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									Pick no.    Title        Subtitle Edition                    Pub
                                                 Author/Editor Date Short Description              Contents
                                                                                      Catalogue Copy
    61015                            Third       S                Dec-11 Now in its Third EditionPART ONE Managing People in O
                                                                                      Now Tyrone Pitsis
                                                                                                     , this unique and highly and high
            Managing and Organizations Editiontewart R Clegg, Martin Kornberger andin its Third Edition , this uniqueesteeme
    61977                                        David S Hames Dec-11 David Hames'    David combines in a single volume textThe N
                                                                                                   Part 1: combines in a single mat
            NegotiationClosing Deals, Settling Disputes, and Making Team Decisions textHames' text The Fundamentals \ volum
    54200                                        Ann               Jun-12 T Luhman From agency theory to workplace this indisp
            Key Concepts in Organization Theory L Cunliffe and JohnFrom agency theory to workplace democracy, democracy
    55266                                        Kate Kenny, Andrea Whittle and Hughunderstandingis fundamental to a comple
            Understanding Identity and Organizations                                  An Willmott  Introduction to Understanding Id
                                                                  Dec-11 An understanding of identity of identity is fundamental
    57873                            Leadership Roger
            Theory and Practice of Second Edition Gill                                For students looking for The Nature a more
                                                                                                   Introduction: looking for and Imp
                                                                  Dec-11 For students and leadersand leaders a more holistic and
    62612                Knowing, Doing Leadership
                                                 Scott            Dec-11 Bringing together leading international Section across d
                                                                                      Bringing together leading international schol
            The Handbook for Teaching and Being Snook, Nitin Nohria and Rakesh KhuranaThomas DeLong scholarsI-- Know
    66640                The Humanitarian Leader in M. J. LaFasto andSocially Larson
            Socially Responsible Leadership FrankEach of Us       Dec-11 Carl E. Responsible Leadership is a supplementary (and
    62228                Current                 Chaunda Scott    Dec-11 Workforce Diversity is a text//case book d/caesigned to
            Workforce Diversityand Emerging Issues andLCases and Marilyn Y Byrd                    Preface \ Part I. Establishing Wor
    66000                Basics, Applications, and FutureJ. Kavanagh, Mohan Thite Human Resource I:Systems (HRIS) have(HRIS
                                     Second Edition
            Human Resource Information Systems                    Sep-11 Human Resource InformationInformation Systems HUM
                                                 Michael Directions                                PART INTRODUCTION TO beco
                                                                                      and Richard D. Johnson
    60990                                          Reasonably Nov-11 Written Coaching and challenge, stimulate this book a C
                                                                                      Written to Mentoring Why Developing ta
            A Very Short, Fairly Interesting andBob Garvey Cheap Book Aboutto challenge, stimulate and inform,and inform, t
    54185                Mapping Out Strategic Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden 'Eden and making whileFocus \at the time dee
            Making Strategy                      Success
                                     Second Edition                                                Strategy as at the Strategic Man
                                                                  Sep-11 'Demystifies strategy Ackermann remain same leading
    58405   Essentials of Strategic Management                    Dec-11 Built on theBuilt on thestrategic management and Strat
                                                                                       belief       belief that strategic managemen
                                                 Martyn R Pitt and Dimitrios Koufopoulos that The Essence of Strategyprinciples
    61214   Doing Business in Europe             Gabriele Suder Dec-11 This new editionnew edition of DoingThe Newcovers all o
                                     Second Edition                                                Introduction: Europe in Europe
                                                                                      This of Doing Business in BusinessEuropean
    59354                Crisis and Social Responsibility
            The End of Corporate Critique                          Jan-12                           much-needed critique The End o
                                                 Peter Fleming and Marc T Jones Providing a Preface \ Introduction:of Corpora
    62206                Tools and Tactics for Organizational Transformation
            Ethics in the Workplace              Craig            D                   Equipping they can act as change agents wh
                                                                                                   Introduction \ can Laying an Et
                                     Second Edition E. Johnson ec-11 Equipping students sostudents so theyPart Iact as change
    66016                A Student's Digital                      D                   Instructing Importance fillsWriting to write to
                                                                                                    Digital Age of an urgent need fo
            Business Writing in the Guide Age Natalie Canavor ec-11 Business Writing in thebusiness students how in Today's
    62718                21st Century Tools and Ideas              Jan-12 Leading-Edge Marketing
            Leading-Edge Marketing Research Robert Kaden, Gerald Linda and Melvin Prince Research is a book for Marketin
    62131                Influencing Fourth EditionGood
            Social Marketing                     Philip Kotler Jan-12 The Fourth The Fourth Foreword Socialis the definitive t
                                     Behaviors for                                                 Edition of Alan Marketing is the
                                                                                      Edition of Social MarketingAndreasen \ PAR
    66037                 Research Toolbox
                                     Third Editiondward
                                                 E                Dec-11              An ideal resource for those who Characteris
                                                                                                   Preface Nature conduct to con
            The MarketA Concise Guide for Beginners F. McQuarrie An ideal resource for those who\want to andwant marke
    62224                Strategies, Techniques,Margaret
                                     Second Edition Applications
                                                  and              Jan-12 The SecondThe SecondIntroduction andtheE. discuss bot
                                                                                       Edition remains theremains Overview \ Q
                                                                                                    Edition only book only book
            Using Qualitative Research in Advertising A. Morrison, Eric Haley, Kim Bartel Sheehan and Ronald to Taylor A to
    19963                A Managerial Perspective
            Public Relations                                      Dec-11 Taking a managerial perspective 1: FRAMEWORKS & CO
                                                                                                   SECTION on the field of the field
                                                 Danny Moss and Barbara DeSanto Taking a managerial perspective on public re
    62390   Social Marketing Casebook                             Oct-11 Social Marketing Casebook Casebook brings the first t
                                                                                      Social Marketing
                                                                                                   Introduction \ Key Principles and
                                                 Jeff French, Rowena Merritt and Lucy Reynolds brings together fortogether f
    54799                                        Gerard           Nov-11 For the firstFor the Bryant this benchmarkbrings toge
                                                                                       time, this benchmark handbook handbook
            The SAGE Handbook of Social Marketing Hastings, Kathryn Angus and Carol firstPhilip Kotler and Nancy R. Lee Fo
    62959                            Sixth
            Public Sector Management Edition                                          The highly-anticipated sixth edition United P
                                                                                                   The edition of Norman of Norma
                                                 Norman Flynn Feb-12 The highly-anticipated sixthPublic Sector in the Flynn's K
    61211                                        Mette Morsing and Alfons SauquetBusiness arguably some of the key influentia
                                                                                        Rovira     PART ONE: Historical and Geogra
            Business Schools and their Contribution to SocietyOct-11 Business schools are Schools and their Contribution to So
    61899                A Marketing Approach
            Pricing Strategies                                    Dec-11                           Introduction: Pricing as an Eleme
    61433                An International Approach Ferdinand and Paul Kitchin Covering key issues such asApproach provide
            Events Management                    Nicole                                            Events in Our Changing World \ T
                                                                  Feb-12 Events Management: An International fundraising, spon
    56097                An Introduction
            Tourism Management                                    Mar-12 This exciting new text offers text offers of Tourism of To
                                                                                                   Introduction to Tourism \ The Co
                                                 Clare Inkson and Lynn Minneart This exciting newall studentsall students a con
    61206                                        Mark             Mar-12 Now in its Fourth Edition , this much loved text loved te
                                                                                      Now in Paul Jackson
            Management ResearchFourth Edition Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe and its Fourth Edition , this muchoffers th
    60988                                                                             Using a step-by-stepCase Study Research for
                                                                                                   What Is approach, Case Study B
            Case Study Research for Business Jillian FarquharFeb-12 Using a step-by-step approach, Case Study Research in R
    66004                A Tool for Complex TimesAlana James,Dec-11 ParticipatoryAlan Buckman
                                                 E.                Tracesea Slater and Action the background, process comprehe
                                                                                                   Preface \ Business is a \ Introdu
            Action Research for Business, Nonprofit, and Public Administration Covering Research for Introduction and tools
    60244                Core Methods OrganizationalSymon and Catherine Cassell Practice of Organizational Research Sym
                                                 Gillian Research                     The          Catherine Cassell and Gillian cont
            The Practice of Qualitativeand Current Challenges Feb-12 The Practice of Qualitative Qualitative Organizational Re
    51783   The Essential MBA                                                         For help preparing for, during your MBA cou
                                                                                                   Susan Miller Introduction and Ov
                                                 Susan Miller Nov-11 For help preparing for, and supportand support during yo
    62029                A Science and Technology
                                     Two-Volume Set               Dec-11 This         This two-volume set within the SAGE Referen
            Leadership in Reference HandbookWilliam Sims Bainbridge two-volume set within the SAGE Reference Series o
    62790                            Four-Volume Set
                                                  Development Nov-11 Encompassing management, ONE: reflect economics, ad
                                                                                      Well Larry Dooleypsychology, the multidiscip
            Fundamentals of Human Resource David McGuire, Thomas Garavan and R renowned editors THE NATURE OF HRD
    61501                A Cross-modality        David            Pam Howard          The relationship is at the core at counselling
                                                                                                   Thinking about Therapeutic 'Proc
            The Therapeutic Encounter Approach Bott and Feb-12 The therapeutictherapeutic relationship is of the core of
    62504                Guide to'of the Core Models Weatherhead Trainees in all mental health professions need basicSteph
            The Pocket A 'Howto Therapy          Stephen                              Trainees in all mental-health professionsknow
                                                                  Nov-11 and Graeme Flaherty-Jones Graeme Flaherty-Jones and nee
    59014                 Across for Practice Barbara Mitchels and Tim Bond This in the Private the authoritative Resourc
                                                                  Sep-11                            authoritative BACP Legal BACP Le
            Legal IssuesA GuideCounselling & Psychotherapy Settings This fourth bookfourth book in Practice \ Commercial an
    55104                Person-centred Practiceanet Tolan Nov-11 This is
                                                 J                                    This is the first book commonly commonly o
            Client Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapyand Paul Wilkins the first book to focus on to focus onoccurring clie
    61279                                        Studies          Dec-11 This book This book uniquely combines Mandy Drake o
                                                                                                   Mike CBT with the Department
            Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Case Mike Thomas and Mandy Drake uniquely combinesThomas and cognitive behaP
    59356   Overcoming Obstacles in CBT                           Dec-11 While manyWhile manyIntroduction and Yvonne Toneand
                                                                                       textbooks Fitzmaurice \ Problemof CBT, few
                                                                                                     textbooks techniques Focus
                                                 Craig Chigwedere, Michael McDonough, Brianexplain the explain the technique
    60976                                        Darren
            Existential Counselling and PsychotherapyLangdridge                       This is a comprehensive, contemporary intro
                                                                                                   PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF TH
                                                                  Oct-12 This is a comprehensive, contemporary introduction to t
    63311                Therapy of the Situation eorge Wollants
            Gestalt Therapy                      G                                    'This welcome newMono-Personal Approach
                                                                                                   From a book is a refreshes the t
                                                                  Feb-12 This seminal textbook on Gestalt therapyvaluable additio
    61337                A Relational Approach Ariana             Oct-11 Ooijen       This is an accessibleof Integration \ Approach
                                                                                                   Models and user-friendly theor
            Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy Faris and Els vanThis is an accessible and user friendly guide to theguide t
    66212   Introduction to Gestalt                               Feb-12              This thoroughly ONE: edition of An \ A Bri
                                                 Charlotte Sills, Phil Lapworth and Billy Desmond revisedBACKGROUNDIntrodu
    61788                             Counselling olin Feltham and Ian This third This third edition I : COUNSELLING AND of co
                                                 C                 Jan-12                            together the fundamentals PSYC
            The SAGE Handbook ofThird Editionand Psychotherapy Horton edition bringsPART brings together the fundam
55463                            Second Edition Tolan
        Skills in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy                      defines theThe Theoretical Framework - Em
                                                                                               key tenets edition: "An accessibl
                                                             Jan-12 Janet Tolan Praise for the previous of the approach \ psy
62315                A Helper's Third Editionichard Nelson-Jones From leading skills expertskills expert Richard Nelson-Jon
        Basic Counselling SkillsManual      R               Nov-11                            PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ thir
                                                                                 From leading Richard Nelson-Jones, thisWho
62394                Working with Young People from 11 Nov-11 Brief CounsellingCounsellingCounselling, for Young Peopl
                                 Third      D
        Brief Counselling in Schools Edition ennis Lines to 18                                Brief in Schools Third Edition , i
                                                                                 Brief in Schools, third edition, is a highly pra
59357   The CBT Handbook                                    Nov-11 The CBT Handbook Handbook comprehensive text of it
                                                                                              PART ONE: CBT THEORY \ Warren
                                            Windy Dryden and Rhena Branch The CBTis the most is the most comprehensi
61584   Cognitive Behaviour Therapies                                            CBT more established as the therapy of the
                                            Windy Dryden Jan-12 CBT has becomehas become more established as thecho
62316                            in Counsellor Training
        Personal Development Second Edition Johns                                This book of this book answers fifteen year
                                                             Jan-12 Since the first edition provides thepublishedto that all im
62117                A Guide to Symptoms, Evaluation, and TreatmentScott This is a book treatment \ treatment of psych
                                 Second     John              Catherine                       Introduction PART ONE: TRAUM
        Principles of Trauma Therapy Edition Briere andApr-12 This is a book on modern on modernof psychological tra
62118                Developing an Ethical Rick A.
        Ethics in Counseling and Therapy Identity Houser Apr-12                  The first text of its kind, Ethics in Counseling
55223                 Family Therapy        J                  2009 This reader This serve as A supplemental resource for the
                                                                                 will reader Janice M. as a supplemental reso
                                                                                                a serve
        Readings in From Theory to Practiceanice M Rasheed, Mikal N Rasheed and JameswillMarleyRasheed, Mikal N. Rash
61932                Addressing the Impact of Domestic Violence The Batterer as Batterer as guide forPreface for childBatt
                                            Jay             D                    The Parent Foreword \ therapists, The pro
        The Batterer as Parent Second Edition G. Silverman ec-11on Family Dynamics            is a Parent is a guide \ therapis
62211                Demonstrations of      Miguel E Gallardo, Christine Yeh, Joseph E Trimble andthat will Foreword \help
                                                            Sep-11                a practical volume Thomas Parham
                                                                                               a practical volume that will an
        Multicultural Counseling Skills Evidence Based Practice This book isThis book isJ. Manuel Casas help lectuersAut
67180                                       Lawrence H Gerstein, PEssentials of International Cross-Cultural Counseling will
        Essentials of Cross-Cultural Counseling                                  Essentials of International Cross-Cultural Cou
                                                                                              Acknowledgments \ Cross-Cultur
                                                            Sep-11 Paul Heppner, Stefania Aegisdottir, Seung-Ming Alvin Le
62623                                       Sandy Magnuson, Robyn Hess and Counseling Children and Adolescents in text
                                                            Feb-12               Linda Beeler
        Counseling Children and Adolscents in Schools Workbook Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools is a Scho
62123                                       John N. Briere and Cheryl
                                                             Oct-11 Treating Complex Trauma in Trauma in Adolescents is t
                                                                                              Acknowledgements \ Introducti
        Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and Young Adults LanktreeTreating ComplexAdolescents is the first prac
66984                The Next Steps          Multiculturalism in Application, Theory and Practice
                                                            Dec-11 Social Bemak               PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO CO
        Social Justice Counseling BeyondRita Chi-Ying Chung and Fred Justice Counseling is the next step toward alleviat
56005   Crime and the Economy                               Feb-12 In this F Messner timely and timely book,world's leadin
                                                                                 In and       Why the Economy two of in the
                                            Richard Rosenfeld and Stevenunique this unique book, two of theMatters the w
56101   Global Policing                                     Dec-11 Sheptycki In networked networked Policing,police lon
                                                                                              Transnational society Concepts
                                            Ben Bowling and JamesIn the globallythe globally society police power is nopow
58135                                       David Gadd, Methods Conducting research Messner Introduction \ PART ONE
                                                             Oct-11               Steven F into crime into crime and criminal
        The SAGE Handbook of Criminological ResearchSusanne Karstedt and Conducting Editorial and criminal justice carri
60993                            Second Edition Harrison, Mark Simpson, Olwen HarrisonIntroductionbest-selling book pro
        Study Skills in Criminology         John                                 The of this and of this study ONE \ The Ac
                                                                                               best-selling \ PART
                                                            Dec-11 The new editionnew edition Emma Martinskills study ski
62397                                       Jane Monckton-Smith, Adam Hart This book isIntroduction \ PART guide to und
                                                                                  a lucid and practical guide to understanding
                                                                                               a lucid
        Introducing Forensic and Criminal Investigation Feb-12 This book isand Julie Newberry and practicalONE: INSTIG
66982                A View      Second Edition R. Pogrebin
        About Criminals of the OffendersÆ World                                  This text presents students and recent and i
                                                            Feb-12 This text presents students with recentwith important re
65989   Courts                   Second Edition Spohn and CraigCourts: A Text//ReaderPART ONE: INTRODUCTION: COU
                     A Text/Reader          Cassia                                             provides the best of the best of
                                                             Jan-12 Hemmens Courts: A Text//Reader provides both worlds
66983   Criminology  The Essentials                                                           Criminology, Crime and Criminal
                                            Anthony Walsh Jan-12 The majority of criminology textbooks currently on the m
62181                A Text/Reader
        Women and Crime                                     Feb-12 Women and Crime: A Text//Reader, part of the text//ret
                                            Stacy L Mallicoat                    Women and Crime: A Text//Reader, part of
66127                 Offender Third EditionM               Feb-12 ScholarshipScholarship in over the last few decades has
        The FemaleGirls, Women and Crime eda Chesney-Lind and Lisa J. Pasko criminologycriminology over the last few d
66131   Girls, Women and Crime              Meda            Mar-12 Edited Pasko  Edited by Meda Chesney-Lind and Lisa Pasko
                                 Second Edition Chesney-Lind and Lisa J.by Meda Chesney-Lind and Lisa Pasko, Girls, Wom
62078                                                                            A current, theoretically-based the United te
                                                                                              History of theoretically-based St
        Gangs in America's Communities James C. HowellJan-12 A current, timely, and timely, and Gangs in textbook on g
62183                A Text/Reader
        White-Collar Crime                                                       White-Collar Crime: A Text//Reader, text//re
                                                                                              Introduction part of the part of
                                            Brian K Payne Jan-12 White-Collar Crime: A Text//Reader,and Overview of Wh
62190   CorrectionsThe Essentials                            Jan-12 Corrections: The Essentials, Essentials,the Book: The Ph
                                                                                              Introduction to is a comprehens
                                            Mary K. Stohr and Anthony Walsh Corrections: Theis a comprehensive, yet com
62178   VictimologyA Text/Reader                                                 This book overview of the field the field o
                                            Leah E. Daigle Feb-12 This book provides anprovides an overview of victimolog
51038                A Guide for Students and Childhood Education
                                            David Whitebread                     The of highIntroduction: Developmental Psy
                                                                                                quality early childhood educatio
        Developmental Psychology and Early PractitionersDec-11 The importanceimportance of high-quality early childho
59191                Early Childhood        Pat Beckley      8                   By explaining the context andcontext and hig
                                                                                              PART theoretical highlighting re
        Learning in A Whole Child Approach from birth toNov-11 By explaining the theoretical ONE: HOW YOUNG CHILDR
61344                                                       Mar-12 By focusing on the early philosophies Founding Fathers &
                                                                                               on the early \ of learning of learn
        Learning Theories in Childhood Colette Gray and Sean MacBlain By focusing Introduction philosophies and the
61205                                       Sue Callan and MichaelIn the early In the sector all Callan, Michael Reed andare
        Work-Based Research in the Early Years              Sep-11 Reed                        years sector all practitioners Alis
                                                                                  years early Sue practitioners are now expect
60403                Constructing Learner Identities inCarr and Wendy Lee Carr's seminal work on Learningon learningyea
        Learning Stories                                    Mar-12 Margaret Margaret Carr's seminal workin the early sto
                                            Margaret Early Education                          Learner identities Stories was fir
61589                                       Michael Reed the Early Years those working inMichael Reed andyears, improvin
                                                            Nov-11 For all                      working in early Natalie Cannin
        Implementing Quality Improvement & Change inand Natalie Canning For all thoseEarly Years improving quality exp
61588                                       Simon in the Early Years
                                                            Sep-11 Managing the behaviour behaviour of young children ca
                                                                                              Teachers'//Practitioners' Manage
        A Quick Guide to Behaviour ManagementBrownhill and Emily Bullock Managing theof young children can be a real
66495                                       Linda Miller, Carrie Cable and RoseExtending Professionalthe Early ONE: is aime
                                                                                   Drury      Practice in Practice Years Early Y
        Extending Professional Practice in the Early Years Nov-11 Extending Professional Introduction \ PART in theLISTEN
62962                                       Ann Clare       Mar-12
        Creating a Learning Environment for Babies and Toddlers                               Setting factors that contribute to
                                                                                 Understanding the the scene \ The Emotiona
62488                                                         Sue Robson, Sue Greenfield and David Hargreaves ONE:children
                                                                                 The of promoting promoting young CREATI
                                                                                              Introduction PART
        Young Children's Creative ThinkingHiroko Fumoto,Apr-12 The importanceimportance of young\children's creative t
62972   Policy Issues in the Early Years                     Jan-12 In Hevey Providing a Denisebeen critical insight into so
                                                                                                have and substantial developm
                                            Linda K Miller and Denise the last decade thereunique Hevey, University of Nort
66253                                       Theodora Papatheodorou and Janet Moyles Acknowledgements messages th
                                                                                 By exploring the key issues, arguments and m
        Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood Jan-12 By exploring the key issues, arguments and \ Lists of Figu
62489                Early Years on your Teaching Placement and Jane Stokoe
                                            Jonathan Glazzard
                                                            Sep-11               Making success of your teaching placemen
                                                                                              Outstanding Professional vital pa
        Achieving Outstanding and Primary School-based TrainingMaking a success ofayour teaching placement is aAttribu
62384                A Guide to Teaching PracticeDunne and Alan Peacock science? What Alan Peacock and Mick Dunne H
        Primary Science                     Mick            Nov-11 What is                     confident and education? How
                                                                                 Becoming a is good scienceinformed teacher
61587   Observing Primary Literacy          Margaret Perkins                     Observing Introduction: aspect of learning o
                                                                                              fundamental Observation and re
                                                            Dec-11 Observing children is achildren is a fundamental aspect t
61783                Learning               Tony            Feb-12 Providing broad and Why Do overview of Learning? \
                                                                                              broad and balanced the teachin
        Primary Humanities Through Enquiry Pickford and Wendy Garnera Providing abalancedEnquiry-Led overview of
61492   Teaching Primary English                                                 Aware of current teachers whole curriculum
                                                                                              What curriculum literacy know a
                                            Jackie Brien Dec-11 Literacy empowers learning across theof developments a
62383                A Student's Guide        A              Nov-11 Focusing onFocusing topics underpinning professional
                                                                                    the major the major topics underpinning p
        Teaching Children 3-11 Third Edition nne D Cockburn and Graham Handscomb onSection 1: The learning teacher \
62786                                         Julia                               This book offers a balanced of the primary w
                                                                                                Why Physical Education? \ The cu
        Teaching Primary Physical Education Lawrence Feb-12 Physical Education is an important part and comprehens
60987                Number Knowledge Robert J Wright, David Following the and Pamela of the earlier the earlier boo
                                                             Nov-11 Ellemor-Collins
                                                                                  Following the great success
        Developing Assessment,Teaching and Intervention with 7-11 year olds great success D Tabor ofbooks, this fou
62262                A Toolbox                 and Motivating Learners
                                                             Sep-11 Czerniawski successful classroom teaching, your\stud
                                                                                  For           List of figures \ List of ideas how
        Teaching Teenagers for EngagingWarren Kidd and GerryFor successful classroom teaching, your students need t
62263   Teaching Secondary Music                             Nov-11 Designed support toExploring developing newthe Cur
                                                                                                  support Music Through strateg
                                              Jayne Price and Jonathan Savage toDesigned teachers in teachers in developing n
62782                A Guide      Students Neil                                   a tough andachallenging attributes \ Robert s
                                                                                                   tough and job and society dem
        Training to Teach for Second Edition M Denby Jan-12 Teaching is Teaching is Professional challenging job andB
61269                A Guide for Inclusive Practice Peer and GavinWith a Foreworda Foreword from BaronessForewordboo
        Special Educational Needs             Lindsay        Nov-11 Reid                                    Warnock Mary Warno
                                                                                  With from Baroness Mary Warnock, this \ P
66832                A Guide for Education Practitioners Oct-11 Improving the quality and quality and effectivenessfamil
        Family Partnership Working            Rita Cheminais                                    The context and of relationships
                                                                                  Improving the effectiveness concept of of re
65852                Games and Puzzles        ages to                             Ronit Bird is an experienced teacher withof C
                                                                                                About the Author Contents an
        The Dyscalculia Resource Book for Ronit7Bird14 Aug-11 Ronit Bird is an experienced teacher with\an excellent re
61305                Theoretical
        Intensive Interaction Perspectives    Dave Hewett Dec-11                                Dave Hewett The Nature of Hum
                                                                                  Intensive Interaction is an approach to teach
61304   The Intensive Interaction Handbook                   Oct-11               Intensive interaction is an approach to teach
                                                                                                Tandy Harrison
                                              Dave Hewett, Mark Barber, Graham Firth and PART ONE: HUMAN COMMUNICA
62487                A Multi-sensory Approach Dyslexia       Sep-11 Providing structured About the Authors \ Acknowledg
                                                                                                structured for teaching literacy
        Teaching Literacy to Learners with Kathleen Kelly and Sylvia Phillips a Providing a programmeprogramme for teach
63786                A Practical the Autistic Martin Hanbury
        Educating Students on Guide Edition    Spectrum      Dec-11                             Autism: books Overview \ Autism
                                                                                  'From the wealth ofA Brief now available on
65931                             Second Edition
                                              Sandra Hargreaves
        Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia              Jan-12                             Managing Your Workload \ Unde
                                                                                  Full of advice on topics such as note taking, r
67104                An Introduction to Exceptionality, 4e Media Edition
                                  Updated Edition            Nov-11 In the
        Special Education in Contemporary Society Interactive eBook Fourth Edition Media Update of Special Education
66139                An Introduction to Exceptionality Gargiulo Special
                                  Updated Edition M.
                                              Richard        Nov-11               Special Education in ContemporaryEducation
                                                                                                Foundations of Special Introduc
        Special Education in Contemporary Society, 4e û Media Edition Education in Contemporary Society: An Society: A
64096                 Leadership              Margaret Preedy, Nigel Bennett and Christine Part 1:current thinking and and v
                                                                                  Drawing together Leadership theories leadi
        EducationalContext, Strategy and Collaboration Nov-11 Drawing together current thinking and research by resea
62258                                         David Middlewood and Ian book gives book gives guide to carrying to carrying
                                                                                                Setting the Scene \ Choosing com
        Achieving Success with your Leadership Project Nov-11 This Abbott This a complete a complete guide out andyou
66202                                         Carol Cardno Jan-12
        Managing Effective Relationships in Education
62563   Education Policy                                     Feb-12 Do you find Phillip Whitehead
                                                                                   it you findPART ONE:to keep pace of chang
                                                                                                 it difficult POST WAR CONCENSU
                                              Ian Abbott, Michael Rathbone and Dodifficult to keep up with theup with the pa
61204                                         Emma                                 can be experiencedInequality and different f
                                                                                                 can be in different forms, from
        Key Issues in Education and Social Justice Smith Nov-11 InequalitiesInequalitiesWhat is experienced in Social Just
61278   Assessment and Learning               John                                 and Learning places learning at the centre o
                                                                                                 and Gardner places learning at t
                                  Second Edition Gardner Dec-11 AssessmentAssessmentJohn Learning Introduction \ PAR
60117                Methods                  James          Jan-12 Using a Robert Coe and Larry Introduction to approache
                                                                                  Using methodological approaches and resea
                                                                                                Part I: V Hedges
        Education Research and Methodologies Arthur, Michael Waring, variety of a variety of methodological Research M
66252                             Third Edition              Jan-12 The Clough The Third Edition of this popular text provide
                                                                                                Research is Methodology: What i
        A Student's Guide to MethodologyCathy Nutbrown and Peter third edition of this hugely popular text provides stu
66053                A Critical Thinking Approach
                                  Second Edition
        Introduction to Educational Research Newton Suter                         Introduction to Research: EducatorsThinking
                                                                                                Foundations \ A Critical as Criti
                                                             Dec-11 Introduction to EducationalEducational Research: ACritic
64213   Using Psychology in the ClassroomStephen James Feb-12Minton                             can be Psychology? \ The Self, S
                                                                                  Psychology What isapplied to understanding
62607                                         Robyn Hess and Sandy Counseling Counseling Children and Adolescents in text
        Counseling Children and Adolescents in Schools Feb-12 Magnuson Children and Adolescents in Schools is a Scho
62784                 Dance       Second Edition
                                              Ragnhild Oussoren
                                                             Oct-11 Write age 4-8 Write Dance is a lively, Introduction: fun ap
                                                                                                innovative, and above and above
        More WriteExtending Development of Write Dance for Children Dance is a lively, Foreword \ innovative,all,Writing
64211                 Dance       Second Edition
                                              Ragnhild Oussoren
                                                             Oct-11 Write age 4-8 Write Dance is a lively, and above and above
        More WriteExtending Development of Write Dance for Children Dance is a lively, innovative, innovative,all, fun ap
67537   Cracking the Challenging Class        Bill Rogers                           first UK his first UK DVD programmes, Bill R
                                                                     In these, hisIn these, DVD programmes, Bill Rogers expla
62562                                         Coaching in Education The knowledge knowledge mentoring mentoring and e
                                                             Feb-12                             About the Editors \ coaching Con
        SAGE Handbook of Mentoring and Sarah Fletcher and Carol Mullen The base about base about and Notes on in co
60413   Early Childhood Education             Iram           Oct-11 Early years and years and early childhood area of educ
                                                                                  Early          VOLUME a vibrant is a vibrant
                                  Four-Volume SetSiraj-Blatchford and Aziza Mayo early childhood isONE: FOUNDATIONALa
63788   Early Childhood Literacy              Kate           Nov-11 Early years literacy research represents the foundation o
                                  Four-Volume SetPahl and Jennifer Rowsell                       VOLUME ONE: EARLY LITERACY I
                                                                                  Featuring key discussions and debates about
62256                             Four-Volume Set                                 Dominic Wyse, a leading scholar essential if
                                                                                                 VOLUME ONE: THE FOUNDATION
        Literacy Teaching and Education Dominic Wyse Oct-11 Literacy is essential to life-long learning, it is in literacy, c
63226                             Second      Gail           Dec-11 Writing       Writing for Academic your writing environm
                                                                                                Managing vital practical guide fo
        Writing for Academic Success Edition Craswell and Megan Poorefor Academic Success is aSuccess is a vital practi
65979                From Theory to Practice
                                  Third Edition
        Effective Instructional Strategies Kenneth D. Moore                       Effective Instructional Strategies: From Theo
                                                                                                Setting the Stage for Successful L
                                                             Dec-11 Effective Instructional Strategies: From Theory to Practic
66011                                         Populations Feb-12 Family Life Education with Diverse PopulationsPopulatio
        Family Life Education with Diverse Sharon M Ballard and Alan C Taylor                   Best Practices Diverse is a T2 fo
                                                                                  Family Life Education within Family Life Educ
62085                Theory, Research,                        Classrooms          Urban America: Theory, Research,Resources
                                                                                                Building Upon Student and Pract
        Urban Teaching in America and Practice in K-12Nov-11 Urban Teaching in Teaching in America: Theory, Researc
62287                Deepening Student Engagement
                                              Jackie         Sep-11 Beth Dankert SattesThough Quality Questioning provide
                                                                                  Thinking Preface \ Acknowledgements \
        Thinking Through Quality Questioning Acree Walsh andThinking Though Quality Questioning provides teachers
66033                Beyond Bullying and Compliance
                                              Bill Preble    Aug-11 Creating safe schools from the inside Acknowledgments
        Transforming School Climate and Learning and Rick Gordon                                  show how \ accomplish lasting
                                                                                  The authorsDedication to outMost educator
66113                 the Blog                Will RichardsonDec-11 Will Richardson's Learning on the Blog is a compilation o
        Learning onCollected Posts for Educators and Parents                                    author Will Richardson to Partici
                                                                                  Best-selling Introduction: Invitation includes a
62046                Connecting Culture and Classroom
        Digital and Media Literacy                                                Today's students tweet, text, and navigate "a
                                                                                                Preface s leading authorities on
                                              Renee Hobbs Sep-11 Renee Hobbs, one of the nation \ Publisher's Acknowled
65978                A Resource Guide
        Math For All Participant Book (3 - 5)                Oct-11 A Dubitsky, Marvin Cohen, development program forC
                                                                                  Developed by the Education Development in
                                                                                                Preface \ Marschke-Tobier, Har
                                              Babette Moeller, Barbaramathematics professional KarenPublisher's Acknowled
61908                Practical Strategies for Page Assessment, Instruction, an
                                              Linking        Nov-11 Rose is a substantive body of research that framework
        Mathematics Formative Assessment Keeley and CherylThere Tobey authors apply the successful indicates fo
66615                 is in the Room          Alan Up Student Success
        The AnswerHow Effective Schools Scale M. Blankstein                       Learn of successful We Can't Wait wisdom fr
                                                                                                1. Why successful schools. Citin
                                                             Aug-11 Learn the secrets the secrets ofschools. Citing to Scale St
66115   Cyber Savvy                           Nancy Willard                       Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital Citizenship pr
                                                                                                Section Safety and Safety and Ci
                     Embracing Digital Safety and Civility Jan-12 Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital I. Teaching Digital Safety
62235                20 Ways to Enhance School and Brain Power
                                              Marcia L. Life                        s Preparing Children for Success in School a
        Preparing Children for Success inYour Child's Tate Nov-11 Marcia TateMarcia L. Tate draws on the latest research,
62221               Using Neuroscience to Inform GlickNov-11 This book will provide information whoinsight to educat
        The Instructional Leader and the Brain Practice                         An instructional leader and is an expert on h
62249   The Global Fourth Way                               May-12 This book builds
                                                                                Building upon authors recently published Th
                                             Andy Hargreaves and Dennis L. Shirley upon the the authors' recently published
65847               One Tool Doesn't Fit AllCarolyn Chapman and Rita King Assessing students before, during, and after
                                  Second Edition
        Differentiated Assessment Strategies                 Jan-12 Assessment is an essential component of differentiated
66137               Critical Thinking in Literacy
                                             Cynthia L. Scheibe
        The Teacher's Guide to Media a Multimedia World and Faith Rogow         Media literacy education is well-suited to me
66633                                        David
        How the Brain Learns Fourth Edition A. Sousa Jan-12 One major development since the third edition of this te
65190               Practical Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom            Award-winning educator Walter a\wide varie
                                                                                              Foreword \ Preface
        Teaching Adolescents With AutismWalter Kaweski Jul-11 This book offers general education teachers Kaweski off   Acknowle
62154               How to Increase Student Learning in Today's Diverse Spencer
                                             Wendy W.        Apr-11 This helpfulTeachers in both general and focused treatm
        Collaborate, Communicate and Differentiate! Murawski and SallySchools will provide a detailed,special educatio
61342                                                        Dec-11
        Key Concepts in Social Geography David Conradson, Geoff DeVerteuil and Kevin Dunn     Introduction \ Inequality \ Povert
52745                                        Ben             Jan-12                           Part One: Culture and Significatio
        Key Concepts in Cultural Geography Anderson, Mike Crang, Paul Harrison and Kathrin Hörschelmann
61793   Key Concepts in Development Geography                Feb-12 Key Concepts in Development Geography is a new kind o
                                                                                              Introduction Meanings of develo
                                             Rob Potter, Ruth Evans, Sally Lloyd-Evans and Dennis Conway
47864                                        John            Dec-11 Key Concepts inConcepts and Brenda is a new kind ofne
                                                                                Key Historical Geography Geography is a te
                                                                                              Introduction : Yeoh
        Key Concepts in Historical Geography Morrissey, Ulf Strohmayer, Yvonne Whelanin HistoricalHumanity's Legacie
52744                                                        Jan-12 Key Concepts Ruth Panelli
                                                                                .             Introducing a new kind of textbo
        Key Concepts in Rural Geography Michael Woods, Lewis Holloway and in Rural Geography isRural Geography \ Ag
54196   Cities and Economic Change                           Feb-12 Cities and A much-needed is Paddison and Tom Hutton
                                                                                              Ronan a much-needed textbook,
                                             Ronan Paddison and Tom Hutton Economic change textbook combining a sound
52742                                                        Apr-12 This V ClarkThis HandbookandHousingand critically appra
                                                                                  and Kenneth elucidates Markets (Chief Ed
                                                                                              Part 1
        The SAGE Handbook of Housing David F Clapham, William A Handbook elucidates Gibbcritically appraises the ke
50382                                        C. Theory       Sep-11 The SAGE Handbook ofCmuch more than justdocuments
                                                                                'This book isArchitectural Theory a Handboo
        The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns and Hilde Heynen        Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns, H
51185   Key Concepts in Planning                             Nov-11 Edited      Dedicated to the study town and country
                                                                                              Sustainability Sustainable Devel
                                             Gavin Parker and Joe Doak by Dr Rob Kitchen, Director of\the National Institu
55974               Volume 1: Approaches,JohnChange
                                   Environmental A Matthews
                                                Set          Jan-12 Volume 2: Human Impacts and Responses
                                                                                This new ofINTRODUCTION examinesan exte
                                                                                               Environmental \ John is the his
        The SAGE Handbook ofTwo-VolumeEvidences and Causes The SAGE Handbook two-volume workChangeA. Matthe
61796                                        Frances Fahy Sciences Sustainability is a key word a I:theword in the environme
        Methods of Sustainability Research in the Social and Henrike Rau                      PART Measuring the Immeasur
                                                                                Sustainability is inkey environmental vocabu
62685               An Introduction Edition illian Rose Nov-11 The new The of Gillian Rose's Researchingbestselling
                                             G                                                Preface \ bestselling with Visua
        Visual Methodologies Thirdto Researching with Visual Materials editionnew edition of Gillian Rose's critical intro
54446               Published with the Association Fardon Feb-12 Gledhill
                                             Richard of       and John                        Edited by Cris Shore and Richard
        The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology Social Anthropology The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology
61792               A Global Perspective Ugo Rossi and Alberto Vanolo we think aboutthink about \ Part a political and
        Urban Political Geography                                                             Introduction the urban Politics a
                                                             Nov-11 How can How can we the urban within One:within a p
60264               Collection: Toward a Sustainable
                                  Twelve-Volume Set
                                             Paul Robbins andJun-11 Sustainability
                                                                                Sustainability and 'going issue is an issue of
        The SAGE Reference Series on Green Society Future Golson Books Ltd and 'going green' is an green'of vital concer
61961               A Reference              J
        21st Century GeographyHandbook_oseph P Stoltman                         Via approximately 80\John Harrington, Lisa H
                                                                                              J. Archer SAGE 21st Century Ref
                                                             Dec-11 Via approximately 80 entries, theentries or "mini-chapte
64077   Environment and Planning             Stuart          Oct-11 Academic Batty, Bob publisher,Jamie Peck and Nigel Thr
                                                                                Academic Bennett, Pion, CITIES AND REGIO
                                                                                               VOLUME outstanding reputation
                                  Five-Volume Set Elden, Trevor Barnes, Mikepublisher, Pion, has an ONE:has an outstandin
39823   Human Geography                      Derek           and Noel Castree Making sense of the field of human geograph
                                                                                               VOLUME ONE: HISTORIES, It aim
                                  Four-Volume Set Gregory Dec-11 Human geography is a diverse and vibrant subject.PHILO
63210                             Third of Health
                                             A               Dec-11 Understanding the Sociology I: THEORIES, PERSPECTIVES
                                                                                              PART of Health, 3rd Edition 3rd E
        Understanding the SociologyEdition nne-Marie Barry and Chris Yuill Understanding the Sociology of Health, is a t
64220               Building Innovative Practice Douglas and Linda J Jones Public Health: Building Practice examines the
        Public Health                        Jenny                                            PART ONE: Innovative AND FOCU
                                                             Jan-12 Public Health: Building Innovative THE SCOPE Practice ex
62507               Principles and                           and Margaret Hodgins
        Health Promotion SettingsPractice Angela Scriven Nov-11
58233                                        Eric Broussine and and Social CareThis
                                                             Dec-11                            aimed at meeting the learning n
        Supporting People with Learning Disabilities in HealthKim Scarborough book isThe History and Context of Learn
52300               An Communication Charles Abraham and Research has
                                                             Dec-11             Research has information given to patients t
                                                                                              Marieke that and Charles Abrah
        Writing Health Edivence-based Guide for Professionals Marieke Kools shown that shown Koolsinformation given a
62506               Challenges                Social Care    Nov-11 Heller      Some people have to find ways of living PAR
                                                                                              Cathy E Lloyd had to find ways o
        Long-Term Conditions in Health & Cathy E Lloyd and Tom Some people have always had always Introduction \ with
66298   Leadership in Healthcare             Jill            Feb-12 Leadership in Health CareHealth Care has established au
                                  Second EditionBarr and Lesley Dowding                       PART I: THE INDIVIDUAL \ The its
                                                                                Leadership in has established itself as an Na
58004   Clinical Assessment for Nurses                                          This book - which is structuredandcover hum
                                                                                              The Clinical Model to History Ta
                                             Chris Mulryan Apr-12 This book - which is structured to cover each of the each
63855                                        Matthew Aldridge and Practice Wanless educators and now expected to the
                                                                                Practice       Introduction: Background to hav
        Developing Healthcare Skills through Simulation Feb-12 Stephen educators and mentors arementors are now exp
59336                                        Karin Work Practice                'This excellent, accessible and well-organized
                                                                                               be more effective in collaborativ
        Interprofessional Collaboration in Social Crawford Oct-11 How can social workersPART ONE: UNDERSTANDING CO
62789                             Second Edition
        Understanding Social Work Research McLaughlin                           In this revised and updated version, Hughfor
                                                                                              Introduction \ Why Research Mc
                                                             Dec-11 In this thoroughly thoroughly revised and updated editio
63211                             Second Editon
        Counselling Skills for Social Work Lisa Miller                          Praise edition: 'The content of content is ex
                                                             Dec-11 Praise for the first for the first edition: 'Thethe bookof th
63853                             Workers Karen             Mar-12 Social workers are required to communicate in writing fo
                                                                                              PART I: WRITTEN COMMUNICATI
        Writing Skills for Social Second Edition Healy and Joan Mulholland Social workers are required to communicate
46737                                         and Families Nov-11 Carefully researched and highly and highly readable, thi
                                                                                              Setting the Scene The historical,
        Social Work Practice with Children Carolyn Spray and Beverley JowettCarefully researchedreadable,: this textbook e
62726               A Skills Handbook        Peter Unwin and Rachel Hogg         with work Socialchildren and families isin th
                                                                                               with families is constantly and
        Effective Social Work with Children and Families Jan-12 Social work Socialchildren andWork Theories, Valuescons
58006                                        James Campbell and Social workers workers and other\professionals work
                                                             Feb-12             Social        Introduction Policy and Agency
        Post-Qualifying Practice for Mental Health Social Work Gavin Davidson and other professionals working in the ar
55835                                                                           This a new approach to help students toCON
                                                                                              PART ONE: HISTORICAL AND und
        Social Work with Substance Users Anna Nelson Oct-11 This book offers engaging and comprehensive book explo
62556               A Critical Thinking Approach
                                             Elizabeth       Nov-11 Human Behavior Theory is a Theory is a doctoral levelTH
                                                                                Human Behavior ONE: INTRODUCTION TO t
        Human Behavior Theory and Applications DePoy and Stephen French Gilson PART graduate tograduate to doc
66069               10 Steps to Advancing Pat Cause          Nov-11             This book teaches social work andIntroducti
                                                                                              Acknowledgements \ non-profi
        The Lobbying Strategy Handbook Any Libby Effectively This book teaches students of students of social work an
61895                Needs Assessments Fernando Soriano
                                  Second Edition
        Conducting A Multidisciplinary Approach                                 The goal of this book is to help demystify the
                                                            May-12 This book demystifies the process of planning a commun
62614                                        John Wodarski, Laura The book fully integrates evidence based practice Practi
                                                                                The book fully integrates evidence based pra
        Research Methods for Evidence Based Practice Dec-11M Hopson and Albert R Roberts \ Evidence-Based metho
62215   Education                                            Oct-11 and Lana Collet-Kingenberg
                                                                                This volume Reference Reference Series on
                                             Cheryl Hanley-MaxwellThis volume in The SAGEin The SAGESeries on Disability e
62218                                                         Jan-12 Parker        This volume Reference Reference Series on
        Disability Through the Life Course Tamar Heller and SarahThis volume in The SAGEin The SAGESeries on Disability e
62142   Health and Medicine                                                        This volume Reference Reference Series on
                                              Ross M MullnerSep-11 This volume in The SAGEin The SAGESeries on Disability e
62555                                          Public Health Nov-11                Designed toIntroduction \ Choosing theexam
                                                                                                  meet on needs of public Right
        Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Deborah K. Padgett This text has a large emphasisthe mixed methods,health
55183                             Three-Volume Set
                                                and Health                         The Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine offer
                                                                                                 Nicole Larson, Mary Health and H
        Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine James M RippeFeb-12 The Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Story \Jeffre
62395                Theory       Practice Chris                                   Praise bookPART ONE: CULTURE AND vibran
                                                                                                  for any student 'The far-reachin
        Cultural Studies and Fourth Edition Barker Dec-11 This is the perfect for the Third Edition : needing aCULTUR
60111   What's Become of Cultural Studies?                                         'Graeme Turner is thebook draws the readerS
                                                                                                  engaging leading chronicler of
                                              Graeme TurnerDec-11 This original, sharp andIntroduction: Practising Culturalc
62269                Explorations             David and Analysis
        Doing Cultural Theory in InterpretationWalton Jan-12                                     PART ONE: THE STORY SO FAR. C
                                                                                   Doing Cultural Theory is a textbook and a too
57564   Understanding New Media                               N                     are media Understanding New with so Intr
                                                                                                  are everywhere, many technolog
                                              Eugenia Siapera ov-11 New media Neweverywhere, yet with so yetMedia \man
40329   Digital Journalism                                    Nov-11 'The          This exciting new book looks on the issues fa
                                                                                                 Introduction \ Journalism as a Pra
                                              Janet Jones and Lee Salter most comprehensive book I've readat the changing
50259   Magazine Journalism                                   Nov-11 Magazines are the most successful An Historical Surveyto
                                              Tim Holmes and Liz Nice                            Magazines: successful media \
                                                                                   Magazines are the mostmedia format everfor
66238   Television Journalism                 Stephen Cushion                       democratic democratic new in Television Cu
                                                                                                  promise of promise of televisio
                                                              Nov-11 Despite theDespite theThe Role of Newsmedia,new med
52082                                                                              At last, authoritative and comprehensive bo
                                                                                                 Introduction \ A History of Books
        Publishing Principles and Practice Richard GuthrieSep-11 At last, a readable, a readable, authoritative and compre
54220                Culture and
        The Creative Industries Policy        Terry Flew                           The rise of creativeof Creativerequires new t
                                                                                                 Origins industries Industries Pol
                                                              Nov-11 The rise of creative industries requires new thinking in co
62577   Media Regulation                                      Sonia Livingstone This book two leading Communications Regu
                                                                                                 Media the way that regulation a
                                              Peter Lunt and Dec-11 In Media Regulation , exploresand scholars of the media
54069   Popular Music                         Tara Brabazon Oct-11 This is the first textbook on Pop Music to bemusic to afte
                     Topics, Trends & Trajectories                                               Introduction: Walking on the Da
                                                                                   This is the first textbook on pop written be
47115                                         Paul Jones      David Holmes         This book covers the key concepts central to
                                                                                                 Articulation \ Audience \ Broadca
        Key Concepts in Media and Communications and Nov-11 This book covers the key concepts central to understand
64087                Global Perspectives Des Freedman and Daya Kishan Thussu contributedcontributed toDaya Kishan T
        Media and Terrorism                                                        Have          Des to exacerbating the politica
                                                              Dec-11 Have the media the mediaFreedman and exacerbating
62576                A Multimodal             David           Jan-13                              texts and images that surround u
        Critical Discourse AnalysisIntroduction Machin and Andrea Mayr How do theIntroduction: Revealing how mea
61927   Media/Society             Fourth andDavid
                                                Audiences      Jul-11 In a society saturated PART media, from newspaper
                                                                                   Introducing by mass to a sociologically infor
                     Industries, Images,Edition Croteau, William.Hoynes and Stefania Milan I: Media//Society \ 1. Medi
62086                                         Nancy R Tag Feb-12 Ad Critique Ad    teaches advertising, marketing, marketing, a
        Ad Critique How to Deconstruct Ads in Order to Build Better Advertising Critique teaches advertising, and manage
61996                A Primer for Research
        Foundations of Community Journalism                                        While thereBill Reader Community commun
                                                                                                  are Journalism: A Primer for Res
                                                              Nov-11 Foundations of Community numerous 'how-to'Journalism
62200                Theory and Message Hyunyi
        Health Communication Practice Design Cho                                                 Theory-Based Message Design \ G
                                                              Dec-11 This one of a kind text illustrates the importance of effec
62035                A Contextual ApproachJames W. Neuliep
                                  Fifth Edition
        Intercultural Communication                                                In this fully updated\Fifth Edition author Jam
                                                                                                 Preface author James W. Neuli
                                                              Nov-11 In this fully updated Fifth Edition The Necessity of Intercu
62017                              Interpersonal L Knapp and
                                              Mark            Oct-11 A Daly         Fourth Edition of The SAGE Handbook of Int
                                                                                                  Fourth Edition of The SAGE Hand
        The SAGE Handbook ofFourth Edition CommunicationJohnThe revisedThe revisedPART I: Basic Issues and Approach
61247                Understanding            James A AndersonNov-11 More          More than a 'how-to' book, thisMethods: So
                                                                                                 Critical Interpretive textbook exp
        Media Research Methods Metric and Interpretive Approaches than a 'how-to' book, this textbook explains the re
62245                An Introduction to Qualitative Asa Berger
                                  Second Edition
                                              Arthur and      Jan-11 In this new edition, Arthur Asa Arthur Asa Berger signa
                                                                                   In            PART ONE: GETTING STARTED \
        Media and Communication Research MethodsQuantitative Approaches this new edition, Berger employs hisemploW
62203                An Introduction to Its Methodology Apr-12 Since the publication of the firstContent of Content Anal
        Content Analysis                      K
                                  Third Editionlaus Krippendorff                   The Third Edition of edition Analysis remain
62106                Method, Second Edition   D Soyini Madison
        Critical Ethnography Ethics, and Performance                               This book presents Ethnography: Theory and
                                                                                                 Critical a fresh new look at critica
                                                              Sep-11 Critical Ethnography, Second Edition presents a fresh ne
62622                             Three-Volume Set            N                    The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consume
        Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture Dale Southertonov-11 The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture co
63790                             Four-Volume Set Kishan Thussu International communication plays a multifaceted role in
        International Communication           Daya            Jan-12               International communication plays a multifa
63789   Corpus Linguistics                    Douglas         Dec-11 Corpus linguistics is a research a ONE: LEXICAL STUDIES
                                                                                                  VOLUME research approach to i
                                  Four-Volume Set Biber and Randi Reppen Corpus linguistics isapproach to investigate t
61452                War, Peace and Editioneter Wallensteen
                                  Resolution P                                      awaited new editionnew edition of highly-po
                                                                                                  awaited of highly-popular text c
        Understanding ConflictThirdthe Global System Nov-11 The eagerlyThe eagerlyPART ONE: THE PROBLEM AND H
45840                                         James A         Nov-11 The study of international relations now goes of Global
                                                                                   Madeira Introduction \ relations now goe
        Globalization, Institutions and Governance Caporaso and Mary Anne The study of international Theorieswell beyon
67179   Women in Indian Borderlands                           and Anasua Basu Indian Borderlands West Bengal \ Paula Ban
                                                                                   Women in Indian Borderlands is an ethnogra
                                              Paula Banerjee Sep-11 Women inRay Chaudhury 1: is an ethnographic compil
62935                 Children                Raj Sekhar TamilFeb-11 1850 - 1956   The this book is built around the historical e
                                                                                                  Elusive Freedom: The paraiyar's
        Nandanar's The Paraiyans' Tryst with Destiny, Basu Nadu The narrative ofnarrative of this book is built around the
62942                States and India: A History
                                              Praveen K. Chaudhry DeclassifiedDeclassified General Introduction offer a prem
        The United The Later Years: Volume 1 Through Archivesand Marta Vanduzer-Snow               arguably offer a premier vantag
                                                                                    documents documents arguably US Foreign
62943                States and India: A History
                                              Praveen K. Chaudhry DeclassifiedDeclassified General Introduction offer a prem
        The United The Later Years: Volume 2 Through Archivesand Marta Vanduzer-Snow               arguably offer a premier vantag
                                                                                    documents documents arguably US Foreign
66220   One Little Finger                     Malini Chib                          The birth traumatic,Proving pediatricianWro
                                                                                                  ROOTS traumatic, and the in
                                                              Jan-11 The birth was hugely was hugelyand thethe Doctors pedc
62948                Employment Relations Subesh Das India
        Managing People at Work                                                    Tremendous global and national economic en
                                                                                                   changes in global Divergences
                                               in Globalizing Jan-11 Tremendous changes inConvergences and and national ie
66190                                         K                 D Banerjee and N Towards Financial India Inclusion Analysed F
                                                                                    P Mohapatra Financial is a treatise on treat
        Towards Financial Inclusion in India G Karmakar, GJul-11 Towards Financial Inclusion in Inclusion in India is a 'inclu
66902                A Practical Guide                                             Economic Analysis of providesWhy Institutio
                                                                                                  Part One: Theory a provides a
        Economic Analysis of Institutiions V SanthakumarSep-11 Economic Analysis of Institutions Institutionscase studies
67224                Around                     Bollywood Dance
        Is It All About Hips? the World withSangita Shresthova                     The previously maligned Bollywood dance fo
                                                                                                  Dancing through the Decades: A
                                                              Sep-11 The previously maligned Bollywood dance for its distaste
67225                The in Rural India
        Debt and DeathPunjab Story                            Sep-11 Debt and Death and Death in is Land, Rivers study of fa
                                                                                   Debt            India Rural India farmer suicide
                                              Aman Sidhu and Inderjit Singh Jaijee in RuralPunjab's a study ofis a and Climat
66241   In Search of Change Maestros                          Feb-11 Gandhi said, "Be the change the change you in the worl
                                                                                                   "Be you want to Kaleidoscope
                                              Pritam Singh and Asha BhandarkerGandhi said,Change Maestros'seewant to see
66192                                         National Social Jan-11 Every
                                                               2010                the Citizens'Parliament: ChallengesGovernan
                                                                                                   Report on Report on and Dev
        Citizens' Report on Governance and DevelopmentWatch India year, Every year, the Citizens'Governanceof Three
66194                Corporate Odyssey
        Towards the Next Orbit                                                     The global meltdown,Ashaconcomitant and P
                                                                                                  Papers \ the demise of demi
                                              Subir Verma Jan-11 The global meltdown, the concomitantBhandarkerlegend
64224                Breaking                 Harinder S Kohli, Claudio Loser andLatin Sood Claudio presents and Anil term B
                                                              Jan-11 for Resurgence America 2040 M Loser a vision of Lati
        Latin America 2040 Away from Complacency: An AgendaLatin America 2040 presents a longer termlonger Sood v
64226                The 4P Report              2010           Jan-11 Sharma The State ofShankar(SOIL) Report is Sharma
                                                                                                  India's Dutta and (SOIL) annua
        State of India's Livelihoods Report Sankar Datta and Vipin The State of India's Livelihoods Livelihoods VipinanReport
64227                State of                  N Srinivasan Jan-11 Microfinance India: State India: State ofReport 2010 pres
        Microfinance India the Sector Report 2010                                                 Overview - The the Sector Dece
                                                                                    Microfinance of the Sector Juggernaut Repo
64222                Bridging the Know-Do Gap: A ResourceJun-11 The JessaniThe Translation Translation - Knowledge Tra
                                                                 for Researchers                  1: Toolkit provides a provides
        The Knowledge Translation ToolkitGavin Bennett and NasreenKnowledge KnowledgeThe ConceptToolkitthorough
64128                                                                                Fiscal PolicyFiscal : Overall India prevailing fip
                                                                                                   in 1 Policy in Macroeconomic
        Progressive Fiscal Policy in India Praveen K Jha Mar-11 ProgressiveProgressivePartIndia locates the locates the P
64228                Coalition Politics, PartyPaul Wallace and Ramashray Roy India's 2009Thematic Studies \ 15th Wallace
        India's 2009 Elections                                May-11 India's 2009 Elections is Elections isintoinquiry into the 1
                                                Competition and Congress Continuity                an inquiry an the Paul General
64131                                           Public Administration This
                                                               Jan-11               This book involves a study of thethe IAS: Hist
                                                                                                  Historical Origins of religion, o
        Values and Influence of Religion in L Shanthakumari Sunder book involves a study of the influence ofinfluence m
66193                Cultural Translation and Social ChangeMarie Gillespie andHow do drama serials communicate develop
        Drama for Development                                                        Gerry Power  Andrew Skuse, Marie Gillespie an
                                               Andrew Skuse,May-11 How do drama serials communicate development goals
61874                              Eight-Volume Set Badie, Dirk Berg-Schlosser and entries from leading international scho
                                               Bertrand                             With Leonardo Morlino
                                                                                                 Max Kaase \John Higley \Maurizi
        International Encyclopedia of Political Science Nov-11 With entries from leading international scholars from ar
62255   Electoral Systems                      David            and Matthew Shugart along the 2008 set, Electoral Behaviour
                                   Four-Volume Set M Farrell Jan-12 Designed toDesigned to sit along the 2008 set, Electoral,
63224   Institutionalism II                    B Guy           Dec-11 Institutionalism (SAGE 2007) captured a good deal a goo
                                   Three-Volume SetPeters and Jon Pierre                          VOLUME ONE: DEVELOPING the
                                                                                    Institutionalism (SAGE 2007) captured ofINS
62307                                          Michael         Oct-11 The discipline of military psychology involves is a hetero
                                                                                    Military psychology, ONE: SELECTION, TRAIN
        Military Psychology Four-Volume Set D Matthews and Janice H Laurence VOLUMEby necessity, the system
62308   Military Sociology                     David          Nov-11 Early European sociologists found war, ORIGINSorganize
                                   Four-Volume Set R Segal and James Burk                         VOLUME ONE: peace and MILIT
                                                                                    To survey the field this collection is OFthe ef
66650                 Leader                   Terry Newell, Government and Peter Ronayneon a ONE: on a macro level is on
                                                               Sep-11 Improving 2nd editiongovernment level is only possible
        The TrustedBuilding the Relationships that Make Grant Reeher Work, governmentPART macroRELATIONSHIPS: THE
66682                              Fifth Edition
        The Logic of American Politics                          Gary Jacobson andThe American their government-are deeply
                                                                                      Thad Kousser ONE: THE NATIONALIZATIO
                                               Samuel Kernell,Sep-11 The American people-and people-and their government-
66651   Global Issues                          CQ Researcher Sep-11                 Are Iraq and in Iraq and making U.S. enemie
                                                                                                 PART ONE: CONFLICT, SECURITY
                     Selections from CQ Researcher, 2011 Edition Are the wars in the wars AfghanistanAfghanistan makingA
66652                Selections from CQ Researcher,
                                               CQ Researcher Sep-11                 Is the new reform law reform idea? Should t
                                                                                                 Education: a good law a Child Le
        Issues for Debate in American Public Policy 12th Edition Is the new health-care health-care Rewriting No good ide
66653                                          Roger           Sep-11 Incorporating the crucial E Lee
                                                                                    Incorporating theONE: INupdates OF new re
                                                                                                 PART crucial new research you
        Congress and Its Members, 13th Edition H Davidson, Walter J Oleszek and Frances updates andSEARCH andTHE TW
66656                New Legislative Edition
                                   Fourth      Barbara SinclairSep-11 Despite what  Despite what your students may have to How
                                                                                                 Clean Air: An Introduction learne
        Unorthodox Lawmaking Processes in the U.S. Congress, 4th Edition your students may have learned in Schoolh
66658                 Presidency               Bert            Sep-11 In Rudalevige and ColinBert A Rockmanclassic series, Rud
                                                                                      volume in Campbell this and Andrew Roc
                                                                                                  volume in
        The ObamaAppraisals and Prospects A Rockman, Andrew the latestIn the latestthis classic series, Rockman, Ruda
66657                American Political Economy in Lehne May-12 In the wakeIn worldwide economic turmoil andturmoil
                                   Third       R                                     of Edition of worldwide economic efforts
        Government and Business Editionichard Comparative Perspective, 3rdthe wakePART ONE: ENVIRONMENT FOR G
66659                              2011-12 Edition Edition
                                               Kevin                                editor Kevin Smith pulls cutting-edge selectio
        State and Local Government, 2011-2012 B Smith Oct-11 Every year, Every year, editor Kevin Smith pulls cutting-e
67053                Structured
        Cases in Intelligence Analytic Techniques in Action    Dec-11 This book of cases will contain 12 cases of approx 24pp e
67076                              Ninety-Second Edition
        2011 Congressional Staff Directory/Fall 92e           Nov-11
67056                              7th Edition Janet Buttolph, Jan-12
        Political Science Research Methods                     H T Reynolds and Jason D Mycoff
67073                              Sixty-Eighth
        2012 Federal Staff Directory WinterEdition             Feb-12
67085                              3rd Edition Evan Berman Jan-12
        Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts
65703                                          Allan           Oct-11 After a turbulent and moneyed midterm election season
                                                                                                 Introduction: The Changing Natu
        Interest Group Politics Eighth Edition J Cigler and Burdett A LoomisAfter a turbulent and moneyed midterm elec
66543                 Comparative CasesEdition Ann
                                   Second in Carol             Sep-11 Uncomfortable with a strictlyONE: A FRAMEWORK FORto
                                                                                    'I           PART such a positive reaction U
        IntroducingConcepts and Politics Context Drogus and Stephen Orvishave never seen thematic approach, or tire
66995                              Political Analysis
                                               Philip           III                 In this much-anticipated revision popular SP
                                                                                                 Getting Started \ Notes Introdu
        An SPSS Companion to Fourth Edition H PollockSep-11 In this much-anticipated revision of Pollock s of\Pollock s
66994                              Fourth Edition               III                 Political scienceDefinition comfortable using
                                                                                                 The students and to get comfor
        The Essentials of Political Analysis Philip H PollockSep-11 Political science students need to getneedMeasurement
67055                              Fifth Edition
        Politics of the Administrative Process                                      Efficient public administration requires a del
                                                                                                 Accountability PART ONE: THE
                                               Donald Kettl Sep-11 Efficient public administration requires\a delicate balanc
67083                From                      Burdett LoomisSep-11 With an avalanche of scholarship scholarship on it can be
        The U.S. Senate Deliberation to Dysfunction                                              Eric Schickler the Senate at Mid-2
                                                                                    With an avalanche of on The House, the Hou
65701                Origins and Sixth
                                   Development,Sidney M Milkis and Michael Nelson American Presidency examines the cons
                                                                                    The          The Constitutional Convention pr
        The American Presidency Edition 1776-2011 Aug-11 The American Presidency examines the constitutional \ C
65691                Sports
        The New York Times Reader              Malcolm Moran                        Sports reporters must play-by-plays with the
                                                               Oct-11 Sports reporters must balance thebalance the play-by-pl
67098   Freedom in America                     William Ker Muir                      students to students to really understand the
                                                                                                  really understand the concept o
                                                               Sep-11 If you want If you want PART ONE: FREEDOM AND POWE
66993                Selections from CQ Edition Policy
                                   Second Researcher
                                               CQ                                   Is a U.S.-China possible? Are the wars in Iraq
        Issues for Debate in American Foreign Researcher Sep-11 Is a U.S.-China partnershippartnership possible? Are the
67036                                          Gary            Jan-12
        The New Politics of Non-White America Segura and Shaun Bowler
66996                              Third Editionobert Trager, Sep-11 With its clear, concise writing and Law: Law in a Changin
                                               R                                                  Dente Ross
        The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication Joseph Russomanno and SusanThe Rule ofeasy-to-navigate chap
65689                A Professional Handbookervin Stronger
                                   Third Edition
        Writing Broadcast News: Shorter, Sharper,Block Jan-11 Mervin Block - who has written for the best in the busin
65657   The Federal Courts                     Rober A Carp, Ronald Stidham and For law courses focusedOrganization ofthe fe
                                   Fifth Edition                                     courts andHistory courses focused on level,
                                                                                                  courts and on the federal the F
                                                               Jan-11 For law and Kenneth L Manning
65699   The State Courts                                       Jan-11 In this and In this new from their fromto Law and Cour
                                                                                     Kenneth L adaptation
                                                                                                 An Introduction Judicial Process
                                               Rober A Carp, Ronald Stidhamnew adaptation Manning classictheir classic Judi
65694   Urban Issues               Fifth Edition Researcher Jan-11 What can be done to alleviate to alleviate domestic pove
                     Selections from CQ Researcher                                               PART ONE: RACE, CLASS, AND ETH
                                                                                    What can be done domestic poverty? How is
65688                Belief                      Agencies
        Mission MystiqueSystems in PublicCharles T. Goodsell                        In with filled with Mystique and a Beliefbig
                                                                                                 Mission big government and Sy
                                                               Jan-11 In an era filledan eramistrust formistrust for big governm
65695                Selections from CQ Edition Researcher Jan-11 Can the Internet fill the reporting gaps caused by the de
        Issues in Media                        CQ
                                   Second Researcher
65705                Selections from Edition Researcher Jan-11 What does the rise of hate groups RACE \ Hate Groups \
                                   Fifth       CQ
        Issues in Race and Ethnicity CQ Researcher                                               PART ONE: in America say about
65684                Digital Skills,
        Producing Online News Stronger Stories Ryan ThornburgJan-11 Buy your copy now and pay only $5 for shipping!*&nbsp
66678                              2011-12 Kathleen O'Leary Morgan, Scotthow your community fares in the fight against c
        City Crime Rankings 2011-2012 Edition                                       City Crime Rankings provides essential inform
                                                               Jan-12 Find out Morgan and Rachel L Boba
66679                Data, Decisions, and Developments 5th Edition
                                  Fifth Edition
        The Supreme Court Compendium                         Feb-12
67064                             Fifteenth Edition
        Federal Regulatory Directory                         Feb-12
66639                From the Constitution to Edition
                                  Second Edition
                                              Margo J. Anderson, Constance F. Citro of the U.S. Salvo
                                                             Dec-11 The Encyclopedia
        Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census, 2nd the American Community Survey and Joseph J. Census, Second Edition upd
66664                             2011-12 Edition
        Washington Information Directory CQ Press                                Washington Directory is the essential one-s
                                                             Sep-11 Washington InformationInformation Directory is the ess
66668                The 111th 2010           CQ Press                           Congressional Roll Call 2010 provides an obje
        Congressional Roll CallCongress, Second Session Sep-11 Year after year, Congressional Roll Call provides an objec
66670   The Supreme Court and the Environment CQ Press                           Silent Spring (1962) can cited as be cited as
                                                             Nov-11 Silent Spring (1962) can arguable bearguable one of the m
66671                                           2011-2012 Oct-11 There is no There print source, online source, or Web se
        Vital Statistics on American PoliticsCQ Press                            other is no other print source, online source
66669   Historic Documents of 2010            CQ Press                           Historic Documents is renowned for the well
                                                             Sep-11 A comprehensive reference packed with primary source
66672   The African American Electorate CQ Press                                 How have African Americans voted over typ
                                                             Nov-11 How have African Americans voted over time? Whattime
66674                A Documentary HistoryCQ Press
        Presidents and Black America                          Jan-12 Presidents and Black America: A Documentary History is
66675                                         CQ
        Handbook of International Rivalries Press                                Is conflict increasing or decreasing? To at th
                                                             Dec-11 Several dramatic changes in international relationsansw
66673                Election Returns by State
        America Votes 2009-2010 Edition                                          Thorough, scope, and scope, and meticulou
                                              Rhodes Cook Dec-11 Thorough, extensive inextensive in meticulously research
66677                Policy and Politics
        U.S. Health A Documentary HistoryCQ Press            Dec-11 U.S. Health Policy and Politics: A Documentary History b
66676   Education State Rankings 2011-2012                   Dec-11 Does your state make
                                              Kathleen O'Leary Morgan and Scott Morgan the grade? This new edition of Ed
54209   Essential Biological Psychology       Jim Barnes                         Drawing play a central Neuroanatomy and Br
                                                                                                the latest role in research, this
                                                              Jan-12 Biological processes onFunctional excitingpsychology. Dr
48899                                         Patricia Howlin, Tony Over the last four decades, breakthroughs in that have t
                                                                                 Reflecting the enormous
                                                                                               PART ONE: OVERVIEW \ Patricia H
        The SAGE Handbook of Developmental Disorders Jan-11Charman and Mohammad Ghaziuddinchanges genetic kno
55456   Understanding Cognitive Psychology                   Nov-12
                                              Christopher Sterling                             Introduction Psychology Psycho
                                                                                 Understanding Cognitiveto Cognitive gives an
52878                                         Lucy Henry
        The Development of Working Memory in Children                            Using the highly influential working memory
                                                                                               Introduction \ The Working Mem
                                                             Nov-11 Using the highly influential working memory framework
60249                                           Psychlogy                        Giving a clear and thought-provoking introdu
                                                                                               Introduction \ Biomedical models
        Critical Issues in Clinical and HealthPoul Rohleder Mar-12 Giving a clear and thought-provoking introduction to the
57874                Clinical and Biological Perspectives Mar-12 Presenting a thorough a thorough understanding of abn
        Understanding Abnormal Psychology     Pamilla Ramsden                                  Defining abnormal behaviour \ 1.
                                                                                 Presenting understanding of abnormal psych
62495                Investigating the Psychosocial Wetherell In recent years there years there huge surge huge surgei
        Affecting Discourse                   Margaret       Feb-12                            Introducing Affect: a of interest
                                                                                 In recent has been a has been Lines of Argum
61207                             Fourth Edition              Jan-12                           Part Wright
        Research Methods in Psychology Glynis M Breakwell, Jonathan A Smith and Daniel BI: Introduction \ 1.Research q
54221                A Practical Guide for Victoria          and Virginia Braun
        Successful Qualitative Research Beginners Clarke Mar-12
62490   Discovering Statistics Using R                       Jeremy Miles        Hot on thePreface the award-winning and D
                                                                                                award-winning and best book
                                              Andy Field and Feb-12 Hot on the heals ofthe heals of \ How to use this selling\b
66074                Strategies and Tactics for New F Buskist and Using Benassi
                                              William        Dec-11
        Effective College and University Teaching Professoriate Victory empirical research, Effective College and Universit
66058                A Critical Look Media Violence
                                  Second Edition
        Children, Adolescents, andat the ResearchJ. Kirsh Nov-11                               Part 1 - Understanding Aggressio
                                                                                 Fully updated with the latest research, this b
61916   Modern Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences        Nov-11 Modern Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences engages stu
61993                UnderstandingSecond Addressing Social and Practical Problems textbook serves as an introduction to th
        Applied Social Psychology and Edition                 Jan-12             This
62011                A Casebook                              Dec-11 With full coverageAndrewAPA of the APA Code of Ethics
                                                                                 With of the F Benjamin
        Ethics for Psychologists Approach L Tien, Amy Davis, Thomas Arnold and Gfull coverage Code of Ethics and engagi
66093                From Career Context Glenn D. Walters
        Crime in a Psychological Criminals to Criminal Careers                   This book examines the psychological Prime
                                                                                               Understanding Crime The constr
                                                              Oct-11 This book examines the psychological constructs of crimC
66085                             Third Editionob Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology, Third EditionStudy Guid
                                              B                                  Prepared by (Smith College), this
        Study Guide for Bob GarrettÆs Brain & Garrett Mar-11 Prepared by Beth PowellBeth Powell (Smith College), thi
66553                Implications for and Health Hill Rice
                                  Second Edition
                                              Virginia       Feb-12 This is the This is the first comprehensiveHealth: A conc
                                                                                               Stress, Handbook handbook th
        Handbook of Stress, Coping,Nursing Research, Theory, and Practice first comprehensiveCoping and to examineto
62033                An Introduction to the Study of Mind Sep-11
        Cognitive Science                     Jay                                In this       Introduction: Exploring Inner Spa
                                  Second Edition Friedenberg and Gordon Silverman Second Edition of their landmark text,
62197                From Adolescence to Young Adulthood
        Relationship Pathways                                                    This book guides1. Family has rapidlythe W.
                                                                                               Part the reader through expand
                                                             Dec-11 Research on adolescent relationshipsRelationships \ rese
62166                             Second Edition
        Handbook of Children and the Media                   Sep-11 Bringing Singer
                                                                                 Bringing interdisciplinary group ofUse of Tel
                                                                                               George Comstock The renowne
                                              Dorothy G. Singer and Jerome L.together antogether an interdisciplinary group o
62615                History,     Second Edition P. Practice
                                              Gary                               Work History, Theory, Research, and Practic
        Work Motivation Theory, Research, and LathamFeb-12 Work Motivation:Motivation: History, Theory, Research,
66012                Effective Strategies for Peter
                                               Success        Jan-12 Stephen thousands Carolyn Ann Licht
        Your Graduate Training in Psychology Joseph Giordano,Each yearF Davis and of students are accepted into gradu
64091                A Ethics CodeUpdated Psychologists, Updated A special A special update ONE: Second Edition AND
                                              Celia                                             Second Edition of Decoding the
        Decoding the Practical Guide for Edition B Fisher Feb-11Edition update of thePART of theINTRODUCTION of DeE
60237                             Four-Volume Set
        Classics in Theoretical Psychology Henderikus J Stam                     Covering foundational works in ORIGINS OFu
                                                                                                VOLUME ONE: THE theoretical
                                                             Dec-11 Covering foundational works in theoretical psychology pA
60238                             Four-Volume Set
        Contemporary Theoretical Psychology                  Dec-11 This four-volume collection picks ONE: CONTEMPORARY
                                              Henderikus J Stam                                 VOLUME up the story of theoret
                                                                                 This four-volume collection picks up the stor
63222   Theoretical PsychologyEight-Volume Set               Dec-11 This eight-volume set brings together two four-volume O
                                              Henderikus J Stam                                 CLASSICS VOLUME ONE: THE s
                                                                                 This Eight-Volume Set\brings together the tw
61199   Neuropsychology                        Set            Jan-12 Neuropsychology is a vast field, overlapping with psychi
                                  Six-Volume Alastair Smith and Chris Moulin Neuropsychology, S ix-Volume Set provides a
64089                             Four-Volume F
                                              Roy            Nov-11 Social psychology is the VOLUME how normal people thin
                                                                                 This            study of ONE: GENERAL Hogg's
        New Directions in Social Psychology Set Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs collection picks up from Michael PRINCIP
64078   Self and Identity                                    and Roy F Baumeister four-volume collectionSELF-CONCEPT AN
                                                                                 This           VOLUME ONE: brings together
                                              Kathleen Vohs Nov-11 Although the study of the 'Self' has been a major themea
52290                Key                      Wendy Olsen Nov-11                 Offering cross-referenced, accessible overvie
                                                                                               PART ONE: DATA COLLECTION:
        Data Collection Debates and Methods in Social Research Offering cross-referenced, accessible overviews of key tA
64155                                         Pam             Jan-12 - How do I @!How writingabout writingwhere to publis
                                                                                                 go a what and a journal article
        Success in Publishing Journal Articles Denicolo and Lucinda Beckergo aboutdo IWhen,journal article? - How do I
62977                                                         Jan-12 Writing a research a research proposal is one importan
                                                                                               Prologue Serendipity Intended re
        Developing Research Proposals Pam Denicolo and Lucinda Becker Writingproposal is one of the mostof the mo
61937                Qualitative Second Edition
        Social Research Methods Quantitative Approaches                           This book explains and demonstrates when
                                                              Apr-12 This book explains and demonstrates to students to stud
66026                                         Neil J. Salkind Aug-11              100 a goodUnderstanding the Research Proc
                                                                                                 research hypothesis?. "How do I
        100 Questions (and answers) About Research Methods How do I createQuestions (and Answers) about Research
53817                A Practical Introduction
        Social Research                                       Nov-11 Original, fresh and relevant this is a theoretically-inform
                                              Bruce Curtis and Cate Curtis                     Introduction: Doing is a collectio
                                                                                  Original, fresh and relevant, thisdata theoreti
62684                                         Gayle Letherby, Malcolm Williams Objectivity and are key concepts in social re
                                                                                  and John Scott
                                                                                               Introduction: Auto//biographical
        Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research Mar-12 Objectivity and subjectivity subjectivity are key concepts
61434                                         Andrew Booth,Review Reviewing the literature Sutton
                                                              Diana               Reviewing the an essentialan essential part o
                                                                                               The Literature part of every res
        Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature Nov-11Papaioannou and Anthea isliterature isReview: its role wi
62386                A Guide to Research Design in Social Science Christine Bellamy is methodology? How should a FOUND
        Principles of Methodology                             6 and               What         How should \ PART ONE: researc
                                              Professor Perri Oct-11 What is methodology? Introduction one design one desig
54546                                         David           Jan-12 An and James Introduction to Systematic Reviews provi
                                                                                  An ThomasPART ONE: APPROACHES TO REV
        An Introduction to Systematic Reviews Gough, Sandy OliverIntroduction to Systematic Reviews provides a brief o
61499   Introducing Practitioner Research Divya Jindal-Snape                       plan and carry out research the Transition f
                                                                                                 plan and carry out research an
                                                              Feb-12 The need toThe need toThe Rationale for is no longeris no
61306                                         Susanne FrieseDec-11 Qualitative Qualitative Computer-Aided the very first bov
        Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti                                                Data Analysis is Qualitative Data
                                                                                  Data Analysis with Atlas.tiwith Atlas.ti is the
60114   Qualitative Content Analysis                          J                   content analysis is aanalysis is method for me
                                                                                               content powerful powerful an
                                              Margrit Schreier an-12 Qualitative Qualitative Introduction: Whatais qualitative
61437                Controversies and        Martyn          Feb-12 Research ethics is ethics is somethingDisagreement in
                                                                                  Research Controversy and that all contem
        Ethics in Qualitative Research Contexts Hammersley and Anna Traianou something that all contemporary rese
58821                Theory, Method & Interpretation          Jan-12 This book introduces introduces the theory and practice
                                                                                  This Stainton-Rogers Q Methodology: \ Th
        Doing Q Methodological Research Simon Watts, Paul Stenner and Wendy book the theory and practice of Q metho
52083                A Practical Guide        Cathy           M                   Based on the author's do Grounded Theory
                                                                                               Introduction \ we code and theor
        Grounded Theory for Qualitative AnalysisUrquhart ar-12 - What is grounded theory? - Howown experience with g
61931   Applied Thematic Analysis                             Jan-12 This book provides step-by-step instructionsinstructionsa
                                                                                  This book provides step-by-step on how to
                                              Greg Guest, Katherine MacQueen and Emily E Introduction to Applied Thematic
53812                                         Joseph                               and material phenomena equally real? How
        A Realist Approach to Qualitative Design MaxwellJan-12 Are culturalAre cultural and material phenomena equall
61870   Indigenous Research Methodologies                                         Following the increasing the classroom clas
                                                                                               Situating Knowledge Systems \ D
                                              Bagele Chilisa Sep-11 Following the increasing emphasis inemphasis in theand
62325                Theory and Second Edition
                                  Praxis                      Jan-12 The
        Handbook of Feminist Research Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber second edition of the Handbook of Feminist Researc
62385                             Fourth      David           N                   'David bookPART ONE: THEORY AND METHO
                                                                                                 for any student new to qualitativ
        Interpreting Qualitative Data Edition Silverman ov-11 This is the perfect Silverman's stellar new text demonstr
62814                Interviewing Third Edition
                                              H               Dec-11 The book describes in-depth qualitative interviewing fro
        Qualitative The Art of Hearing Data erbert J. Rubin and Irene S. Rubin
57575   Using Narrative in Research                                               Using Research by Christine BoldAutobiogra
                                                                                               Narrative Beginnings: provides a
                                              Christine Bold Oct-11 Using Narrative inNarrative in Research by Christine Bold
60420                                         Paul Sullivan Dec-11 In this important new text, Paul Sullivan introduces read
        Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Dialogical Approach                                  Introducing Dialogue to Qualitati
                                                                                  In this important new text, Paul Sullivan intro
66018                                                                             This casebook on Salmons Designing and mu
                                                                                               Janet online interview research c
        Cases in Online Interview ResearchJanet Salmons Jan-12 This casebook on online interview research contains Con
62191   Varieties of Narrative Analysis                       Oct-11 An exciting An comprehensive resource, Varieties of Va
                                                                                  and          and comprehensive resource, Na
                                              James A Holstein and Jaber F Gubriumexciting PART ONE: ANALYZING STORIES
62108                the Field Third Edition retchen B. Rossman and Sharon F.text that helpedthat helped readers better
        Learning in An Introduction to Qualitative Research                       The popular text readers better understand
                                                              Sep-11 The popular Rallis        Qualitative Research as Learning
62493                                         N               Jan-12 Internet Research SkillsIntroductionis a clear, concise gu
        Internet Research SkillsThird Edition iall Ó Dochartaigh                          is a clear, concise guide Your Re
                                                                                  Internet Research Skills \ Organisingto effect
62259                                         Nigel Ford
        The Essential Guide to Using the Web for Research                         This is a must-have book \ Learning and do t
                                                                                               Introduction for seeking to see
                                                              Oct-11 This is a must-have book for any studentany studentCriti
62378                             Third Edition
                                              R                                   This book helps graduate students and seaso
                                                                                               PART ONE: and seasoned researc
        Applications of Case Study Researchobert K. Yin Aug-11 This book helps graduate students STARTING POINTS \ A
62619                Maps, Methods & Meaning                  Sep-11 Presenting basic
                                                                                  Presenting basic principles ofScience Researc
                                                                                               Visualizing Social social science r
        Visualizing Social Science ResearchJohannes Wheeldon and Mauri Ahlberg principles of social science research thr
62007                A Primer                 Michael         Oct-11              Based Quinn Patton'sIntroductionUtilization
                                                                                               Preface \ Utilization \ Step Eva
        Essentials of Utilization-Focused EvaluationQuinn Patton Based on Michael on Michael Quinn Patton'sFocused 1. A
62012                Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and PoliticalisConstraints common for resources and data constrai
        RealWorld Evaluation Second Edition                   Feb-12 It common for Mabry
                                              Michael Bamberger, Jim Rugh and It is resources and data constraints to acute
58927   Assessing the Quality of Survey Data                  Feb-12 This is a book for a book for any researcher using orres
                                                                                  This         Introduction: Conceptualizing qu
                                              Jörg Blasius and Victor Thiessen isany researcher using survey datasurve
66024   Conducting Online Surveys             Valerie M. Sue and LoisThis book addresses the needs of researchersresearcher
                                  Second Edition                                               Introduction \ Planning the Digit
                                                              Jan-12 A. Ritter This book addresses the needs of who woul
61016   Designing and Doing Survey Research                                       Designing and Doing Survey Then and Now \
                                                                                               Survey Research an introduction
                                              Lesley Andres Feb-12 Designing and Doing Survey Research is Research is an in
51034                History, Theory and Methodology
        Social Network Analysis                                                    world that Introduction: What Are Social va
                                                                                               is an important void in the socia
                                              Christina Prell Oct-11 We live in a'This book fillsparadoxically both small andNe
62173                                                         Dec-11 This          a practical guide for the \ Brief Introduction
                                                                                                 a practical guide for of analysis
        Longitudinal Data Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Using R book isThis book isIntroduction analysisthelongitud
61166   Multivariate General Linear Models                                                     Introduction and Review of Univa
                                              Richard Haase Jan-12 The proposed book is intended to provide a''graduate le
61990                             Second Edition
                                              John            Jan-11 This is a This is a broad introductionWith R \ statistica
                                                                                               Getting Started to the computin
        An R Companion to Applied Regression Fox and Sanford Weisbergbroad introduction to the R statistical R Reading
66128                                         Kyle
        Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis C Longest Feb-12 Using Stata for Statistical Analysis is a supplemental te
62721   Answering Questions with Statistics                   Dec-11
                                              Robert Frank Szafran The book is divided into three Parts: Part One has chapt
66098                                         James Cunningham and James O. AldrichAn Interactive Hands-On Approach isApproa
                                                                                                An Interactive Hands-On intend
        Using SPSS An Interactive Hands-On Approach Sep-11 Using SPSS: Using SPSS: First Encounters \ Navigating in S
63972                              Accompany Statistics Alive!
        Student Study Guide toSecond Edition                  Jan-11 This affordable student study guidestudy guide andto ac
                                              Wendy J Steinberg                   This affordable student and workbook wor
57870                An Introduction to Basic andA B SnijdersMultilevel JSecondThe SecondIntroduction \ Multilevel Theorie
        Multilevel Analysis                   Tom             Nov-11 The Bosker Edition of this classic text outlines theoutline
                                  Second Edition Advanced and Roel Modeling                     Edition of this classic text main
62185                A Guide and Management V Barrington
                                              Gail            Dec-11 Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guide for A Gui
        Consulting Start-Up for Evaluators and Applied Researchers                             PART ONE: CONSULTING AND YO
                                                                                  Consulting Start-up and Management: Evalu
61888                                         David Tanner Oct-11 This is an accessible introduction to statistics to statistics
        Using Statistics to Make Educational Decisions                                         PART ONE: DEVELOPING A CONT
                                                                                  This is an accessible introduction written spe
61288                                                         Dec-11
        Research Methods in Education Joseph Check and Russell K Schutt
58142                A Non-Mathematical Christine Dancey, John Statistics for the Health1. AnHealth a highly readable and
        Statistics for the Health Sciences Introduction                           Statistics for Sciences is Sciences the Researc
                                                              Feb-12 Reidy and Richard Rowethe Introduction to is a highly re
57872                                         Graham          Nov-11 Action Research is one PART Webster the IS researchRES
                                                                                  Action Jonathan ONE: of
                                                                                               of the one popular ACTION stra
        Action Research in Nursing and Healthcare Williamson, Loretta Bellman and Research ismostWHAT most popular r
52235                             Four-Volume Set
        Digital Qualitative Research Methods Dicks                                 digital methods for qualitative research is a r
                                                                                                VOLUME ONE: for qualitative re
                                                              Dec-11 The field of The field of digital methodsMAPPING THE FIE
51779   Event History Analysis Four-Volume Set                                    Event historyan umbrella term for a \ of pr
                                                                                                  analysis is Overviews term fo
                                              Lawrence Wu Sep-11 Event history analysis isVOLUME 1 \an umbrellasetLawre
60411                             in EducationSara                                This collection demonstratesPART ONE: HIST
                                                                                                VOLUME ONE \ the long and fa
        Ethnographic Methods Four-Volume SetDelamont Oct-11 As qualitative methods have gained acceptance, ethnog
61428   Cluster Analysis                      David           Dec-11 Uprichard Bringing work of techniques that sorts - or m
                                                                                                VOLUME ONE: THE CLASSICS \ D
                                  Four-Volume Set Byrne and EmmaCluster analysis is a familyon classification, cluster analys
60977                             Third Edition
        Researching Society and Culture Clive Seale                               Clear, coherent this book is the perfect guid
                                                                                               Clive Seale Introduction and
                                                              Dec-11 Clear, coherent and trustedand trusted this book is the p
54194                A Global Introduction Linda McKie and Samantha Callan Families areIntroduction: Structures, Process
        Understanding Families                                                                   at our society. Our experience o
                                                              Dec-11 Families are at the core of the core of our society. Our e
57881                                           Research Methods This book systematically demonstrates the significance a
        Key Concepts in Sport and ExerciseMichael Atkinson    Nov-11                           Academic Journals \ plain langua
                                                                                  This book systematically, and in Analytic Epid
58008                                                         Nov-11 This book provides a focused, accurate guide for in this
                                                                                  The Craig and Graham INTRODUCING SPORT
                                                                                                and ONE: Walker
        Key Concepts in Sport Psychology John M D Kremer, Aidan Moran, Cathy concisePARTauthoritative entries studen
59012   The Tourist Gaze 3.0 Third Edition                    Sep-11 The           Tourist edition of a seminal text restructur
                                                                                               Preface classic, marking out a ne
                                              John Urry and Jonas Larsen originalThis newGaze was a \ Preface to the Second E
59361                Continuity Second Edition in Paid and Unpaid Work            The Second1. The Historical Transformation o
                                                                                                Edition the second edition of St
        The Sociology of Workand Change Stephen Edgell Dec-11 Fully updated and restructured,of this comprehensive bo
51784   Key Concepts in Leadership                             Jan-12             This book introduces, explains and contextua
                                                                                               The Eight
                                              Jonathan Gosling, Ian Sutherland and Stephanie Jones Questions of Leadershi
55654                                                         and Vincent Platenkampbook takes students through \ How to ur
        Key Concepts in Tourism Research David Botterill Mar-12                   This         Authors' Introduction the social
61340                Practices and
        Situating Everyday Life Places Sarah Pink             Mar-12                           Introduction: (Re)Thinking About
                                                                                  The study of everyday life is fundamental to
46024   Medicine, Health and Society                                               and engaging, this book provides a provides
                                                                                                and engaging this book contemp
                                              Hannah BradbyFeb-12 Sharp, bold Sharp, bold Prologue: Sociology, Medicine an
22632                International Knowledge Transfer
        French Post-War Social Theory                                             French social and philosophical played has
                                                                                               Introduction \ Raymond Aron: Ba
                                              Derek Robbins Nov-11 French social and philosophical thought hasthought a ver
59337                Essential Writings
        Raymond Williams on Culture & Society Jim McGuigan Apr-12                               the significant intellectual legacy
                                                                                  CelebratingIntroduction - Raymond Williams
46596                 of Belonging            Nira
        The Politics Intersectional ContestationsYuval-Davis                      In this groundbreaking book, Yuval-Daviscutt
                                                                                               book, Yuval-Davis provides a pro
                                                              Nov-11 In this groundbreaking Introduction: Framing the Questi
62094                Condensed Second Edition
        Our Social World                                       Jan-12 In this A. Roberts
                                                                                   text, two leaders of the Teaching Sociology m
                                  Version Jeanne H Ballantine and Keithbrief A revised and updated edition of the Conden
66573                A Guide for Undergraduates Edwards and Dwaine Plaza With humor and empathy, thisBroadly about
        Writing within Sociology              Mark                                             Section handbook handbook pro
                                                              Dec-11 With humor and empathy, this I: Thinking provides unde
62095                             Ninth Edition
                                              David EverydayFeb-12 The intro textbook thathis tradition of highly engaging, t
        Sociology Exploring the Architecture of M. Newman       Life              Continuing keeps students reading. Continu
66041                                         Daniel                              An of how societies have Early have change
                                                                                               Evolution and changed over the
        How Societies Change Second Edition Chirot Jul-11 An explorationexploration of how societiesHuman Sociep
62091   Social Change                                                             An accessible informative, acquainting Socia
                                                                                               The Personal Experience of stude
                                                              Nov-11 This text is accessible andand informative exploration of
65985                A and Social Change
                                  Fifth Edition
        DevelopmentGlobal Perspective Philip McMichael                            Explores development through historical nar
                                                              Feb-12 Explores development through historical narrative and e
62229   Cities in a World Economy             Saskia Sassen Nov-11 The Fourth The Fourth Place and Production in theEcono
                                  Fourth Edition                                               Edition of Cities in a World Glob
                                                                                  Edition of Cities in a World Economy shows h
62054                Soiology Fifth Edition   Janet M. RuaneAug-11 Do A. Cerulo unique flock together or do opposites attr
                                                               and                a            Introduction: essays that use Pe
        Second Thoughts Challenges Conventional Wisdom Karen birds of A feather collection of 24 The Sociologicalsoc
66597                                                         Sep-11 This volume examines adoption as a way of understandi
                                                                                               Adoption across Cultures \ Adopt
        Making Families Through AdoptionNancy Riley and Krista Van Vleet This volume examines adoption as a way of u
62716                 Global Village
                                   Religions in Sociological Perspective
                                              L                                   In an by religious conflict, the Third Edition
        Gods in the The World'sThird Editionester R. Kurtz Feb-12 In an era plaguedera plagued by religious conflict, the Th
66059                             Second Edition Volti
                                              Rudi            Dec-11 With new, in-depth chapters before Industrialization \ Tt
        An Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations                               Work on both globalization and
                                                                                  With new, in-depth chapters on both globali
66970                The Process World
                                   and Practice of K. Schutt
                                              Russell                             Revised andresearch methods,Edition of this
                                                                                                 updated Seventh applied Resea
        Investigating the SocialSeventh Edition Research Dec-11 The most cutting-edge Science, Society, and Social to eng
60275                             Management and SwayneOct-11 There is currently no comprehensive reference work bri
                                              Linda            and                             Robert Roundtree \Robert Round
        Encyclopedia of Sports Four-Volume Set EMarketing Mark Dodds There is currently no comprehensive referen
62080   Encyclopedia of Social Networks George Barnett                            This two-volume encyclopedia provides a tho
                                                                                               Zachary Neal \Zachary Neal intro
                                                              Nov-11 This two-volume encyclopedia provides a thorough\Mich
58804                             Religion Mark               Dec-11 The multi-volume Encyclopedia of Global Religion provid
        Encyclopedia of Global Two-Volume Set Juergensmeyer and Wade Clark Roof   The multi-volume Encyclopedia of Global Re
Series     Imprint      Pages      BIC Codes Subject                                        Paper ISBN
                                                          Cloth ISBN Cloth Price Pre-pub Price
                        720 pages KJU                     Cl 978-0-85702-040-6
                                             Organization Studies (General)"IC              Pa 978-0-85702-041-3
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-7399-1
                        472 pages KJ,KJU,JMJ Business & Management (General),Organizational Behaviour (General),Organiz
SAGE Key Concepts series pages KJU                        Cl 978-1-84787-552-5
                                             Organizational Theory"£                        Pa 978-1-84787-553-2
                        224 pages KJU                     Cl 978-1-84860-679-1
                                                                         £75.00             Behaviour (General)"IC
                                             Organization Studies (General),Organizational Pa 978-1-84860-680-7
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-023-3
                                                                         £90.00             Pa 978-1-84920-024-0
                        440 pages KJU,JNK,JPPLeadership,Leadership & Management in Nursing"IC
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-9094-3
                        584 pages KJ,GTC,JNK Business & Management (General),Leadership & Management,Organizational C
                        192 pages KJU        Leadership"                                    Pa 978-1-4129-9922-9
                                                                                             & Management,Social
                        336 pages KJ,JNK,JKSNBusiness & Management (General),LeadershipPa 978-1-4129-8794-3 Work Adm
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-9166-7
                        648 pages KJMV2,KJQ Human Resource Development (General),Information Management (General)"
                        168 pages KJMV2,JNK,MQC           Cl 978-1-84920-782-9
                                                                         £55.00             Pa 978-1-84920-783-6
Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books Human Resource Management (General),Leadership & Management in Nursing
                        376 pages KJC                     Cl 978-1-84920-119-3
                                                                         £85.00             Pa 978-1-84920-120-9
                                             Strategic Management & Business Policy (General)"IC
                        400 pages KJC                     Cl 978-1-84920-186-5
                                                                         £90.00             Pa 978-1-84920-187-2
                                             Strategic Management & Business Policy (General)"IC
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-084-0
                                                                         £85.00             Pa 978-0-85702-085-7
                        400 pages KJK,GTB International Business & Management (General),European Studies"IC
                        208 pages                                        £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-515-3              Pa 978-1-84920-516-0
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8796-7
                        464 pages KJ,GTC,JM Business & Management (General),Communication and Media Studies (Genera
                        240 pages KJM,GTC,JNZ                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9250-3
                                             Management Skills (General),Organizational Communication,Study Skills (Gene
                        440 pages                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-9131-5
                        440 pages KJS        Social Marketing"IC                            Pa 978-1-4129-8149-1
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-9173-5
                                                                         £58.00             Pa 978-1-4129-9174-2
                        280 pages KJSP,KJMV6Public Relations (Practice),Quantitative Techniques for Business & Managemen
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8724-0
                        224 pages KJSA,KJSM Advertising & Promotion,Advertising (Analysis),Marketing Research"
                        472 pages KJSP                    Cl 978-0-7619-4856-8
                                             Public Relations (Practice)"IC                 Pa 978-0-7619-4857-5
                        280 pages KJS                     Cl 978-0-85702-543-2
                                             Social Marketing"IC         £75.00             Pa 978-0-85702-544-9
                        600 pages KJS                     Cl 978-1-84920-188-9
                                             Social Marketing"           £95.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-873-0
                                                                         £75.00             Nonprofit Management
                        328 pages KJVX,JPP Public Policy & Public Administration,Public & Pa 978-0-85702-874-7 (General
                                             Management 978-0-85702-386-5
                        272 pages KJ,KJMV2,KJG                           £85.00             Pa 978-0-85702-387-2
                                                          Cl Training/Education,Business Ethics,Sociology of Work"
                        400 pages KJS                     Cl 978-1-4129-6474-6
                                             Marketing (General)"        £44.99
                        360 pages KNSG                    Travel & Tourism Management"IC Pa 978-0-85702-241-7
                                             Hospitality, Cl 978-0-85702-240-0
                        520 pages KNSG                    Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies"IC
                                             Hospitality, Cl 978-1-84860-869-6              Pa 978-1-84860-870-2
                        384 pages KJMV6                   Cl 978-0-85702-116-8
                                                                         £85.00             Pa 978-0-85702-117-5
                                             Research Methods for Business & Management (General)"IC
                        220 pages KJMV6                   Techniques for £75.00
                                                                         Business           Pa 978-1-84920-777-5
                                             Qualitative Cl 978-1-84920-776-8 & Management Research"IC
                                             Business & Management (General),Public & Nonprofit Management (General),S
                        248 pages KJ,KJVX,JKSN                                              Pa 978-1-4129-9164-3
                        408 pages KJMV6                   Techniques for £75.00
                                                                         Business           Pa 978-0-85702-411-4
                                             Qualitative Cl 978-0-85702-410-7 & Management Research,Research Method
                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-060-5
                                                                         £75.00             Pa 978-1-84787-061-2
                        352 pages KJMV6,JNZ Research Methods for Business & Management (General),Study Skills (PG)"IC
                        1160 pagesKJU,TB                  Cl 978-1-4129-7688-6
                                             Leadership,Engineering (General)" £180.00
                        1664 Management Human Resource Development (General),Career & Vocational Education,Applie
SAGE Library in Business andpagesKJMV2,JNR,JM                           £600.00 £550.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0156-5
                        168 pages JKSN2                   and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                             CounsellingCl 978-0-85702-232-5                Pa 978-0-85702-233-2
                                                          and Psychotherapy (General),Mental 978-0-85702-493-0
                        280 pages JKSN2,MQCCounsellingCl 978-0-85702-492-3                  Pa Health Nursing"IC
                        232 pages JKSN2      CounsellingCl 978-1-84920-623-5
Legal Resources Counsellors & Psychotherapists                           £65.00
                                                          and Psychotherapy (General)"      Pa 978-1-84920-624-2
                        184 pages JKSN2                   and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                             CounsellingCl 978-1-84860-026-3                Pa 978-1-84860-027-0
                        264 pages MMJT                    Cl 978-0-85702-075-8
                                             Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy"IC                 Pa 978-0-85702-076-5
                                             C            Cl 978-1-84920-615-0
                        240 pages JKSN2,MMJTognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling Skills"ICPa 978-1-84920-616-7
                        192 pages JKSN2                   Cl 978-1-84920-768-3
                                             Existential Counselling" £65.00                Pa 978-1-84920-769-0
                                             G            Cl 978-0-85702-984-3
                                                                         £65.00             Pa 978-0-85702-985-0
                        168 pages JKSN2,MMJT estalt Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"
                        208 pages JKSN2                   Cl 978-0-85702-126-7
                                                                         £65.00             Pa 978-0-85702-127-4
                                             Integrative Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                        208 pages                                        £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0727-7              Pa 978-1-4462-0728-4
                                                          and Psychotherapy (General),School Counselling,Counselling Psych
                        624 pages JKSN2,JM CounsellingCl 978-0-85702-325-4                  Pa 978-0-85702-326-1
                         196 pages JKSN2                  and Psychotherapy (General),Person 978-1-84860-095-9
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series CounsellingCl 978-1-84860-094-2                 Pa Centred Counselling,Counselli
                         208 pages JKSN2                  and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills"
                                              CounsellingCl 978-0-85702-416-9                Pa 978-0-85702-417-6
                                              C           Cl 978-0-85702-511-1
                                                                         £70.00              Pa 978-0-85702-512-8
                         224 pages VFXC1,JKSN2hildren and Adolescent Counselling,School Counselling"
                                              C           Cl 978-1-84920-551-1
                                                                         £85.00              Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         448 pages JKSN2,MMJTognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Pa 978-1-84920-552-8
                         304 pages                                       £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-118-2               Pa 978-0-85702-119-9
                         224 pages
Counsellor Trainer & Supervisor JKSN2                     and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Supervision"IC
                                              CounsellingCl 978-0-85702-496-1                Pa 978-0-85702-497-8
                                              Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Interpersonal/Domestic Violence (Ge
                         328 pages JKSN2,JFFE3,JM                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8143-9
                                              CounsellingCl 978-1-4129-8137-8
                         392 pages LATC,JMB,JKSN                         £58.00
                                                          Ethics and the Law,Ethical & Legal Issues in Psychology,Legal/Ethica
                         336 pages VFV ,JKSN2 Family Therapy,Counselling Skills"             Pa 978-1-4129-0584-8
                                              Interpersonal/Domestic Violence Treatment/Intervention,Social Work - Childre
                         264 pages JFFE3,JKSB1,JKSN                                          Pa 978-1-4129-7205-5
                                              M                                              Pa 978-1-4129-8721-9
                         384 pages YXN,JM,JKSN ulti-Cultural Counselling,Cross Cultural Psychology & Diversity,Multicultural S
                         272 pages YXN        Multi-Cultural Counselling"                    Pa 978-1-4129-9950-2
                         144 pages                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-9088-2
                                              Children, Adolescents and Interpersonal Violence978-1-4129-8144-6
                         264 pages JFFE3,JKSB1,VFJS                                          Pa (General),Child Protection,Po
                         512 pages YXN,JKSN Multi-Cultural Counselling,Multicultural Social Pa 978-1-4129-9952-6
Compact Criminology 136 pages JKV                         Cl Criminal Justice (General),Criminal978-1-84860-717-0 (General)
                                              Criminology &978-1-84860-716-3                 Pa Justice,Criminology
                         192 pages JKSW1                  Cl 978-1-84920-081-3
                                              Police Studies"            £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-082-0
                         520 pages JKV                    Cl 978-1-84920-175-9
                                              Research Methods for Criminology & Criminal Justice"
SAGE Study Skills Series224 pages JKV,JNZ                 Cl 978-1-84920-793-5
                                                                         £60.00              Pa
                                              Criminology (General),Study Skills (General)"IC 978-1-84920-794-2
                         280 pages JKVF                   Cl 978-0-85702-751-1
                                              Forensic Science & Investigation (General)"IC Pa 978-0-85702-752-8
                         302 pages JKV,JH                                                    Pa 978-1-4129-9944-1
                                              Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Sociology of Deviance"
                                                                                             Pa Law,Politics & International R
                         640 pages JKV,JP,LNF Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Criminal978-1-4129-9718-8
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9943-4
                         344 pages JKV,YQN Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Criminology (General),Sociology (Gene
                         648 pages JKV                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-8750-9
                                              Gender and Crime,Criminology (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (Gener
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9669-3
                         248 pages JKV,JFSJ1 Gender and Crime,Women's Studies (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (G
                                              Gender                                         Pa 978-1-4129-9670-9
                         280 pages JKV,JKVQ2,JFSJ1 and Crime,Juvenile/Youth Crime (General),Women's Studies (General)"
                         344 pages JKVQ2,YQNGangs,Juvenile/Youth Crime (General)"IC          Pa 978-1-4129-7953-5
                         648 pages KJ,JKV                                                    Pa 978-1-4129-8749-3
                                              White Collar Crime (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Business
                                                                                             Justice (General)"IC
                         400 pages JKV,JKVP Corrections/Penology,Criminology & Criminal Pa 978-1-4129-8699-1
                         650 pages JKV                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-8732-5
                                              Victimology,Criminology (General),Gender and Crime"IC
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4712-1
                                                                         £60.00              Pa 978-1-4129-4713-8
                         160 pages JMC,JNLA Early Childhood Education,Developmental Psychology (General)"IC
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-404-0
                         256 pages JNLA,JNMT Early Childhood Education,Teacher Training"ICPa 978-1-84920-405-7
                         232 pages                                       £65.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-145-8               Pa 978-0-85702-146-5
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-174-8
                                                                         £60.00              Pa 978-0-85702-175-5
                         168 pages JNLA,YQX Early Childhood Education,Educational Research Methods,Action Research/Pra
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-092-5
                         176 pages JNLA,JNKD Early Childhood Education,Assessment"           Pa 978-0-85702-093-2
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-168-7
                                                                         £65.00              Pa 978-0-85702-169-4
                         208 pages JNLA,JNMT Early Childhood Education,Continuing Professional Development"
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-164-9
                                                                         £60.00              Pa 978-0-85702-165-6
                         136 pages JNT,JNLA Early Childhood Behaviour,Classroom Management & Student Behaviour,Early
                         328 pages JNLA,JNMT,JNK
                                              Early       Cl 978-1-4462-0751-2
                                                                         £75.00              Pa 978-1-4462-0752-9
Published in association with The Open University Childhood Education,Teacher Training,Leadership & Management"IC
                         176 pages                                       £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-768-9               Pa 978-0-85702-769-6
                         168 pages                                       £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-731-3               Pa 978-0-85702-732-0
                         208 pages
Critical Issues in the Early Years                                       £65.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-962-1               Pa 978-0-85702-963-8
                         236 pages JNLA                   Cl 978-1-4462-0754-3
                                              Early Childhood Education"£65.00               Pa 978-1-4462-0755-0
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-526-5
                                                                         £60.00              Pa 978-0-85702-527-2
                         192 pages JNLA,JNMT Continuing Professional Development,Early Childhood Education,Teacher Train
                                              Science,Primary Teacher Training,Teaching in Primary Schools"IC
                         208 pages JNU,JNMT,JNLB                         £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-505-0               Pa 978-0-85702-506-7
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-158-8
                         216 pages JNU,JNMT Primary Teacher Training,Literacy"IC             Pa 978-0-85702-159-5
                                              Primary Teacher Training,Humanities,Teaching in978-0-85702-340-7
                         192 pages JNU,JNMT,JNLB                         £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-339-1               Pa Primary Schools"IC
                                              Primary Teacher Training,English,Teaching in Primary Schools"IC
                         256 pages JNU,JNMT,JNLB                         £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-156-4               Pa 978-0-85702-157-1
                        336 pages            Primary Cl 978-0-85702-486-2 £70.00            Pa 978-0-85702-487-9
                                  JNLA,JNMT,JNLB Teacher Training,Teaching in Primary Schools,Early Childhood Educatio
                        224 pages                                         £65.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-735-1              Pa 978-0-85702-736-8
Math Recovery           304 pages            Mathematics & Numeracy,Classroom Activities,Teaching in Primary Schools"
                                  JNU,JNL,JNLB                            £65.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-060-4              Pa 978-0-85702-061-1
                        200 pages            Teaching in Cl 978-0-85702-384-1
                                  JNT,JNLC,JNMT                           £70.00            Pa 978-0-85702-385-8
                                                          Secondary Schools,Learning Styles,Secondary Teacher Training"IC
                        176 pages            Music/Fine Cl 978-0-85702-393-3 in SecondaryPa 978-0-85702-394-0
                                  JNU,JNMT,JNLC                           £75.00
                                                          Arts/Drama,Teaching                Schools,PGCEs & MEds"IC
                        304 pages JNMT                    Cl 978-0-85702-761-0
                                                                          £65.00            Pa 978-0-85702-762-7
                                             Teacher Training,Primary Teacher Training,Secondary Teacher Training"
                        336 pages JNSG                    Cl 978-0-85702-162-5
                                             Special & Inclusive Education"IC               Pa 978-0-85702-163-2
                        128 pages            Special      Cl 978-1-4462-0799-4
                                                                          £75.00            Pa 978-1-4462-0800-7
                                  JNK,JNSG,MBGR & Inclusive Education,Leadership & Management,Health Services Resea
                        248 pages            Specific Learning Difficulties,Mathematics & Numeracy,Classroom Activities"
                                  JNU,JNSG,JNL                            £90.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0167-1              Pa 978-1-4462-0168-8
                        172 pages            Special & Inclusive Education,Language Development,Autistic Spectrum Disorde
                                  JNSG,JNS,JMC                            £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-170-0              Pa 978-0-85702-171-7
                        168 pages            Special & Inclusive Education,Language Development,Autistic Spectrum Disorde
                                  JNSG,JNS,JMC                            £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-490-9              Pa 978-0-85702-491-6
                        410 pages                         Cl 978-0-85702-534-0
                                                                          £85.00             Difficulties,Literacy"
                                  JNSG,JNU Special & Inclusive Education,Specific LearningPa 978-0-85702-535-7
                        160 pages                         Cl 978-0-85702-893-8
                                                                          £65.00            Pa 978-0-85702-894-5
                                  JNSG,JNS Autistic Spectrum Disorders,Special & Inclusive Education"IC
SAGE Study Skills Series192 pages                                         £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0286-9              Pa 978-1-4462-0287-6
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-9961-8
                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-9695-2
                        696 pages JN,JNSG Special & Inclusive Education,Education"
                        312 pages JNMT,JNK Leadership & Management,Continuing Professional Development"IC
Published in association with The Open University                         £75.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0163-3              Pa 978-1-4462-0164-0
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-366-7
                                                                          £75.00            Pa 978-0-85702-367-4
                        200 pages KJ,JNK,DN Essays/Dissertations (PG),Leadership & Management,PGCEs & MEds"IC
                        224 pages                         ~Cl 978-1-4462-0303-3~£70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0304-0~£23.99
                        256 pages                         ~Cl 978-0-85702-576-0~£65.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-577-7~£21.99
Education Studies: Key 224 pages JNSV,JNA,JNK             Cl 978-1-84920-810-9
                                                                          £60.00            Pa 978-1-84920-811-6
                                             Education Studies,Teaching Diverse Students,Policy & Planning"IC
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-382-7
                        224 pages JNKD,JNT Assessment,Teaching Methods & Learning Styles"IC Pa 978-0-85702-383-4
                        448 pages JN,YQX                  Cl 978-0-85702-038-3
                                             Education,Educational Research Methods" Pa 978-0-85702-039-0
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0861-8
                                                                          £75.00            Pa 978-1-4462-0862-5
                        304 pages YQX,GPS Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Educational Research Methods"IC
                        584 pages YQX                      Research Methods"
                                             EducationalPa 978-1-4129-9573-3
                        244 pages                         ~Cl 978-1-4462-0165-7~£60.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0166-4~£19.99
                                                          Pa 978-1-4129-9087-5
                        320 pages JKSN2,JM School Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Psych
Lucky Duck Books                             Early        Cl 978-1-4462-0112-1
                                                                          £85.00            in 978-1-4462-0113-8
                        176 pages JNU,JNLA,JNLB Childhood Language & Literacy,Teaching Pa Primary Schools,Literacy"
Lucky Duck Books                             Early        Pa 978-1-4462-0065-0
                        176 pages JNU,JNLA,JNLB Childhood Language & Literacy,Teaching in Primary Schools,Literacy"
                                  JNT        Classroom Management & Student Behaviour
                                             Mentoring,Coaching,Professional Growth & Development"
                        544 pages JNMT,JNK,JNL                            £95.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-753-5
                        1758 pagesJNLA       Early Childhood Education"
SAGE Library of Educational Thought & Practice                           £600.00 £550.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-737-9
                        1664 pagesJNLA       Early Childhood Language£600.00 £550.00
SAGE Library of Educational Thought & Practice                            & Literacy"
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-977-5
                        1664 pagesJNU,JNT Literacy,Teaching Methods & Learning Styles"
SAGE Library of Educational Thought & Practice                           £600.00 £550.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-507-4
SAGE Study Skills Series288 pages JNZ,DN,JNM              (General),Essays/Dissertations,Postgraduate Study"IC
                                             Study Skills Cl 978-0-85702-927-0              Pa 978-0-85702-928-7
                        448 pages JNT                                                       Styles"
                                             Teaching Methods & Learning Styles,Learning Pa 978-1-4129-9572-6
                                             Family Life Education,Family Diversity,Social Work - Families"
                        472 pages YXF,JHBK,JKSN                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9178-0
                        264 pages JNSV,JNMT Teacher Training,Teaching in Inner Cities"      Pa 978-1-4129-8060-9
                        208 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNT,JMR,YQX                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8902-2
                                             Learning Styles,Cognitive Development,Student Engagement & Motivation"
                        184 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNK                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9268-8
                                             School Culture,School Change, Reform, & Restructuring"
                        192 pages                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-9570-2
            A Corwin Publication JNV,JNK Leadership in Educational Technology,School Change, Reform, & Restructuring"
                        224 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNU,JNL,JNV                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8158-3
                                             English,Classroom Applications of Technology,Teacher Resources"
                        248 pages                                                           Pa 978-1-4129-9521-4
            A Corwin Publication JNMT,JNU Continuing Professional Development,Mathematics & Numeracy"
                        232 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNU,JNKD Mathematics & Numeracy,Assessment"                Pa 978-1-4129-6812-6
                        144 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNK                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9876-5
                                             Leadership,School Change, Reform, & Restructuring,School Culture"
                        176 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNV                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9621-1
                                             Classroom Applications of Technology,Technology"
                        216 pages                                                           Pa
            A Corwin Publication JHBK,JMR Cognitive Development,Working with Parents" 978-1-4129-8844-5
                       192 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNK,JNMT,JNT                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8822-3
                                             Leadership,Continuing Professional Development,Learning Styles"
                       176 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNK                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-8786-8
                                             School Change, Reform, & Restructuring,Leadership"
                       280 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNKD,JNL,JNT                                                Pa
                                             Assessment,Differentiation,Teacher Resources" 978-1-4129-9664-8
                       240 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNU,JNL,JNV                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-9758-4
                                             Literacy,Classroom Applications of Technology,Teacher Resources"
                       304 pages
            A Corwin Publication JNKC,JNT,JMR                                                Pa 978-1-4129-9797-3
                                             Curriculum,Learning & the Brain,Cognitive Development"
                       248 pages             Autistic Spectrum Disorders,Inclusive Education,Teaching in Secondary Schools
            A Corwin Publication JNS,JNSG,JNLC                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9529-0
                       184 pages                                                             Pa
            A Corwin Publication JNSG,JNL Special & Inclusive Education,Teacher Resources"978-1-4129-8184-2
                       240 pages RGC,YQN Human Geography (General),Cultural Geography"IC
Key Concepts in Human Geography                                           £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-361-2               Pa 978-0-85702-362-9
                       240 pages R,RGC
Key Concepts in Human Geography                           Cl 978-1-84787-554-9
                                             Cultural Geography,Human Geography (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84787-555-6
                       256 pages R,GTF,YQG Developmental Geography,Development Studies 978-0-85702-585-2
Key Concepts in Human Geography                                           £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-584-5               Pa (General),International Devel
                       208 pages RGC,HBTP Historical Geography,Human Geography (General)"IC
Key Concepts in Human Geography                                           £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-3043-7               Pa 978-1-4129-3044-4
                       240 pages RGL,JFSF Rural Geography,Rural Sociology"IC
Key Concepts in Human Geography                                           £60.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-559-4               Pa 978-1-84787-560-0
                       304 pages RGL,RPC,JPR              Cl 978-1-84787-938-7
                                                                          £75.00             Pa 978-1-84787-939-4
                                             Urban Geography,Urban Sociology,Local Government,Urban Planning"IC
                                             P            Cl 978-1-84787-430-6
                                                                           Policy,Urban Geography,Urban & Regional Sociolog
                       650 pages RP,JKSB,RGL lanning (General),Housing£85.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4613-1 El 978-1-84860-039-3
                       704 pages RG,RP,JFSGPlanning (General),Urban Sociology,Cultural Theory"   £95.00
                       256 pages RGC,RP
Key Concepts in Human Geography                           Cl 978-1-84787-076-6
                                                                          Geography (General)"IC
                                             Planning (General),Human £60.00                 Pa 978-1-84787-077-3
                                             Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Environmental Sciences (G
                       960 pages RN,JPSL,YQG;YXZG                       £275.00
                                                          Cl 978-0-85702-360-5
                       224 pages GTF,RG,1QFG              Cl 978-0-85702-521-0
                                                                          £75.00             Pa Countries,Development Stud
                                             Geographical Methodology,Politics of Developing978-0-85702-522-7
                       408 pages GPS,JFCA,RG              Cl 978-0-85702-887-7
                                                                          £75.00             Pa 978-0-85702-888-4
                                             Geographical Methodology,Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Communica
                       480 pages JHM,RGC,YQN              Cl 978-1-84787-547-1
                                             Human Geography (General),Anthropology & Archaeology (General),Sociology
                                             Political Cl 978-0-85702-883-9
                       240 pages RGCM,RGCP,RGL Geography,Urban £70.00                        Pa 978-0-85702-884-6
                                                                          Geography,Urban Politics & Policy,Urban Sociology,U
                       6736 pagesRN,JPP,YQG;YXZG          Cl 978-1-4129-6273-5 El 978-1-4129-7188-1
                                                                        £700.00                 £700.00
The SAGE Reference Series on Green Society Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Public Policy & Public Adm
                       1000 pagesRN                        Earth & Environmental £180.00
                                             Geography,Cl 978-1-4129-7464-6 Science"
                       2080 pagesRGL,RP,RPGEnvironmental Planning,Planning (General),Urban Geography,Environmental St
SAGE Library of Urban and Regional Research                             £750.00 £675.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4462-0808-3
Fundamentals of Geography pagesRGC                        Cl 978-1-4129-0369-1
                                             Human Geography (General)" £600.00 £550.00
                       368 pages MB,JH,MBN                Cl 978-1-4462-0187-9
                                                                          £75.00             Pa 978-1-4462-0188-6
                                             Other Health Specialties,Public Health,Sociology of Health and Illness"
                       400 pages
Published in association with The Open University         ~Cl 978-1-4462-0773-4~£75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0774-1~£24.99
                       248 pages                          ~Cl 978-0-85702-545-6~£70.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-546-3~£23.99
                                                          Cl Work & Social Policy
                                                                          £65.00             Pa
                       224 pages JKSN,MQC Nursing,Social978-1-84920-083-7 (General)"IC 978-1-84920-084-4
                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-185-5
                       192 pages GTC,MB Health Communication,Other Health Specialties"IC     Pa 978-1-84787-186-2
                       240 pages                          ~Cl 978-0-85702-749-8~£70.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-750-4~£23.99
                       390 pages                          ~Cl 978-1-4462-0762-8~£70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0763-5~£23.00
                       256 pages MQC         Nursing" Cl 978-1-84920-003-5£60.00             Pa 978-1-84920-004-2
                       256 pages MQC         Nursing" Cl 978-1-4462-0124-4£85.00             Pa 978-1-4462-0125-1
                       208 pages JKSN                      Practice (General)"IC
                                             Social WorkCl 978-1-84920-427-9                 Pa 978-1-84920-428-6
                                             Social WorkCl 978-0-85702-871-6
                       224 pages JKSN,JHBC,JKS                            £70.00             Pa 978-0-85702-872-3
                                                           Research Methods,Social Policy Research Methods,Social Research
                       224 pages JKSN                      Practice (General)"
                                             Social WorkCl 978-0-85702-858-7                 Pa 978-0-85702-859-4
                       224 pages JKSN                      Practice (General)"
                                             Social WorkCl 978-1-4462-0070-4                 Pa 978-1-4462-0071-1
Social Work in Action seriespages JKSN                     Practice (General),Social Work - Children,Social Work - Families"IC
                                             Social WorkCl 978-1-4129-2178-7                 Pa 978-1-4129-2179-4
                       224 pages                          ~Cl 978-0-85702-729-0~£60.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-730-6~£19.99
                                                          Cl Policy,Social£60.00
                       204 pages JKSM,JKSN Mental Health978-1-84860-994-5 Practice (General)"Pa 978-1-84860-995-2
                       216 pages JKSN                      Practice (General),Social Work - Substance Abuse"IC
                                             Social WorkCl 978-1-84860-221-2                 Pa 978-1-84860-222-9
                       464 pages JKSN        Social Work & Social Policy (General)"          Pa 978-1-4129-9036-3
                                             Social Policy (General),Management of Social Work Organizations,Public & Non
                       296 pages JKS,JKSN,KJVX                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9616-7
                       160 pages JPP,GPS,JKSN
SAGE Human Services Guides                                 Administration (General),Evaluation (General),Public Policy & Publi
                                             Social WorkCl 978-1-4129-6573-6                 Pa 978-1-4129-6574-3
                                                                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9098-1
                       264 pages JKSN,JKSN2Social Work Research Methods,Counselling Research Methods"
                       on pages MB,JNSG,JH
SAGE Reference Series 360Disability                       Rehabilitation,Special El 978-1-4129-9419-4
                                                                          £45.00                 £45.00
                                             Disability & Cl 978-1-4129-8690-8 & Inclusive Education,Sociology of Health and
                       on pages MB,JMC,JH Disability & Cl 978-1-4129-8767-7
SAGE Reference Series 320Disability                                     £45.00
                                                         Rehabilitation,Lifespan,Sociology of Health and Illness"
                       on pages MB,JH
SAGE Reference Series 368Disability                      Rehabilitation,Sociology 978-1-4129-9438-5
                                                                        £45.00                   Illness"
                                            Disability & Cl 978-1-4129-8110-1 El of Health and£45.00
                                            Public                                          Pa 978-1-4129-9033-2
                       320 pages MBGR,GPS,JFFE3 Health Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Research Meth
                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-5023-7
                                                                       £385.00 £325.00
                       1080 pagesGTC,JM,MJ Public Health,Health Communication,Health Psychology,Clinical Medicine,Nutri
                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-479-4
                                                                        £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-480-0
                       576 pages GTC,JFC,JH Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Stud
                                                         Cl 978-1-84920-583-2
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-584-9
                       240 pages JFC,JH,GTC Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Stud
                                            C            Cl 978-0-85702-484-8
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-0-85702-485-5
                       240 pages GPS,JFC,JFCAultural Theory,Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Communication Researc
                                                         and Communication
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-779-8
                       232 pages JFD,GTC,JH New MediaCl 978-1-84860-778-1Technology,Mass Communication (General),So
                                            Journalism,Mass Communication (General),New Media and Communication Te
                       184 pages GTC,KNTJ,JFD                           £65.00
                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-2081-0               Pa 978-1-4129-2082-7
                        Texts                            Cl 978-1-84787-029-2
Journalism Studies: Key184 pages GTC,KNTJ Journalism,Mass Communication (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84787-030-8
Journalism Studies: Key174 pages KNTJ                    Cl             £65.00
                                            Journalism"IC 978-1-4462-0740-6                 Pa 978-1-4462-0741-3
                       240 pages KNTP                    Cl 978-1-84787-014-8
                                            Publishing,Publishing (Academic)"IC             Pa 978-1-84787-015-5
                                            M            Cl 978-1-84787-575-4
                                                                        £65.00              Technology,Cultural Policy"IC
                       240 pages GTC,JFC,YQN edia Policy,New Media and Communication Pa 978-1-84787-576-1
                                            M            Cl 978-0-85702-569-2
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-0-85702-570-8
                       232 pages GTC,JFD,LNJ edia Policy,Media Law and Ethics,Media Economics"
                                            S            Cl 978-1-84787-435-1
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-1-84787-436-8
                       296 pages GTC,JFC,YQNociology of Culture,Popular Culture (General),Communication and Media Stud
                       272                  S            Cl 978-1-4129-2821-2
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-1-4129-2822-9
SAGE Key Concepts series pages GTC,YQN,JFCociology of Culture,Communication and Media Studies (General),Cultural Stud
                                            Political Communication,Terrorism,Journalism,International Relations (General
                       336 pages GTC,KNTJ,JKV                           £75.00
                                                         Cl 978-1-4462-0157-2               Pa 978-1-4462-0158-9
                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-891-4
                       232 pages CFG,GTC Mass Communication (General),Discourse Analysis"IC Pa 978-0-85702-892-1
                                            C                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7420-2
                       416 pages GTC,YQN,JFCommunication and Media Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Cultural Stud
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8053-1
                       216 pages KJSA,KJS Advertising (Analysis),Advertising & Promotion,Brand Management"IC
                       288 pages KNTJ,GPS Journalism,Communication Research Methods"IC978-1-4129-7466-0
                       304 pages GTC,MBN,KJS                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8655-7
                                            Health Communication,Public Health Education & Health Promotion,Social Mar
                       496 pages GTC,JFC,YQN                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7689-3
                                            Intercultural Communication,International Business & Management (General)"
                                            Interpersonal 978-1-4129-7474-5
                       816 pages GTC,JHBK,JMH                           £95.00
                                                         Cl Communication,Relationships,Interpersonal Relations"
                       464 pages GPS        Communication Research Methods"IC               Pa 978-1-4129-9956-4
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8777-6
                       360 pages GPS,JFCA Communication Research Methods,Research Methods (General),Research Met
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8315-0
                       448 pages GTC,GPS Communication Research Methods,Research Methods (General),Content Analy
                                            Communication Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Research M
                       304 pages GPS,JFCA,JHMP                                              Pa 978-1-4129-8024-1
                                            Cultural Studies (General),Consumer Psychology,Consumer Marketing,Sociolog
                       1680 pagesKJS,JFC,JMAL                          £385.00                 £385.00
                                                         Cl 978-0-87289-601-7 £325.00El 978-1-4129-9424-8
                       1664 pagesKJK,GTC Mass Communication (General),International Business & Management (Genera
SAGE Benchmarks in Communication                                       £600.00 £550.00
                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-987-4
                       1616 pagesCF,GTC                  Cl 978-0-85702-964-5
                                                                       £600.00 £550.00
SAGE Benchmarks in Language and Linguistics Linguistics (General),Speech Communication (General)"
                       328 pages JP,GTJ                  Cl 978-0-85702-049-9
                                                                        £65.00              Pa Studies/Conflict Resolution"IC
                                            Politics & International Relations (General),Peace978-0-85702-050-5
                       200 pages International Re        Cl 978-1-4129-3492-3
                                                                        £70.00              Pa
SAGE Series on the Foundations ofJFFS,JPS International Relations (General),Globalization"IC978-1-4129-3493-0
                                            S            Cl 978-8-13-210650-0
                       260 pages 1FM,JFSJ,JPAouth Asia Studies,Political£27.99 & Thought (General),Sexual Politics,Gender
                       Indian History       South        Cl 978-8-13-210514-5
SAGE Series in Modern 492 pages JHMC,1FM,YQH Asia Studies,History (General),Social & Cultural Anthropology"
                       528 pages 1FM,JPB,JPS             Cl 978-8-13-210470-4
                                            South Asia Studies,International Relations (General),Comparative Politics"
                       544 pages 1FM,JPB,JPS             Cl 978-8-13-210477-3
                                            South Asia Studies,International Relations (General),Comparative Politics"
                       228 pages 1FM,JNK,PSF                                                Pa 978-8-13-210632-6
                                            South Asia Studies,Cell Biology,Ethics & Spirituality"
                                            South        Cl 978-8-13-210510-7
                       272 pages 1FM,KJMV2,KNXBAsia Studies,Human £37.50 Management (General),Industrial Relation
                       600 pages 1FM,KFC,KFF             Cl 978-8-13-210584-8
                                            South Asia Studies,Financial Economics,Financial Management"
                       228 pages 1FM,KCS,KCM             Cl 978-8-13-210694-4
                                                                         Economics,Development Economics,Comparative Pu
                                            South Asia Studies,Applied £35.00
                                            South                                           Pa 978-8-13-210685-2
                       276 pages JHMC,1FM,ASD Asia Studies,Film and Cinema,Popular Culture (General),Dance,Social & C
                                            South        Cl 978-8-13-210653-1
                       348 pages 1FM,KCN,KCM Asia Studies,Development Economics,Agricultural Economics,Political Eco
Response Books         532 pages 1FM,KJ                  Cl 978-8-13-210586-2
                                            South Asia Studies,Business & Management (General),Change Management"
SAGE Impact                                 S                                               Pa 978-8-13-210627-2
                       172 pages 1FM,JPQ,JPPouth Asia Studies,Public Policy & Public Administration,Government & Govern
                       492 pages 1FM,KJ                  Cl 978-8-13-210631-9
                                                                        Management,Business & Management (General),Hu
                                            South Asia Studies,Change £39.99
                       308 pages K,JP                    Cl 978-8-13-210582-4
                                            Economics & Development£47.50 (General),Politics (General)"
                                                                                                Pa 978-8-13-210587-9
                        152 pages GTF,JPP Development Studies (General),Public Policy & Public Administration"
SAGE Impact                                                                                     Pa 978-8-13-210588-6
                        160 pages 1FM,K,JPP Development Studies (General),Public Policy & Public Administration,South Asi
                        312 pages GPS,GTF,1FM                                                   Pa 978-8-13-210585-5
                                               Research Methods for Development Studies,Communication Research Method
                                               Public      Cl 978-8-13-210558-9
                        516 pages KCM,KFF,KFCP Finance,Development Economics,Financial Economics"
                        432 pages JPVL,JPA,1FM             Political Campaigns,Political Sociology,South Asia Studies"
                                               Elections & Cl 978-8-13-210583-1
                        332 pages JPP,JH                   Cl 978-8-13-210571-8
                                               Public Policy & Public Administration,Sociology of Religion"
                        352 pages GTB,1FM,GTC              Cl 978-8-13-210591-6
                                               South Asia Studies,International & Development Communication,Asian Studies
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-5963-6
                                                                          £700.00 £600.00
                        4144 pagesJP,JPA,JPS Politics & International Relations (General),Politics (General),Political Theory &
                        1664 pagesJPVL
SAGE Library of Political Science                          Cl 978-0-85702-427-5
                                                                          £600.00 £550.00
                                               Elections,Elections & Political Campaigns"
                        1248 pagesJPA,JPSN Institutions Cl 978-0-85702-986-7
SAGE Library of Political Science                                         £450.00 £400.00
                                                           & Political Behavior,Political Institutions (General),International Ins
                        1664 pagesJPA,JWA,JMMilitary & Strategic Studies,Political Psychology,Applied Psychology (General)"
SAGE Military and Strategic Studies                                       £600.00 £550.00
                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-520-3
                        1568 pagesJWA,JPA Political Sociology,Military & Strategic Studies"
SAGE Military and Strategic Studies                                       £600.00 £550.00
                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-779-5
                        376 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP,JPP                                                      Pa
                                               Leadership,American Government and Politics"IC978-1-60871-276-2
             A CQ Press Publication
Logic of American Politics pages JP            American Government and Politics"IC              Pa 978-1-60871-275-5
                        461 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPS        International Relations (General)"IC             Pa 978-1-60871-828-3
                        421 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP,JPP     Public Policy,American Government and Politics"ICPa 978-1-60871-829-0
             A CQ Press Publication JP                                                          Pa
                                               Congress,American Government and Politics"IC 978-1-60871-642-5
                        312 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP,LB                                                        and Politics"IC
                                               Law & Courts,Congress,American GovernmentPa 978-1-60871-236-6
                        376 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP,JPP                                                      Pa Government and Politics"IC
                                               Presidency,Policy Analysis & Evaluation,American978-1-60871-685-2
                                                                                                Pa 978-1-60871-017-1
             A CQ Press Publication JP,JPB,JPP Economic & Business Policy,American Government and Politics,Political Econom
                        221 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP                                                          Pa Politics"IC
                                               State & Local Politics,American Government and 978-1-60871-834-4
                        300 pages
             A CQ Press Publication                                                             Pa 978-1-60871-681-4
             A CQ Press Publication                                                             ~Pa 978-0-87289-619-2~£
                        632 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPA        Research Methods"IC                              Pa 978-1-60871-689-0
             A CQ Press Publication                                                             ~Pa 978-0-87289-634-5~£235.00
                        352 pages
             A CQ Press Publication                                                             Pa 978-1-60871-677-7~£39.99
                        505 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPWD       Interest Groups"IC                               Pa 978-1-60426-637-5
                        675 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPB        Comparative Politics"IC                          Pa 978-1-60871-668-5
                        288 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPS                                                         Relations"IC
                                               Research Methods for Politics & International Pa 978-1-60871-687-6
                        280 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPS                                                         Relations"IC
                                               Research Methods for Politics & International Pa 978-1-60871-686-9
                        601 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPP                                                         Pa & Public Administration"IC
                                               American Public Policy,Bureaucracy,Public Policy 978-1-60871-688-3
             A CQ Press Publication JP                                                          Pa
                                               Congress,American Government and Politics"IC 978-1-60871-727-9
                        592 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP                                                          Pa
                                               American Government and Politics,Presidency"IC978-1-60871-281-6
                                               Journalism,Sports Studies"
             A CQ Press Publication GTC,KNTJ,JKS                                                Pa 978-1-60426-484-5
                        456 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JP         American Government and Politics"IC              Pa 978-1-60871-844-3
                        431 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JPS        Foreign Policy Analysis"IC                       Pa 978-1-60871-830-6
                        341 pages
             A CQ Press Publication                                                             Pa 978-1-60426-727-3~£17.99
                        801 pages              J
             A CQ Press Publication GTC,LB,KNTJournalism,Law & Courts,Media Policy"             Pa 978-1-60871-669-2
                        272 pages
             A CQ Press Publication KNTJ                   Cl              £28.99
                                               Journalism"IC 978-1-60871-417-9
             A CQ Press Publication LB         Law & Courts"IC                                  Pa 978-1-60871-411-7
             A CQ Press Publication LB         Law & Courts"IC                                  Pa 978-1-60871-415-5
                        336 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JFSG,JPSL Urban Sociology,Environmental Politics"IC         Pa 978-1-60871-707-1
                        328 pages                                                               Pa Political Behavior,Public Polic
Kettl Series A CQ Press Publication JP,JPA,JPP American Government and Politics,Institutions & 978-1-93311-675-4
                        180 pages                                                               Pa 978-1-60871-720-0
             A CQ Press Publication GTC,KNTJ Communication and Media Studies (General),Mass Communication (General),Jo
                        328 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JFSL1      Race and Social Policy"IC                        Pa 978-1-60871-708-8
                        440 pages
             A CQ Press Publication KNTJ       Journalism"IC                                    Pa 978-1-60426-996-3
                        417 pages
             A CQ Press Publication JKV,JP                                                      Pa 978-1-60871-729-3
                                               American Government and Politics,Criminology (General)"
                        840 pages
            A CQ Press Publication                         ~Cl 978-1-60871-743-9~£105.00~
            A CQ Press Publication                         ~Cl 978-1-60871-739-2~£125.00~
                        523 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JPA                     Cl 978-1-60871-025-6
                                              Political Science Statistics"
                        992 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP                      Cl 978-1-60871-736-1
                                              American Government and Politics"
                        331 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP         Congress"                                         Pa 978-1-60871-735-4
                        385 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP,JPSL                 Cl 978-0-87289-975-9
                                              American Government and£85.00  Politics,Environmental Politics"
                        458 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP,JPA                  Cl 978-1-60871-737-8
                                              State & Local Politics,Political Science Statistics"
                        800 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JPS                     Cl 978-1-60871-724-8
                                              Political History"          £115.00
                        511 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP                      Cl 978-0-87289-508-9
                                              American Government and Politics"
                        503 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP,JPS                  Cl 978-1-60871-008-9
                                              Presidency,American Political History"
                        200 pages                          Cl 978-0-87289-487-7
            A CQ Press Publication JPS,JPB,GTJInternational Relations (General),Conflict,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution"
                        432 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JPVL                                   £145.00
                                              Elections" Cl 978-1-60871-738-5
                        799 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JPP                     Cl 978-1-60871-026-3
                                              American Public Policy" £120.00
                        481 pages
            A CQ Press Publication JP,JPA                                                       Pa
                                              State & Local Politics,Political Science Statistics" 978-1-60871-728-6
                        332 pages JMM                      Cl 978-1-84787-540-2                 Pa
                                              Biological/Physiological£Psychology (General)"IC 978-1-84787-541-9
                        592 pages JMC,JNLA,MMJ             Cl 978-1-4129-4486-1
                                              Clinical Psychology (General),Child Psychiatry,Early Childhood Language & Liter
                        324 pages JMR                      Cl 978-1-84860-714-9
                                              Cognitive Psychology (General)"IC                 Pa 978-1-84860-715-6
                        384 in Child Development
Discoveries & Explanations pages JMC,JNSG,JNC              Cl 978-1-84787-328-6
                                              Developmental Psychology£75.00                    Pa Psychology,Special
                                                                             (General),Educational978-1-84787-329-3 & Inclusiv
                        192 pages JM                       Cl 978-1-84920-761-4
                                              Health Psychology"            £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-762-1
                        360 pages JMP                      Cl 978-1-84860-875-7
                                              Abnormal Psychology"IC £75.00                     Pa 978-1-84860-876-4
                        216 pages JMH,JMC,CF               Cl 978-0-85702-856-3
                                                                            £65.00              Pa 978-0-85702-857-0
                                              Social Psychology (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Linguistics (General),
                        656 pages JMB                      Cl 978-0-85702-263-9
                                              Research Methods in Psychology"IC                 Pa 978-0-85702-264-6
                        272 pages                          ~Cl 978-1-84787-581-5~£70.00~~Pa 978-1-84787-582-2~£24.99
                        752 pages JMB                      Cl 978-1-4462-0045-2
                                              Research Methods in Psychology"IC                 Pa 978-1-4462-0046-9
                        232 pages JM,YQN,JNZ  Study Skills (PG),Teaching (Academic)"            Pa 978-1-4129-9607-5
                        408 pages GTC,JM,JMC               Cl 978-1-4129-9643-3
                                                                             Studies            Pa 978-1-4129-9642-6
                                              Communication and Media£65.00 (General),Aggression & Violence,Developm
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-6931-4
                        768 pages JN,JM,GPS Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Psychology (General),Sociology (Ge
                        488 pages JM          Psychology (General)"                             Pa 978-1-4129-7638-1
                        498 pages JM,JMB                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7821-7
                                              Psychology (General),Ethical & Legal Issues in Psychology"
                        280 pages JM,JKV,YQN                                                    Pa 978-1-4129-9608-2
                                              Forensic Psychology,Forensic Science & Investigation (General),Sociology of De
                                              Biological/Physiological Psychology (General),Psychobiology,Neurophysiology"I
                        400 pages JMM,JM,JMA;JMM                                                Pa 978-1-4129-9432-3
                                              Stress       Cl 978-1-4129-9929-8
                        584 pages JMR,MBNH9,MQCManagement,Health£90.00       Psychology / Behavioral Medicine,Nursing"
                        536 pages JMR,HP      Cognitive Psychology (General)"IC                 Pa 978-1-4129-7761-6
                        344 pages JMC         Developmental Psychology (General),Adolescence"   Pa 978-1-4129-8739-4
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-8242-9
                        792 pages JMC,GTC Mass Communication (General),Child Development"
                                              Organizational Psychology (General),Human Resource Development (General),O
                        256 pages JMJ,KJMV2,KJU                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-9093-6
                        384 pages JKSN2,JM,JNZ                                                  Pa 978-1-4129-9493-4
                                              Psychology (General),Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Study Skills (PG
                        408 pages JM,LATC,JMB                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-9437-8
                                              Ethical & Legal Issues in Psychology,Counselling Ethics and the Law"IC
                        1648 pagesJMA
SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology Series                       Cl 978-1-84920-772-0
                                                                          £650.00 £600.00
                                              Psychological Theory & Systems (General)"
                        1712 pagesKJS,JMA Psychological Theory & Systems (General)"
SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology Series                                      £650.00 £600.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-773-7
                        3328 pagesJMA
SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology Series                       Cl 978-0-85702-846-4
                                                                        Systems (General)"
                                              Psychological Theory & £1,100.00 £1,000.00
                        1712 pagesJMM
SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology Series                       Cl 978-0-85702-267-7
                                              Neuro-psychology"           £995.00 £900.00
                        1664 pagesJMH,KJS,KJU
SAGE Library in Social Psychology                          Cl 978-1-4462-0117-6
                                                                          £600.00 £550.00
                                              Social Psychology (General),Marketing (General),Organizational Behaviour (Gen
                        1296 pagesJMH,JMS,YQN
SAGE Library in Social Psychology                          Cl 978-1-4462-0118-3
                                                                          £600.00 £550.00
                                              Social Psychology (General),The Self,Sociology (General)"
                        248 pages JHBC                     Cl 978-1-84787-255-5
                                              Social Research Methods"IC    £65.00              Pa 978-1-84787-256-2
                                                           (General),Publishing (PG),Publishing (Academic)"IC
Success in Research 168 pages JNZ,KNTP Study Skills Cl 978-1-4462-0062-9    £65.00              Pa 978-1-4462-0063-6
                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-865-5
Success in Research 168 pages JHBC,JNZ Social Research Methods,Study Skills (General)"IC        Pa 978-0-85702-866-2
                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-7854-5
                       768 pages GPS,JHBC Social Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Evaluation (General)"I
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-9203-9
                       192 pages GPS,JNZ Research Methods (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Study S
                                                         Cl 978-1-84787-474-0
                                                                        £75.00              Pa 978-1-84787-475-7
                       280 pages GPS,JHBC Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods,Social Research M
                       204 pages                         ~Cl 978-0-85702-840-2~£75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-841-9~£24.99
                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-134-2
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-0-85702-135-9
                       272 pages GPS,DSA Literature Reviews,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC
                       320 pages GPS                     Cl 978-0-85702-473-2
                                             Research Design"IC         £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-474-9
                       176 pages GPS                     Cl 978-1-84920-180-3
                                             Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84920-181-0
                       220 pages                         IC~Cl 978-0-85702-251-6~£70.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-252-3~£22.99
                       240 pages GPS                     Software,Qualitative Research (General)"IC
                                             Qualitative Cl 978-0-85702-130-4               Pa 978-0-85702-131-1
                       240 pages                         IC~Cl 978-1-84920-592-4~£75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-593-1~£26.99
                       192 pages                         ~Cl 978-0-85702-140-3~£75.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-141-0~£24.99
                       176 pages                         ~Cl 978-1-84920-414-9~£75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-415-6~£24.99
                       172 pages JHBC                    Cl 978-1-84787-053-7
                                             Social Research Methods"IC £65.00              Pa 978-1-84787-054-4
                                                         Research (General),Public Health Research Methods"IC
                       416 pages GPS,MBGR Qualitative Cl 978-1-4129-7167-6
                       240 pages GPS         Qualitative Research (General)"IC              Pa 978-0-7619-2923-9
                       368 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-5882-0
                                             Research Methods (General),Evaluation (General)"
                                                         Research (General),Social Research Methods,Research Methods & E
                       832 pages GPS,JHBC Qualitative Cl 978-1-4129-8059-3
                       520 pages GPS                     Research (General)"IC
                                             Qualitative Cl 978-0-85702-420-6               Pa 978-0-85702-421-3
                       360 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7837-8
                                             Qualitative Research (General),Communication Research Methods"
                                                         Cl 978-1-84860-718-7
                                                                        £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-719-4
                       200 pages GPS,YQX Case Study & Narrative Analysis,Educational Research Methods"IC
                                                         Research (General),Social Research Methods"
                       176 pages GPS,JHBC Qualitative Cl 978-1-84920-609-9                  Pa 978-1-84920-610-5
                       376 pages GPS         Interviewing,Case Study & Narrative Analysis" Pa 978-1-4129-9180-3
                       328 pages GPS                     Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                                             Qualitative Cl 978-1-4129-8755-4
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8048-7
                       384 pages GPS,YQX Qualitative Research (General),Educational Research Methods,Evaluation (Gen
                       224 pages                         IC~Cl 978-0-85702-528-9~£65.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-529-6~£21.99
                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-364-3
                                                                        £60.00              Education"IC
                       230 pages JNP,GPS Internet Research,Online Learning & Distance Pa 978-0-85702-365-0
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8916-9
                       264 pages GPS,JHBC Case Study & Narrative Analysis,Social Research Methods,Evaluation (General)"
                       224 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9104-9
                                             Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods (General)"
                       488 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7741-8
                                             Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Evaluation (General)"IC
                       768 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7962-7
                                             Evaluation (General),Quantitative Evaluation,Qualitative Evaluation"IC
                       200 pages                         ~Cl 978-1-84920-331-9~£75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-332-6~£24.99
                       272 pages GPS         Survey Research,Research Design"IC             Pa 978-1-4129-9225-1
                       248 pages GPS                     Cl 978-1-84920-812-3
                                             Survey Research"IC         £65.00              Pa 978-1-84920-813-0
                       272 pages JHBC                    Cl 978-1-4129-4714-5
                                                                        £75.00              Pa 978-1-4129-4715-2
                                             Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"IC
                       544 pages GPS                     Cl 978-1-4129-8268-9
                                             Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (Ge
                       216 the Social Sciences series
Quantitative Applications inpages                                                           ~Pa 978-1-4129-7249-9~£14.99
                       472 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-7514-8
                                             Regression & Correlation,Statistical Computing Environments"
                       192 pages GPS,P                                                      Pa 978-1-4129-9711-9
                                             Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Statistics,Research Methods & Evalu
                       448 pages                                                            ~Pa 978-1-4129-9132-2~£41.99
                       264 pages GPS                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9515-3
                                             Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods (General)"IC
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-9428-6
                       424 pages JMB,GPS Research Methods in Psychology,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC
                       330 pages GPS                     Cl 978-1-84920-200-8
                                             Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84920-201-5
                       280 pages GPS         Evaluation (General)"                          Pa 978-1-4129-8709-7
                                                                                            Pa 978-1-4129-6977-2
                       416 pages GPS,YQX Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Educational Research Methods"
                       544 pages GPS         Research Methods (General)"                    Pa 978-1-4129-4009-2
                                                         Cl 978-1-84920-335-7
                                                                        £75.00              Pa 978-1-84920-336-4
                       360 pages MBGR,JMB Research Methods in Psychology,Health Research Methods"IC
                       182 pages                         IC~Cl 978-1-84920-001-1~£65.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-002-8~£21.99
                       1664 pagesGPS                      Research (General)"
                                                                         £600.00 £550.00
SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research MethodsQualitative Cl 978-1-84787-952-3
                       1608 pagesJP,JKSN,YQN              Cl 978-1-84787-016-2
                                                                         £600.00 £550.00
SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research MethodsSocial Research Methods,Sociology (General),Politics & International Relations
                       1664 pagesJHMP,YQX,JHBC            Cl 978-1-84920-732-4
                                                                         £600.00 £550.00
SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research MethodsSocial Research Methods,Ethnography,Educational Research Methods"
                       1664 pagesGPS,JHBC                  Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                                                                         £600.00 £550.00
SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research MethodsSociologicalCl 978-0-85702-128-1
                                                           Research Methods,Social Research Methods,Research Methods for
                       648 pages JFCA,JHBC SociologicalCl 978-1-84920-798-0£85.99            Pa 978-1-84920-799-7
                                              S           Cl 978-1-84787-931-8
                                                                           £70.00            Pa - Families,Family Studies (Gen
                       240 pages JHBK,JKSB,JHociology of the Family,Family Policy,Social Work978-1-84787-932-5
                       256                                Cl 978-1-84860-728-6
                                                                           £60.00            & 978-1-84860-729-3
SAGE Key Concepts series pages GPS,JH,W Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),SportPa Leisure Studies (General),Rese
SAGE Key Concepts series pages WSDP,JH,YQW                Cl 978-1-84920-051-6
                                                                           £65.00            Pa 978-1-84920-052-3
                                              Sociology of Sport,Sports Psychology,Sports Studies"IC
                       280 pages KNSG,JH,RGC  Sociology Cl 978-1-84920-376-0
                                                                           £75.00            Pa 978-1-84920-377-7
Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Human Geography (General),Hospitality, T
                       320 pages KJU,JH                   Cl 978-1-84920-412-5
                                                                           £75.00            Pa 978-1-84920-413-2
                                              Sociology of Work,Organization Studies (General),Industrial Sociology"IC
SAGE Key Concepts series pages KJU,JH                     Cl 978-1-84920-588-7
                                              Sociology of Work,Leadership"IC                Pa 978-1-84920-589-4
                       240                    S           Cl 978-1-84860-174-1
                                                                           £60.00            Pa Studies,Hospitality,
SAGE Key Concepts series pages KNSG,GPS,JHociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Tourism 978-1-84860-175-8 Travel & T
                       240 pages YQN                      Cl 978-0-85702-056-7
                                              Sociology (General)"IC       £65.00            Pa 978-0-85702-057-4
                       240 pages JH,MBN,MB                Cl 978-1-4129-2073-5
                                                                           £75.00            Pa 978-1-4129-2074-2
                                              Sociology of Health and Illness,Public Health,Nursing,Other Health Specialties"
                       240 pages JFC,YQN,JHBA Social Theory,Cultural Theory"
Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Cl 978-0-7619-4972-5
                                                          Cl 978-1-84920-770-6
                       240 pages JFC,JHBA Cultural Theory,Social Theory"IC £65.00            Pa 978-1-84920-771-3
                                              Citizenship Studies,Nationalism,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General),Cultural T
                       264 pages JPFN,JHBA,JFSJ                            £65.00
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-2129-9               Pa 978-1-4129-2130-5
                       530 pages YQN
            A Pine Forge Press Publication    Sociology (General)"IC                         Pa 978-1-4129-8727-1
                       168 pages YQN,DN Sociology (General),Essays/Dissertations (UG)"IC 978-1-4129-1424-6
            A Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa
                       610 pages YQN
            A Pine Forge Press Publication    Sociology (General)"IC                         Pa 978-1-4129-8729-5
            A a New Century seriesYQN,YQH,JHBA Change and Modernization,Social Theory,History (General)"IC
                       184 pages
Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication    Social                                         Pa 978-1-4129-9256-5
                       432 pages YQN
            A Pine Forge Press Publication    Social Change and Modernization"               Pa 978-1-4129-7987-0
            A a New Century seriesYQN,GTF,K Social Change and Modernization,International Development,Economic Geolog
                       400 pages
Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-9207-7
            A a New Century seriesRGL,JFSG,JH
                       368 pages
Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-8803-2
                                              Urban Sociology,Urban Geography,Economic Geography"IC
                       376 pages YQN,JFF Social Problems"IC
            A Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-8809-4
                       168 pages JH
            A Pine Forge Press Publication    Sociology of the Family"                       Pa 978-1-4129-9800-0
            A a New Century seriesJFC,JH,HR Sociology of Religion,Culture and Religion,Theology and Biblical Studies"IC
                       392 pages
Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-9125-4
                       376 pages JH,KJU
            A Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-9285-5
                                              Sociology of Work,Organization Studies (General)"IC
                       672 pages JPS,JHBC Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC
            A Pine Forge Press Publication                                                   Pa 978-1-4129-9980-9
                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-7382-3
                       1968 pagesKNSG,JH,WSport & Leisure Studies (General),Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Hosp
                       1112 pagesYQN,JMH,GTC              Cl 978-1-4129-7911-5
                                                                          Psychology (General),Communication and Media Stu
                                              Sociology (General),Social£225.00 £190.00
                       1488 pagesHR                       Cl Biblical Studies"
                                              Theology and 978-0-7619-2729-7
                       Electronic Price
Paper PriceElectronic ISBN







Pa 978-1-4462-0304-0~£23.99
Pa 978-0-85702-577-7~£21.99

Pa 978-1-4462-0166-4~£19.99






Pa 978-1-4462-0774-1~£24.99
Pa 978-0-85702-546-3~£23.99
Pa 978-0-85702-750-4~£23.99
Pa 978-1-4462-0763-5~£23.00
Pa 978-0-85702-730-6~£19.99

£38.99 El 978-1-4129-9840-6






~Pa 978-0-87289-619-2~£
~Pa 978-0-87289-634-5~£235.00
Pa 978-1-60871-677-7~£39.99
Pa 978-1-60426-727-3~£17.99



Pa 978-1-84787-582-2~£24.99




Pa 978-0-85702-841-9~£24.99
~~Pa 978-0-85702-252-3~£22.99
~~Pa 978-1-84920-593-1~£26.99
Pa 978-0-85702-141-0~£24.99
Pa 978-1-84920-415-6~£24.99



~~Pa 978-0-85702-529-6~£21.99
               £31.99 El 978-1-4129-9850-5
Pa 978-1-84920-332-6~£24.99

 ~Pa 978-1-4129-7249-9~£14.99
 ~Pa 978-1-4129-9132-2~£41.99
~~Pa 978-1-84920-002-8~£21.99

    £35.99 El 978-1-4129-9853-6
             £385.00El 978-1-4129-9415-6

             £180.00El 978-1-4129-9789-8

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