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                         ‘NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR THE BRAVE’
Edition 12                                   NEWSLETTER                        Friday 16 April 2010
                                                      must come to school in their school uniform.
Dear Parents                                          We do not expect parents to lay out large
Welcome back to all the staff, learners and           sums of money on an expensive Bafana
parents. The second term is an exciting, busy         Bafana shirt. We want all our learners to
term. All learners are expected to work to            enter into the spirit of the Soccer World Cup.
their full potential once again. The Soccer           It is probably once–in-a-lifetime occasion and
World Cup is around the corner and we need            as Jeppe learners and staff we want to support
to participate enthusiastically in the time           our country. We would like all parents to join
leading up to the event. The main focus               us during this exciting time.
however, will still be on teaching and
                                                      PTA fund-raiser – Raffle
                                                      Flat screen LG TV 27” wide LCD monitor
KES rugby festival                                    screen, full HD, PLUS Surround Sound
                                                      A300 speaker system for your music and
Thank you to Mr Bwalya, Coach Solly and
Prince for giving up their time during the
holidays. The U-13 rugby boys participated            Learners will receive raffle sheets next week.
and I’m very proud of the results. Thank you          Each sheet will have 20 tickets at R5,00 each.
boys and well done!                                   The PTA would like each child to sell at least
                                                      1 raffle sheet. There will be a prize for the
Parents’ Evening – Wed 29 April 2010                  learner who sells the most tickets. The draw
17:00 – 19:00 (5 – 7 pm)                              will take place on 28 May, just in time for the
Please ensure that you meet with your child’s         lucky winner to view the soccer games. Please
teacher to discuss your child’s progress. This        support this venture.
is a very important meeting and we expect all
                                                      World Cup safety
parents to attend.
                                                      Many e-mails are doing the rounds about
Reports will be issued to the learners on 28
                                                      keeping learners safe. As a school we have
                                                      addressed the issue and have given learners
School Uniform                                        tips on what to do should they feel
                                                      “threatened” at any time. Educators are
Depending on the change of weather,
                                                      constantly reminding learners to keep safe and
learners may either wear the full winter
                                                      not to talk to strangers regardless of what they
uniform or their summer uniform. A mix and
match of summer and winter will not be
allowed.                                              The World Cup takes place during the school
                                                      holidays. Parents need to ensure that their
Extramurals                                           children are safe. Dropping children off at the
Extramurals will commence on Tuesday 19               malls for the day is not safe. Parents should
April 2010. The timetable is included in this         look for alternate ways to ensure the safety of
newsletter.                                           their children.
                                                      A good idea is to have the necessary
Soccer Friday                                         information for the SAPS should the child go
As from next week, learners may wear a t-             missing. A form is included in this newsletter.
shirt depicting SA or Bafana Bafana. This is          To get the DNA take an ear bud and swab the
                                                      inside of the child’s cheek and place the bud
                                                      into a bank coin bag and seal it. This DNA
not a civies day – it is not compulsory either.       sample can last for years. Do the same with
If learners do not have the correct shirt they        the sample of hair. The finger prints can be
taken by using an ink pad. Keep the record in    Congratulations to our raffle winners. They are
a safe place.                                    Lisa George, Mduduzi Sithole and Kristen
                                                 Naicker. Spend your prizes wisely.
Your April fees should have already been         Measles
paid. If your account is not up to date you      Jeppe Prep learners were immunized
will receive a letter today informing you that   against measles in October 2009 (only
your child may not return to the                 with parental consent). Please read the
AFTERCARE CENTRE on Monday.                      article about the update on the Measles
                                                 outbreak as well as the most current up-
School fees                                      to-date immunization programme in this
Your first term fee of R1 750 per child should   newsletter.
have already been paid. If your account is not
up to date please contact Mrs Kandan on          Class news
(011) 614 1057 to make an arrangement.           Gr 6B  Karabo celebrated his birthday on
                                                            6 April.
Exemptions                                                Well done to Imaan, Warren,
If you were contacted by Mrs Kandan to                      Yolanda, Tshepo, Kanyane and
provide supporting documents for your                       Branden on doing well in the
application please make every effort to ensure              Maths test.
these documents are submitted. We will not       Gr 6 M  Congratulations to Sibusiso and
process an incomplete application.                          Boikanyo for being selected as
                                                            class monitors.
Exemptions Interviews                            Gr 6S  Congratulations to Hlale and
It is imperative that you arrive for your                   Phumelela for being elected as
interview. Special arrangements have to be                  class monitors.
made for a member of the Finance Committee       Gr 6Z  A warm welcome to all Gr 6’s. Hope
to be here for the interview. Particularly if               you had super holidays!
you are not employed, this should not be a                Congratulations to Nokubonga
problem, yet last year we had a number of                   who was elected as charity
parents who simply did not arrive.                          monitor and Lebohang as class
                                                            monitor. Mrs Sondezi hopes that
2nd Term levies                                             you will do your duties with
Gr 2 - R65 Zoo trip                      R50                pride.
                Planetarium              R12     Gr 7A  Well done to the whole class for a well
                Arts & crafts            R 3                done Assembly.
Gr 3 - R95 Planetarium                   R12     Gr 7B  Well done to Shaylin for receiving
                Museum Africa            R28                the merit this week.
                Bird Park                R45     Gr 7M  Tinotenda received a merit in
                Granny’s tea party R10                      Assembly for being a pleasure to
Gr 6 - R75 Hooked on Books               R10                teach.
                Planetarium              R12              Happy belated birthday to Nikita
                Dance                    R18                (11 Apr) and happy birthday to
                Zulu workbook            R35                Tshepo for tomorrow.
Kiewietjie news
                                                 Please visit our website for          updated
 Happy Birthday to Ashleigh              and    information.
    Kamohelo. Have a great day!
 Thank you to all Grade 7’s for         your    Yours sincerely
    support and good behaviour.

Grade 7 news                                     F MORAIS
A warm welcome back to all the Gr 7 learners     PRINCIPAL
and educators. This term is short so we
should all work hard and try to do our best.
                  EXTRAMURAL PROGRAMME –2ND TERM 2010
                 U10              T ABOO                Monday
                 U11              COACH MZWAKE          Tuesday
                 U12              J MASUKU              Tuesday             Wed
SOCCER           Open             COACH NICHOLAS        Monday
                                  T HARTE-JOUBERT
                 Girls Gr 4 – 7   B BWALYA              Thursday          Friday
FIRST AID                         T HART-JOUBERT        Monday
                 U9               N LUTZ                Tuesday
                 U10              J DUGGAN-JONES        Tuesday
NETBALL          U11              R ENGELBRECHT         Tuesday             Thursday
                 U12              J CABRITA             Tuesday
                 Open             J DE KLERK            Mon & Wed
GOLF             All ages         C PEARCE              Tuesday
                                  R NAIDOO
BADMINTON        Gr 4 – 7                               Monday
                                  Z SONDEZI
CHESS            Gr 4 – 7         J FALTERMEIER         Tuesday           Monday
                                  A REPANIS
SU               Gr R - 7                               Tuesday
                                  N ALIJAHN
                                  S SCOTT
CHOIR            Gr 1 – 7                               Wednesday
                                  J FALTERMEIER
B.O.B &          Gr 6 & 7         T HEWITT &
                                                        Wed 2 – 3 pm
ART & CRAFTS     Gr R & 1         L SCOTT               Thursday
TABLE TENNIS     Gr 1 – 3         K POPE                Wed 2 – 3 pm
SPEECH CLUB      Gr 7             D RIDBGARD            Wednesday
BALL SKILLS      Gr R – Gr 3      L SCOTT & A REPANIS   Wednesday
RUGBY            Gr 6 & 7         N BWALYA              Tue 2 – 4 pm      TBA
TAG RUGBY        Gr 4 & 5         N BWALYA              Thur 2 – 3 pm     Saturday
                                  R MABATLELA           Wed 2 – 3 pm
TENNIS           Gr 5 – 7
                                  R WEIMANN & COACH     Thur 2 – 3 pm
                 Gr 1 & 2         N ALIJAHN             Wed 2 – 3 pm
                 Gr 3 & 4         C PEARCE              Mon 2 – 3 pm
                 Gr 6 & 7 Girls   S SNYDERS             Thur 2 – 3
                 Gr 6 & 7 Boys    COACH ROWAN           Fri 1:15 – 2:15
                 Gr 7 prefects    C NASH                Friday
READING ALIVE    Gr 1 & 2         O MOURINHO            Thursday
                 Gr 2 Eng/Maths   O MOURINHO            Monday
                 Gr 4 English     R NAIDOO              Wednesday
                 Gr 4 Maths       K NKOSI               Monday
                 Gr 5 Maths       J MASUKU              Wednesday
REMEDIAL         Gr 5 English     T HEWITT              Thursday
                 Gr 6 English     S SNYDERS             Tuesday
                 Gr 6 Maths       S SCOTT               Monday
                 Gr 7 English     D RIDGARD             Monday
                 Gr 7 Maths       N MARIMANDI           Tuesday
            DNA                              Parent
           Cheek                             Information            Hair
           Swob                              Sheet
                             (Please keep this info at home)

 Surname: _____________________________________________________________________
 Full name: _____________________________________________________________________
 Sex: ___________________________________ Blood type: ____________________________
 Eye colour: ____________________________ Hair colour: ____________________________
 Height: ________________________________ Weight: _______________________________
 Skin colour _____________________________________________________________________
 Population group: _______________________________________________________________
 Scars/birthmarks or other identifying features such as glasses, pierced ears, etc.
 Serious Allergies: _________________________________________________________________
 Chronic illnesses: _________________________________________________________________
 Parents contact details:
 Mother: Work _________________ Cell ___________________ Home __________________
 Father: Work __________________ Cell ___________________ Home __________________
 Other: Work __________________ Cell ___________________ Home __________________

  Important telephone numbers

 Child line: _____________________________

 Police:    _____________________________

 Fire brigade: __________________________
 Flying Squad: _________________________

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