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									DU BAI
 one of the
 seven emirates
 that make up
 the United Arab
 Emirates on the
 Persian Gulf
 Dubai is unusual in that its population is
  comprised mainly of expatriates
 A quarter of the population reportedly
  trace their origins to neighbouring Iran
 Dubai is also home to some 100,000
  British and other western expatriates
Language and religion
   The official
    language is Arabic
    but English, German,
    Hindi are also widely
   Islam is the majority
    religion of the
    Emiratis and while a
    vast majority of the
    locals are Sunnis
 Oil reserves in Dubai are less than one-
  twentieth those of Abu Dhabi, and oil
  income represents a small proportion of
  the emirate's income.
 A majority of the emirate's revenues are
  from tourism.
Real estate and property

 Today, Dubai is an important tourist
  destination and port (Jebel Ali, constructed
  in the 1970s, has the largest man-made
  harbour in the world).
 The government's decision to diversify
  from a trade-based but oil-reliant economy
  to one that is service- and tourism-oriented
  has made real estate more valuable
   Construction on a
    large scale has turned
    Dubai into one of the
    fastest growing cities
    in the world
Burj hotel
   The Burj al-Arab
    (Tower of the Arabs)
    is a luxury hotel in
   Was briefly marketed
    as "the world's first
    seven-star hotel"
   it is the tallest building
    used exclusively as a
   It stands on an
    artificial island 280 m
   The client wanted a
    building that would
    become an iconic or
    symbolic statement
    for Dubai
   It was built to
    resemble the sail of a
   The interior of the
    hotel is dominated by
    a massive atrium
    formed between the V
    shaped structure and
    its fabric sail
   Other features include
    a helipad, suspended
    near the top of the
   interior guest
    space is a
    compilation of
    lavish and
    styles from both
    the east and the
   hotel boasts of
    8,000 square
    meters of 22-
    carat gold leaf
    24,000 square
    meters of 30
    different types of
   The building
    becomes not only
    an icon for Dubai
    but symbolizes
    the growing
    importance of
    capitalism as well
The atrium is so large !
The building accomplishes some of
             its goals
 becoming a recognizable architectural
 serving as an icon for Dubai
 symbolizing the on-going architectural
 symbolizing the wealth of the community
 The property boom is largely
 driven by many projects
 planned for Dubai.

 Off-shoresuch as Palm
 Islands and The World
                Palm Island
   palm trees will shelter nearly 500
    apartments, 2 000 villas, 25 hotels and
    200 shops of luxury. will be completed as
    of the end of 2005. Hundred twenty-five
    kilometers of coast additional will be thus
                 The World
   With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificial
    islands, seen sky will form a
    planisphere. If you want to acquire one of
    these islands, it will cost some to you
    between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars. should
    be completed at the end of 2005
 The aspirations of the ruling sheikh
 are reflected by the ultra-modern
 architecture of the city ,such as Burj
 al-Arab located on its very own
 island in the Persian Gulf and
 currently the tallest hotel in the
        Dubai Marina. new city, of a total cost of 10 billion dollars
It will be able to lodge 120 000 people. Three principal towers will be
                             set up and will
 Emaar Properties is currently
  constructing what will become the
  world's tallest structure, the Burj Dubai.
 The final height of the skyscraper is a
  closely guarded secret , but estimates
  so far point to a height upwards of 810m.
 Burj Dubai is expected to be completed
  in 2008
             Madinat Al Arab
   Here the representation of the one of the
    districts of the future greater sea front in
    the world, Dubai Waterfront. This sight
    accounts for the architectural ambition and
    the spectacular development of real
    constructions with Dubaï

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