, followed by Miss Leonard (1914)
                                                                                                                          and Miss Gillette.     Others who were
                                                       transportation methods on land, sea or in                           among the marchers        Included Mrs .
                                                     . the air.                                                           Margaret L. Coope (1901), Miss Flora
                                                                                                                          Raymond (1899), Miss Florence A. Col-
                                                       In short, electricity is revolutionizing trans-                    ford (1903), Miss Ethel Colford (1903).
                                                                                                                          Mrs. Sarah T. Andrew (1914), Mrs.
                                                       portation, making it quicker,safer, more eco-                      Edith Kingman Kern (,1907), Miss Sal-
                                                       nomical and reliable in all sorts of weather.                      lie V. Been (1911), Miss Ida May
                                                                                                                          Moyers (1900), Mrs. Rosalie McShel-
                                                                                                                           ton (1912), Mrs. Marie L. B. Baldwin
                                                       And back of this development in electric                            (1914), Miss Emily A. Spilman (1912),
                                                       transportation, in generating and transmit-                         Miss Katherine R. PIke (1911), Miss
                                                                                                                          Erna Carpenter, now Mrs. Sheridan
                                                       ting apparatus as well as motive mechan-                            Ferree (1911), Miss Mary C. Farmer
                                                       isms, are the co-ordinated scientific, engi-                        (1'912), Miss Nila F. Allen (1912), Miss
                                                                                                                           Emma F. Hayward (1913), Miss Sophie
                                                       neering and manufacturing resources of the                          B. Kent (1907), Miss Hope K. Thomp-
                                                       General Electric Company, working to the                            son (1913), M:iss Elizabeth M. Eggert
                                                                                                                           (1913), Judge Kathryn Sellers (1913),
                                                       end that electricity may better                                     Mrs. Edith B. Newman (191~), Miss
                                                       serve mankind.                                                      Laura M. Berrien (1916), Miss Ethel
                                                                                                                           Lee Lawrence (1914), Miss Delia sner-
                                                                                                                          don Jackson (1899)
                                                                                                     96-13OD                 Miss Etheridge marched with the
                                                                                                                           prestdents of State associations and
                                                                                                                           not with the lawyers.
                                                                                                                             The fate of that parade is well
                                                                                                                           known, how the crowds were allowed
                                                                                                                                  (Continued on page four.)


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Page Four                                                    THE     COLLEGE          GRIT                                                 Monday, November 22, 1920

W. C. L. AIDS     SUFFRAGE      CAUSE    overturned    before the court passes   torney B. H. Stambaugh.       Bond was        Green. Attorney Shoemaker is acting
    (Continued from page three.)         into history.                           fixed at $5,000.                              for the prosecution.
                                            In Case No. 25 Attorney Fellheimer      In Case No.3, an indictment for mur          In Case No.9, an action between
to surge into and across the line of gained a temporary restraining order        del', Idotha Bunch pleaded not guilty         principal and agent, Attorney Owen
march until the procession had to in an action for breach of covenant in         when arraigned before Judge Smith.            succeeded in her demurrer to Attorney
force its way through a solid mass of a lease, despite the arguments of At-      She is being deefnded by Attorney             Malone's declaration.
humanity.     Miss Kent was a marshal
and kept us in formation by frequently
calling, "Girls, don't give way or the
crowd will cut us off." We needed the
admonition, for it was rather di1ll.cult
to walk four abreast through a defile
no wider than a single car track. Mrs.
Mussey was not well (in fact, that
parade came near to being her swan
song) and was not certain that she
would be able to march the whole dis-                                                                      and at the
 tance; but once started, there was no
turning aside-our       Honorary Dean is                                                                   Stock Exchange
not the kind to fall back in the face of                                                                               New York
opposttion anyhow-so         the photog-                                                                   v1pJCI:
 rapher caught her and put her on a                                                                            Here in the very heart
 post card, still leading her forces.                                                                      of Wall Street, Fatima
   The artistic effects which had been                                                                     leads. And at the Stock
 so carefully considered by Miss Paul                                                                      Exchanges of Boston and
 and her associates in planning the pa-                                                                    Philadelphia, Fat im a i.
 rade were completely lost; as a spec-                                                                     also the largest seller.
 tacle the parade was a failure, for it
 could be seen by comparatively few
 persons because of the crowds, but in
 arousing sympathy for the suffrage
 cause it could hardly have been more
 effective. It completely exploded the
 theory that men and women have the
 equal protection of the law.
          (Continued next week.)


   "Well, well, look who's here!    Mr.
MARTIN.       Good morning, how are
   "Oh, fine, thank you. How is your
                                                                   Instead of fewer cigarettes
   "FIRST CLASS. Meet my friend,
   "Glad to know you, BARON."
                                                                   how about less Turkish?
   "We just met a HUNTER up the
HILL He was carrying a very large
BUCK. I LOVE hunting, don't you?"
   "Well, my favorie sport is fishing.
                                                                            S                    MOKERS are learning that straight Turkish cigarettes"
                                                                                                  delicious as they are, are so rich that they soon tire
                                                                                             the taste. They contain 100 much Turkish tobacco.
   "The BARON is an ecceUent HUN-                                                                But smokers are learning also that instead of cutting
TER.      Give him a gun and he will
surely hit anything he AMES at."                                                             down the number of cigarettes per day, they can cut down
   Tbe BARON made a profound                                                                 on the proportion of Turkish tobacco in each cigarette.
BOUGH in the way of a "thank you."
   "Gentlemen, I am sorry, but I must                                                            They can do this by switching          to part-Turkish    or
leave you," said Mr. Martin; "I have                                                         Turkish Blend cigarettes.
an appointment which I must keep."
After the formal salutation Mr. Martin                                                           However, many men find that ordinary Turkish Blend,
left. Mr. Ebert and the Baron proceed-                                                       Jack taste-they contain 100 lilt/, Turkish.
ed their way in silence.
   "Tell me," said the Baron, breaking                                                            And so more and more smokers, as shown by sales-
the silence, "What is a sea-BASS? I
don't know any more about fishing                                                            reports like that above are turning to Fatima. For Farimas
than a MASON knows about medi-                                                               are part- Turkish-    not Illl-Turkish like straight Turkish
cine."      •                                                                                cigarettes. Yet they contain more Turkish than any other
    "Well," replied Mr. Ebert in his                                                         Turkish Blend.
phlegmatic tone, "a very good fish, I
should. say. The only way to eat it is                                                                       LIGGETT       &   ~lYERS    TOll,a.CCO       Co.
to BOYLE it. Anyway, I don't believe
all Martin said about fishing; but I did
not contradict him, in order to avoid
 QUARRELS."        The Baron gave a
hearty laugh, showing a fine set of

                                                                     FAT I
 FA,LSE teeth as wtHITE as SNOW.
    Silence prevailed again. The coun-
 try air was getting cooler.        The
 GREENE of the meadows was very
 restful to the eyes. From a far pas-
 ture came a faint BRAY.
    Those not called were not present.


    In the preliminary cases heard last
 Thursday at the session of the moot
 court the successful attorneys were
 the ladies, God bless 'em. But the men
 say in the future they'll treat 'em just
 as though they were real lawyers and
 not ladies, thus this precedent may be


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