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									                                                                                                                             November 2010

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                        ovember kicks off the 2011 Glover       sues and activities facing Glover Park. Our     Glover Parkers. Be sure to include your
                        Park Citizens Association member-       ANC-3B often looks to the GPCA for input        email address so we can keep you up-to-
                        ship campaign. Look for a member-       on key decisions that affect the quality of     date on Glover Park events. (We never sell
                 ship envelope inside this issue or down-       life here in Glover Park.                       or loan our list and are very selective about
                 load the membership form at our website:           In addition, your membership goes to        how often we send emails, so we promise
        The GPCA             supporting a variety of community services      not to flood your inbox.)
                 bylaws stipulate that voting rights follow     and activities, including The Glover Park Ga-       Join now and come to our monthly
                 the month after membership renewal or          zette, Glover Park Day, neighborhood clean-     meetings, the first Tuesday of the month
                 application. To ensure voting rights at our    ups, support for the Glover Park/Burleith       from September through May. Each year
                 January meeting, submit or renew your          Farmers’ Market, Guy Mason Kiddie Park,         some 350 Glover Parkers join the GPCA.
                 membership today.                              and many, many other activities that make       This year we would like to break our
                    Unlike the Advisory Neighborhood            Glover Park such a special family-friendly      traditional record. Get involved by joining
                 Commission (ANC), members of the GPCA          community.                                      today and help make Glover Park an even
                 have not only a voice but also a vote on is-       But the GPCA can’t do it without you,       better place to live and work.
Sarah Bernardi
2 ● Glover Park Gazette

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Meetings                                                                                                Contents
                                                                                                        Join GPCa ......................................... 1
                                                                                                        GPCa Minutes .................................. 3
Glover Park Citizens Association                                                                        holiday Party ..................................... 3
Date: november 2, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
                                                                         Gazette                        anC news .......................................... 4
                                                                                                        Green Schools Launch ................... 5
Place: Stoddert elementary School                                 Contributors Wanted                   “Miss Beth” honored ........................ 5
                                                                 have a story idea about the            Commercial Strip Confidential ....... 6
                                                                  neighborhood? are you an              Where am i? ...................................... 7
ANC 3B Public Meeting                                             illustrator? a photographer           Cleaning Up Guy Mason .................. 8
Date: november 18, 2010                                             who likes to record life in         OctoBeecherStreet ........................... 9
Time: 7:00 p.m.                                                 Glover Park? The Gazette wants          november events ............................. 9
Place: Stoddert Community Center                                        to hear from you!               Growing in Glover .......................... 10
                                                                                                        nourishing the neighborhood..... 11
To place items on the agenda,                                              email us at
contact the anC-3B Commission at                                                                        Glover Park history ......................... 11
                                                                                                                                                      Chef’s Corner ................................... 12
                                                                                                        Georgetown Library reopens....... 13
                                                                                                        Babes in the nabe .......................... 14
Elected Officers of the Glover Park Citizens Association (GPCA)                                         real estate Sales ............................. 14
President: Patricia Clark                                                                               Cycle dC ........................................... 15
1st Vice President: Joe alfenito
2nd Vice President: Sheila Meehan
Treasurer: anslie Stokes                                                                                Gazette Staff
Secretary: Mark Stevens                                                                                 Editors
Sergeant at Arms: Jack everett                                                                          Ken Charney                        Sheila Meehan
Federation Reps: Karen Sprecher-Keating, Sheila Meehan, and Mark Stevens
                                                                                                        Reporter                           Photographer
Membership Director: Joe alfenito                                                                       allison Brennan                    Sarah Bernardi
Glover Park Day: amanda Gant and ryan Kerr
                                                                                                        Design and Production
The Gazette is distributed door to door throughout Glover Park by volunteers.                           Sidney hilty
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                itizens a              If you love living in                       name(s)
                                       Glover Park,
  Glo r par



                                       get involved!

        •s                     •       Join the Glover Park                        e-mail
              in c e 1 9 3 2
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   Generously support the group that takes care of your neighborhood.              double                                                  $35
                                                                                   Senior                                                  $15
   Preserve the family-friendly quality of our community.                          Former/absent resident (no vote)                        $20
                                                                                   Business/corporation (no vote)                          $75
   Communicate your ideas to improve your neighborhood.                            donation                                                $______
                                                                                   Return form and fee to GPCA, P.O. Box 32268, Washington, DC 20007
   Act locally to get things done.                                                 Make check payable to GPCA.
                                                                                                                         November 2010 ● 3

GPCA October Meeting Minutes
   n the absence of a quorum of officers,       Police Report. Officer David Baker of the       business (Angelico) joined in September.
   no formal business was conducted at          Second District reported that on the crime      The annual membership drive will kick
   the GPCA meeting at Stoddert on Octo-        front, the news was generally good. Thefts      off in November, with envelopes included
ber 5. Sheila Meehan, 2nd Vice-President,       from autos have dropped sharply, with           in the November issue of the Gazette. As
chaired the informal session, with an assist    13 thefts in September in contrast to 35 last   noted in the Secretary’s Report, $580 is
from former GPCA President Jarrett Ferrier.     year in the same period. One category that      the approximate cost of these envelopes.
                                                did see a spike was bike theft. There were      The cost will need to be approved at the
                                                17 bike thefts in PS 204 in September—the       November GPCA meeting.
                                                great majority of them occurring around
        Next Meeting                            the Woodley Park Metro and in public stor-      Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer reported
                                                age units in apartment buildings. Officer       that on May 4 GPCA’s beginning bal-
         Glover Park                            Baker stressed this is a crime of opportu-      ance was $20,823.06 and its balance as of
                                                nity: lock your bikes [see page 15].            October 5 was $22,414. The 2010 Glover
    Citizens’ Association                           Officer Baker also invited Glover Park      Park Day was a resounding success, with a
                                                residents to attend Lieutenant Neill’s          profit of approximately $1,675.
     November 2, 2010 • 7:00 p.m.
                                                Meeting, which is held at 6:30 p.m. on the
     Stoddert elementary School                 fourth Thursday of the month at Alban           ANC Report. No ANC members were in
                                                Towers. He reminded everyone that 311           attendance, but GPCA members reported
      November GPCA Agenda                      is no longer a working number; all callers      that the ANC had approved a $1,000 grant
  Welcome                                       (emergency and nonemergency) should             for the Golden Glovers.
  Police Report                                 use 911.
  October minutes approval                                                                      Mosquito Swarm. Mosquito infestations
       (published in the Gazette)               Secretary’s Report. A motion was made           continue to plague Glover Park. Members
  Treasurer’s Report                            to approve the September GPCA minutes,          called for stepped-up efforts to allow them
                                                which appeared in the October Gazette. The      to enjoy their yards and porches again.
  Golden Glovers Report
                                                minutes were approved with corrections:         Members suggested that the ANC bring
                                                Jim Lively stated that at the September         the problem to the DC government’s atten-
  · Fund purchase of envelopes needed           meeting a motion was made, “For GPCA to         tion and that the GPCA invite a Depart-
    for the 2011 GPCa Membership                fund $100 for an advertisement in the 2nd       ment of Public Works official to discuss
    Campaign. Cost is estimated at $580.        District Program for their Awards Ban-          mosquito control efforts at a future GPCA
  · Brick for GPCa in front of Stoddert         quet.” This motion and two others calling       meeting.
  · ad in Police award banquet program          for the GPCA to purchase a $500 commem-
  Communications: Gazette & Website             orative brick on the Stoddert plaza and for     Santa Call. Glover Park’s Santa needs help!
                                                the GPCA to allot $580 (not $83 as noted in     Our very own Santa has a bad shoulder so
  Stoddert School and Recreations
                                                the draft minutes) for envelopes for the an-    he may need someone to “sit in” for him
     Center update                              nual membership drive will be voted upon        at the December’s GPCA Holiday Party
  Membership                                    at the November meeting.                        (Please volunteer if you can). And, Santa
  New Business                                                                                  seems unable to locate his Santa suit. The
  Adjournment                                   Membership Report. For 2010, the GPCA           GPCA may need to rent or purchase a suit
                                                had 317 members; two couples and one            for the “sit in.”

  SAve THe DATe

  Annual Glover Park
  Holiday Party
        Friday, December 3                                                          enjoy. Please bring a dessert to share with your
          7:00–9:00 p.m.
       Glover Park Community Center                                                  Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots. Bring an unwrapped
            (Stoddert Campus)                                                        toy worth at least $10. The Marines will be on hand
                                                                                     to collect your donations.
  Hosted by Friends of Glover Park and
  the Glover Park Citizens Association                                             Make a Donation. Share the holiday season with
                                                                                 St. Luke’s Shelter. Please donate items on the wish list
  Great Fun for the Kids! Take your picture
  with Santa, watch holiday movies, make                                       and/or sign up to bring dinners. The wish list includes
  crafts, play some games, and get your face                                  coffee and nonperishable snack food items, new socks
  painted!                                                                   and underwear, and grocery store gift cards.
  Good Food! There will be holiday treats for all to                       Plus, great Door Prizes!
4 ● Glover Park Gazette

ANC 3B NewS By Brian Cohen
                                                                                                                                 Your ANC Members
Don’t Forget to vote                                                                                                        Cathy Fiorillo, 3B-01, North Glover Park

         ovember 2 is Election Day, and in                        their group of new part-owners (who have         , 342-0225
         addition to candidates for Mayor                         purchased the share of the bar formerly                 Jackie Blumenthal, 3B-02, East Glover Park
         and City Council, ANC Commis-                            owned by Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld) who
                                                                                                                  , 333-7488
sioners in Glover Park and Cathedral will                         plan many changes. The two new owners
be on the ballot. Four of our races are not                       plan to make the bar into a more upscale en-              Melissa Lane, 3B-03, West Glover Park
contested—Brian Cohen (S. Glover Park),                           terprise, focusing on a more mixed crowd,        , 276-0681
Howie Kreitzman (Cathedral), Mark                                 with more private events (like fundraisers)
Stephens (W. Glover Park), and Ben Thie-                          and moving away from the current targeted               Howie Kreitzman, 3B-04, Cathedral Heights
len (N. Glover Park). One ANC seat—East                           customer-base of younger, college students.     , 965-0845
Glover Park—has two candidates on the                             They even plan a name change and are so-
ballot, Jackie Blumenthal and Alev Akbu-                          liciting ideas from the community. You can                Brian Cohen, 3B-05, South Glover Park
lut. Please remember to vote.                                     contact the new proprietors at reedlandy@       , 337-0134
                                                                                                                          Visit ANC 3B:
October Meeting Summary. The ANC’s                                After hearing about the plans for the club,
October meeting was dominated by liquor-                          the ANC voted to approve the renewal of                       or e-mail at
license issues. First, the ANC heard from the                     the existing liquor license.
new proprietors of Gin & Tonic, who had                                Decisions on liquor license renewals for       November Meeting Agenda. In addition to
much to report. Hunter Campbell and Reed                          Good Guys and JP’s were put off until the           the votes on liquor licenses for Good Guys
Landry, attended the meeting to represent                         November meeting. We continue to seek               and JP’s, we hope to get updates from
                                                                  community input on this decision and will           DDOT on the status of the Glover Park
                                                                  take a final vote on how to approach these          transportation plan. DDOT started this
                                                                  two licenses at the November meeting.               plan by installing new parking meters, but
       Yankee Renovator                                           Please make sure your voice is heard on             has a much broader vision for the redesign
                         ª202-288-8375ª                           this important Glover Park issue. If you            of Wisconsin Avenue as it runs through the
                                                                  cannot come to the meeting, please feel free        commercial strip. We’ll get an update on
       Yankee Renovator is an established, fully-insured          to email the entire ANC at            when we can expect to see these and other
 construction and renovation service. We specialize in quality,
 custom craftsmanship, creative problem solving, and serious      or contact your individual Commissioner.            changes to improve pedestrian safety and
     attention to detail at affordable, New England rates.             The ANC also approved a requested              make the commercial strip a more pleasant
         Rough and Finish Carpentry ◆ Custom Cabinetry
                                                                  zoning exception to allow Chipotle to move          place to walk, bike, drive, or take the bus.
 Interior and Exterior Painting ◆ Custom Flooring Installation    into the old Pizza Hut location near the               Because of Veterans Day, our next
       Custom Tile Work ◆ Clapboard and Shingle Siding            Post Office—meaning there will be at least          meeting will NOT be held on the second
   Window and Door Installation ◆ Stone Walls and Patios
                                                                  one less empty storefront on the commer-            Thursday (November 11). The meeting is
            complimentary consultation and estimates              cial strip.                                         tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. on No-
                                                                                                                      vember 18, at the Stoddert Rec Center. Stay
                                                                                                                      tuned in case this changes.

  Muddy Paws
  Dog Walking & Pet Sitting
                                                                  Call CARLOS                                         ANC 3B Grants. In recent months, ANC 3B
                                                                                                                      has provided grants to Friends of Glover
                                                                           240-328-4906                               Park, DC Babe Ruth Baseball, the Glover
  Whether it’s feeding a goldfish or taking your Great             · Gutter Cleaning                                  Park Citizens Association, and the Stoddert
  Dane out for a stroll, no job is too big or too small.           · Leaf Removal                                     PTA. ANC 3B receives an annual allotment
  Let Muddy Paws tend to your pet’s needs.                         · Lawn Maintenance/Landscaping                     of approximately $13,000 from the City
                                                                   · Seasonal Mulching & Weeding or Year-Round Care
  More than 20 years of experience!
                                                                   · Interior & Exterior Painting
                                                                                                                      Council, and we try to give the vast major-
  Your pet is always #1 in the pecking order!
                                                                   · Deck Painting                                    ity of these funds back to the community
  202-615-1240                                                                                                        through grants to Glover Park’s nonprofit
                                                                      $ Also available in Maryland and Virginia
                                                                           References available upon request
                                                                                                                      organizations. Please contact us if you
                                                                                                                      would like to apply for a grant.
  Glover Park references available                                    * Free Estimates * No Job Too Small *

  Lenore                                                                                  • Office Supplies
                                                                                          • Promotional Products                ROCKLANDS
  Rubino                                                                                  • Printing
                                                                                          • Mailing
                                                                                                                                 Barbeque and Grilling Company

   Real Estate Group                                                                      • Copying                             Call ROCKLANDS
  202-262-1261                                                                                                             to cater your holiday party.
                                                                                                                           703.778.800 – don’t delay!
 Glover Park Expert
 Coldwell Banker                                                                                                         
 Residential Brokerage
 Washington Harbour, 3000 K St. NW, Suite 101
 Washington, D.C. 202-333-6100                                                                                               Eat Your Barbeque!
                                                                                                                                      November 2010 ● 5

Stoddert Takes Center Stage
 By Marsha Goldberg

       toddert Elementary School provided         that enhance learning

                                                                            MOShe ZUSMan PhOTOGraPhy LLC
       the backdrop for the September 30          and inspire environ-
       launch of the Center for Green             mental stewardship.
Schools, an initiative of the U.S. Green               Currently, Stod-
Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC               dert is completing
sees the Center as another step toward ful-       documentation for
filling its vision of green schools for every­    the highest standard
one within this generation. The Center is         of LEED Certification.
meant to advance efforts to change how            The USGBC awards
schools are designed, constructed, and            certification at the
operated, and to enhance student learning         Gold Level to schools
in the process.                                   that have incorporat-
                                                  ed the full spectrum of
Why Stoddert?                                    green school possibili-
According to Rachel Gutter, Director of           ties: energy and water
the Center, USGBC selected Stoddert from          efficiency, indoor
schools across the United States, consid-         environmental quality,
ering it a perfect example of the green           and resource con-
schools story. As a public school, Stoddert       servation. (For more
also reinforces the message that green            detailed information
schools are for all.                              on LEED Certification
    The USGBC planned its launch of the           and the USGBC, visit
Center for Green Schools in conjunction 
with the District’s Office of Public Educa-           Stoddert’s renova- RICK FeDRIzzI, President, CeO and Founding Chair of the U.S. Green Building
                                                                            Council, with fourth and fifth grade “Green Team” students, Lucie varga, Addie
tion Facilities Modernization (OPEFM).            tion was a participa-     Alexander and Devonte Gordon, at Stoddert elementary School.
The event featured Rick Fedrizzi, CEO             tory process that
of the USGBC, and Allen Lew, Executive            involved students,
Director of OPEFM. Also on hand were              parents, and the community. Architects                 16 members drawn from its third through
students from Stoddert’s third through            from the EEK firm ensured that old and                 fifth grade classes, started last year with a
fifth grade classes; parents; and national        new were blended in the renovation of the              recycling effort. Now, their tasks include
representatives of USGBC in town for the          historic school and that the fabric of the             monitoring energy use. Stoddert teachers
Center’s launch.                                  community was maintained. The school re- Craig Duff and Jinny Choi head this effort.
    Stoddert is one of a growing number of        mains a melting pot—at present, one-third              Donnie Keith from the USGBC also worked
D.C. public schools that have already won         of the students speak English as a second              with the students.
or are on track to achieve LEED (Leader-          language. In addition, DC Schools Chancel-                 The Green Team’s knowledge and inter-
ship in Energy and Environmental Design)          lor Michelle Rhee asked Stoddert to serve              est were evident at the launch, as members
Certification by the USGBC. Stoddert is the       as a model for a sustainability curriculum             of the Team provided tours of the school
first school in the District to be fully served   in District schools.                                   and described its facilities. These tours will
by a ground source heating and cooling                An important component of the green-               continue as national interest in Stoddert
(geothermal) system. The school also offers       ing of Stoddert was the establishment                  increases and other educators want to see
a number of other green design features           of its Green Team. The Team, which has                 the school.

       Stoddert Coop Dedicates Classroom to “Miss Beth”
       By Molly Evans                               On Saturday, October 2, Glover Park                    of children as “Miss Beth”) was a lifelong
                                                    neighbors and friends gathered to honor                Washingtonian. She taught at the Stoddert
                                                    the memory of elizabeth rynex, a longtime              Cooperative Play program in the old Stod-
 Bryan COhen

                                                    preschool teacher at the Stoddert Coop (and            dert recreation Center for nearly 30 years.
                                                    an aftercare teacher at Stoddert elemen-               She also taught arts and crafts in Stoddert’s
                                                    tary) who passed away in november 2009.                afterschool program, enabling her to stay a
                                                    Friends of Glover Park, the anC, and the               part of the lives of many of the preschoolers
                                                    Stoddert PTa provided funding for a bronze             she taught over the years.
                                                    plaque dedicating the beautiful new coop                  The plaque references one of Mrs. rynex’s
                                                    classroom at Stoddert recreation Center to             favorite quotes: “There are two lasting gifts
                                                    her memory. The groups also donated a set              we can give our children. One is roots, the
                                                    of tricycles and scooters in her honor for cur-        other wings.” Mrs. rynex provided both to
                                                    rent and future preschoolers to enjoy.                 the hundreds of Glover Park children who
                                                       elizabeth rynex (known to a generation              were in her care over the past thirty years.
6 ● Glover Park Gazette

Commercial Strip Confidential
 By Margaret Guroff

                                                                                                      Participants Wanted
An owner of the new building at 2412                         Gin & Tonic (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) may             owner’s interest. “I absolutely would
Wisconsin Avenue has finally confirmed                       be fixing to grow up a bit. The bar—a fa-         consider coming down there,” says
that the former site of JP’s Night Club                      vorite among DC’s preppy party crowd—             Tam Sullivan, who received more than
will likely be a strip club once again.
Demetra Green, a member of the fam-
ily group that owns the building, tells
                                                             will soon be renamed and remodeled to
                                                             become an “upscale tavern and sports
                                                             bar” featuring live Southern rock music.
                                                                                                          Research Study
                                                                                                               100 emails from enthusiastic Glover Park-
                                                                                                               ers after his address was posted on the
                                                                                                               Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup last month.
us that, “JP’s is choosing to continue its                                                    The National Centerpopular shop will be forced is looking
                                                                 Co-owner Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld             Sullivan’s for Health Statistics
lease, which was interrupted by the fire”                    has sold his stake in the bar to a group          to move next year—at least temporar-
that destroyed the previous building in                                                     18 to 59           ily—due to redevelopment of its questions that
                                                             of four D.C. restaurateurs that includes to test sensitive health behaviorcurrent
early 2008.                                                                                   a national location. Though the owner is listen to
                                                             David Chung of kstreet lounge—a popular health survey. Participantskeeping all the que
    But JP’s owner Michael Papanicolas                       nightclub at 13th and K streets—and Reed
has not signed a lease, according to his                     Landry, co-founder of the private social
                                                                                                               his options
                                                                                                       headphones and open, he is actively looking at into a c
                                                                                                                             storefronts and says typing
                                                                                                               Glover Parkthen respond by he has a
attorney, James Charles. Instead, Papani-                    network Late Night Shots. G&T co-owner            sentimental attachment to the neighbor-
colas signed a contract to sell the dormant                  Fritz Brogan retained his share of the busi-      hood, where he be no longer than
                                                                                                          The interview willand his brother played 60 minu
business back in March, and it is his                        ness, we’re told.                                 softball as children. If you would like to
would-be buyer who has been negotiat-                            Brogan says he’s “excited” about the
                                                                                                                         participants will receive $40.
                                                                                                               express your support for a Sullivan’s toy
ing with the landlords for a lease—so far,                   upcoming changes: “After over two years           store in Glover Park, you can write the
without success, Charles says.                               of business, it is time for a facelift to help us shop’s owner at
    Why the discrepancy over who wants                       remain as Glover Park’s friendly neighbor-
                                                                                                                  FOR MORE INFORMATION
a lease? Maybe because the club’s liquor                     hood bar.”                                             Please call: 301-458-4676
license is currently up for renewal.
Although Papanicolas might prefer to                                                                                 Centers for Disease the phrase “free
                                                                                                                 Lending new meaning toControl and Prevention
see his sale go through immediately, the                                                                                 National Barbeque Health Statistics
                                                                                                                 bird,” RocklandsCenter for & Grilling
buyer and the landlord would apparently                      An email campaign to convince Cleve-                Co. (2418 Wisconsin Ave.) will hold a
rather wait until after the 45-day protest                   land Park’s Sullivan’s Toy Store and Art            smoked turkey pull on November 4.
period expires and the license is safely
renewed for two years.
                                                             Supplies (3412 Wisconsin Ave.) to move
                                                             to Glover Park has strongly piqued the  INSOMNIA?   Visitors will be able to enjoy the shop’s
                                                                                                                 smoked turkey that day at no cost.

 CROSSROADS                                                                                                             If you are 18 to 64 with difficulty
                                                                                                                        sleeping you may be eligible to
                                                                                                                        participate in a research study
   communion community                                                                                                  evaluating an investigational             W
                                                                                                                        medication for chronic primary

 CROSSROADS                                                          Worship
                                                            Sundays at 5 PM
                                                                     St. Luke’s
                                                                                                                        INSOMNIA. Compensation will be
                                                                                                                        provided for time & travel.
                                                       3655 Calvert Street NW                                           • Call: 301.654.5665
                                                         at Wisconsin Avenue                                            •

 CROSSROADS                                                   Childcare provided            The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders
                                                                                             Chevy Chase, MD - Friendship Heights Metro

                                                                                      Let Us Give You Your Brightest Smile

                                                                                                                                Family and
                                                                                                                             Cosmetic Dentistry
                                                                                                                              State-Of-The-Art Facility
                                                                                                                                   Same Day
                                                                                                                              Emergency Dental Care

     extending radical hospitality, transforming lives, pursuing justice
                                                                                                                              Initial Examination
                                                                                                                            Georgetown Smile PC
                                                                                        Most insurance plans accepted Jacob Peretz
                                                                                              Reserve Parking
                                                                                                                  Dr. A.

    a ministry of
                                                                                      Closest Metro Station is Roslyn
  METROPOLITAN MEMORIAL                                                                 Most insurance plans accepted
                                                                                                                           4400 MacArthur Blvd. NW, Suite 200
                                                                                                                                 Washington, DC 20007
  U n i t e d       M e t h o d i s t    C h u r c h
                        a reconciling congregation                                             WWW.GEORGETOWNSMILE.COM
                                                                                                                                     November 2010 ● 7

Proper Topper, a clothing and gift shop                   caretaker has taken up residence, at least        the charges. Green’s arraignment in the
at 3213 P St. in Georgetown, lost its lease               part-time. The uncompleted building has           revived case is scheduled for November 3.
as of October 31 and is looking for new                   been vacant and for sale since its former
space—and Glover Park fans of the store                   tenant was evicted last spring, but lately
have urged owner Anna Fuhrman to look                     neighbors have been noticing a car parked
north. “I’ve heard that there’s been a                    there overnight. “There are no tenants or         A man arrested after a bloody fight outside
dialog on the Glover Park [Yahoo] listserv                squatters,” says Steve Loewy, an attor-           Good Guys (2311 Wisconsin Ave.) in April
about strategically targeting the types of                ney for the owner, Mid-Atlantic Federal           has been acquitted of assault and weapons
businesses that the neighborhood needs                    Credit Union. “The only person ‘living’           charges. Daron Childress was accused of
and wants,” Fuhrman says. “It sounds like                 in the property is someone who is simply          flashing a knife in a scuffle that broke out
what people are looking for fits pretty ex-               watching the property to keep it free from        after he and his brother were asked to leave
actly what we do.” Though she hasn’t yet                  vandalism and squatters.”                         the strip club. At his September 16 trial,
decided on a move to Glover Park, Fuhr-                       Meanwhile, former tenant Tyrone               Childress was found not guilty.
man adds, “I am listening and looking!”                   Green, who held multiple paid, open-bar
                                                          parties at the property last year, is still       Additional reporting by Laurie England.
                                                          facing one misdemeanor charge of selling
                                                          alcohol without a license. Though his case            Got a question or a hot tip
At 2136 Wisconsin Avenue—the blocky                       was dismissed in July because the prosecu-        about the commercial strip? E-mail
tan apartment house formerly known as                     tor had a scheduling conflict, the Office of Confidentiality
The Vixen and Wisconsin Overlook—a                        the Attorney General immediately re­filed         is assured.

                                                                                                                                                      MiTCh Wander
 where Am I?
 By Mitch Wander

            hile walking around our wonder-                last month’s pictures. Folks told me that       two cartoon drawings from the call box and
            ful neighborhood, it seemed like               they had a good hunch on at least two of        Rocklands.
            lots of GP-ers were talking about              the three. Many residents recognized the            For November, all I’m willing to say
                                                                                                           is that you’ll need to look up for two and
                                  Answers to last month’s Where Am I?                                      down for one. Unfortunately, as there
      1. Rocklands BBQ World HQ          2. Stoddert School old building      3. Herbert Morgan Call Box   has been lots of discussion but no entries
           2424 37th St, NW                    4001 Calvert St, NW            Calvert St, NW (near 37th)   submitted for the past two issues of the
                                                                                                           Gazette, we will be discontinuing soliciting
                                                                                                           responses. Feel free, however, to make it a
                                                                                                           topic of discussion around the bar or dinner
                                                                                                               Just a reminder of our mystery photo
                                                                                                           boundaries: Glover-Archbold Trail to the
                                                                                                           west, Fulton Street to the north, Naval
                                                                                                           Observatory to the east and Whitehaven
                                                                                                           Parkway to the south.
8 ● Glover Park Gazette

Friends of Guy Mason Launch Clean-Up Campaign
 By Mitch Wander

          uy Mason Recreation Center is                                                                               tions of the site, refine the scheduling

                                                                                                     Sarah Bernardi
          Glover Park’s very own town                                                                                 of city services at Guy Mason, and
          square. Seven days a week                                                                                   determine steps that FOGM can
it’s bustling with activity, including                                                                                implement in cooperation with all
Little League Baseball, new parents                                                                                   the key stakeholders. Already, DPR
showing off babies, neighbors sharing                                                                                 and Georgetown University Athletics
coffee and local politics, kids play-                                                                                 have shown their interest in making
ing every possible real and imagined                                                                                  this project a complete success.
game, Georgetown Women’s Softball,
classes at the soon-to-be renovated Rec                                                                  What can residents do to
Center, and folks munching plate after                                                                   participate?
plate of delicious food from restau-                                                                         Put all trash inside the trashcans.
rants on Wisconsin Avenue.                                                                               If the nearest trashcan is full, please
     In a good way, it’s the last of these                                                               send us that feedback and try to
activities that has created a perfect                                                                    locate a can that is not full.
storm at Guy Mason. We have some            The Guy Mason Clean initiative aims to ensure that               Send your feedback (good or
of the yummiest food places around          the area is tidied up and free of unwelcome critters         bad), ideas, questions, or photos to
here. With the food comes trash—lots        when a renovated Guy Mason opens in the spring.    
of it. And with the trash comes small                                                                        To complete our online survey
creatures and critters with official                                                                     visit
sounding names like Norwegian, brown,            areas: trash containers, trash collection, and    CleanSurvey
common, and wharf. Let’s just say that           rodent control (known as the three C’s).              To see project updates visit www.
the ones we’ve attracted aren’t nearly as            In addition, FOGM is working with   
interesting or cute as their zoo cousins, the    the DC Department of Parks & Recreation               Our goal is to have most or all of the
naked mole rat.                                  (DPR), local residents, ball field permit         improvements in place by April 2011,
     Friends of Guy Mason (FOGM) has             holders, and neighboring businesses to de-        around the anticipated opening of the
kicked off a new project called “Guy             velop and implement a sustainable cleanli-        renovated Rec Center (and before our
Mason Clean” to improve the conditions of        ness improvement plan. Over the next five         furry friends awaken for their springtime
the green space and ball field around the        months, we will survey residents for feed-        snacks). FOGM appreciates your efforts
Rec Center. The project is focused on three      back, examine the trash and rodent condi-         toward the project’s success.

         Local • Experienced • Independent

                                      Contact me
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                                                                         CLIMB Your Child Will Climb to New Heights
                                                                           DC BABY
                                                                                                                  Birth to Age 5
                                                                                                                                              OF ITH
                                                                                                                                                F TH
                                                                                                                                                  RE IS
                                                                                                                                                    GI AD

                                                                                   Creative Expression for the Whole Child
    David Messineo                                                     • (202) 298-6805
     Glover Park Resident                      MLB3142                          2121 Wisconsin Ave, C1 Level • Washington, DC 20007
                                                                                                                         November 2010 ● 9


                                                                                                                                                JaMeS WhiTMan
Culinary and
Craft Offerings
Bazaars, craft shows, fund
raisers… November is never
dull. We’ve highlighted a few
events here, with a prefer-
ence for those nearby. But if
this month is like Novembers’
past, there will also be Danes,
Czechs, Swedes, Finns, and
other nationalities showcasing
their culinary and baking skills.
The Washington Post occasion-
ally misses these events (and
sometimes gets the dates wrong
when they do write them up),        OKTO-BeeCHeR-FeST 2010. Block parties are a much beloved tradition in Glover Park. According to
so keep your eyes and ears          Jarrett Ferrier, Beecher Street has been laying claim to the “best street in the best neighborhood in
open.                               DC” for quite some time now. Their block party, which got its start in 1998, “just keeps getting better.”
                                    This year, the festivities featured a roasted pig from Rocklands, German beer, good friends, and lots
November 2: Get out and             of fun. The party, as always, welcomes fellow Glover Parkers, but this year it also had a visit from our
vote!                               ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh.

November 2–4: 25th Interna-
tional Arts and Craft Show.         another culinary highlight in       Annunciation’s Christmas            other items for sale? This one-
Searching for gifts with a global   DC’s bazaar season. There’s an      Bazaar. In the mood for a           day event has it all.
flair? The World Bank’s annual      impressive variety of offerings,    lively neighborhood church             November 29: “Nourishing
event is a great spot to hunt for   and the church members are          bazaar with raffles, baked          the Neighborhood” Fund
them. Entry is free and soups,      old hands at take-out for those     goods, antiques, jewelry, and       Raiser. See page 11 for details.
snacks, and sweets are avail-       who want to stock up. The
able for purchase. The show is      church is located on 7124 River
held in the Bank’s Preston Au-      Road, Bethesda. Hours are
ditorium (1818 H Street, N.W.)      11 a.m.–8 p.m. on Friday and
from 9:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.         Saturday, and noon–4 p.m.
Photo IDs are required for en-      on Sunday. As veterans of
try. The fair’s proceeds are the    these bazaars will tell you,
primary source of funding for       get there as early as possible.
the Margaret McNamara Fund,         Popular items tend to run out.
which underwrites grants for        For more information, visit
women’s education around the
world. Visit
Contribute-MMMF.html for            November 6: Metropolitan
more details.                       Memorial United Method-
                                    ist Church Bazaar. This is a
November 5-6: A George-             longtime and very popular
town Christmas. George-             bazaar. You will need a saint’s
town Visitation puts on quite a     patience to gain entrance to the
show, with boutiques and crafts     Jewelry Room, which attracts
and food spread out across          dealers and devotees. But there
much of the campus grounds.         are plenty of other attractions,
Hours are 8:30 a.m.–9 p.m. on       including antiques, bargains,
Friday and 10 a.m.–4 p.m. on        books, baskets, and home-
Saturday, but the affair is par-    baked goodies. It’s the rare
ticularly magical after dark!       person who leaves the church
                                    empty-handed! Queue up early
November 5-7: St. Mark’s            for the jewelry; doors open at
Orthodox Church Food                8 a.m. The church is located at
Festival and Bazaar. Ready          3401 Nebraska—across from
for another round of deli-          American University.
cious home-cooked Greek and
Russian food? This festival is      November 13: Church of the
                 10 ● Glover Park Gazette

                 GROwING IN GLOveR By Sarah Bernardi

                 Not Time to Rest Yet…
                        ike lots of people, I read Barbara      of weather that makes you want to spend       Fall is the best time to plant perennials be-
                        Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle   the whole day in the garden, but what’s       cause the increased rainfall and cooler tem-
                        and became convinced that I, too,       left to do? Plenty! Weeds are thriving now,   peratures and warmth of the soil allow the
                 could grow all—okay, some—of my own            so you could play it safe and content your-   plants’ roots to become well established.
                 food. At the time I thought this could be      self with weeding, mulching, and planting
                 done on the first try and in a matter of       some bulbs (yawn). Or, you could get crea-    Let It Be
                 months. How hard could it be? Dirt, seeds,     tive and rearrange, plant, and build.         Sometimes, though, gardening is about
                 water, and sun….                                                                             knowing what your goal is and what
                     What I’ve realized is that like most       Rearrange                                     you don’t want to do. Iris Rothman has a
                 things in life, learning how to do some-       This past spring, when I planted my garden,   certified Urban Wildlife Sanctuary in her
                 thing is a long but rewarding process.         I was in such an excited rush to get eve-     backyard (complete with rooftop garden,
                     In this monthly column I hope to help      rything going that I overlooked some key      pond, and a raccoon and squirrel observa-
                 beginning gardeners by sharing advice I’ve     elements, but I learned from my mistakes.     tion room). She likes to attract critters and
                 gotten from gardening experts and offer            My echinacea shrank under the shade       birds, because she doesn’t grow vegetables.
                 inspiration for bored and disillusioned        of my cosmos, so I’ll move the echinacea           For her needs, autumn is often about
                 gardeners. There are rules in gardening,       forward now and plant cosmos seeds            what you don’t do if you want your wild-
                 but there is also lots of room for experi-     behind them in the spring. I’ll move my       life habitat garden to flourish. In November,
                 mentation and discovery. And that’s what       hydrangea to a less sunny spot so it has a    don’t rake up your leaves. Let them rot, as
                 keeps me (and my canine garden assistant,      better chance of surviving summer’s brutal    they do in nature, and they will mulch your
                 Emma) coming back to my garden.                heat. I’ll transplant my blueberry bushes     plants and eventually compost into fertile
                                                                near the raspberries so I can more easily     soil. Also, leave seed heads for the birds to
                 Now, to get started…                           net them off to keep out the critters that    eat over the winter and to self-seed.
                 After the extreme heat of this past summer     like to eat my berries at their peak.              But, she also says, sign up now for
                 and early fall, we are now amidst the kind         I may even put in some more peonies.      the DC Department of the Environment’s
                                                                                                              RiverSmart program. For a copayment of
                                                                                                              $50 each, Casey Trees will plant trees in
Sarah Bernardi

                                                                                                              your garden next spring. All you have to
                                                                                                              do is choose from a selection of 14 trees
                                                                                                              you would like, small to large, all with
                                                                                                              benefits to wildlife. DDOE will also install
                                                                                                              a rain garden and provide and plant native
                                                                                                              plants! If you have ever wished for birds
                                                                                                              and butterflies in your garden, DDOE’s
                                                                                                              RiverSmart Homes program will make
                                                                                                              your dreams come true. For more informa-
                                                                                                              tion, please go to and
                                                                                                              have a look at the information available on
                                                                                                              the RiverSmart program.

                                                                                                              When I asked Sandy Farber Bandier,
                                                                                                              Master Gardener Coordinator for UDC’s
                                                                                                              Cooperative Extensive Service about my
                                                                                                              rearranging plans, she reminded me to
                                                                                                              use lots of organic compost or bone meal
                                                                                                              when transplanting. And if you have one
                                                                                                              of Glover Park’s classic mini lawns, Sandy
                                                                                                              says now’s a good time to reseed. Rake
                                                                                                              out the dead spots and throw down some
                                                                                                              seed and compost. Or you might want to
                                                                                                              join Susan Harris, local garden blogger
                                                                                                              (, in the de-lawning
                                                                                                              movement. Check out several websites
                                                                                                              that offer how-to advice: www.sustainable-
                                                                                                              and in which case,
                                                                                                              you cover your lawn in black cloth and
                                                                                                              wait for it to die while you plan your envi-
                                                                                                              ronmentally responsible garden.
                                                                                                                  If your lawn is here to stay, at least
             eMMA, canine garden partner extraordinaire, keeps a watchful eye on fall’s bounty.               think about going organic. Here’s one
                                                                                                                                                           November 2010 ● 11

website that can help you do that: www.                           from eating the seeds, acting like a sieve                      ing dates). When I confessed this to Dino­products.html                                to even out the impact of a heavy rain.                         Kraniotis, Glover Park Community Garden
    For those of you who are done growing                         My fall seeds sprouted—just in the wrong                        Guru, he said, “The plants will tell you
for the year, Sandy also recommends the                           places.                                                         when they’re ready.” He told me just to
conscientious gardener plant a cover crop                              The one thing left on my to-do list is                     look: When the leaves start to turn yellow
like rye, alfalfa, or clover. This will help                      to plant the garlic and shallots I got at the                   and brown, and I can see the roots close to
enrich the soil and get you ready for spring                      Glover Park Farmers’ Market. For each                           the surface of the soil, they should be ready
planting. You might be a tad late for this,                       clove I break off and stick in the ground,                      to go. The longer I leave them buried,
but it’s worth a try. Check out Ed Hume’s                         I’ll harvest a whole head in the spring. I                      the bigger they’ll get, so I am practicing
site:                               should have done this a few weeks ago,                          patience and trying to hold out until after
                                                                  as some say it’s already too late to plant                      Thanksgiving.
Plant                                                             these. The first frost will indeed come
I like to live on the edge and am not done                        before the roots have had a chance to                           Build
for the year. My September planting is                            develop and that will produce a smaller                         Yes, it is a little late to do much fall vegeta-
producing mixed results. The kale, carrots,                       head. But others, like me, subscribe to the                     ble planting. In preparation for next year,
beets, and lettuce seeds that I planted in                        motto that small garlic from your garden                        though, check out this site for busy people.
the raised rows washed into the troughs                           is better than no garlic from your garden!                      It tells you what to plant and when. The
between the rows after a heavy down-                                   And, lastly, I’m fighting the urge to                      Weekend Gardener site (www.chestnut-sw.
pour. Now I understand what the window                            dig up my sweet potatoes. I forgot when I                       com/growform.htm) will ask you to input
screens on top of my neighbor’s raised                            planted them, so I have to rely on instinct                     the first and last frost dates for your area—
beds are all about—they keep the birds                            (note to self for next year: Jot down plant-                    ours are November 15 and April 2.
                                                                                                                                       If you just can’t accept that there’s
                                                                                                                                  nothing you can plant now, I know how
                                                                                                                                  you feel! Consider building a cold frame
  Nourishing the                                                  (For more information, visit  
                                                                      While Healthy Living’s “traveling kitchen” is known in
                                                                                                                                  or hoop house, both of which will let you
                                                                                                                                  grow greens right through the winter. Or at
  Neighborhood                                                    several neighborhoods throughout DC, this year’s fundrais-
                                                                  ing event is focusing on the Glover Park neighborhood,
                                                                                                                                  least experiment with growing greens right
                                                                                                                                  through the winter.
  By Juliette G. Tahar                                            where Healthy Living provides classes and demonstrations             Here is a detailed video (co-starring a
                                                                  at the Jelleff Boys and Girls Club, the Glover Park Farmers’    dog)
  Please join us for food, fun, music, raffle prizes, speakers,   Market, Whole Foods, and other venues. Raffle prizes will       cold-frame
  and more at Healthy Living Inc.’s annual fundraising event,     include goods and services from Glover Park merchants. And,          For a simpler version, using an old
  “Nourishing the Neighborhood.” The event will be held on                                                                        window, have a look at the Home Envy site
                                                                  of course, the event will feature delicious food from Cafe
  Monday, November 29, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Cafe Divan       Divan (For more information, visit          more information. I had success with the
  in Georgetown. There is no charge, but attendees will have          For updates on this event and other Healthy Living          latter until I noticed lead paint chips in my
  the opportunity to make a donation or a pledge to sup-          activities, visit us on Facebook and check out Healthy Living   salad. My advice is to make sure the win-
  port Healthy Living’s work, which includes teaching whole       Inc. Or contact me at            dow you use does not have lead paint.
  foods cooking to underprivileged DC children and adults             See you there!                                                   Questions? Comments? Advice to
                                                                                                                                  share? Send it all to

Glover Park History
By Carlton Fletcher

   n August 1861, a Pennsylvania infantry                                                                                   In 1862, Fisher went into battle, and the
   regiment got off the train downtown,                                                                                  following year was captured and sent to
   marched to Georgetown, and up High                                                                                      Libby Prison in Richmond. There he met
Street to their camp in Tenleytown. As                                                                                      Tom Causten, who had been exchanged in
they passed the country house named                                                                                         1862, and captured again at Chickamauga
Weston—across from where the Rus-                                                                                            in 1863.
sian Embassy is today—Mr. Causten’s                                                                                              In 1864, when 109 prisoners tunneled
daughters stood at the gate, offering cool                                                                                   out of Libby Prison, Fisher and Causten
drinks of water. Their hospitality was                                                                                       escaped together. Causten was captured
heartfelt; their brother Tom was in Con-                                                                                     a third time, but Fisher evaded searchers
                                                                                                                                                                                 US arMy MiLiTary hiSTOry inSTiTUTe

federate hands, the first Union prisoner                                                                                    for 11 days, finding his way to Union lines.
of a war that was only four months old.                                                                                     Given a promotion and 30 days leave in
    One of the Pennsylvanians was Lt.                                                                                      Washington, he promptly married Tom’s
Benjamin F. Fisher. When the Signal Camp of                                                                              sister Alice.
Instruction was instituted on Red Hill—now                                                                                   After the war Fisher practiced law in
Glover Park—Fisher got himself detailed                                                                                Philadelphia. In 1902, a reunion of Signal
there as an instructor. Signal officers were fre-                                                                    Corps veterans brought him back to Red Hill,
quent guests at Weston, encouraged to consider it                                                                 the scene of his wartime courtship.
a home away from home.                                                                            Benjamin Franklin Fisher
12 ● Glover Park Gazette

CHeF’S CORNeR By Karen Sprecher Keating

Indian Cuisine: On the Avenue and at Home
         verlooking Guy Mason’s playing        (lentils with cream and butter); and a gin-                     For dessert, think creamy rice pudding
         fields from its second­floor loca-    gered sag paneer (spinach and cheese).                      with plump white raisins; kulfi (slightly
         tion, Heritage India (2400 Wiscon-        You cannot go wrong with the flat-                      chewy ice cream); rasmalai (one of India’s
sin Avenue) has achieved lofty goals since     breads, whether sprinkled with mint,                        premiere milk sweets), or gulab jamun
1999 when it first graced our neighbor-        brushed with butter, or stuffed with onions.                (similar to doughnut holes, but served in a
hood. Heritage India has been included in      Use them to wipe your plate clean or cut the                warm syrup with slivered almonds).
the Washingtonian’s 100 Very Best Restau-      heat of the HOT lamb vindaloo. Cardamom-                        Heritage is currently running several
rants in DC since the year after it opened.    scented rice is delicious and costs extra.                  specials on wine and offers discounts to
    When you get to the top of the stairs,     Dinner appetizers run from $4.75 to $10.95;                 students with IDs. It is also the rare Glover
you are likely to be greeted by Sanjeev or     entrees, from $9.95 to $24.95. Vegetarians                  Park (non-pizza) restaurant that delivers!
Mitul Tuli. The couple trained at the Oberoi   and vegans will be delighted with the ar-                       Want to try a bit of Heritage’s cuisine at
School of Hotel Management. And prior          ray of choices here and everyone can add                    home? Ms. Tuli suggests Aloo Gobi Masala
to coming to America, Sanjeev established      variety to their meals with veggie curries                  (Potatoes and Cauliflower in fresh herbs
“Jewel of India” restaurants in Frankfurt,     available in half-size portions.                            and spices).
Offenbach, and Wiesbaden, Germany, and
in Prague, in the Czech Republic.
    Open seven days a week, Heritage
offers a range of luncheon entrees (priced       AlOO GObI MASAlA
from $12.95-$14.95) that include Tandoori
Prawns, Chicken Tikka, and Seekh Kabab           Ingredients                Instructions
Paneer Makhani, Chicken Makhani, Lamb            1 large cauliflower, cut   1. Place cauliflower and potatoes in a bowl.  Pour cold water over the vegetables until
Rogan Josh, and Goan Fish Curry. Each is            into florets              barely covered and then pour off water into a largish pot.
served with black lentils, naan, and pilau.      2 large potatoes, cubed
Also available are less expensive “express       1 tsp turmeric powder      2. Add ½ teaspoon of the turmeric, black cardamom, cloves and bay leaves to water and
lunches” that feature a curry served with        Water for boiling            bring to a boil. Add the cauliflower and potatoes to the pot and parboil (boil for a brief
lentils and rice.                                2 bay leaves                 time, approximately 1–2 minutes). Remove the vegetables from the water and set the
    India appetizers are often a treat, and      2 cloves                     vegetables aside, reserving the water.
Heritage’s run the gamut from golgappas          2 black cardamom
                                                                            3. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and add the cumin seeds, frying them alone for about
(crispy tiny thin cups, with diced potato        1 tsp Garam Masala
                                                                              a minute. Add the chopped ginger and sauté for an additional 1–2 minutes or until the
and chickpeas in their centers, spiced with         powder
                                                                              ginger is translucent.
a tamarind, paprika, roasted cumin and           7/8 tbs vegetable oil
mint sauce) to calamari with coconut and         2 tsp cumin seeds          4. Stir in the tomato paste and the rest of the turmeric as well as the red chili and Garam
lemon (my choice), and vegetable samosas.        1-½ inch piece ginger,       Masala, and cook until the oil starts to separate.
    The dinner menu features even more              peeled & finely
variety, such as bhel puri (an Indian-style         chopped)                5. Add the salt and parboiled vegetables to the frying pan and simmer for a few seconds,
salad with puffed rice, chickpea vermicelli,     1 cup tomato paste           then add the reserved water.
cilantro, shallots, and chutney); yakhani        1 tsp red chili powder
gosht (Kashmiri lamb stew with yogurt            Pinch of salt              6. Cover the pan for about seven minutes, bringing ingredients to a boil. Then reduce
and saffron); prawns in green-pepper sauce       ½ cup cilantro leaves,       heat to a simmer and cook on a low to medium heat until the vegetables are as tender
or sautéed in sesame oil; yogurt-marinated          chopped                   as you want. Garnish with cilantro. Then enjoy!
quail; crispy okra with mango powder; dal

                              Your Glover Park Neighbor
                               Active in the community

                     Expert in Sales, Rentals and Management

                              ARIADNE HENRY

                      For all your Real Estate needs in DC, VA

                                               (202) 965-8800
                                                                                                                         November 2010 ● 13

It’s Open Again!

                                                                                                                                                Sarah Bernardi
          early three and one-half years
          after a disastrous fire, the George-
          town Public Library reopened
on October 18. Damage to the original
structure was more extensive than much of
the public realized, necessitating a virtual
rebuilding of the structure. Almost all of
the millwork and plaster is new, though
designed to replicate the original look. The
windows—some of which had already
been removed during the pre­fire renova-
tion project—are among the few original
items salvaged from the fire.
     The library’s book collection was not
spared either. While fire and smoke rav-
aged the building, the massive amount of
water used to fight the blaze took its toll
on the books. Most of the library’s circu-
lating holdings were damaged beyond
the point where restoration was feasible.          around the building, and they stand in         the mood for a mid­day film viewing?
Replacements were bought, but the library          somber contrast to the building’s fresh        Mondays offer classic movies and Fridays
has a spare feel to it at the moment. It cur-      and open interior layout. The sense of the     feature foreign films (both take place at
rently houses more than 45,000 new books,          original building is palpable, suggesting a    noon). Much more is in the works, so keep
DVDs, CDs, and other materials, but it             renovation rather than new construction.       an eye on the library’s website (dclibrary.
is designed to hold 80,000. Happily, the                                                          org/georgetown) for more information.
library’s irreplaceable Peabody Collection         What’s new? The library is just settling          Hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
of early Georgetown papers and books is            into its new-old digs, but there are already   and Saturday: 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. and
still largely (95%) intact.                        some innovations, including 32 comput-         Tuesday and Thursday: 1–9 p.m. The
     There are photos of the dramatic fire         ers (24 for adults and 8 for children). In     library is closed on Sunday.

                                                                      FREE THREE DAY PASS
                                                                       PRESENT THIS AD & CHECK OUT BALANCE’S NEWEST LOCATION!

Balance Gym Glover Park/Georgetown, formerly Somafit, is an award-winning space featuring luxurious locker rooms,
relaxing steam rooms and lounge areas, the renowned SOMASPA, fully equipped studios for specialized classes from PILATES
and POLE PRESSURE to YOGA and BARRE, and a wide range of CARDIO and WEIGHT EQUIPMENT.
Balance Gym specializes in offering the city’s best PERSONAL TRAINING programs. The individual and group programs draw
from diverse fitness practices including sports conditioning, functional training, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and dance.
                                                 SPA     PILATES
                                                  Glover Park 2121 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington DC 20007 Tel: 202 . 965 . 2121
14 ● Glover Park Gazette

Babes                                                the sky, future Glover Park softball teams
                                                     were being populated. If we could only
                                                                                                           exander lives on 37th Street with his parents.

in the                                               convince Sullivan’s to relocate down Wis-
                                                     consin to our little babyhood, we’d have
                                                                                                           Karin Catherine “KC” Doyle was wel-
                                                                                                           comed home to W Street by her proud

Nabe                                                 less of a trek for all those first­birthday
                                                     presents next fall.
                                                         Those mommies and daddies, however,
                                                                                                           parents, Damien and Elizabeth Doyle and
                                                                                                           her big brother Cooper. KC was born on
                                                                                                           September 28 and weighed 8 lbs. 4 ozs. and
 by Glenn Parkinson
                                                     are still in the hazy dazy fog of adjusting to        measured 20 inches long. She reportedly
                                                     a newborn. For now, there are two Glover              still has her days and nights mixed up but

          ord on the street                          Park births to announce.                              is gradually moving into our time zone.
          is that the baby
          crop currently                             Lucie and Ramsey Leblois announce the                 Please share news of your growing families
being harvested from                                 arrival of their lovely baby boy, Alexander,          with your neighbors. Send in any new
February’s Snowpocalypse is impressive.              who was born March 9. While he’s well over            birth/arrival home announcements to
While neighbors were snuggled away wait-             20 pounds now, they thought they’d share    ; please include
ing for the snow to stop dumping out of              their happy news with their neighbors. Al-            Gazette in the subject line. Happy Nesting!

Real estate Sales
StatuS       OwnerShip    addreSS                         LiSt price    LiSt date   dOMp   cLOSe date   cLOSe price   SeLLer SubSidy   bed   FuLL bath haLF bath
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2239 39TH pl NW                 $719,000      9/24/10     19                                                 3     2        0
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2231 HAll pl NW                 $999,000      9/13/10     131                                                4     2        1
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2219 OBSERVATORY pl NW          $619,900      10/8/10     80                                                 2     1        0
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2219 HAll pl NW                 $899,500      10/1/10     12                                                 3     2        0
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2208 HAll pl NW                 $900,000      8/5/10      69                                                 0     0        0
ACTIVE       FEE SImplE   2305 37TH ST NW                 $789,000      9/11/10     32                                                 4     3        2
ACTIVE       CONdO        3901 TUNlAW Rd NW #401          $249,000      11/9/09     337                                                0     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        3925 dAVIS pl NW #306           $249,900      10/12/10    1                                                  1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4029 BENTON ST NW #104          $259,700      10/8/10     174                                                1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        2325 42Nd ST NW #212            $369,000      10/1/10     12                                                 2     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        2320 WISCONSIN AVE NW #501      $385,000      9/11/10     32                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4100 W ST NW #312               $338,900      9/10/10     33                                                 2     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #118          $239,000      9/9/10      34                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        2331 40TH ST NW #3              $269,000      8/12/10     62                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #510          $289,900      8/10/10     64                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        3520 W pl NW #205               $299,000      7/10/10     95                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        3520 W pl NW #l9                $175,000      7/10/10     95                                                 1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4100 W ST NW #204               $189,000      6/18/10     117                                                0     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        3901 TUNlAW Rd NW #602          $224,900      6/9/10      519                                                1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        3901 TUNlAW Rd NW #505          $275,000      6/2/10      133                                                1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        4100 W ST NW #212               $259,900      4/18/10     177                                                1     1        0
ACTIVE       CONdO        2320 WISCONSIN AVE NW #304      $308,000      3/3/10      224                                                1     1        0
ACTIVE       COOp         3900 TUNlAW Rd NW #510          $296,850      6/6/10      129                                                2     1        0
ACTIVE       COOp         3900 TUNlAW Rd NW #218          $219,000      8/2/10      72                                                 1     1        0
CONTRACT     CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #1130         $339,000      10/1/10     7                                                  2     1        0
CONTRACT     CONdO        2320 WISCONSIN AVE NW #113      $340,000      9/6/10      4                                                  1     1        0
CONTRACT     CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #505          $249,000      7/8/10      89                                                 1     1        0
CONTRACT     CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #421          $419,000      5/14/10     126                                                2     2        0
CONTRACT     FEE SImplE   2432 39TH pl NW                 $649,500      9/2/10      3                                                  3     2        1
CONTRACT     FEE SImplE   2234 OBSERVATORY pl NW          $699,000      9/30/10     11                                                 3     2        1
CONTRACT     FEE SImplE   2235 39TH pl NW                 $699,000      9/22/10     120                                                4     2        0
CONTRACT     FEE SImplE   2120 HUIdEKOpER pl NW           $859,000      9/23/10     5                                                  3     2        1
CONTRACT     FEE SImplE   3928 BENTON ST NW               $825,000      9/9/10      5                                                  4     3        1
SOld         CONdO        2603 39TH ST NW #4              $275,000      3/26/10     112    8/13/10      $260,000      $5,762.90        1     1        0
SOld         CONdO        4000 TUNlAW Rd NW #1012         $279,000      7/29/10     0      9/27/10      $279,000      $4,185.00        1     1        0
SOld         CONdO        2400 41ST ST NW #206            $295,000      7/23/10     23     9/27/10      $292,500                       1     1        0
SOld         FEE SImplE   2223 39TH ST NW                 $699,000      5/7/10      115    9/30/10      $683,000      $20,000.00       4     2        0
SOld         FEE SImplE   3727 W ST NW                    $699,000      8/26/10     14     9/28/10      $682,000                       3     2        1
SOld         FEE SImplE   2448 39TH ST NW                 $789,000      8/13/10     19     9/23/10      $775,000                       5     3        0
SOld         FEE SImplE   3904 BENTON ST NW               $845,000      7/23/10     24     9/23/10      $830,000                       4     3        1
SOld         FEE SImplE   2400 37TH ST NW                 $669,900      7/31/10     97     9/16/10      $655,000      $6,280.00        3     1        1
SOld         FEE SImplE   2309 38TH ST NW                 $779,000      8/1/10      3      8/19/10      $785,000                       3     2        0
SOld         FEE SImplE   3731 W ST NW                    $889,000      6/19/10     13     8/10/10      $880,000                       5     3        0
The above data was compiled by anslie Stokes of Mcenearney associates, inc., from the Metropolitan regional information
System and reflects all broker activity in the advertised subdivision of “Glover Park” from 8/11/2010 - 10/13/2010.
                                                                                                                                  November 2010 ● 15

CYCLe DC By Gil Nissley

                                                                                                                                                                 Sarah Bernardi
Keep Your Bike: Lock It Up
       ello and welcome back to Cycle           you can of course always remove the
       DC. This month we’ll be covering         front wheel and thread the lock through
       a topic that unfortunately seems to      the front wheel and then through the rear
have become more relevant lately: prevent-      triangle. This locks both wheels and the
ing bike theft. While DC isn’t as bad as        frame with the U lock and is even more
NYC, it is still a major metropolitan area,     secure than using a cable for the wheels.
and crime is not uncommon. However, a           However, that said, most people find it a
few simple steps can help ensure that your      bother to have to remove and replace their
bike doesn’t disappear.                         wheel every time they lock up. Note: when
                                                using this method, always remember to
Lock It or Lose It                              reconnect your front brake. You don’t want
Most bikes stolen in DC fit into two            to accidentally ride off with your front
categories: they were locked with weak          brake not working.
locks, or weren’t locked properly. Cables            A special note about the racks you can
and hardware store chains are not enough        only put one wheel in. They are usually
for the DC Metro area. You need a good U        found at schools and libraries. The best
lock. Cables and chains are fine for wheels     way to lock to these is on one of the two       STAY TUNeD Gil Nissley
and accessories, but the bike itself needs to   ends. If these prime spots are taken, then
be U locked. If your bike has QRs (quick re-    the next best way to lock to these racks is
leases, a curved lever you flip open) on its    to carefully lift the front wheel over the      help you locate it. When purchasing a bike,
wheels and seatpost (the tube the seat at-      horizontal top bar and set the bike down        ask the shop or seller to write the serial
taches to and slides down into the frame),      so the underside of where the frame meets       number on the sales receipt; this proves be-
I highly recommend a cable or chain for         the fork rests on the bar (be careful not to    yond a doubt that the bike belongs to you.
securing them, or replacing the QRs with        damage any cables running under there).         You should also have a current picture of
bolt-on or locking units; most bike shops       Then thread the lock through the front          your bike, especially if you add accessories
carry all these. And always lock your bike,     wheel, the vertical bars of the rack, and       or change the paint job or components. Fi-
even if it’s in your yard, on your porch, or    then the downtube of the frame. The frame,      nally, for a small fee you can register your
in your building’s bike room. Just because      fork, and lock will make a triangle around      bike online with the National Bike Registry.
most people can’t see it doesn’t mean a         the rack’s top bar. Then you can thread         Most bike shops sell registration kits or you
thief won’t take advantage of an opportune      a cable through the rear wheel and seat         can order one online.
moment.                                         to completely secure the bike. Tip: if you          That’s all for now, next month
                                                frequently lock to these kinds of racks, it’s   we’ll discuss cold weather riding.
The Skinny on Locking                           a good idea to bring a piece of cloth (from     Feel free to send me your questions at
To properly secure your bike, first find a      an old t-shirt or washcloth) to put on the
good place to lock it. Signposts are okay       top bar of the rack to prevent scratching           Have a good ride!
for short trips into a store, but don’t lock    your bike.
to them overnight; a thief can unbolt the            However you lock, try to ”fill” the lock
sign and lift the bike over the post. You       as much as possible. Put it around some-
also don’t want to lock to skinny trees; a      thing large enough, or thread it through          Bike Share in Glover Park
thief can easily saw through a thin trunk       enough parts of your bike, that there’s very          As the Gazette goes to press, the local Yahoo ListServ
or possibly even knock it over. Bike racks      little empty space and the lock can’t be
                                                                                                  is abuzz with suggestions on where Glover Park’s
are of course ideal, but make sure they are     moved around much. This will prevent a
properly secured to the ground. Please          thief from being able to put something into       Bikeshare station should, and should not, be located. DC’s
don’t lock your bike to them in such a way      the lock to pry it open. Also be careful of       Department of Public Works asked residents to suggest
that you take up more than one space. And       how you position the bike when locking on         a spot for about 15 bikes, but in an area where parking
never lock to another bike—unless it’s your     sidewalks and other high traffic areas. You
                                                                                                  spaces are a scarce commodity, it’s not been an easy call.
friend’s—that’s a serious faux pas in the       don’t want your bike to be where pedestri-
cycling world.                                  ans might bump it or knock it over when               Bikeshare is a joint project of the District and Arling-
    The two best ways to use your U lock        walking past. And, of course, you don’t           ton County and has been touted in the media as the larg-
are through the front wheel and frame,          want to be in the way of wheelchairs and          est bike-sharing project in the country. It is a significant
or through the rear wheel inside the rear       strollers.                                        expansion upon the previous SmartBike program. When
triangle. If your lock is long enough, put
the lock around what you’re locking to          Be Smart and Think Ahead                          up to speed, it will have 1,100 bikes available in 110 or
and then thread it through both the bottom      There are also preventive measures you            more kiosks in the two jurisdictions. For much more
portion of the frame (the downtube) and         can take to help recover your bike if it is       information, visit
the front wheel. If your lock is too short,     stolen. The first and most important task             Ultimately, to be useful, the locations will need to be
thread it through the rear wheel inside of      is to write down the bike’s serial number.
                                                                                                  convenient. DPW is eager to make a decision and install
the two triangles at the rear of the frame.     Usually it is found on the underside of the
This is secure because when the lock is         frame, under the bottom bracket (where            a kiosk in the neighborhood. Perhaps it will have done so
inside the rear triangles, the wheel cannot     the arms the pedals attach to meet the            by the time the Gazette hits your doorstep.
be removed, thus effectively securing the       frame). If you can’t find your serial number          More on this in future columns.
frame as well. If you don’t have a cable,       take the bike to a shop and ask them to
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