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  Issue #1                                  September 2006                                    Volume 2

                   Spotlight On...Jim Gunsolley
   ESU #1
   Lisa Salmon
                 Jim Gunsolley joined ESU #1's fish bowl this summer as the
                 new Transition Specialist. Jim has many years of experience
   Sarah Elton
                 in education. He received his undergraduate degree from
                 Morningside College in Sioux City. He received his Masters
                 Degree in Special Education and his Specialist Degree in Ed-
                 ucational Administration, both from the University of South

                 Jim's taught as an elementary teacher for one year in Win-
                 nebago and then spent three years as a special education
                 teacher at Woodrow Wilson Junior High in Sioux City. He

                 then began teaching special education at East High School in
                 Sioux City, where he spent many years teaching and serving
                 as a work experience coordinator. He also directed the night

                 school program for at-risk students. In addition to his new
                 position at ESU #1, Jim also serves on the Board of Educa-         ESU #1 Transition
                 tion in South Sioux City.                                           Specialist Jim
                 Jim is married and his wife, Linda, works at Harney Elemen-
                 tary in South Sioux City. They have one daughter and a great son-in-law, who is a principal
                 in an elementary school in Liberty, Missouri. The joy of Jim's life is his grandson, who is
                 two years old.

      1          Jim's hobbies include driving his little red sports car with the top down on nice days. He
                 loves riding his Honda Goldwing motorcycle, despite a motorcycle accident in August of
                 2005 that resulted in a broken leg and three broken toes. (Jim was on his way to Sturgis at

       2         the time of the accident.) Jim also appreciates special time with his family and he enjoys
                 working in the yard, traveling and reading. Jim is also a big supporter of his favorite foot-
                 ball team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers!

       3         One of the most memorable moments in Jim's life occurred in 1980 when Ronald Reagan
                 was running for president. Jim was teaching at East High and was unable to attend a
                 speech that the future President Reagan was making at the Marina Inn in South Sioux
                 City. He did, however, make it in time to see President and Nancy Reagan getting ready to
                 get into their limo. President Reagan noticed him and took the time to come over and shake
                 Jim's hand. At that point, Jim decided that if President Reagan could take the time to do
                 that for him, then he would always take the time and treat everyone with all the dignity and
                 respect that they deserve.

   A             Jim is very excited to be working for ESU #1. He reports that before he ever thought
                 of applying for a position at ESU #1, he had heard many positive comments about

                 the ESU #1 team and he has found the praise to be justified. He said that he is,
                 "truly excited to be a part of such a great organization that works very hard to do
                 what is best for kids."
       September Happenings
                                                  Calendar of Events
                                           1   My E-Learning Acheivement Series       9:00 - 11:00
                                           5   Word Training                          4:30 - 7:00
                                           6   Physical Ed and Technology (at LLLC)   8:30 - 12:00
                                           7   Distance Learning for Emerson          6:00 - 8:30
     September Birthdays                  13   Dialogue Across Nebraska               6:30 - 9:00
                                          14   Autism Meeting                         10:00 - 12:00
 Leah Merkwan           September 1st     14   Safety Meeting                         3:30 p.m.
                                          14   Distance Learning for Emerson          6:00 - 8:30
 Colleen Chase          September 2nd     15   Coordinator's Meeting                  1:30 p.m.
 Nicole Bacan           September 7th     18   APL Day One                            8:30 - 3:00
                                          18   Advanced Manilla (at LLLC)             9:00 - 3:00
 Susan Lilienka mp      September 8th     19   APL Day Two                            8:30 - 3:00
                                          19   Speech - Distance Learning             6:00 p.m.
 Patricia Stuelpnagel   September 9th     20   APL Day Three                          8:30 - 3:00
 Rebecca Goos           September 11th    20   Movie Maker (at LLLC)
                                          21   Planning Team Meeting                  6:30 - 8:30
 Patricia Kann          September 18th    21   Distance Learning for Emerson          6:00 - 8:30
 Carol McGuire          September 21st    23   Podcasting (at LLLC)                   9:00 - 3:30
                                          25   NA Carl Perkins                        10:00 - 2:00
 Lisa Salmon            September 29th    25   Carl Perkins                           4:30 - 7:00
                                          26   DIBELS - Day 1                         9:00 - 3:00
                                          26   Rethinking New Participants            4:30 - 6:30
    SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS                    27
                                               Walk-Through at ESU #1
                                               Fall Media Workshop (at LLLC)
                                                                                      9:00 - 3:00

     AND OBSERVANCES                      28
                                               Walk- Through at SSC
                                               Distance Learning for Emerson
                                                                                      9:00 - 3:00
                                                                                      6:00 - 8:30
          Baby Safety Month
 Children's Good Manners Month
 International People Skills Month
  1-7: Internat'l Enthusiasm Week
            5-9: Play Days
17-23: National Clean Hands Week
            4th: Labor Day
   5th: Be Late for Something Day
   8th: International Literacy Day
 10th: National Grandparents Day
   11th: Remember Freedom Day
 13th: International Chocolate Day
                                           Don't Forget....
            15th: Someday          The Central Office will be closed on
         17th: Time's Up Day
24th: National Good Neighbor Day
                                   Monday, September 4th, in obser-
                                         vance of Labor Day
    ESU #1 Family Fun Day
An ESU #1 Family Fun Day was held on Sunday, August 20th, 2006 at Ponca
State Park. About 24 staff members and their families attended, totaling
approximately 70 people. Thank you to all who attended and helped make
the day an enjoyable time to spend with colleagues and their families. We
hope to continue similar fun events in the future. Here are some photos
taken during the day's festivities.

           A THANK YOU From Lisa
A big THANK YOU to the central office staff (Wendy Ellis, Sarah Elton, Joleen Gus-
tafson, Diane Keim and Jenny Heimann) for helping make the Family Fun Day a
success. They spent a great deal of time making all of the necessary reservations,
planning games, compiling all of the prizes and seeing that all of the little details
were covered. I hope that all who attended enjoyed the day.
                   LEVEL I, III, ECSE (School age, Centerbase and ECSE SPED Programs)

                                    #1           Cutoff Date           9/22/06

                                    #2           Cutoff Date           12/8/06

                                    #3           Cutoff Date           2/9/07

                                    #4           Cutoff Date           5/18/07

                                    Summer       Cutoff Date           7/31/07
Staff required to submit service hours (ECSE Speech and Homebase, Audiology, etc.) are to mail the data to the
central office on the cutoff date or next day (Saturday). Data is to be received by ESU #1 on the Monday fol-
lowing the cutoff date.

   • All staff are to notify SPED Director, if, when, and how often summer services will be provided by 5/1/07.
   • Additional staff contract days must be approved in advance and in writing by the Administrator.

Safety Committee Meetings are set on the following Thursdays
beginning at 3:30 at the Central Office in the Fish Bowl.

                             September 14th                March 22nd
                             December 14th                 May 10th

Committee members are: Stuart Clark, Bob Uhing, Cheri Matthews, Myrna Wacker-Tuttle, Ari-
anne Conley, Kim Neemeyer and Joleen Gustafson.

Tower also has a safety committee which meets from 3:00 to 3:30 on the following dates:

                             September 12th                February 13th
                             October 17th                  March 13th
                             November 7th                  April 17th
                                    TAKE NOTE
ESU #1 Employees:

Beginning October 13th, we will be offering direct deposit of your expense
checks (mileage/professional development, etc.). If you are interested in this
method of reimbursement, please complete the enclosed authorization form
(on the reverse side of this page) and return it to me by September 28th. You
may sign up for this service at any time but please be aware that it may take
two to three weeks to become effective.

As the form indicates, if you are depositing your expense check into the same
account as your payroll check, you do not need to include a voided check.
Like payroll, we have the capability of e-mailing your expense check deposit
slip. If you are not already having your payroll deposit slips e-mailed to you
and would like to do so, please contact me and an authorization form will be
sent to you for completion.

The bank listed (Nebraska State Bank) on the form is the one that will initiate
the transfer of funds to your bank; therefore, the name should not be changed
to your bank’s name. Also, the reason for the authorization of a credit or debit
is in the event that an error was made in the amount of the pay you were to
receive vs. the amount that was transferred. This simply authorizes ESU #1
to correct any error found through the use of a debit or credit, whichever the
case may be.

I would like to encourage you to take advantage of this service as it eliminates
any mail delays that may be experienced. Please contact me with any ques-
tions you may have.

                                   ESU #1
                       Congratulations to the following ESU #1 em-
 2006-07 NSEA OFFICERS ployees for their years of dedicated service.

    President                 Sara Jaixen
    Vice-President          Jessica Fischer
    Secretary               Wendy Consoli
    Treasurer               Lynn Sullivan            Kim Barge                      5 Years
                                                     Laurie Smith                   5 Years
                                                     Rebecca Goos                   5 Years
          Negotiation Committee:                     Sara Jaixen                    5 Years
              Lynn Sullivan                          LaVonne Carson                 5 Years
              Ron Lorenzen                           Bob Uhing                     10 Years
           Carol Olson-Conrad                        Wendy Consoli                 15 Years
                                                     Myrna Wacker-Tuttle           25 Years
             Mutual Concerns:
                                                     Sandy Brudigan                25 Years
               Vernae Luhr                           Selma Addison                 30 Years
                                                     Chris Salmon                  30 Years
                                                     Peg Roush                     35 Years

                              Medical Update
                              Tossing and Turning?
If you notice your television screen isn't the only one in the neighborhood flickering through the early
morning hours, don't be surprised. More than 35 million Americans suffer from long-lasting insom-
nia, and 20 to 30 million more may be tosssing and turning occasionally. According to the National
Center on Sleep Disorders Research, insomnia can show up as difficulty falling asleep, waking up
frequently during the night, waking up too early, or experiencing unrefreshing sleep.

For people with occasional insomnia, the cause is often stress, environmental noise, a drug side effect
or jetlag or other sleep/wake problems. Depression, kidney disease, heart failure, asthma, restless leg
syndrome, Parkinson's disease, sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism and arthritis may cause chronic insom-
nia. Misuse of caffeine, alcohol or other substances can also play a role,
as can chronic stress.

Insomnia can lead to a host of physical and emotional effects. "Lack of
sleep can cause memory and mood problems, and may affect immune
function, which could lead to an increased incidence of infection and
illnesses," says Bob Rappaport, M.D., a drug reviewer for the Food and
Drug Administration (FDA). If you're among the sleepless, talk to your
Educational Service Unit #1
211 Tenth Street
Wakefield NE 68784

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