Astoria Park Elementary school by wuzhengqin


									                         Astoria Park Elementary school
                                   January 2003

A. Name

   Astoria Park SIT/SAC Team

B. Purpose

   -   Help determine how School Improvement funds are spent
   -   Help determine how TEC funds are spent
   -   Keep check on school safety
   -   Be informed of issues at District Advisory Council
   -   Hear grade level reports on how the School Improvement Plan is implemented
   -   Bring up school-wide issues of importance

C. Membership

   -   Chairman
   -   1 representative from each grade level or team
   -   Principal
   -   2 or 3 community representatives
   -   1 support staff
   -   Parents - recruited or volunteer to serve
       Will be voted on by PTO Board

D. Officers
   - Chairman – elected by the faculty - term is 2 years
   - Secretary – Appointed by the Chairman - term is 1 year
   - Head of Safety – Appointed by the Chairman - term is 2 years
     (No other “officers”, we are a SIT/SAC Team)
E. Duties

   - Chairman – run meetings
                help write agenda
                organize committees
                recruit members
                help oversee School Improvement Plan
                help write School Improvement Plan
               set meeting dates
                excuse absences

   - Secretary – take minutes
                 send in approved minutes to County office
                 keep a record of the minutes for the year

   - Safety – report on Safety issues and concerns at each meeting

E. Schedule

   Meetings are once a month or as needed

   Notice - Post cards are mailed 2 weeks prior to each meeting
          - Meetings are posted on our community bulletin board
          - Notice put is Astoria Park Newsletter

   Agenda -     Team leaders give input to the SIT/SAC Chairman
          -     School/Community/ Parent input
          -     Chairman, Principal, Assistant Principal meet to determine issues
          -     Items are determined 4-7 days before each meeting (emergencies are
                exceptions) Agenda is
              - Secretary takes the official minutes

F. Parliamentary Procedures

   Roberts’ Rules of Order

G. Voting Quorum

   We must have half plus one members to vote on an issue
H. Committees

   Principal’s Report

I. Attendance

   - Everyone is expected to attend each meeting. If a Team Leader is unable to
      attend they are to send an alternate.
   - Excuses may be called in or notes sent to Chairman or to the school office
   - Two consecutive unexcused absences may warrant removal from the team
   - Replacements
     We would ask for any interested parents to contact the Chairman.
     PTO Board would then vote on replacement member.

J. School Improvement Funds

   -   Recommendations given by faculty members
   -   Recommendations given by SIT/SAC Team
   -   Discussion at SIT/SAC Meeting
   -   Voted on at SIT/SAC Meeting
   -   Quorum vote is needed

K. Amending By-Laws

   - Bring up the needs or changes before the SIT/SAC Team
   - Discussion
   - Vote; quorum needed

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