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11 Ways to Help a Veteran


									                               11 Ways to Help a Veteran

           Give Shelter                  Offer a Vet a Ride              Provide foster care for a pet
Homes for Our Troops constructs     Disabled American              Take in a dog or cat of a deployed soldier
houses for severely injured         Veterans (DAV) provides        or a wounded veteran while he or she is
veterans                            free transportation to         on duty or receiving VA medical
who served after 9/11. Donate       men and women unable           treatment.
equipment                           to travel to VA medical
or help build a home.               facilities on their own. You
                                    can volunteer to drive a
                                    DAV van for those in
        Record a war story              Donate used DVDs                Put old cell phones to good use
Do you know an old soldier with     Drop off movies or             Instead of stashing your used phones in
tales from the front lines? The     television shows at your       the junk drawer, ship them to Cell
Library of Congress wants to hear   local VA facility, or mail     Phones for Soldiers. For each one
his voice. Go to the website        them to DVDs4Vets, a           donated, the organization will pay for an
below for tips on conducting an     national organization that     hour of talk time for troops overseas.
interview or to request a kit,      distributes them where
including biographical data and     needed.
release forms.        
           Cut Coupons                  Post a care package               Contribute to a holiday drive
Have some expired coupons lying     Through the organization       Operation Gratitude’s annual campaign
around? Military families can       Kitchen Table Gang,            collects clothing, food and more and
used them for up to six months      hospitalized veterans and      packs it in gift boxes for service
past their end date.                troops abroad can receive      members. Pitch in by offering up items;
                                    personalized parcels           local residents can sort them on-site.
                                    containing everything
                                    from candy to board
                                    games. Get a service
                                    member’s address from
                                    KTG, bundle up items with
                                    a note of thanks and send
                                    them off. 

           Have a Party          Share your expertise                Support Big Brothers and Big Sisters
                              MilServe connects
Raise funds for awareness of the                                   The national organization has a special
Wounded Warrior Project. Thesevolunteers with vets in              Military Mentoring program for children
funds aid injured service     many areas: financial                with parents the armed forces. The
members.                      counseling or legal                  group carefully pairs kids with adults
                              services; job search                 serving in the military, as well as with
                              guidance; even carpentry,            veterans and civilians.
                              for building wheelchair

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