Colocation Solution by pengxuezhi


									                   C O L O C AT I O N S O L U T I O N 

Presented by Dave Stinson, Director, Commercial Sales

        and Dao Lai, Senior Solutions Engineer 

Colocation Solution Agenda

            Global Data Center Trends

            Why colocate?

            Carpathia Hosting Services Portfolio

            Carpathiaʼs Global Reach

            Colocation Services

            Compliant Colocation

            Questions/Answers

Global Data Center Trends

      Demand far outweighs supply for data center space globally

            Mobile traffic – doubling every year

            Video is greater than 90% of consumer traffic

            Social networking is ingrained in our society as Facebook
             and Twitter get more searches a day than Google

            Cloud = massive continuum shift

            Globalization of businesses – IP, Compliance, SaaS

      Significant time-to-market and business risk in “doing it yourself”

            $10,000 per kW to build and $100 per kW per month to

            Lead times of over 18 months to receive switch gear, ups,

            CAPEX vs. OPEX or accounting issues

Why Colocate?


             Can be “live” in a colocated data center in less than 90
              days in multiple data centers globally

       Gain Efficiencies

             Better uptime with redundant infrastructure and network

             Lower cost per kW with very little CAPEX

             Ample capacity for growth, let you vendor assume the
              business risk

             Access to global networks and exchanges

             Enhanced security

             Access to more enhanced services such as cloud,
              managed services and “smart hands”

             Compliance

Carpathia Hosting Services Portfolio

                           N T SE RV          Carpathia provides facilities while customers
                    L IA
                 MP                  IC E     manage their own infrastructure. On-ramp to
            CO                            S   Managed and Cloud Services. 

                   N                   M      Carpathia provides facilities AND
               O                  SO
                    NS                        management of infrastructure while

                                    AN TIO
         SOLU ATI

                                              customers manage their own applications.

                                      AG NS

                                              Carpathia provides a pool of computing,
                                              storage, security, and network resources
                                              that customers can access on a
                                              permanent or short-term basis.

                    SOL                       Carpathia provides a compliant application
                        UTIONS                infrastructure and change management
                                              process that meets federal FISMA & DIACAP
                                              standards and commercial HIPAA, PCI and
                                              SOX standards. 

Carpathiaʼs Global Reach

      NORTH AMERICA                                                   EUROPE

                                                 AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

                                           TORONTO, CANADA

             LOS ANGELES, CA               ASHBURN, VA

                 PHOENIX, AZ               DULLES, VA

                                           HARRISONBURG, VA

           Partnership with Equinix enables Carpathia to deliver
           services in 90+ data centers globally.

Colocation Services

       Wholesale vs. Retail

            Wholesale requires a long term lease, metered power,
             lower costs with no services

            Retail offers small footprints, starting with half-
             cabinets, shorter terms, higher costs with deeper
             service offerings

       What do you get?

            24/7/365 Security

            Private cabinets, cages or suites fully installed

            Redundant power and cooling delivered as a service

            Public and private network services via cross-connects

            Basic or complex ʻSmart Hands” services

            Continuum into managed, and/or compliant offerings

Compliant Colocation

                                     Federal             Healthcare                 Financial 
                DIACAP                   ✔ 
                 FISMA                   ✔ 
                ITL/NIST                 ✔ 
                 HIPAA                                          ✔ 
                HITECH                                          ✔ 
                PCI DSS                                                                   ✔ 
                   SOX                                                                    ✔ 

       Carpathia has supported hundreds of customers in achieving compliance with both industry and regulatory 
       standards.  The founda:on for this capability is our own security policy, which is based on a superset of NIST 
       800.53, ISO27001 and best prac:ces from PCI, HIPAA and SOX.   
Our Guarantee

          Carpathiaʼs E3 promise is unparalleled in the industry. 

          We know how to anticipate our customersʼ and partnersʼ needs and how to
           deliver on the critical data requirement. We measure our success by our
           ability to win our customers' loyalty and their business. 

          As such, we demonstrate the value placed on our relationships in three
           very simple ways:

            1.  We listen.

            2.  We consider every request a unique opportunity.

            3.  We strive to deliver what you want and what you need.

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