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PowerPoint 2007: Chapter 6 – Multiple Choice

Instructions: Circle the best answer.

1. A freestanding, computer-equipped structure that shares information with the public

   is a _____.

a. stand

b. business front

c. kiosk

d. retail center

2. The _____ master designates the placement of text for handouts.

a. slide

b. handout

c. notes

d. text

3. The name that PowerPoint gives to a new slide master is _____.

a. Custom Design

b. New Slide Master

c. New Template

d. none of the above

4. Clicking _____ in the Text direction gallery will display your text vertically.

a. Horizontal
b. Stacked

c. Portrait

d. Landscape

5. Use the _____ task pane to view and select desired slides from a different


a. Reuse Slides

b. Choose Slides

c. Rename Slides

d. Saved Slides

6. _____ includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or content.

a. Digitizing

b. Animation

c. Simulation

d. none of the above

7. The _____ animation effect modifies the text and objects once they are displayed on

   the screen.

a. Entrance

b. Exit

c. Emphasis

d. none of the above
8. When you choose the _____ option, the animation will not show until you click the

   mouse or press the SPACEBAR.

a. Off Click

b. On Click

c. When Clicked

d. none of the above

9. The _____ show type is a custom show that is a subset of the original presentation.

a. basic

b. advanced

c. linked

d. borrowed

10. ____ can translate words and phrases into different languages.

a. Bilingual dictionaries

b. English dictionaries

c. Foreign almanacs

d. none of the above

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