Questions on Drifting Continents by H73r0S


									                        Questions on Drifting Continents

INSTRUCTIONS: Write the title of this assignment as “Questions on Drifting
Continents” and the numbers of the questions assigned. Then, write the questions
and answers onto your notebook paper. Answers must be in complete sentences.

1.   What is Pangaea?
2.   Who came up with the Continental Drift Theory?
3.   What made Pangaea break apart?
4.   Why are tropical plants found on an icy island near Norway?
5.   What was the name of Wegener’s Theory?
6.   When did Pangaea exist?
7.   What did Wegener notice about the mountain ranges of Africa and South
8.   Where was India located before it became attached to Asia?
9.   What is the Continental Drift Theory?
10. Name (don’t describe) the three pieces of evidence Wegener used to support
     his theory.
*11. How did Wegener use fossil evidence to explain his theory?
*12. Why are sea fossils found in the Himalayan mountains?

(REV: 10-07)

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