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					Things to consider:

       Consider booking an advert in your local paper with the day, date, time
        and location of your garage sale. It usually costs around £20. The
        booking is usually the Monday before the publication of the newspaper.

       The earlier you can start doing leaflet drops in your area the better

       The sooner you can put the banner up the better

       Ideally you want to avoid people coming into your home – if they see
        you have a lot of stuff they may hassle you, or it could become a
        security issue

       If there are lamp posts on the roads around your area, put a big, bold
        A4 notice with just the day, date, time and place of your garage sale on
        and go back every few days to check that they’re still up – very keen
        buyers will remove them so they have the details, so you may need to
        replace notices you put up in certain areas!

       Get cash change ready. Decide what your minimum price is going to be
        and get change accordingly e.g. if you’re not going to sell anything for
        less than 50p, then get plenty of change of 50p and £1 only – make it
        difficult for people to get change for less than 50p as it’ll help you
        haggle up to the nearest 50p / £1.

       Don’t accept cheques unless they have guarantee cards – car boots and
        garage sales are a great place for using stolen cheques as too many
        people at them accept cheques without cards.

       You will need

        o one of you to be guarding / manning the entrance to the house to
          make sure no visitors ‘wander’
        o on person to man the stalls as it’s common for thieves to act in pairs
          whereby one distracts the owner by asking about one item while
          another one ‘takes’ the item they really want.

Wet Weather:

       Gazebos with sides are good if it’s wet for the tables
The actual day:

       expect people to turn up a couple of hours before the official start time

       start setting up around 9am for a 10am official start

       Decide beforehand how you want to set it up.

       You may want to decide that specific tables are a set price - you could
        have one table where each item is £1, another where everything is £2,
        another £5 etc. This may make it easier for people to help you with the
        sale rather than always having to check. Or you have one table which is
        a fixed price (for the small items) and one which is ‘make an offer’ for
        the items you want a bit more for. Or you could have all the tables that
        are ‘make me an offer’ – and then just double what they offer.

       Remember – if people make an offer it’s ALWAYS less than what they’re
        prepared to pay, so double their offer and negotiate from there, but
        NEVER negotiate down to what they originally offered.

       Have one person who is ‘banker’. Use a bum bag if you can to have all
        the money in. This way it’s easier to manage change, notes etc.

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