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                                         Jeffersonian Era
                                           Test Review

1. Barbary Pirates- It was Jefferson’s first major challenge; it was when the Barbary Pirates wanted
    a higher sum since Jefferson is in the office so Jefferson sent a U.S naval to fight.
2. Tripoli Quasi War- This was lasted 4 years between the Barbary Pirates and America since the
    Barbary Pirates were not following the agreement that George Washington and John Adams had
3. Chesapeake- Leopard Affair- In 1807, Britain warship Leonard fired on the US warship
    Chesapeake, 3 American were killed, and 4 were taken captive and impressed to Britain navy.
4. Louisiana Purchase- This was a payment between America and France, Jefferson paid 15 million
    to France for the land, Napoleon wanted money for war in Europe.
5. Lewis& Clark- Lewis was chosen by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis also
    took his friend Clark for the expedition.
6. Sacagawea- She was a Native American who began a translator for Lewis & Clark during their
    expedition, she helped translate Indian tribes for them and make deals.
7. Northwest Passage- This was a route that Lewis & Clark wanted to discover but it did not exist,
    they said that this passage was a fast water route to the Pacific Ocean.
8. Aaron Burr/ duel- Aaron was a Republican who wanted to break up the Union and Hamilton was
    opposing to his idea, Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel which led to Hamilton’s death.
9. Sally Hemings- She was the mistress of Thomas Jefferson, it was controversial at the time
    because her children had red hair just like Jefferson and she was the half sister of Jefferson’s ex-
10. Embargo Act- The embargo act was to prohibit American merchant ships from sailing to any
    foreign ports.
11. Non-intercourse Act- When Madison took office he established the act to end economic
    hardships and allow Americans to trade with France and Britain.
12. Macon’s Bill No. 2- It was an agreement that if Britain or France respect US neutral rights at sea
    then the US would prohibit trade with the nation’s foe.
13. Tecumseh & the Prophet- Tecumseh was the leader of Shawnee and the Prophet was his
    brother, they were against the Americans for trying to make other tribes sell their land when
    they believed that God made the lands for them and that they have no right to sell that land.
14. Red Stick Confederacy- the group was formed with the tribes called Upper creeks and Shawnee
    led by Tecumseh and Tenkawatawa.
15. Battle of Tippecanoe- This was a battle between the Americans led by General Harrison and
    Tenkwatawa’s people. Harrison pushed them back to the stream till they fled; they destroyed
    the Prophet’s town.
16. William Henry Harrison- He was a general for the Americans who fought against the Indians and
    destroyed the Prophet’s town during the Battle of Tippecanoe.
17. James Madison- He was the president during the war of 1812. He was the president who fought
    back and declared war with the British.
18. Election of 1808- This election was when Madison was elected as president and won majority of
    the electoral votes and defeated two democrats and federalist Pinckney.
Short Answers:

1. Thomas Jefferson’s two presidential actions seemed to go directly against his political beliefs
   of having a strict interpretation of the Constitution. It was when he purchased the Louisiana
   Purchase which was a controversial since he believed the power of the president must be
   followed by the Constitution and was not sure if it was unconstitutional of him to buy the
   purchase. Also, within the purchase, he borrowed money from the national back which was
   against his political beliefs since he did not accept the nation back when Hamilton proposed
   it to George Washington.
2. There were many discoveries during the expedition of Lewis and Clark. They discovered new
   animals, plants, Native Americans, the type of weather, the land...etc. The expedition was
   such an important event because that was when the land was mapped and discovered the
3. Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson’s relationship was very controversial because it was his
   slave and they believed that the only reason for the mistress because Sally was his ex-wife’s
   half sister which had a resemblance. The DNA proof might change in a way that there were
   affairs between Blacks and Whites like now, it can really prove that all men were created

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