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Experienced software/hardware/network engineer with strong background on various platforms Unix/Linux/
RTOS/MS-Windows, excellent skills in network/system/application architecture and product development,
troubleshooting and technical support, verification and certification with lab configuration and tools. Possess
strong technical leadership and communication skills, fostering effective team results in product design and
research activities, performing multi-tasking with utmost integrity and quality. Looking for a technical
position as a software/systems engineer, technical support engineer, computer/network administrator.

   Lucent softswitch (LSS/CES), VoIP protocols SIP and SS7 SCTP.
   Lucent 5ESS circuit switch, Communication Module and call processing.
   Sun workstation Sparc/Netra platforms, Solaris and other Unix/Linux operating systems, real-time applications.
   LAN/WAN networking, clustering, SS7 signaling, installation, configuration, provisioning and testing.
   PC Windows systems: NT/2000/XP/ME/98/95 operating systems and software applications.
   Programming both in Unix and MS-Windows: C++/C, VisualBasic, GUI, Database, SQL.
   Product testing strategies and testing systems design.
   Aircraft instrumentation design and testing.

Product Feature Testing Engineer, Lucent Technologies, Naperville, IL         1997 ~ present
Lucent is a leader of telecommunication equipment maker with the Bell Labs innovations in computers and Unix.
Lucent products are built on the advanced computer and network technologies forming the sophisticated telephone
networks and internet data networks, both wireline and wireless.

Lucent Softswitch, LSS Feature Testing 2004 ~ present
 LSS Feature Testing: Successfully designed, tested, delivered and supported the Lucent wireless core network
   switching products (UMTS/W-CDMA SNSN/SG/CGF) on two hardware platforms: Sun Netra-ct and
   Intel/Sun/Artesyn/Interphase cPSB, both with multiple vLAN/subnet HA clustering and distributed
   servers/networks. Systems and tools used with expertise: Sun Solaris on Netra-ct/Ultra servers and cPSB cards,
   VxWorks and Linux on PowerPC cPSB/cPCI cards with PPCBoot-Monitor, DHCP/TFTP/DNS/NIS/NTP/NFS,
   1000BT/ATM/T1/E1/SS7 with Cajun/Foundry switches and routers, programming in C++, shell and Perl
   scripting, Clearcase, Apache web server and Java/C++ OAM-GUI-SQL interfaces to databases, Windows
   NT/2000/XP and VisualStudio VC/MFC-VB.NET, CD-ROM software delivery packaging and installation
   automation on both Solaris and PC.
 Designed and supported the AT&T-Lucent wireline circuit switch products (5ESS/VCDX/DRM/ASM) on
   hardware platforms: AT&T 3B21 and Sun Netra/Sparc. Systems and tools used with expertise: AT&T 3B20/21
   and RTR Unix, Sun Solaris on Netra/Ultra/Sparc servers and duplex HA clustering with RCC (Real-time Clustered
   Computing), circuit board hardware and PowerPC firmware, programming in C and assembly, shell scripting,
   iPlanet and JDK, Solaris pkg utilities for software packaging, bootable CD-ROM software delivery and
5ESS Circute Switch, System Software and Applications Feature Testing 1997 ~ 2004
 Provision LSS lab: SS7, SIP, H323, BroadWork
 Provision universal Gateway profiles.
 Author of LSS4.5december M2UA feature test plan for black hal client-server revers, multi-homeing,
 And M2UA prameters feature. Executing M2UA feature tests.
 Author of LSS4.5 SIP-Redirect feature test plan, set up lab and executed feature tests.
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Software Engineer, KBS2 Inc., Burr Ridge, IL          1995 to 1998
KBS2 is a software company specializing in development and consulting with the commercial software LS-DYNA, an
crashworthiness analysis and mechanical engineering simulation software package widely used in the industries of
automobile, aerospace, defense, telecommunication, etc. Car crash simulation and analysis is an example.
 As a lead engineer through all the product development phases, started with a new PC Windows software
    development LAN environment and initiated the software product development, then successfully launched the
    first commercial release of LS-DYNA on PC-Windows servers and workstations.
 Designed and implemented C/C++/Fortran programs in LS-DYNA. Ported software from UNIX X-window
    platform to Intel-PC and DEC-Alpha platforms. Implemented high performance computing with multi-threaded
    parallel programming. Provided technical support to LS-DYNA customers. Managed a network with
    UNIX/Windows servers and workstations (SUN/HP/IBM/DEC/PC/MAC), in a software development and research
    environment, with web/mail/print/file server configurations.
 Systems and tools used with expertise: Windows NT and Citrix terminal servers and workstations, Unix servers
    Sun/IBM/HP/Cray/DEC, PC and MAC, programming in C, Visual C, MFC, SDK/MSDN, Fortran, shell scripting,
    TCP/IP and NetBIOS interfaces, CD-ROM software delivery packaging and installation on PC Windows NT/9x
    and all Unix systems , Exchange/SQL servers.

Research Associate, NSF-ACBM Research Center, Evanston, IL 1994 to 1995
ACBM is a National Science Foundation funded research center in advanced materials and engineering mechanics.
 Involved in research activities in the areas of nondestructive testing and experimental mechanics, mathematical
    modeling and numerical analysis, laser holographic and speckle interferometry, digital signal processing and
    digital image processing. Designed and implemented electronic circuits and computer C programs to perform
    feedback controlled testing, data acquisition, data processing and computer vision, in a mechanical testing lab.
    Managed computer systems and Novell/UNIX networks in a research and experimental environment.
 Systems and tools used with expertise: PCs and HP servers, DataTranslation and other real-time digital image
    processors, programming in Borland C/C++ and assembly, ADC and DAC circuits, GPIB/IEEE488/RS232
    interfaces and devices, LabView data acquisition and processing, CCD imaging and laser optics.

Northwestern University, Nondestructive Testing and Digital Image Processing.
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aircraft Navigation and Instrumentation, EECS.

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