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					Tundra: The Icy Biome
By Christian W.
Block 7
“Where in the world are
•   Northern Canada
•   Islands west of Greenland
•   Northern Europe
•   Antartica
Tempeture and Weather
• It can get as low
  as 7 degrees and
  rains up to 12.5
  inches of snow a
  month! Wow,
  that’s a lot!
• There are three
  different types
  of land forms in
  the tundra that I
  found out about:
• Iceburgs
• Mountains
• Snowdrifts
Polar Bears
• Polar bears live along shores
  and on sea ice in the icy cold
  Arctic. In fall pregnant polar
  bears make dens in earth and
  snow banks, where they’ll
  stay through the winter and
  give birth to one to three
  cubs. Polar bears primarily
  eat seals. Their white coats
  are very valuable.
 • Emperors clump together in
   huge, huddled masses. They
   take turns moving to the
   inside of the group, where
   they’re protected from the icy
   cold temperatures and wind.
   As the young penguins grow,
   adults leave them in groups
   of chicks called crèches while
   they leave to fish.
• Orcas hunt everything from
  fish to walruses—seals, sea
  lions, penguins, squid, sea
  turtles, sharks, and even
  other kinds of
  whales.Average-sized orcas
  may eat about 500 pounds
  (227 kilograms) of food a
  day. Orcas’ teeth are shaped
  for ripping and tearing prey.
  They are also called killer
• A lichen looks like one plant
  but is made up of two
  different kinds of plants -
  algae and fungi. Some look
  like a crust growing on
  rocks and trees. Some look
  like little bushy plants and
  others hang from the
  trees. Many animals depend
  on lichens for food.
Cloud Berry
• Another plant found in the
  arctic is the cloud berry. It
  is a flower with five white
  pedals and one berry per
  stalk. The fruit on it is red
  when not ripe, when it is
  ripe it is soft and orange.
  The plant has large green
  leaves. You can find it in
  most parts of the arctic.
Pasque Flower
• The Pasque flower has
  several stems that rise inches
  off the ground. On each stem
  is one flower with 5 petals.
  In the center of the flower is
  yellow. Below the flower,
  around the stem is a leaf
  covered in hairs, as is the rest
  of the plant. The fruit juices are
   made into a drop of liquid that help
   with the eye.
“Tour De Biome
• “Do all tundra’s have
  mountains?”Maybe, but
  unlikely. It all matters
  by how much
  precipitation. The rock
  would just erode away.
• “Why is the sky cleaner
  there than here?”
  Because there isn’t a
  lot of polluting
  machines there.
“How Does Water Play
Into My Biome?”
• Water is part of
  my biome
  because it is
  what the ice,
  burgs, and ice-
  caps are made
  out of.
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