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					               Comm 150 Web Evaluation Worksheet Example

Identification Information:

Author. (Date). Title of Web page: Subtitle if needed. Retrieved Month, day, year.
       From source
NBA Media Ventures LLC. (2011). Official Site of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
       Retrieved October 27, 2011. From

Description Questions:
These example statements are in italics so you can see them easier.
Write yours in normal text.

1. Site Credibility (author's/sponsor's name and/or qualifications):
This is a site owned by the National Basketball Association, and is a credible source of
information on professional basketball.

2. Site Accuracy (any evidence of quality control/error-free facts):
The information includes official news and statistics which are a matter of public record.

3. Site Intent (advertising, evidence of bias, intended audience):
Intended audience would be Cavalier fans. There is some advertising of a non-basketball
nature, but most information on the page deals with the Cavaliers.

4. Site Currency (what type of date on page specific date, copyright, nothing; how current
are links):
All news items had also been in other media recently. All the links worked. The copyright
on the bottom of the page was 2011.

5. Site Usability (pages load quickly, do links work, organization is logical, good
relationship to search topic):
I thought the page was a bit cluttered. The navigation bar was ok, but the fast drop-down
menus would not be good for folks without good mouse skills. The pictures were very
crisp and loaded quickly. I could pretty much find anything I could use as a fan though,
including statistics, photos, news, and miscellaneous fun things like games and polls.

The relevance of this site to my career objective: (good relationship to career?)
As a business major, this showed all the aspects of how to use a home page to market a
product. It had all sorts of information and a variety of interactive features that would
help a visitor find what they needed and give them a reason to return. When I near
graduation this site has an employment opportunity link I will visit as well as other
associated business links that I might use to get my foot in the door!

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