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                                                  tHe                                                                     Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
               September 17, 2009
             Volume 89, Number 2
Mobile’s 1st Collegiate Newspaper

                                                                                                       Academic center for students
  Wonder why being green                                                                               opens this semester in Burke
 is trendy - it’s easy, that’s
                  why. pg. 8.                                                                          Center for Academic Excellence opened this se-
                                                                                                       mester to help students with their course work.
  Eichold Gallery hosts art
  from local artists. pg. 12                                                                           PAIGE MALONE                    at the Center and instructor
                                                                                                       News Editor                     in the English department,
                                                                                                             The Center for            welcomes students to “come
     Greek life and campus                                                                                                             hang out and have an intel-
                                                                                                       Academic Excellence has
       programming board                                                                               opened its doors at Spring      lectual community that is
      host annual pig roast                                                                            Hill College. As the year       fun as well as interesting.”
                      pg. 9                                                                            progresses, they expect to            The need for increased
                                                                                                       have a very busy semester.      attention in the areas of
                                                                                                             The Center for Aca-       math and science brought
          OpiniOnS &                                                                                   demic Excellence is chaired     the Center for Academic
          eDItorIALs                                                                                   by Tracy Childs, Academic       Excellence to life. Prior to
          Read two students                                                                            Student Advocate. As you        its opening, the students re-
                                                                                                       enter the Center, located in    lied on tutor lists and did not
   differing opinions on the
                                                                                                       the Agnes Williams Suite        have the convenience of just
       power of the Internet.
                                                                                                       in the Burke Memorial Li-       walking in.
                      pg. 5.                                                                                                                 Dr. George Sims, Pro-
                                                                                                       brary in room 107, you feel
                                                                                                       at ease with the open layout    vost and Vice President for
  Jim Love writes about the                                        Keith Neicase / SHC Photographer                                    Academic Affairs, saw the
                                                                                                       and flowing floor plan. The
  holy grail of horse racing.                                                                          tutoring stations are round     need to offer a program to
                        pg. 6                                                                          tables where student and tu-    those who may struggle at
                                                              DOUG BRUCE / Photography Editor          tor are equal. Before even      times with math and writ-
    Wondering about clubs           Eight years after Sept. 11, a nation remembers loved ones.         entering a session with one     ing, specifically a way that
      in Mobile? Check out          See Remembering page 2.                                            of the peer tutors, you are     would be effective and
   Kendrick’s column. pg. 6                                                                            immediately comfortable         fully focused on their needs.
                                                                                                                                       Trianosky expressed that
                         Obama makes education speech                                                  and open to the help you are
                                                                                                       about to receive.               separating tutoring from
                  life & to school children across the U.S.                                                  That is the goal of the   academic services gives the
                                                                                                                                       students a faculty member
              CULtUre               President Obama makes a speech from Arling-
                                                                                                       Center for Academic Excel-
                                                                                                       lence. It is a place where      who is knowledgeable in the
   Lambda Chi Alpha holds                                                                                                              subjects to guide the success
                                    ton, Va. As a result, a controversy sparks.                        students can go for assis-
    watermelon bash. pg. 9                                                                             tance in writing and math       and focus of the tutors.
                                    PAIGE MALONE                       for the young minds that                                              The peer-on-peer set-
                                                                                                       and feel comfortable regard-
    Wondering where to eat          News Editor                        could possibly be swayed                                        ting is highly beneficial
                                                                                                       less of their circumstances.
    off campus? Read Anna                 As students around the       toward a specific political                                     to the success of the stu-
                                                                                                       When the center is open,
                                    country began their lessons        view. Teachers and school                                       dents. Trianosky explains
     Plovanich’s idea. pg. 10                                                                          Marcelene Llamas Tria-
                                    after a relaxing summer            administrators debated as
                                                                                                       nosky, Director for Writing
                                    break, they received a warm        parents protested whether or                                               See Center page 4.
                                    welcome from President             not to allow the students to
               sports               Obama.                             tune into the president’s ad-
 Check out Devin Golden’s                 Obama addressed the          dress. Obama, however, did
                                    young students of America          not appear to have a politi-
   football predictions for
                                    last Tuesday, Sept. 8 from         cal agenda.
        this season. pg. 17                                                  As the president wel-
                                    Wakefield High School in
                                    Arlington, Va. This motiva-        comed the students back to
        Former Editor Evan          tional speech was viewed           school, making jokes refer-
         Parrott talks about        in classrooms nationwide           encing his educational back-
     fantasy football. pg. 13       and became an unexpected           ground, he made light of the
                                    controversy for the Obama          adjustment from a laid-back
         Greenberry Taylor          administration.                    summer to the structure
  focuses on Badger sports.               When word of the             and demands of school.
               pg. 13 & 16          president’s educational ad-        From the beginning to the
                                    dress was out, the opposi-         end of his address, it was                              DOUG BRUCE / Photography Editor
                                    tions were endless. Many           clear he was speaking to the    Mike Courtney and Marcy Trianosky discuss various
                                    Americans voiced concerns                  See Obama’s page 4.     approaches to mathematics for visiting students.
Page 2
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                             News                                                                              Paige Malone
                                                                                                                                                  News Editor

Remembering Sept. 11, eight years later a nation reflects
Mobile firefighters gather to remember those who lost their lives on Sept. 11 and in the line of duty over the city’s history.
PAIGE MALONE                       lady Michelle Obama held
News Editor                        a moment of silence outside
         Eight years ago last      the White House marking
Friday marked one of the           the eighth year anniversary
most pivotal moments of our        of the attacks.
time. As the planes crashed               The memorial actions
into the twin towers, Ameri-       of Americans on Sept. 11,
cans were stunned beyond           were seen not only in New
belief. The friends and family     York and Washington, D.C.,
we lost and the heroes that        but around the country. Just
gave their lives will always be    down the street from Spring
remembered and celebrated          Hill College, city officials
as years go by and our lives       and civilians gathered at
move forward. But we do not        Fire Station 22 on Airport
move on as we once did, we         Blvd., as the Honor Guard,
move forward with the con-         a group of fire department
stant memory of September          men and women of all
11, 2001 and the effect it has     ranks, led a ceremony pay-
had on our nation.                 ing tribute to the men and
      Throughout the country,      women who lost their lives.
Americans gathered to memo-        This occasion did not only
rialize the lives lost and the     honor those of Sept.11, it
stand we took on that fateful      memorialized the 13 Mo-                                                                       DOUG BRUCE / Photography Editor
day. Moments of silence al-        bile firefighters who have        The firefighters of station 22 remember all those who past on Sept. 11 in New York,
low us to recall, and serve as     lost their lives in the line of   Washington and Pennsylvania as well as the fallen firefighters of the Mobile Fire De-
a constant reminder of our         duty. The group of fathers,       partment. For more pictures from the Sept. 11 Memorial see page 8 in Life and Culture.
rights and freedoms as Ameri-      sons, brothers and friends        enforcement, fire-rescue        men and women of emer-        lives and how many kids
cans. The ideals which govern      that serve as a constant          or emergency medical ser-       gency services portray.       lost moms and dads, and
our great nation were com-         reminder to those in the          vices.                                We may not remember     how many moms and dads
promised and we stood strong       community of the heroic                  Honor Guard member       what we did a month ago,      lost kids”
as we showed the world we          gestures firefighters make        and driver for Mobile sta-      or even a week ago, but              Since Sept. 11,
would not go down easy.            every day as they respond         tion 16, Ronald Broughton,      we can all too clearly see    Broughton says things have
      The site where the twin      to calls and save the lives of    says “its [Sept. 11] always     the time a place of where     gotten better in terms of
towers once stood is now a         those in trouble.                 in the back of my mind.”        we were on Sept. 11. The      public awareness of what
gaping hole and iron frames               The speeches heard         Broughton has been serving      emotions that we felt can     firefighters go through.
guarded by memorials and           at the ceremony were filled       as a firefighter for 20 years   be brought back with just a   Broughton, who did not
constant reminders of the          with inspiration and admira-      and says the lost men and       slight glimpse of a photo or  decide to become a fire-
nearly 3,000 heroes that lost      tion. They discussed the im-      women are always in his         memorial of that devastat-    fighter till his twenties, said,
their lives. In New York,          portance of the heroic duties     heart. He explained that as a   ing day. For Broughton,       “for a long time you would
ground zero is filled with         and the men and women             fire fighter you never know     the day of Sept. 11 began     hear kids say firefighters
somber silence and emotion.        who serve, and as well as         what to expect when you         with his normal morning       are heroes, now its EMTs,
The relatives and friends of       the “thin line” between           are called out to serve, and    activities, as he was sweep-  emergency services and the
those lost, gathered to mourn      giving by serving and serv-       the events of Sept. 11 have     ing the floor at station 16.  police department. We are
and commemorate their lives.       ing by giving all. As they        made them more aware            He caught a glimpse of        all heroes.”
As the ceremony continued,         laid a memorial wreath,           of what could happen and        the smoke and fire ripping           The acts of the men
they carried flowers and           they remembered all of            how they must be prepared       through the trade towers.     and women who have lost
pictures in memory. The cer-       the sacrifices of the men         to handle anything. The         He immediately got the        their lives in the line of duty
emony closed to the sound of       and women of the fire and         nature of their job is to save  guys, and they watched        will always be honored and
“taps” played by the trumpet-      rescue departments across         lives at all costs. Broughton   from beginning to end as      remembered. Each day they
ers of the New York Police         the country. During the cer-      made note of what one of        their brothers and sisters of are out there saving lives
and Fire departments; another      emony a commemorative             the chief officers said dur-    the fire department fought    and risking the ultimate sac-
year has come and gone.            bell that stands permanently      ing the memorial saying         through it all and pulled     rifice, their own. Broughton
      President Obama spoke        outside Fire Station 22 was       “when catastrophic events       the people from the build-    summed their experiences
at the pentagon saying, “No        rang. The 4-5 ring sequence       occur, you see the fire ser-    ings. As they sat stunned,    up by referencing a song,
words can ease the ache of         “5555” is rang when a life        vice, EMTs and police run-      Broughton said they just      he said, “all gave some but
your hearts” as he laid a          is lost in the line of duty.      ning to the event and the       thought about what was        some gave all. That’s what
wreath of flowers over where       It is symbolic for the radio      public running away.” This      important to them. He said,   Sept. 11 was. Some gave lit-
the 184 people lost their lives.   transmission when there is        message emphasizes the          “you look at all of those     tle but a little of them gave
Early in the morning, the first    a loss of a responder in law      bravery and honor that the      people who just lost their    all.”
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The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                                                                                            News
                                      Coming up this month on campus...
   Day & Date                  Event                                         Time                     Location                         Contact Person
    Thursday,                  U.S. Constitution Jeopardy                    4:00 p.m.                Quinlan Hall                      Tom Hoffman, 380-4184
    September 17, 2009         Amnesty International                         7:00 p.m.                Java City                         Sara Boccardo,
                               S.H.O.R.E.S*                                  8:00 p.m.                Biology Building, Room 108        Kelcee Smith,
                               Praise and Worship                            9:00 p.m.                St. Joseph Chapel                 Campus Ministry, 380-3495

    Saturday,                  Alabama Coastal Cleanup                       7:30 a.m.                Dauphin Island                    Kelcee Smith,
    September 19, 2009         Saturday in Service                           8:30 a.m.                New Hall Parking Lot              Sr. Patty Huffman, 380-3496

    Sunday,                    Community Mass                                11:00 a.m.               St. Joseph Chapel                 Campus Ministry, 380-3495
    September 20, 2009         Showstoppers Dance Team Try-outs              2 p.m.                   Chemistry Building, Room 126      Julie Adams,
                               Student Mass                                  9 p.m.                   St. Joseph Chapel                 Campus Ministry, 380-3495

    Monday,                    Meditation Group                              5:30 p.m.                On the Green in Front of AB       Heather Salazar,
    September 21,2009

    Tuesday,                   Mix & Mingle Networking Reception             4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.    Gautrelet Room                    Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson, 380-3470
    September 22, 2009

    Thursday,                  Praise and Worship                            9:00 p.m.                St. Joseph Chapel                 Campus Ministry, 380-4184
    September 24, 2009

   Special Notices:
   •   *Please notes that Thursday’s S.H.O.R.E.S meeting is mandatory for everyone interested in Coastal Cleanup.
   •   There is a Fall Career Expo being held at the Mitchell Center Arena on South Alabama’s campus from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 17.
   •   The Green 10 art exhibit will continue in the Eichold Gallery until September 25.
   •   National Hazing Prevention week is Monday, Sept. 21 through Friday Sept. 25

Visiting sisters reflect on time at the Hill before graduation
Sisters Thu Do and Yen Le reflect on their time at Spring Hill since joining in the spring of 2007 as students of business and psychology.
MARY RIES                            culture. I shouldn’t forget my      religious lifestyle. Usually       with their English papers.        in Theology and Psychology and
Contributing Writer                  country, but I can share my         people study with other reli-      They also enjoyed getting to      Do will be receiving her Masters
      They aren’t your typical       new culture with people in          gious people, and our friends      know fellow students. “Ev-        of Business Administration. After
college students. They roam          Vietnam,” said Do.                  were very surprised that we        eryone is very friendly, and      graduation, both sisters will be
around campus in habits and                 A few of the cultural        can keep our lifestyle and         we feel that we have become       attending Graduate school. The
spend about 2 and a half hours       differences that the sisters will   still live on campus,” said        friends with both the faculty     Sisters have found their time here
of their day dedicated towards       be taking back to Vietnam           Do.                                and the students,” said Le.       to be of benefit to them and as a
prayer. They are about 8,500         include the different style                 Le and Do have also              Do and Le are involved      pleasant experience, “We feel like
miles from home and are actively     of learning, the difference         benefited from living on           with several activities on cam-   we are at home here,” said Do.
involved with Campus Ministry.       in food and the diversity of        campus because of the              pus such as Adoration, Praise
      These unconventional           people they have met on their       convenience of the professors      and Worship and other various                         1/
                                                                                                                                                                 wi Off
students are Sister Yen Le and       journey. Do says that she has       being within close distance,       Campus Ministry activities.
                                                                                                                                                                   th D
                                                                                                                                                                       th epo
Sister Thu Do. Le and Do began       learned critical thinking skills    especially if they needed help            Le is double majoring                                 is
                                                                                                                                                                            Ad sit
attending Spring Hill in January     and how to do better research.
2007, and as their time at Spring    “I never would learn this in                                                                                       apartments
Hill wraps up, they are reflecting   my country and now I can                                                                                 The Convenience of an Apartment
on their experiences here.           take this back to my convent                                                                                     The Comforts of Home
       Le and Do were ap-            and diocese,” said Do.
                                                                                                                                                    Our 2 & 3 bedroom
proached in July 2006 by Mother             In the beginning, the                                                                               townhomes are convenient
Superior and the Archbishop          sisters had planned to live on                                                                           to schools, dining, & hospitals
to come and study on the Hill.       campus for a semester then
Both took the opportunity and        move into a religious com-                                                                                          Special
have enjoyed their experience        munity, were they thought                                                                                       Bring in this Ad
in America and on campus. The        they might feel more com-                                                                                         & receive a
decision to come to learn in         fortable, but after their first                                                                                 monthly student
America was the sisters first time   semester they loved staying                                                                                         special.
out of their country. “I am re-      on campus and have resided                                                                                      2500 Dauphinwood Dr.
minded by many people to learn       here throughout their entire                                    KEITH NECAISE / SHC Photographer                  Mobile, AL 36606
new things from the American         experience. “We still keep our      Sisters Thu and Yen renewing their vows in April 2009.                        251.479.0125
                                                                                                                                                           Page 4
                                                                                                                                             The Springhillian
                                                                                                                                               September 17, 2009

Obama’s speech gives lessons
Continued from page 1.             much to do anything less than
                                                                    Center helps students succeed
                                   their best” said Obama, as he    Continued from page 1.         She has already received           even writing for an intern-
young students of the United                                                                       faculty referrals and says         ship or graduate school.
States.                            called upon the students as      that students can relate to
                                                                    each other on a level that     they are getting tremendous              The quantitative rea-
       The president addressed     the future of America.
                                                                    teachers cannot. She goes      help from the library staff.       soning portion of the Center
the educational responsibility               The speech was rela-
                                                                    further to say “they are the   Trianosky says they try            for Academic Excellence
of each student. The motiva-       tively well-received, despite                                   and enact this collabora-          is operated by Ms. Sandra
                                   prior reservations. However,     ones writing the papers,
tional speech highlighted the                                                                      tion not just in the tutorials,    Mayo. Mayo is the Direc-
                                                                    solving the problems and
importance of education and        the speech was not the most                                     but among themselves. She          tor for Mathematics in the
                                                                    we think the level of com-
the opportunities it provides.     controversial aspect of the                                     says “we try and make sure         Center for Academic Excel-
                                                                    munication that a student
It is not always evident to        president’s motivational plan.                                  faculty is brought into the        lence and is a member of the
                                                                    can achieve with another
students why they are learning     The real controversy arose as    student is higher.”            picture and the faculty-stu-       education and mathematics
certain skills at the time, but    the Department of Education               As Director of        dent loop is connected.”           department. The Center for
Obama touched on this knowl-       distributed suggested lesson     Writing in the Center for               For students strug-       Academic Excellence has
edge as a basic need for their     plans to schools. The plan       Academic Excellence,           gling with writing, the            had many visitors for help on
success and the success of our     included a section calling       Trianosky devotes her          Center for Academic Excel-         math assignments since the
nation. “We need every single      students in grades kindergar-    time and effort to ensure      lence is the perfect place         center opened. Students can
                                   ten through the sixth grade      students get quality help      to go. The tutors on staff         work one-on-one with tu-
one of you to develop your
                                   to write a letter explaining     through active learning.       in the center have been            tors or in small groups with
talents, skills and intellect so
                                   “what they can do for the        Before coming to Spring        through training and have          students of all ability levels.
you can help solve our most
                                                                    Hill, Trianosky ran the        learned how to stimulate           The tutors have been trained
difficult problems. If you don’t   president.” These letters
                                                                    writing center at Hollins      collaborative learning.            in tactics to best help each
do that – if you quit on school    would later be redistributed
                                                                    College. She says it is a      Throughout their time as           individual student and are an
– you’re not just quitting on      so they could remind them-                                      tutors they have staff meet-       excellent resource.
                                   selves of their goal and check   similar community and is
yourself, you’re quitting on                                                                       ings and developments                       The Center for
                                                                    sure her past success will
your country” said Obama.          their progress. This activity                                   that keep them refreshed           Academic Excellence is truly
                                                                    follow her here. She says
          He related to stu-       was not suggested for middle                                    on materials and fully pre-        beneficial to students of all
                                                                    the Spring Hill community
dents that face challenges in      school or high school stu-                                      pared. They can guide you          ability levels, concentrations
                                                                    is “exactly the type of en-
everyday life by sharing his       dents.                           vironment that is condu-       through every step of the          and backgrounds. With the
own struggles as a child. He                 Other suggested        cive to a successful collab-   writing process. The peer-         skilled knowledge of the
offered examples of extraordi-     activities included students     orative tutoring session.”     to-peer setting makes the          tutor and the collaborative
nary people who have beaten        building background informa-               One aspect of        writing center a great place       learning experience, the Cen-
the odds, and he let students      tion by research and reading     our community has stuck        to bounce ideas around for         ter for Academic Excellence
know all that matters is that      books on or by the president.    out to Trianosky as being      an assignment. From be-            is sure to have great success
                                   Another suggestion was that      extremely beneficial. As       ginning to end, the Center         at Spring Hill. As Trianosky
you work hard, not the cir-
                                   students pick quotes from        she discussed our mission      for Academic Excellence            said, “learning is fun, learn-
cumstances you are placed in.
                                   the speech and contemplate       statement she drew spe-        is available to help. Tria-        ing together is the most fun.”
“That’s no excuse for talking
                                                                    cial attention to a specific   nosky says the best time                    For further informa-
back to your teacher, or cut-      how they inspire them or
                                                                    element. “The spiritual        in the writing process to          tion visit
ting class, or dropping out of     ask themselves “What does
                                                                    component of our mission       come in would
school. That’s no excuse for       Obama want me to do?”
                                                                    creates a dimension that I     be right when
not trying,” he told students                Some Obama critics                                    you receive the
                                   say the lesson plan influences   did not have at Hollins and
as he urged them to overcome                                                                       assignment. She
                                                                    I think adds a real depth
their circumstances.               a political preference on                                       says this prevents
                                                                    to everything that we do
          “I’m calling on each     young developing minds and                                      students from
                                                                    here, and that is really
of you to set your own goals       may give them a biased look                                     getting stuck and
                                                                    what drew me to Spring
for your education – and to do     into politics.                   Hill,” she said.               frustrated. If you
everything you can to meet                   Others are concerned            Since its begin-      have completed
them” encouraged Obama.            that students who are not        ning, the Center for Aca-      all of the writ-
Along with long-term goals,        Obama supporters, or have no     demic Excellence has re-       ing and just need
Obama asked students to set        knowledge of his background      ceived great response from     some last minute
small goals, like doing all of     and morals, may be behind in     faculty members and the        help, Trianosky
                                   the lesson following the ad-     administration. This is im-    says better late
their homework. The president
                                   dress.                           portant for Trianosky who      than never. The
stressed the fact that whatever
                                             The White House        says her motto is “col-        center does not
you choose to do, whether big
                                                                    laboration on the Hill.”       only offer assis-
or small, you must commit.         is defending the president,
                                                                    This collaboration is on       tance on English
          “The story of Ameri-     saying his intention was “de-
                                                                    all levels, between faculty    assignments.
ca isn’t about people who quit     signed to encourage kids to                                     They cover writ-
                                   stay in school.” Since the ad-   and students, faculty and
when things got tough. It’s                                                                        ing across the
                                                                    the Center for Academic
about people who kept go-          dress, cabinet members have                                     curriculum. Any
                                                                    Excellence, students and
ing, who tried harder, and         scheduled similar speeches at                                   type of writing,                DOUG BRUCE / Photography Editor
                                                                    the Center for Academic
who loved their country too        schools around the country.                                     they can handle, Mike Courtney studies at the Center.
                                                                    Excellence and so on.
Page 5                                                                                                                                                      Kendrick Dunklin
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                 OpiniOnS & ediTOrialS                                                                                           Opinions & Editorials Editor

Letter from the Editor: There                                                                                 Adapting to the 21st Century
                                                                                                              Ashley urges students to take advantage of what
is more to life than cell phones                                                                              modern technology has to offer at Spring Hill.
                                                                                                                                                   Institute for Neuroscience and
Elizabeth Farren discusses how cell phones and social networking sites have
                                                                                                                                                   Human Behavior. He believes
taken a toll on various means of communication - leaving the basics in the dust.                               ASHLEY ROBINSON                     that we were born into an
                                         is a good idea, but do I really   on Skype. But what is even
                                                                                                                                                   environment of electronics
                                                                                                               Editor Emeritus
                                         know enough people to con-        more worrisome is the young-                                            that is rewiring our brains. If
                                         stitute that many accounts?       er folks in our generation and                                          this is true, and I do concur
       On top of e-mail, you can         the folks behind them. The                   Nowadays, infor-           myself, we should raise our
               Editor-in-Chief           contact me through Face-          largest text messaging demo-       mation is just a click away,         standards.
                                         book, calling my actual cell      graphic is people under 30; 87     and everyone has seemed to                     Not only should we
          How many times                 phone, or Instant Messaging       percent of their cell phone use    notice. I couldn’t even make         raise the bar, but include in
a day do you check your                  me through one of two screen      is for text messages, accord-      it to my second day of classes       our online learning, elements
Facebook account? Not for                names or through one of two       ing to AARP Bulletin’s Web         without hearing about our            that trigger our brains’ inter-
legitimate reasons, like to see          Skype accounts.                   site.                              new online site called “Moo-         actions like puzzles, patterns
what time you have a meet-                         But here’s the crazy             Although I can be-        dle.”                                and engines that heighten
ing, or when you are hanging             thing: you could write me,        lieve this statistic without a               Was this really neces-     our reflexes. If these engines
out with friends, but just to            stick a note on my door or in     moment’s hesitation, it’s sad.     sary? Well, incase the N1H1          also let us design and create,
see if the girl in your math             my mailbox. Who doesn’t           We communicate through             virus breaks out at Spring Hill      we would be more proactive
class is finally dating the guy          like getting mail? Think back     Facebook and e-mail, and if        College and we are all quar-         with them. If we have the
from English, or who has                 to freshman year when you         you don’t have the former, we      antined, or incase of a ghastly      freedom to turn in work in
accomplished what in Mafia               checked your mailbox every-       won’t talk to you unless we        hurricane, I do believe the site     our own style, while meeting
Wars. Ask yourself, is Face-             day, especially if you lived in   need something. If you don’t       is quite nifty. It is user friend-   the professor’s guidelines, we
book your morning ‘paper?’               Walsh, only to find it empty.     have the latter, then you won’t    ly and even has a cool name.         would be more apt to trying
      What worries me is                 We complain about how we          hear from us for way too long.               Sites like these are       new things and broadening
how attached we, as a society never get mail, but why do we                So why not change that? Call       filling the Internet and mak-        our perception.
and as a                                                    expect any?    your grandparents or relatives     ing it easier for us to learn                  One thing I can surely
genera-      In the fourth quarter of 2008, the Truly and                  every week just to say hello.      from home. However, clever           tell you is that our multitask-
tion, have average American teenager sent honestly, if                     I’ve been doing it since I was     as this may seem, will we as         ing skills are thriving. I find
become to 2,272 text messages a month.                      all we ever    three.                             students be able to still get the    myself in a few of my classes
technolo-                             - New York Times do is com-                   One of my favorite        hands-on experience needed           located in computer labs and
gy.                                                         municate       things about my afternoon          in the classroom? Were we            I’m multitasking like a ma-
As Ashley Robinson refer-                                   with those     run is that I have a legitimate    ever getting that experience in      niac! I even tried myself after
enced in last week’s issue, the          we really care about via one      reason to leave my phone           a classroom?                         the lesson, writing down all
Internet can be a blessing or            of eight technologies, why        somewhere. Lately I have                     The only way, in my        the major points we went over
a curse. This week, she asks             should they write us?             found that I leave my phone        opinion, that we can still get       in class. I had retained every-
us to raise the bar and adapt                      What is surprising in   a lot of places when I go out      the same experience, if not          thing the professor was saying
to the society created by the            this messaging chaos is that in   because I am just tired of the     better, is by using a very inter-    and even what the students
Internet. But how much more the fourth quarter of 2008, the                constant noise.                    active tool. If the 21st century     had discussed. I did all of this
can we adapt? I mean half of             average American teenager                  Put your phone down       eventually leads us to learning      while writing a blog, checking
us have iPhones and the half             sent 2,272 text messages a        and walk around campus, go         primarily online, I do believe       e-mail, instant messaging with
that does not, has their e-mail, month, according to the New               running, or enjoy the weather.     human interaction is key to          a friend and researching for
Facebook or Twitter sent to              York Times.                       Leave it on your desk as you       keeping our intelligence at a        my last column.
their phone. This creates an                       More shocking is the    head to dinner and really          fine standard.                                 The 21st century has
environment such that by the             amount of text messages that      listen to your friends. Go on                In my last column, I       raised the bar, so let’s adapt.
time the phone has finished              go across the world daily.        a weekend trip with friends        quoted the director of Uni-          We need more tools online
alerting its owner of a new              The Gartner Group esti-           and only take one phone for        versity of California at Los         that work with us, rather than
message, another has arrived,            mates that around 3.3 trillion    emergencies. It’s only when        Angeles’ Memory and Aging            dumb us down and make us
creating a constant flow of              text messages will be sent        you’ve left your phone, your       Research Center at the Semel         lazy.
echoing message alerts.                  worldwide over the year, so       Internet or other ‘link’ to the
          Now, I’ll be the first
to admit that I three have
                                         that’s roughly 904,110 per
                                         day. Quick messages via cell
                                                                           outside world, that you realize
                                                                           there’s something so much
                                                                                                                             Coffee Talk from
e-mail accounts sent to my
phone. The more frightening
                                         phone or Internet have created
                                         short, romantic moments into
                                                                           better. I’m not asking you to
                                                                           go read a book or discover                       Spring Hill College
thing is that I have five some- a daily reminder. An “I love               the stars, but just realize that
what active e-mail accounts.             you” between husband and          there’s more than Facebook,                NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC:
Maybe it’s because I’m over              wife has been taken down to       MySpace and Twitter.
                                                                                    Oh wait, I forgot
                                                                                                                What’s your thoughts on social net-
organized and I figure that              “luv u” or even better (hugs)
five ways of contacting me               (kisses), which is only cute      about Pandora...nevermind.            works like Facebook and MySpace?
The Springhillian                         Phone: (251) 380-3850                 Photography Editor                  Advertising Manager                        Advisor
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam                         or 380-3840                         Doug Bruce                            Adam Pfaff                        Stuart Babington
E-mail:            Fax: (251) 460-2185               
                                                                                                                                                                     Page 6

OpiniOnS & ediTOrialS                                                                                                                                  The Springhillian
                                                                                                                                                         September 17, 2009

You can find me in the club
Kendrick takes a look at the top three nightspots
                                                                      Jim’s vacation at Saratoga
                                                  Jim Love talks about his summer trip to the horse racing city of Saratoga.
in Mobile to give the city a much needed boost.
                                                                                                             Springs? Why do you never          area all three days we were
                                   entertaining.                                                             want to miss another summer        there. There is a mandatory
                 KENDRICK                                                           JAMES LOVE
                                          Skyview Lounge – 17th              there? Why did you go with         jacket policy in the clubhouse
                 DUNKLIN           Floor of Holiday Inn-Down-                       Contributing Writer
                 Op/Ed Editor                                                                                your uncle?                        which can be a little prob-
                                   town Mobile.                                                                     The respective answers      lematic when it is 85 degrees,
                                   The Skyview Lounge is a                                                   are: It is in upstate New York,    and the only air conditioning
                                   stylish lounge that gives you            It may be hard to believe,
                                                                      but Labor Day is already a             it is home to the best horse       is in the form of a rare breeze
       The city of Mobile is       a great view of downtown                                                  racing in the U.S., and it is      traveling through the open air
constantly on the receiving        Mobile and Mobile Bay. Like        week and a half behind us. The
                                                                      official end of summer is this         home to the best horse rac-        facility.
end of negative attention.         the Crooked Martini, if you                                               ing in the U.S. I know the last           The clubhouse is also
Around Spring Hill College,        are looking for a sophisticated    coming Tuesday, but Labor
                                                                      Day is what marks the end of           two answers may offend the         where many heavy hitting
I always hear students ranting     place to chill after a long day                                           Kentuckians on campus, but         sports personalities sit. In the
about how there is nothing         or week of classes, this is        the season for many people. In
                                                                      many ways it was a difficult           ever since Keeneland inserted      three days I was at the track, I
to do in Mobile. I even hear       definitely the place for you.                                             polytrack - Kentucky horse         saw Bill Parcells, Jim Boe-
native Mobilians proclaiming       Happy hour at this spot is         summer for me; it was filled
                                                                      with many graces but it had a          racing is simply a few lengths     heim, Jim Calhoun and famous
that their city is lame and bor-   Monday through Friday from                                                behind.                            horse trainers D. Wayne Lukas
ing. I am a proud Mobilian,        5 to 7 p.m. It’s also a great      tough ending. One thing I did
                                                                      learn this summer, however,                   We arrived in Saratoga      and Steve Asmussen, who was
so I find this kind of talk just   spot to watch your favorite                                               Springs around 5 p.m. on           buying lemonade for his three
appalling.                         sports games.                      is that I will never let another
                                                                      one pass without a trip to Sara-       Tuesday, July 28, after an eight   kids.
       The city of Mobile is on           Club Insanity – 310                                                hour drive. At dinner, an hour            The real allure of Sara-
the rise, and I am one of those    Dauphin Street (Behind the         toga Springs, N.Y.
                                                                            I was actually blessed to        later, I became fully aware that   toga to me, however, is the
individuals that see the po-       Spot of Tea).                                                             horse racing is supreme there.     quality of the racing. The best
tential in this city. Of course           Club Insanity is a 21st     take three trips this summer.
                                                                      I attended a seven-day silent          We went to Sergio’s, a fam-        2-year-old horses in the coun-
Mobile has its issues that can     century club equipped with a                                              ily style Italian restaurant for   try come to Saratoga, and the
definitely be fixed, but what      computerized L.E.D. dance          directed retreat at the Jesuit
                                                                      Center in Wernersville, Penn.,         dinner and we were joined by       stakes schedule is unrivaled
city does not? I can go on         floor, two big blue ray screens,                                          Kenno, Con and their guests.       by any other track. All of the
and on about issues I have         12 HD televisions and a VIP        about two and a half hours
                                                                      from where I live, in early            I was in awe when I realized       big owners and trainers bring
observed when I have vis-          section. This is a club where                                             that Hall of Fame jockey Jose      their horses to Saratoga to
ited cities like New Orleans,      the craziness never dies. To       July. I’m sure that those of
                                                                      you that know me well cannot           Santos was two tables away         try to get a coveted picture in
Atlanta and St. Louis, but that    all of those Club Atlantis                                                and Hall of Fame trainer Bill      the winner’s circle. The high
is not my reasoning for this       lovers, Club Insanity is what      believe that I was silent for a
                                                                      whole week, but believe me,            Mott was in the corner eating      quality of racing means big
editorial.                         you call a real club. They                                                with his family. We enjoyed        fields and excellent wagering
       I am writing to be an       have bartenders that do these      I was silent. The retreat was a
                                                                      great experience and it allowed        our meal and got back to our       opportunities.
unofficial ambassador for Mo-      juggling tricks while they fix                                            hotel to handicap the races for           I had a successful trip
bile. I want to give you my        your drinks. And for all of        me to do a lot of productive
                                                                      thinking and reflecting away           Opening Day on July 29.            despite having a rare win less
top three favorite night spots     you die-hard sports fans, they                                                   Kenno and Con are           day on day two because I hit
that you can visit in Mobile       also have a sports bar and         from the hustle and bustle of
                                                                      the Washington, D.C. area.             friends of my uncle and very       a few nice exactas on day one
this weekend. You can also         game room that is just insane.                                            accomplished horseplayers          and day three. The trainer of
visit these places throughout             I have only listed my       I would be blessed to make
                                                                      another retreat there in the           who would be at the track with     the winning horse from my
the week, but I don’t condone      top three, but there are plenty                                           us for the opening days of         day one exacta, Tony Dutrow,
partying when you have class       of other places that you can       coming year.
                                                                            In the middle of July,           the meet. At Sergio’s, Kenno       happens to know my uncle,
the next morning. That is just     enjoy in the city of Mobile.                                              asked me what I expected the       and it was a privilege to meet
something that I do on my          Let’s face it: we are college      I took a three-day road trip
                                                                      with a good friend to see              track to be like. I told him I     and talk to him on day two,
own accord.                        students looking to have a                                                thought it would be modern-        even though I was losing.
       Crooked Martini             nice time when we have had a       major league baseball games
                                                                      in Pittsburgh and Cleveland.           ized, but that it would still             If you do not like horse
– 7639 Cottage Hill Rd. #C.        week full of stressful classes.                                           have its historical charm. He      racing, you are probably won-
The Crooked Martini is a great     If we did not enjoy ourselves,     That was also a fun trip and it
                                                                      put me two steps closer to my          replied that I would be in for     dering why I recommended
place to get live music, great     we would not fit the stereotype                                           a “huge surprise” and I most       that everyone go to Saratoga
martinis, but only if you are      of being a college student. It     recently created goal of seeing
                                                                      all 30 major league baseball           certainly was.                     Springs every summer. That
over the age of 21, and a great    is all part of the requirements                                                  They have been racing       question can be answered in
crab dip. If you want a trendy     of being in college, so go out     stadiums. I’ve been to seven to
                                                                      date. My final trip this sum-          at Saratoga Race Course since      a variety of ways. The food
spot to chill with your friends    and enjoy yourself.                                                       1864. The entire clubhouse         is the most logical thing that
or to meet new people, this is            I want your experience      mer was to Saratoga Springs,
                                                                      N.Y. in late July with my uncle        box area is made of wood and       comes to mind. In my four
definitely the spot for you. If    in Mobile to be great, and I                                              each box has three or four         days in Saratoga Springs, I
you are looking for something      want to hear people raving         Dan.
                                                                            Some of you probably             chairs, which had to be at least   literally ate like a king. Ev-
to do on Tuesdays, they have       about the fun this great city                                             100 years old. We were fortu-      eryone, including the jockeys
a karaoke night that is very       has to offer.                      have several questions for me
                                                                      right now. Where is Saratoga           nate enough to sit in the box                 See Saratoga page 7.

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        Signature Offset               Hattiesburg, MS 39401                   Jonathan Sealy                      Heather Bozant                         John Merrill         Phone: (601) 544-4445              jtsealy@stumail.             hmbozant@stumail.           jamerrill@stumail.
Page 7
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                     OpiniOnS & ediTOrialS
What happened to people’s                                                                                 Letter to the Students: We
                                                                                                          are America, so can you
                             Catholic Church
belief in the people have lost faith in the Catholic Church
Heather Bozant discusses how
                                                                                                          Devon Austermann, Tim Corbett, Kyle Jones
                                                                                                          and Neilson Lea pay their respects to America
                                                                                                          In memoriam of Sept.11,            Spangled Banner,” but with-
HEATHER BOZANT                      others sharing the same ideals,    which is understandable—they
                                                                                                                 As the members of The       out action and eternal vigi-            uniting under the common           are capable of making their
Contributing Writer                                                                                       Wixy, Devon Austermann,            lance, liberty will vanish for
                                    goal of receiving Christ in the    own decisions. But, more
         The start of a new                                                                               Tim Corbett, Neilson Lea and       our posterity. This is not so
                                    Eucharist. In communion, we        often than not, when given the
school year brings a number                                                                               Kyle Jones reflected upon the      much a call to arms, but a call
                                    are one. In receiving Jesus’       option of attending Mass, the
of new and familiar faces onto                                                                            terrorist attacks of Sept. 11      to duty. It is our obligation,
                                    body and blood, we become          young adult’s choice is to skip
campus. The new students                                                                                  this past Friday, we all came      nay our burden, as citizens to
                                    united in Jesus.                   it; thus, resulting in parents
are nervous and confused                                                                                  to a realization of our ardent     defend this nation’s principles
                                             The church is a com-      attending Mass sans children.
about where to go and what                                                                                passion for what really mat-       against “all enemies, foreign
                                    munity of believers. For me,       But when did going to church
to do, particularly when older                                                                            ters most.                         and domestic.”
                                    my parish church is like a         become such a chore?
students who have already                                                                                        Old Glory flew half-               When we mention eter-
                                    family because it’s usually                 My family has always      mast for five days over the        nal vigilance, we don’t mean
grasped the ways of campus
                                    the same people that are seen      attended Mass together.            White House after that fateful     standing at the border with
life surrounding them. But
                                    every weekend and it’s only        As a teenager, I remember          day eight years ago. Our na-       a gun defending from some
despite the confusion, excite-
                                    natural that we get to know        complaining about having           tion was awash with a flood        foreign invader. We mean be-
ment and anxiety that are
                                    each other. Sadly, the church      to get up so early, but I am       of patriotism and U.S. flags       ing wise, educated and active
prevalent throughout the first
                                    on campus is not like that.        thankful now that my par-          were sold out of stores for        citizens. We mean watching
weeks of school, there is an
                                    While opening Mass may be          ents instilled within me the       months. No one was going           the news. And not just Fox
overwhelming sense of com-
                                    crowded, soon the number of        necessity of attending Mass.       to mess with us, “throw a          News or CNN, but all news
                                    church-goers will dwindle.         Going to church is a bond-         sucker-punch from some-            outlets: T. V., newspapers and
         I attend Mass at           Students will either become        ing experience—it’s a way of       where in the back” and get         Internet sites. When was the
Spring Hill College, and there      overwhelmed with school            strengthening ties not only to a   away with it. The fervor of        last time you checked
is no better way to experience      work or other obligations,         person’s faith, but to a per-      national pride seemed end-         or the Drudge Report? We
this sense of community than        which results in their faith be-   son’s family. Participating in     less and retribution was on        mean reading and understand-
in the college’s opening Mass.      ing put on the back burner.        the Mass is a way of actively      the horizon. Regardless of our     ing the founding documents
In the church, the emotions                                            seeking God and saying yes to      political views, we all wanted     of this nation. No, not just the
                                             But is that uncommon
of confusion and anxiety slip                                          him.                               justice. Has this quest for        preamble to the Constitution
                                    even away from college? How
away as people are united                                                                                 justice ended? Has our enthu-      or the first paragraph of the
                                    often do we choose not to                   Today, as the number
under one common goal: to                                                                                 siasm for our nation faded?        Declaration of Independence,
                                    attend Mass in favor of some       of people slipping away from
be united with Jesus. Open-                                                                               We’ll give you our answer:         but the Federalist Papers,
                                    alternative activity or event?     church continues to increase,
ing Mass is always crowded,                                                                               “Hell No.”                         Jefferson’s Notes on Virginia,
                                    I’m always struck by the lack      we must remember that, as a
so there is a huge chance that                                                                                   We felt compelled to        Paine’s Common Sense and
                                    of teenagers and young adults      community, the church needs
the person seated next to you                                                                             write on the subject of patrio-    the Puritan sermons that influ-
                                    present in Mass. For being         its members because without
is someone unknown, but for                                                                               tism on the eighth anniversary     enced the rugged individual-
                                    a familial community, the          us, the church is nothing. It
some reason, that doesn’t mat-                                                                            of Sept. 11. America is a way      ism that became a fundamen-
                                    church certainly lacks entire      is an empty building. It is
ter.                                                                                                      of life for us, as it should be    tal value of American society
                                    families that attend Mass.         only together that the build-
         The primary appeal of      As children mature, parents        ing can become a church. In        for every citizen. As Adlai        up to this day.
attending Mass on campus, as        usually give their children        communion, we are one—we           Stevenson said, “Patriotism is            We hope this message
well as anywhere else, particu-     the option of attending Mass.      are united with Christ. What       not short, frenzied outbursts      stays with all of you, or at
larly for new students, is the      This is especially true when       greater experience can there       of emotion, but the tranquil       least inspires you to reflect
ability to be in a place with       their children are in college,     be?                                and steady dedication of a         on what matters most to
                                                                                                          lifetime.”                         you. Political awareness of
                                                                                                                 Now, we aren’t saying       the ordinary citizen is at an
Saratoga provides for great racing and eating                                                             you need to go enlist. We          all-time low, at a time when
Continued from page 6.              something as simple as lunch       ter on Friday morning before       haven’t. What we are saying        more people than ever before
                                    on the way to the track was        the races. Since it combined       is that you should devote at       have the ability to participate.
and trainers, goes to Siro’s, not   superb. We went to Saratoga        my love of history and horse       least a small portion of your      We encourage all to not sit
to be confused with Sergio’s,       Awesome Dog two straight           racing, I must say I enjoyed the   life to being a mindful citizen.   idly by and “leave politics to
after the races because it is       days and I am convinced that       Hall of Fame a lot.                We all need to educate our-        politicians,” but learn about,
across the street from the track.   they make the best chili cheese          Like many other people,      selves on this nation’s prin-      participate in and contribute
We were fortunate enough to         dogs in the Northeast.             I believe that summer does end     ciples and history, not depend     to true American patriotism.
get seated for dinner there on            Saratoga Springs is also     on Labor Day. However, unlike      on the media or professors to
Thursday, and I had the privi-      known for its famous natural       others, I believe Labor Day is     shape our minds for us. Patri-     From sea to shining sea,
lege of meeting another track       spas, good golf, nice summer       the end of summer because it is    otism is not loyalty to a piece
side character, who referred to     weather, the family friendly       the end of the Saratoga racing     of land or a cult of personal-     THE WIXY:
himself simply as the Gov-          atmosphere at the track and the    season. I guess I will have to     ity, but loyalty to principle.     Devon Austermann, Tim Cor-
ernor; I could write a whole        Horse Racing Hall of Fame.         wait until next July for another   We can fly our flags high and      bett, Kyle Jones, and Neilson
article about him alone. Even       My uncle and I went to the lat-    summer in Saratoga Springs.        remove our hats respectfully       Lea from Fairway Apartments
                                                                                                          at the sound of “The Star-         - Langan 212.
Page 8                                                                                                                                             Abby Cowart
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                             life & CulTure                                                                               Life & Culture Editor

Student Spotlight: Lauren McCarthy Easy steps make the
Junior Lauren McCarthy gives The SpringHillian
insight into her “Badgertastic” life on campus.                                                    world a greener place
DOUG BRUCE                       administration.”                                                  Dr. Bordas provides students with simple ways
Photography Editor                     As the new Student
      When not in classes,       Center is built and the
                                                                                                   to make Spring Hill College more eco-friendly.
Spring Hill College junior       campus becomes more                                               DR. LESLI BORDAS                     you have way more
Lauren McCarthy is heavily       energy efficient, SGA has                                                     electronic gadgets than
involved in a current of         maintained an active role                                         Associate Professor Chemistry        the dorm room has
co-curricular activities that    in “greening” the campus.                                                                              plugs. That doesn’t
                                                                                                          You don’t ever litter,        mean you can’t use it to
shape much of the student        McCarthy says, “I am proud                                        you recycle when you can
community. McCarthy              that the SGA has brought                                                                               your advantage when
                                                                                                   and you’re ready to take             that red-headed (tree-
volunteers with the Foley        awareness about “going                                            the next step, but what is           hugging) co-ed comes
Center, helps plan student       green” to campus. There                                           it?                                  to your room. To be
activities as a Vice President   are recycling bins all over                                              There is no wrong             effective, this strategy
of Special Events with           campus, and we have had         DOUG BRUCE /Photography Editor
                                                                                                   way to start an eco-friend-          does require you to
Campus Programming               two successful Earth Day        Matthew Malus walks down          ly project, and there are            actually turn off the
Board and serves on several      celebrations over the past      the path with McCarthy.           many resources that can              power strip before you
Student Government               two years, and I hope that is                                     help you get started - see           leave your room (don’t
Association committees.          something that can continue     Elementary School. It                                                  get caught with your
                                                                                                   web sources at the end of
      Being a part of            for years to come.”             is a completely different                                              switch on).
                                                                                                   this article. I have, for
SGA is a very important                Working in the Spring     environment than what I was
                                                                                                   your convenience, con-          •    Conserve water: Do
responsibility to McCarthy.      Hill community is as            exposed to in elementary
                                                                                                   solidated several ideas              you really have to run
She has an active role in        important to McCarthy as        school.”
                                                                                                   into a top ten list of simple        the water while you
planning Badger Brawl, one       the surrounding community.            McCarthy is a native
                                                                                                   things you can do at                 brush your teeth? If it
of organization’s biggest        At the Foley Center,            of Pensacola, Florida.                                                 takes you two minutes
                                                                 Interestingly enough, she         Spring Hill College.
events. McCarthy shares, “I      McCarthy works with                                               • Make that change:                  to brush your teeth
have enjoyed being on SGA        elementary students. She        was born in Hawaii. While                                              (dentists recommend
                                                                                                        It’s as easy as chang-
because it serves as a link      explains, “This is my third     describing her love of                 ing your dorm room              brushing for three min-
between the students and the     year tutoring at Westlawn                  See Student page 11.        light bulbs to compact          utes) and 30 seconds
                                                                                                        fluorescent light bulbs.        of that to rinse your

Symbols of remembrance on Sept. 11                                                                      The newer versions
                                                                                                        of compact fluores-
                                                                                                                                        mouth, then one and
                                                                                                                                        half minutes of run-
                                                                                                        cent lights are much            ning water are wasted.
                                                                                                        brighter and can be as          A regular faucet dis-
                                                                                                        much as 50 times more           charges three gallons
                                                                                                        efficient than regular          per minute, which
                                                                                                        incandescent bulbs.             means you have wasted
                                                                                                        Although you can find           around 4 and a half
                                                                                                        them across the street          gallons of water. We
                                                                                                        at CVS or Bruno’s,              will assume, for your
                                                                                                        they are often cheaper          mother’s sake, that you
                                                                                                        at Wal-Mart.                    brush your teeth two
                                                                                                                                        times a day and, if you
                                                                                                   •   If you can turn me               are part of the incom-
                                                                                                       on, you can turn me              ing freshmen class, you
                                                                                                       off: Even compact                are one of 362 students
                                                                                                       fluorescent light bulbs          on campus that have
                                                                                                       consume energy so if             jointly wasted 3,258
                                                                                                       you are not using it,            gallons of water in one
                                                                                                       turn it off! Don’t be            day. One semester of
                                                                                                       afraid of turning off a          careless teeth brushing
                                                                                                       light you think nobody           for the freshmen class
                                                                                                       else is using; the worse         equals 296,478 gallons
                                                                                                       that can happen is that          of water! Aren’t we
                                                                                                       it gets turned back on.          glad the upper classmen
                                                                                                                                        do not brush their teeth
                                                                                                   •   Turn the power strip             as often?
                                                                                                       off when you leave:
                                                                                                       You bought a power          •	 If you have a choice,
                                                                                                       strip so you could con-        use a laptop: Laptop
                                                             DOUG BRUCE /Photography Editor            serve energy and help          computers are not only
                                                                                                       save the word. Yeah            more portable; they
Clockwise from top left: Equipment driver and honor guard member Ronald
                                                                                                       right! You bought a            use 25 percent less en-
Broughton; Firefighter Dale Shaw and his daughter Ashley remember fallen first
                                                                                                       power strip because                    See Ten on page 10.
responders; A symbol of remembrance; Firefighters listen to remarks.
Page 9
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                                        life & CulTure
Watermelon Bash raises funds for Gulf
Coast’s North American Food Drive                                                              G
Saturday’s rain did not deter teams from assisting Lambda Chi Alpha’s
                                                                                               R       L
philanthropy event a success by raising over $2,500 in donations.
Life & Culture Editor
                               week, women from the dif-
                               ferent teams also raised
                                                               year’s watermelon bash was
                                                               extremely successful. We        E
       The men of the Delta    money for the philanthropy      raised $2,000 from teams
Delta chapter of Lambda        by holding bake sales and       alone and are expecting
Chi Alpha hosted their an-     “dorm storming” for dona-       more from donations by the
                               tions for the North Ameri-      end of the week,” said ju-

nual philanthropy event,
Watermelon Bash, Sat-          can Food Drive.                 nior Ryan Meisemann.
urday, Sept. 12, on Dorn               The ladies of Phi               Lambda Chi Alpha
                                                                                                                         DOUG BRUCE /Photography Editor
Field.                         Mu took first place in the      expresses their gratitude                        Chris Bruce hoses mud off Mark Ponseti.
       According to Michael    competition, while Delta        for the support shown at
Lysek, the vice president of   Delta Delta placed second       its event, even though the
external affairs, the teams    and Delta Gamma placed          conditions were messy. “I
that participated in the       third. Delta Delta Delta also   think everyone had a fun
event helped Lambda Chi        received the “most spirited”    time despite the rain and the
raise over $2,500 in dona-     award at the event.             mud. Thank you everyone
tions. Donated money is                Despite the rainy       for participating, and con-
still being calculated, but    weather that accompanied        gratulations to Phi Mu for
Lysek hopes that once the      Saturday’s event, many          their victory. I can’t wait
money is translated, the       people still came out to        until next year,” said Mei-
amount will beat last year’s   support the cause. “This        semann.
                                                                                                                         DOUG BRUCE /Photography Editor
total of 68,000 pounds. All
                                                                                               Onlookers at Watermelon Bash get pushed in the mud pit.
proceeds from the event
benefitted Lambda Chi’s
philanthropy, the North
American Food Drive.
         After the donated
money is collected, it is
translated into pounds of
food and given to the Bay
Area Food Bank, which                                                                                                   LAUREN MCCARTHY/SHC Student
provides homeless shelters,                                                                     Caitlin King, Jay Hay, Jessica Caire, Meghan Kacic, Ally
and food centers in the Gulf                                                                    Slivka and Kat Renik gather at the Greek Life Pig Roast.
Coast regions of Alabama,
Mississippi and Florida.
          Delta Gamma,
Delta Delta Delta, Phi Mu,
the soccer team, the soft-
ball team and two teams of
freshmen women participat-
ed in the fund-raising ac-
tivities. The event featured
several competitions includ-
ing a greased watermelon
relay, watermelon hockey,
tug-of-war, over-under and                                DOUG BRUCE / Photography Editor
a seed-spitting contest.       Freshman Andy Poveda smashes a watermelon in the mud                                      DOUG BRUCE /Photography Editor
         Throughout the        pit at Lambda Chi Alpha’s Watermelon Bash on Saturday.          Margarita Perez kisses the “pig” at the Greek Life Pig Roast.
                                                                                                                                                          Page 10

life & CulTure                                                                                                                               The Springhillian
                                                                                                                                               September 17, 2009

LoDa Artwalk a hit Small Italian eatery offers big taste
in downtown Mobile This local Italian restaurant provides authentic cuisine in a comfortable, quiet at-
                   mosphere. The small environment makes Via Emilia the perfect place for a date.
Monthly artwalk offers food, art and entertainment.
                                                                       ANNA PLOVANICH                 atmosphere is intimate and
ABBY COWART                         everything else going on in the    romantic, a perfect place to
Life & Culture Editor                                                  Contributing Writer            take a date.
                                    arts on both sides of the Bay.”
                                                                                                            The owner and chef of
          Feeling artsy? If so,            Also taking place at Fri-
                                                                             Tired of generic         Via Emilia is Chatman Ellis,
the second Friday of each           day’s artwalk was the presen-      Italian joints like Olive      who devoted his time to
month has become a popular          tation of the 2009 Greater Mo-     Garden and Fazoli’s?           collecting authentic recipes
time and place to be in down-       bile Arts Awards by the Mobile     Craving some authentic         from Northern Italy. Via
town Mobile. During the city’s      Arts Council. The awards           Mediterranean flavor?          Emilia offers seafood, lamb,
LoDa Artwalk, join downtown         acknowledged the important         Then I suggest you try         pasta, beef and chicken
art galleries, institutions, stu-   contributions that individuals,    Mobile’s own local             entrees. On the lighter side,
dios and unique shops as they       groups and businesses make to      restaurant Via Emilia.                                              Source: Via Emilia Web site
                                                                                                      the restaurant also serves
open their doors and welcome        the cultural life of the Mobile          I stumbled across the    soups, salads and appetizers,          Via Emilia is located
the public inside to see beauti-    community.                         humble little house that       like the Southern staple of      at 5901 Old Shell Road
ful artwork and sample deli-                 This year’s recipients    is Via Emilia a couple of      fried green tomatoes and         across the street from
cious foods.                        included: Charles Smith,           years ago, and it quickly      classic bruschetta. For          the University of South
          Currently in its fourth   Elmo Hammer, Danny and             became my favorite             bread connoisseurs, Via          Alabama’s campus. Hours
year, the event has grown           Pam Mollise and Arlene             eatery. The service is         Emilia’s is delicious and        of operation are Monday
tremendously since its start,       Mitchell. Gallery 54 and the       friendly and the food is       homemade to boot.                through Saturday 5 p.m. to
                                                                       excellent, though a little           My favorite dish is the    10 p.m. and Friday from 11
offering new venues, more           Azalea City Quilter’s Guild re-
                                                                       more expensive than            Bolognese Lasagna, which         a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations
artists and more activities.        ceived awards for the business
                                                                       regular Italian chains.        comes with fresh roasted         are available for four or
The most recent artwalk was         and organizations category.        There are only about                                            more. Call (251) 347-3677
                                                                                                      vegetables. And your meal
held Friday, Sept. 11, in the                Another unique high-      10 tables inside and 10                                         or visit
                                                                                                      isn’t complete without a
Cathedral Square Arts District      light to Friday’s event was the    more on the patio, but the     slice of cold tiramisu.          for more information.
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The           opening of the new gallery,
event was sponsored by the          The Paper Wasp. A space for-
City of Mobile Department of
Neighborhood and Community
                                    merly occupied by the Chesser
                                    Gallery. The gallery features
                                                                       Ten ways to live green on the Hill
Services.                           book and paper-related art and     Continued from page 8.             clothes and use phos-           the plastic plates and
          According to Charlie      is currently showing an exhibi-                                       phate free detergents.          utensils, but this was
Smoke, the director of com-         tion called “The Migration,”           ergy than their desktop                                        unsuccessful. You can’t
munity development at the           which emphasizes works with            counter parts. While       •   Use eco-friendly clean-         recycle the plastic with
Mobile Arts Council, the Sep-       a bird theme by three artists,         you’re at it, install a        ers: Fancy smells and           residual food. It is not
                                                                           sleep mode on your             colors do not clean bet-        possible to wash plates
tember artwalk always attracts      including gallery owner Wayne
                                                                           computer that will fur-        ter. They just make you         at our temporary loca-
many people, as it kicks off        McNeil.                                ther reduce your energy        feel better about clean-        tion and we are limited
the art season. “More than 20                The city’s next artwalk       consumption.                   ing. To keep things             by space, but there is
venues participated, and the        is scheduled for Friday, Oct.                                         fresh and clean, try di-        something we can do:
streets were full of people;        9. For more information on         •   Is it time to talk about       luting white vinegar.           1) Use the least amount
                                                                           plastic? Invest in a                                           of plates as possible. 2)
about 1,135 visited Mobile          how to get artwork displayed
                                                                           reusable water bottle.     •   Grow your own veg-              Don’t use paper towels
Arts Council,” said Smoke.          at an artwalk, contact Charlie         Brita pitchers, which          etables: The environ-
“I usually stand at the door of     Smoke at (251) 432-9796.                                                                              unnecessarily. 3) Bring
                                                                           run between $15 and            mental club is in the           your own reusable
the Arts Council                                                           $45 are good alterna-          process of developing a         water bottle and fill it
to greet visitors                                                          tives to tap water if          student garden on cam-          with the drink of your
and answer ques-                                                           you find Mobile water          pus. Located near New           choice. 4) Bring your
tions, and so for                                                          questionable. Look             Hall, this organic garden       own utensils and wipe
                                                                           for the FilterForGood.         promises to be a place          them clean after you’re
me, the best part                                                          com water program and          you can commune with
of the artwalk                                                                                                                            done. They will be
                                                                           watch for updates from         nature and eat healthy.         ready to use for the next
was watching the                                                           the Spring Hill green
                                                                                                      •   What to do about the            meal and less likely to
crowd, enjoying                                                            team.                                                          break on you.
its diversity, and                                                                                        temporary cafeteria:
                                                                       •   Wash your clothes              The new student center
chatting with peo-                                                                                                                     For additional information
                                                                           in cold water: Most            and cafeteria promises
ple about the work                                                         of the energy used in          to be state of the art and   check out these additional
in our galleries                                                           the washing machine            totally green, but what      web sites: www.treehug-
and other Mobile                                                           is attributed to heating       do we do until then?;;
Arts Council proj-                                                         the water. Wait until          Last year, we experi-; www.
ects - and about                                                           you have a full load of        mented with recycling
                                           Source: Alabama Web site
Page 11
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                                         life & CulTure
Story of imperial czars adds Student leader encourages involvement
to mystery of powerful family Continued from page 8. the community.” perfect answer to everything,
                                                                                                      Like most Spring Hill        but I have to do my best to
Perry’s book highlights an ancient imperial fami-              living and participating in      students, McCarthy’s work          represent the organizations
ly’s rule over Russia and their ultimate decline.              Gulf Coast communities,          on campus has not come             that I believe in and the
                               Anastasia, the most             McCarthy paused to say, “I       without struggle. With             school that I am a part of.”
                               infamous being Anna             actually don’t like seafood.     every opportunity and every              Believing in her school
                               Anderson, who, after DNA        Fun Fact!”                       involvement, new challenges        and community, McCarthy
Contributing Writer
                               testing, eventually turned             McCarthy’s drive          are always present.                is passionate about getting
      Since I was young,       out to be yet another fraud.    for involvement does not         McCarthy offers, “While            involved. When asked if
I’ve always been fascinated          In John Curtis Perry’s    come without inspiration.        being involved in so many          there is truly one word to
with the myth of Anastasia’s   book The Flight of the          She says she has always          things at once is one of my        describe her, she immediately
survival as well as the        Romanovs: A Family Saga,        looked up to her mother,         favorite parts about being at      responds by describing
whole Romanov family in        he spends less time on          whom she considers               Spring Hill, it can sometimes      herself as, “Badgertastic.”
general. If you’ve been        the rumor of Anastasia’s        to be a personal hero.           be my least favorite. I            She confers, “Being a badger
living under a rock and        survival and rather recounts    McCarthy says, “I have           have learned so much from          is more than just being a
don’t know who I’m talking     the vast Romanov family         always looked up to my           seeing the campus at all           student at Spring Hill. There
about, the Romanovs were       history. Perry details          mom throughout my entire         different angles and having        are so many opportunities
the last czars of imperial     the rules of each czar,         life. She served as a Navy       to deal with many different        offered by the school to
Russia. The family ruled       even down to the petty          nurse for many years and         situations, not all positive.”     allow for educational and
from 1617 to 1917 and has      skirmishes between family       is always looking to help              And while there have         personal growth.”
ties to Peter and Catherine    members. It was interesting     others. She is always            been challenges, they are                McCarthy is an
the Greats.                    to see hints of the ultimate    there when I need her and        not without gain. McCarthy         Integrated Communication
      Nicholas II was the      decline of the Russian czar     I strive to be that kind of      explains, “I have definitely       major who is graduating in
last tsar and Alexandra        style of ruling, throughout     person for my friends and        learned that there is not a        2011.
Fyodorovna was the last        each czar’s rule. You
tsarina of Russia. Together
they had five children,
                               could follow the decisions
                               and laws that were made        SUDOKU
Anastasia, Tatiana, Maria,     and follow the pattern of      Answer to last week’s puzzle:
Olga and Alexei, the heir.     demise.
The Revolution of 1917               Nicholas and
saw the removal of the         Alexandra both kept
Romanovs from their palace     diaries, as well as wrote
to a remote country home in    numerous letters, quotations
the Urals.                     from which are sprinkled
      In July of the           through the book. I
following year, Bosheviks      thoroughly enjoyed reading
were ordered by Lenin to       these excerpts; it made
assassinate Nicholas and       the Romanov family seem
his immediate family. They     more like actual people
were awakened at 2 a.m.        rather than historical
and taken to a basement,       figures.
where they were told their           I also found it
photographs were to be         fascinating that today there
taken as proof of their        are so many descendants
survival. Gunfire was          of the Romanov family
opened, yet the Bolsheviks     that are still living, many
were amazed to see bullets     of whom are princes and
ricocheting off of the         princesses of Europe,
clothing of the women,         including William and
who had sewn over 1.3          Harry. Bizarrely, remaining                                              Job Availability
kilograms in jewels to the     branches of the Romanov
inside of their clothing.      family still quarrel with      A unique learning experience is available in DAPHNE to students in psychology, special educations,
                                                              speech therapy, occupational therapy or other related fields.
Gruesomely, they were          each other regarding the
finished off with bayonets     issue of succession.           Positions are available for providing in-home and community training and services to a male
and shots to the head.               After reading The        adolescent with autism. The program utilizes ABA based skill acquisition and behavior management
      After this episode,      Flight of the Romanovs, I      strategies. The program is coordinated under the direction of a behavior analyst (BCBA).
there was a popular rumor      feel as if I am an expert on
that Princess Anastasia        the dynasty. Additionally,     Afternoon/evening and weekend hours are available at $10.00/hour. Applicants will receive
                                                              orientation and both general and specialized training in procedures and applications for the program.
had survived and escaped       the mystery that for me has
the assassination. Many        shrouded the family has        Interested individuals should contact Karen Rucker at 863-397-4809.
women came forward             been lifted, yet I find them
to claim themselves as         all the more captivating.
                                                                                                                                                        Page 12

life & CulTure                                                                                                                             The Springhillian
                                                                                                                                             September 17, 2009

Get to know: Dean Joe Deighton Eichold Gallery to host
Dean Joe gives the students an inside look at what he does at Spring Hill
College and what some of his plans are for the upcoming school year.
                                                                                                  Green10 exhibit this month
ELIZABETH FARREN                important the Office of                                           Campus gallery displays art with a social justice
Editor-in-Chief                 Student Activities is to the                                      theme focused toward the environmental crisis.
       During Preview, many     Spring Hill experience.
freshmen are introduced                He works with Jennifer                                     ABBY COWART                       act to stop the overproduction
to Joseph Deighton, who         Stallings to create events                                        Life & Culture Editor             of waste, we cannot move on
serves as the Vice President    on campus that help to
                                                                                                                                    to find ways to improve our
of Student Affairs and Dean     compliment the lessons
                                taught inside the classroom,                                             The Eichold Gallery        situation and the future of the
of Students. Upon his arrival
to Spring Hill College in the   but instead Deighton                                              hosted the opening reception      planet.”
summer of 2006, Deighton        emphasizes that so much of                                        for the Green10 art exhibit                Wanda Sullivan,
insisted upon being called      college is the experiences                                        Thursday, Sept. 3, in the Fine    gallery director and curator
Dean Joe and not Dean           outside the classroom.                                            Arts Building.                    for the exhibit, feels that
Deighton. To this day, he              He focuses on                                                     The opening exhibit of     the exhibit is not only a
still goes by this name.        emphasizing the Jesuit                                            the academic year reflects        way to reflect social justice
       Before Spring Hill,      mottoes, such as cura                                             Spring Hill College’s social      themes but also a means
Deighton worked for Walsh       personalis. Deighton                   KEITH NECAISE / SHC                                          to communicate the Jesuit
                                                                                                  justice theme, “Renew the
University in North Canton,     expresses that he has always                   Photographer       Face of the Earth.” Each piece    themes that Spring Hill stands
Ohio followed by eight          had the goal of creating a      small campus feel. He
                                student activities that help                                      featured in the show utilizes     on.
years at Avila University in                                    has always been a fan of
Kansas City, Mo. Deighton       to mold the whole person                                          recycled materials in an effort            The exhibition
                                                                small schools and enjoys
became interested in Student    and give unforgettable          the atmosphere created by         to celebrate the natural world    features the work of 10 artists,
Affairs during his time as      experiences to students.        the closer environment. He        or speak of the environmental     offering a variety of works
a student at Case Western                Despite all the        feels it is because of its size   crisis.                           ranging from paintings and
Reserve University. He          seriousness that Deighton       that Spring Hill has so many               The opening              sculptures to mixed media
originally attended Walsh       puts into his job, he           wonderful student leaders.        ceremony welcomed many            presentations. “There are
University studying             emphasizes that he wants              When asked about his        students, faculty and guests      some very traditional works
accounting and finance.         students to enjoy their time    goals for this coming year,                                         and some very non-traditional
                                                                                                  from around the Spring Hill
While studying both at          being on the Hill.              Deighton stated that each of      community, who are looking        works. There are two
Walsh and Case Western,                As well as working       the departments he works
                                with the student activities                                       to learn more about art’s         dimensional pieces and three
Deighton was involved                                           with has its own goals, but
with housing and student        office, Deighton also works                                       contributions to the current      dimensional pieces. I love
                                                                overall he hopes to continue
affairs through his time as a   with Badger athletics. He       building a better campus          state of the environment.         putting very different works
resident assistant and other    says he is excited for the      community. He also says           “The Green Show, for me,          together, they create a unique
activities.                     new athletic director, Jim      that as a department they         is significant in that the        synergy,” said Sullivan.
       So what does the Vice    Hill to arrive to Spring        have to get creative with         current state of the global                The following artists
President of Student Affairs    Hill at the beginning of        the limited resources, but        environment is in dire            have work displayed in the
and Dean of Students do?        October. When asked what        he is still looking forward       straits due to the irreverence    exhibit: Raine Bedsole, Casey
According to the Bulletin of    his favorite part of his job    to another great year on the                                        Downing Jr., Susan Downing-
                                                                                                  of human neglect. This
Information, Deighton works     is, he replied that he enjoys   Hill.                             exhibition is an opportunity      White, Alan Gerson, Fred
with Residence Life, Student    seeing students succeed and           If you have any
                                grow. He enjoys seeing                                            for me and other artists to       Lawyer, Greg Shelnutt,
Activities, Judicial Affairs,                                   questions or concerns for
Intercollegiate Sports and      first year students mature                                        raise awareness and hopefully     Karoline Schleh, Dave
                                                                Dean Joe, you can stop by
Recreation Programs as          through their senior year and   his office in Walsh Hall 165,     encourage change for a better     Truesdale, Rachel Wright and
well as the Wellness Center.    grow into student leaders.      e-mail him at jdeighton@          tomorrow,” said featured          Tony Wright.
Deighton emphasizes how         Deighton also loves the                          ceramic artist Dave Truesdale.             The Green10 exhibit
                                                                                                            Many students found     will remain in the Eichold

                                                                                                  the environmentally friendly      Gallery through Sept. 25.
                                                                                                  nature of the exhibition          Beginning Oct. 5, the gallery
Fill in the grid so that ev-                                                                      encouraging and influential in    will display the works of
ery row, column, and 3x3                                                                          its promotion of the college’s    Sheri Flick Reith and Tom
                                                                                                  social justice theme. “I really   Lee. The reception for this
box contains the numbers                                                                          liked how Casey Downing           exhibition will be held
1 through 9. Answers for                                                                          Jr.’s ‘No Passing’ took the       Thursday, Oct. 22. The first
the puzzle will be in next                                                                        theme to heart by using found     student exhibition will be held
week’s paper.                                                                                     objects to create thought         in April 2010.
                                                                                                  provoking pieces about                     The Eichold Gallery
                                                                                                  our effect on the planet,”        is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30
                                                                                                  said sophomore Jacqueline         p.m. Monday through Friday.
                                                                                                  Dunsworth. “The double            All exhibitions are open to
                                                                                                  meaning of ‘No Passing’           the public and admission is
                                                                                                  really resonates. The literal     free. For more information on
                                                                                                  interpretation of the solid       the Eichold Gallery, contact
                                                                                                  yellow line on a highway          Wanda Sullivan at (251) 380-
                                                                                                  shows the fact that if we don’t   3863 or
Page 13                                                                                                                                            Greenberry Taylor
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                    sports                                                                            Sports Editor

I want to be like Michael Jordan, king of basketball
                                                                                                         Hard times for lady Badgers
The man who changed the game of basketball says farewell for the final time.
                                                                                                         The Sharks of Nova Southeastern University
GREENBERRY TAYLOR                Tim Duncan of the San
Sports Editor
                                                                                                         handed the lady badgers a tough loss Sunday.
                                 Antonio Spurs. Duncan didn’t
                                                                                                         GREENBERRY TAYLOR
      The single most iconic     even blink when the camera                                              Sports Editor                    goal with 73 minutes on the
athlete to ever play the game    was on him; he was to busy                                                    The women’s soccer         clock with a right-to-left shot
of basketball graced fans        absorbing everything he could                                           team suffered their third        that snuck by Pitchford and
with his presence one last       from the legendary Michael                                              straight loss Sunday afternoon   made its way into the lower
time Friday night; Michael       Jordan. The fact that someone                                           against the Sharks of Nova       left corner of the goal.
Jordan was inducted to the       of Duncan’s stature, who has                                            Southeastern University by a           The Badgers had six
Naismith Basketball Hall         won four National Basketball                                            score of 2-0.                    shot attempts for the night and
of Fame. David Robinson,         Association Championships,                                                    Elizabeth Brauher          three corner kicks while the
John Stockton, Jerry Sloan                                                    Source: Chicago Bulls      scored the first goal of the     Sharks were able to get off 11
                                 was so captivated just shows
                                                                      Michael Jordan as number           game for Nova at the 20          shot attempts and also three
and C. Vivian Stringer were      how great Jordan really is.
                                                                       23 for the Chicago Bulls.         minute mark with the ball        corner kicks.
also inducted that night, but           When Michael Jordan’s
                                                                                                         ricocheting off the hands              Spring Hill’s goalkeeper
as usual, all eyes were on       speech was coming to an              those guys [Chamberlain and        of the Badgers goalkeeper        Emma Pitchford had three
Jordan.                          end he closed by saying              West].”                            Emma Pitchford. The ball hit     saves for the night.
      Sitting there captivated   two things that made his                    Who doesn’t want the        the crossbar and rolled into           The Badgers travel to
by the highlight reel that       speech unforgettable. He             title of the greatest? Jordan’s    the net.                         Florida Saturday to face Saint
featured some of Jordan’s        said that his induction to the       humility just proves how                 Nova’s Danielle            Thomas University at 5:30
game-winning shots, insane       Basketball Hall Of Fall isn’t        genuine he is about the game       Granholm scored the second       p.m.
dunks and re-caps of past        a “defining end” but “ simply        of basketball. Humility goes
championships won, I
wasn’t thinking about the
speech to come. I knew it
                                 a continuation of something I
                                 started a long time ago.” After
                                 that, Jordan closed by saying,
                                                                      hand in hand with greatness.
                                                                      No one likes athletes who
                                                                      flaunt their talent. Jordan
                                                                                                         What’s your fantasy?
would be good; it’s Michael      “Never say never. Because            would never dare, he has too       Get a break down of who to start and who to sit for
Jordan for crying out loud.      limits, like fears, are often just   much respect for the game.         your fantasy team for this upcoming NFL weekend.
But I had forgotten how          an illusion.”                               Kids’ heroes are
good his Royal Airness truly            Come On! This guy is          commonly athletes. Kids            EVAN PARROTT                     that the breakdowns in the
                                                                                                        secondary will stop anytime
is.                              like Friedrich Nietzsche in          pay attention to their every       Editor Emeritus
      With all eyes on him,      a basketball jersey. Name a                                                                              soon.
                                                                      move. They look to them as
Jordan spoke last. He once       current athlete you’ve heard                                                                                      Sit ‘em
                                                                      role models. But let’s face it:
again found himself in the       drop a line like that recently?                                                   Quarterbacks
                                                                      today’s athletes aren’t saying
                                                                                                                      Start ‘em           Carson Palmer @ Green Bay
role of the closer. And he       You can’t, because they              things like “limits, like fears,                                    Packers
closed in true Mike fashion.     don’t make them like Mike            are often just an illusion.”
      Jordan approached          anymore.                             Instead they are on television       Eli Manning @                           The Packers’ defense
the podium with tears                   As if the speech wasn’t                                            Dallas Cowboys                 tortured Bears’ QB Jay Cutler
                                                                      with accusations ranging
in his eyes. He spoke            enough to remind me of how                                                         The Dallas            in every way imaginable
                                                                      from rape and murder, to
as passionately as he            great Jordan really is, ESPN                                              Cowboys surrendered            in week one. Cutler was
                                                                      using steroids and controlled
                                                                                                           almost 300 yards to a          constantly pressured, and
had played. He thanked           aired Michael Wilbon’s               substances. It makes me sad
                                                                                                           mediocre QB in Byron           the Bears receivers were
teammates, coaches, and          interview with Michael               for the kids growing up right
                                                                                                           Leftwich. Expect a Super       constantly covered. If Palmer
friends who had helped him       Jordan.                              now. It makes me miss Mike.
                                                                                                           Bowl winning QB to             couldn’t get things going in
along in his career. He also            Wilbon asked some                    I worked at a summer                                         the air against an inferior
thanked his family, who he       good questions, but his best                                              do better. The Cowboys
                                                                      camp for three years. Kids                                          Broncos team last week,
said instilled his nature to     question asked frankly, “do                                               defense had zero sacks week
                                                                      were always in my ear about                                         there isn’t much hope this
compete.                                                                                                   one. This week, they face
                                 you want to be called the            who the best player in the                                          week against a strong Packers
                                                                                                           the best offensive line in
      Now, some of you           greatest [living basketball          game was. So I would ask                                            defense.
                                                                                                           the NFL. Manning should
may be thinking that this        player]?”. Jordan’s response         them if they could be one            have plenty time to find his
sounds like your run-of-the-     was unbelievable. Jordan said        player who would they pick.                                         Joe Flacco @ San Diego
mill, average speech, but it     that he didn’t want the title.       I typically got the answer                                          Chargers
wasn’t.                          “I think it disrespects Wilt         “Kobe Bryant’ or “Lebron             Trent Edwards vs. Tampa                Joe Flacco was
      As Jordan’s speech         Chamberlain and Jerry West.          James” and sometimes a               Bay Buccaneers                 probably the biggest QB
progressed, the camera           All the guys that prior to me        “Kevin Garnett.” Then they                                          surprise of week one. He
                                                                                                                    The Buccaneers
panned over the faces in         I didn’t get a chance to play        would ask me that same                                              threw for 300 yards and three
                                                                                                           secondary gave up over 350
the crowd of National            against.” Jordan went on to          question in return. My answer                                       touchdowns against the Chiefs
                                                                                                           yards through the air last
Basketball Association           say he “cringes” and gets a          was simple, and watching the         week. With one of the Bucs’    defense. The problem for
superstars and legends.          little “embarrassed” because         Hall Of Fame inductions only         starting safeties suspended    Flacco is that he isn’t going to
They were all captivated by      “no one knows. I never got           solidified it: “I wanna be like      for the first four games,      play against the Chiefs every
Jordan’s words, especially       a chance to play against             Mike.”                               there is no reason to expect                See Picks page 14
                                                                                                                                                               Page 14

  SpOrTS                                                                                                                                          The Springhillian
                                                                                                                                                    September 17, 2009

Picks for this weekend in the NFL get deep
Continued from page 13.          running backs. Bradshaw             Visanthe hiancoe
                                                                                                         RECENT RESULTS
week. Don’t expect the cross-    actually had more rushing           @ Detroit Lions          TEAM         DATE               OPPONENT                  OUTCOME
country trip for the Ravens to   yards last week than starter              Detroit             VB        Sept.11-12         Rhodes Invitational            1-3
go very well.                    Brandon Jacobs. Bradshaw            made New                 WS          Sept. 13       Nova Southeastern Univ.           L: 0-2
        Sleeper                  should be a very suitable           Orleans Tight
                                 second Running Back or flex                                  MS          Sept. 14         Mississippi College             L: 1-2
                                                                     End Jeremy

                                                                                               UPCOMING GAMES
Jason Campbell vs. St. Louis     player in week two.                 Shockey look like
Rams                                    Wide Receivers               he was back at
         You will notice                                             the University of
                                          Start ‘em
this to be a common theme                                            Miami last week. TEAM     DATE                        OPPONENT                        SITE
this year. Heavily consider                                          Watch Minnesota
                                 Terrell Owens and Lee Evans                            MS    Sept. 18               Saint Thomas University           Saint Thomas
playing any quarterback                                              mix up Adrian
                                 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
against the St. Louis Rams                                           Peterson with      WS    Sept. 18               Saint Thomas University           Saint Thomas
this season.                              The Bucs’ defense          some play action   VB    Sept. 18                  Dillard University                Dillard
                                 gave up touchdown passes            to the Shiancoe    MCC   Sept. 19                 Azalea City Classic                 USA
Running Backs
                                 of 42, 66 and 80 against the        against the Lions. WCC
        Start ‘em                                                                             Sept. 19                 Azalea City Classic                 USA
                                 Cowboys last week. Home
                                 run threats Owens and Evans         Defense/Special    MT    Sept. 19               Marion Military Institute             SHC
Chris Johnson vs. Houston        should both have over 70 yards      Teams              WT    Sept. 19               Marion Military Institute             SHC
Texans                           and a TD each.                      Start ‘em          MS    Sept. 20                   Shorter College                  Shorter
         Last week, the                    Sit ‘em                   Washington vs.     WS    Sept. 20                   Shorter College                  Shorter
Houston Texans made                                                  St. Louis Rams
Thomas Jones look like Curtis
                                 T.J. Houshmanzadeh @ San            The
Martin from 10 years ago.
                                 Francisco 49ers                     Washington
Although Johnson didn’t have
                                          Hasselbeck quickly         Redskins
a really good game against
                                 established T.E. Carlson as         defense only
the Steelers, expect a big one
                                 his favorite option in the          gave up one
from him this week.
                                 Seahawks passing game last          touchdown
                                 week. The 49ers are coming          last week to
Brian Westbrook vs. New
                                 off a performance in which          the Giants.
Orleans Saints
                                 they held Anquan Boldin and         The Rams
          The Detroit Lions                                          on the other
                                 Larry Fitzgerald to under 100
utilized Kevin Smith in the                                          hand, didn’t
                                 yards combined.
passing very successfully                                            score any
against the New Orleans                  Sleeper                     touchdowns…
Saints. That’s good news for     Kenny Britt vs. Houston Texans      that equals big
the Philadelphia Eagles, who                                         fantasy points
like to throw to Westbrook                Rookie Mark Sanchez
                                                                     for the ‘skins.
about a dozen times a game.      looked like a veteran against
                                 the Texans defense last week.       Sit ‘em
        Sit ‘em                  Seasoned Kerry Collins should       Tampa Bay @
                                 be able to do just as well. Britt   Buffalo Bills
Joseph Addai @ Miami             is an emerging star and will
Dolphins                         soon be the Titans’ number one      This is very
                                 receiving option.                   simple: until
         The Miami Dolphins
                                                                     the Bucs fix
were a top 10 defense against
                                                                     their secondary
the run last year. Last week,              Tight Ends                problems, they
they held the NFL’s second
                                           Start ‘em                 are not worth
leading rusher to 65 yards
                                                                     a start in any
on 22 carries. Don’t expect
                                 Chris Cooley @ St. Louis            fantasy league.
Addai to come anywhere near
100 yards for the game.          Rams

        Sleeper                          After years
                                 of being a fantasy
Ahmad Bradshaw @ Dallas          tease, Cooley finally
Cowboys                          delivered last week.
      Dallas gave up over six    Look for him to do the
yards a carry in week one.       same against a Rams
The Giants have a dominant       Defense who let John
offensive line, and there are    Carlson run wild last
more than enough carries         week.
to go around for the Giants’             Sleeper
Page 15
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                                                                                         SpOrTS
NFL kicks off season; fans make their predictions
Former Sports reporter for The SpringHillian, is so confident in his predictions for this football season that he has submitted
them in print for the public to take note. Devin Golden gives us his 10 best predictions, taking no prisoners in the process.
                                    Cardinals will not go to the      coach at best, but that defense   pretty good, minus their weak     is, Cleveland, Miami, Denver,
Devin Golden                                                                                            secondary and Steve Slaton
                                    playoffs. I’ve been one of the    is devastatingly good and the                                       and Tampa Bay will be the
Contributing Writer                 biggest Kurt Warner believers     offense is just as good as any    will have a breakout season.      five worst teams in the NFL.
                                    for quite some time now, but      in the NFL, besides New Or-       With the Titans dropping off      The Kansas City Chiefs will
                                    I don’t think he can duplicate    leans.                            and the Colts winning around      win around seven games, and
       Hello, Spring Hill           the year he had last season.            Prediction #6: The          10 or 11 games, I can see the     everyone will have them as
 College sports fans. As the        Same goes for the Carolina        Cincinnati Bengals are go-        Texans pulling off a hot streak   a “sleeper pick” for next sea-
 2009-2010 National Football        Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and     ing to be that team that wins     of seven or eight in a row        son.
 Season begins, one has to          Dallas Cowboys.                   against the really good teams,    around the middle of the sea-
 wonder just what could pos-                                          gets a bandwagon going for        son and going 11-5.                      Prediction #10: New
 sibly follow such an incred-             Prediction #4: Brett Fa-    a week, and then loses to the                                       England, Houston, Pittsburgh,
 ible offseason that was filled     vre will win the division with    Cleveland Browns at home                 Prediction #8: The Oak-    San Diego, Indianapolis and
 with bizarre twists and turns.     the Minnesota Vikings, but        by two touchdowns. I’m seri-      land Raiders will regret re-      Baltimore will make the play-
 From Ben Roethlisberger            not because the Vikings are       ous. They’re going to be the      leasing Jeff Garcia when they     offs in the AFC. The New
 being accused of sexual as-        especially good. Ten wins is      most inconsistent team of the     have to suffer through a losing   York Giants, Minnesota, Se-
 sault, to Terrell Owens land-      the ceiling for this team, and    season, win seven games, and      season with JaMarcus Rus-         attle, New Orleans, Philadel-
 ing with the Buffalo Bills,        Green Bay is going to finish      no one is going to have an        sell. Jeff Garcia has played      phia and Green Bay will make
 to Brett Favre once again          one game back. The Jay Cut-       explanation. Two words: Hard      regular season games for five     the playoffs in the NFC. The
 returning to play, to Mike         ler led Chicago Bears will fin-   Knocks.                           different teams since 2003.       AFC Conference champion-
 Vick signing with the team         ish with only five wins. That’s                                     In that span, he has thrown       ship game will be San Diego
 that may have the most criti-      right. I hate Jay Cutler. He’s          Prediction #7: The          66 touchdowns and only 40         beating New England. New
 cal fans in the entire National    one of the biggest whiners in     Houston Texans are going          interceptions. He has a career    Orleans will defeat New York
 Football League , this season      the NFL right now.                to win the American Foot-         TD-INT ratio of 161-83. He’s      in the NFC Championship
 is sure to provide excitement.                                       ball Conference South. Matt       won more games than he’s          game. New Orleans wins the
       But of course, what               Prediction #5: The San       Schaub will stay healthy,         lost. Yet, he isn’t signed with   Super Bowl.
 better than a few predictions      Diego Chargers will finish as     Andre Johnson will become         a team.
 to kick us off. I was a sports     the only team with 13 wins.       the best receiver in the NFL,                                       It’s going to happen. Just
 writer for two semesters in        They may have an average          their defense will become              Prediction #9: St. Lou-      wait.
 the SpringHillian, and I fig-
 ure I’d offer my unwelcome
 words of sports wisdom to
 pay society back.

 Prediction #1: I’ve never
 been more confident in my
 entire life that the New Or-
 leans Saints are going to the
 Super Bowl. Everyone hears
 it every single year with this                           Coming this Sunday, September 27:

                                                                                The Tip Tops
 team, but I have yet to say
 it. So, there it is. The offense
 is just too good, and the
 defense is going to be good                                                                                          Doors open @ 5 pm
 enough.                                                                                                            Music starts @ 6 pm
                                                                                                                    Bring your friends!
 Prediction #2: This is more
 of a prediction for the next
 offseason. The Tennessee
 Titans will miss the playoffs,
 and they will be looking
 for a new quarterback next
 April. Sorry Kerry Collins.
 You have enough left in the        Every Wednesday:                                                                            Every Thursday:
 tank to get the Titans eight             weekly wine tasting                                                                   live music starting @ 9!
 wins. It’s a shame too, when                                                                                                   This week...
                                        all you can eat sushi
 you look at how talented the
                                                                                                                                The Josh Ewing Trio
 running game is for them.

 Prediction #3: The Arizona
                                       9 Du Rhu Dr #234 Mobile                                  AL 36608-1259                      (251) 341-3370
Page 16
The Springhillian
September 17, 2009                                                                                                                               SpOrTS
Women’s volleyball team traveled to Rhodes College
This past weekend, the Badgers traveled to compete in the Rhodes College Invitational, where the faced many challenging teams.
GREENBERRY TAYLOR                          Melissa Williams maintained her               round Saturday morning against the             night against Millsaps College.
Sports Editor                              defensive consistency, recording 24           tournament host Rhodes College.                      Millsaps handed Spring Hill
                                           digs and Junior outside hitter Cassandra             Spring Hill College fell for a          College their third consecutive loss
          The Lady Badgers started         Marchand racked up eight kills with two second time in a row losing to Rhodes                sweeping the Badgers 3-0 by scores
the season off strong with a win over      service aces for the Badgers. With this       in a three-set decision by scores of 25-       of 28-26, 25-7 and 25-20. Despite the
Southern-University New Orleans,           victory, Spring Hill College’s record         16, 25-22 and 25-21. Stacey had seven          devastating loss Stacey and Cassandra
but since then they have fallen into       was 2-1.                                      assists along with sophomore middle            Marchand each had six kills while Reese
somewhat of a slump.                              While the victory was sweet, it        blocker Holly Shultis, while Reese             stacked up 12 assists and two aces.
       The Badgers suffered their          didn’t last long as the undefeated Union      performed well once more adding 16             Williams had 18 digs and junior middle
first loss last Wednesday night to the     University Bulldogs, 9-0 at the time,         assists and Williams had 22 digs for the       blocker Madelaine Anderson added one
Badger’s bitter rival, The University of   were waiting to take down the Badgers         SHC.                                           block. The Badgers are now 2-4.
Mobile Rams. The Rams shutout the          in the second round of the tournament.               With the Badgers record at 2-3,               The Volleyball team travels to New
Badgers 3-0 with wins of 25-12, 25-14             Going up against this powerhouse       they played their final match Saturday         Orleans, La. to go up against Dillard.
and 25-20. Outside hitter, Sarah Stacey,   team, the Badgers rose to the
lead the Badgers with six kills while      challenge. However, they fell                           Redeem this coupon for
setters Sally Reese and Shane Gilreath     short losing to Union 3-2 by
each recorded seven assists and senior     scores of 5-25, 25-23, 25-17 and             1 0 % O F F on e m on t h ’s r en t
Melissa Williams had 11 digs. After        13-15 Friday night. Williams                                                     -or-
suffering this tough loss, the Badgers     was tough once again; tough
were 1-1 and traveled to Tennessee for     on defense making 42 digs,          10% OFF packing and moving supplies
the weekend to compete in a tournament     and Reese was brilliant with 37            at any of our participating locations:
hosted by Rhodes College.                  assists with two service aces for
        The Badgers bounced back           the Badgers. Sarah Stacey also            ~USA Storage
from their tough loss by defeating The     had 12 kills while Senior middle
Principia College Panthers 3-0 in the                                                        ~Grand Slam Storage
                                           blocker Maura O’Callaghan
opening round of the Rhodes College                                                                 ~Dawes Stor-All
                                           made four blocks for Spring
Invitational last Friday afternoon.        Hill. This loss dropped the                                     ~Magnolia Self Storage
Spring Hill College won by match           Badgers to 2-2.                                                       ~A-COOL Self Storage
scores of 26-24, 25-23 and 25-20. Once            Coming off the tough                                                  ~StorageMax Self-Storage
again Reese put up some impressive         loss from Friday night the         *offer not valid in combination with any other promotions
numbers, throwing up 37 assists while      Badgers opened up the third

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