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									Students of Concern

for College Response
to Campus Incidents
       Clackamas Community College Offers Students and Staff
               a Safe Place to Teach, Learn and Work
                                      Who is a Student of Concern?

              1 Someone who is struggling with basic needs such as food, shelter safety
                or isolation.

              2. Someone who continually displays behaviors or communicates problems that create a barrier to
                 themselves or other students’ ability to be successful in the classroom or college environment.

              3. Someone who causes concern by sharing Information in an assignment or dialogue that displays
                 self destructive patterns (abuse, addiction, or manifesting suicide tendencies).

              4. Someone who is violent or threatening in either verbal, written or physical ways to
                 staff or students.

                                        Recommended Approach

1. Staff members initially work                           2. Staff member refers student               3. Plan of action
   directly with students to problem solve                  to their dept chair or director              is developed

                                          What if above steps don’t work?

            On-Call Counselor available:
                                                                     Anytime there is an immediate danger
                  Mon-Thurs 8-6
                    Mon-Fri 8-5                                      Call Public Safety at 6650 or call 911
The following slides describe 4 types of incidents varying in
   degree of impact, severity and response.
Following these is a description of the 4 campus teams
   involved in campus incidents:

1.   Executive Team
2.   Emotional Trauma Response Team
3.   Risk Assessment Team
4.   Emergency Response Team

The response to a campus incident may warrant and involve
  any single, to all of the teams if the threat begins as or
  culminates in a critical campus incident (defined ahead)
Individual Incident Expected Response
Individual incidents =
   student speaks of suicide,
   reveals depression due to critical personal situations, etc.

Response =
 referral from initial contact source to student of concern’s
  Division Dean and/or
 possible consult with Counseling Department for next steps

Follow-up Action=
 possible counseling and/or
 off campus therapy referral

(click to view diagram of campus response to an example of an individual
Student confides to you (CCC staff) that he is seriously
depressed because he, along with his children, is being
 evicted from their home and they have no place to go
                    Staff contacts
            Counseling for consultation/help
                on how best to serve
                 student of concern.
                                                   Staff obtains referral sources &
                                                     advises depressed student
                                               1. to go to counseling for help, and/or
                                                2. encourages depressed student to
                                                      seek out referral sources
                                                   staff obtained from Counseling

                          Depressed student goes to
                               counseling center             3
                          receives emergency shelter
                                information and
                        receives short-term counseling
                                 for depression
Local Incident Expected Response
local incidents =                  Follow-up Action=
 student/staff medical             referral to division dean,
   emergency,                        and/or
                                    possible referral to Dean of
 on campus car accident,
                                     Students for Disciplinary
 theft,                             Process, possible referral to
 fight/altercation,                 counseling
 campus policy/regs violations,
   etc.                            (click to view diagram of campus
                                       response to an example of a
                                       local incident)
 Public Safety,
 EMT,
 off campus police
Student disrupts class by slamming books on desk
          and yelling at the instructor…
                     Instructor contacts
                         Public Safety
               1       because he/she
                        fears volatility
                   of student of concern’s                     2
                       emotional state

                                                           Public Safety Officer
    Counseling creates a                                   responds and upon
plan for success with student                             arriving and assessing
      and refers back to                              situation, officer determines
           instructor                                    student is experiencing

               4                Officer de-escalates incident by
                             removing student from the classroom
                                  Refers student to counseling
                                          for follow-up.           3
                                  Student is informed he/she
                                 must make counseling contact
                               or will not be allowed to return to
Campus Wide Incident – Low Alert
Low alert critical incident =
 major student disruption,
 national crisis/event

 Risk Assessment Team for assessment
  of next steps
(click to view diagram of campus response to an example of a low
    alert critical incident)
  A cut-out of Presidential Candidate Barak Obama is
found on the college campus hanging from a tree, with a
                noose around the neck**
                                      Student who finds this
       determines               1           potential
                                         hate crime calls
       additional &
                                          Public Safety
     follow-up steps                                                            2
    re-committing to                                                        Public Safety
5      safety of all                                                            Officer
                                                                         reports incident to
                                                                           Dept. Chair of
                                                                           Criminal Justice
    ETRT sets up “safe rooms”
                                                                           & contacts the
       & debrief forums for
                                                                        Counseling Dept. for
students & staff who may need ETR.
           Intra campus                                                    consultation on
      and off-campus media                                                    next steps
                                     Counseling Dept. Chairs alert
         communications                     Dean of Student
    are crafted and distributed         Services, who convenes
   by Dean of Student Services          Risk Assessment Team
     and Public Affairs Director                to assess                  3
            respectively                       next steps.
                           4         VP of Instruction is alerted for
                                         Administration Team

                                                    **This incident occurred at George Fox University,
                                                    Newberg, Oregon, Sept, 2008
Public Safety                                        Public Safety:
                                                     • Report to Dean of Campus
Response                                             • Consultation w/ Dept. Chair
                                                     Criminal Justice, first
                                                     • Reserve Academy
                                                     • DPSST Certified
           Student/staff/                            • Sworn in by Sheriff
          instructor report                          • Full Police Powers On CCC
             incident to                             campus
            Public Safety
                                                                         Brown uniform:
                                                                         •No weapon
                                     policy                              •Security officer
                                     violation           Immediate       only
                                 Dept. Chair
                    1               CJ –
Immediate action                 Consultation/
     & local                      Supervision
 law enforcement
                                                 3     Dept. Chair (s)
                                 3                      Counseling –
                 Dean of
             Campus Services –
Low Alert
Critical Incident                  Executive Team –
Response teams                      VP Instructional

                      Initial                             EMOTIONAL
      Dept Chair
                                                       TRAUMA RESPONSE
   Criminal Justice             Critical global
                      point                                  TEAM –
 and Dean of Campus             INCIDENT                 Chair(s) of A & C
       Services       of                                       Dept

                         TEAM ––
                       Dean of Student

Initial Phase- information dispersal
CCC Board         Association
                  Presidents              Off Campus
of Education

                        Director of Public                                    Dean of
  CCC President
                                Affairs                                   Student Services

                  Determine campus
                  wide notification
                                              Executive Team–
                                             Instructional Services

                                                        Student conduct

Second phase – individual team response
Campus team

     Determine Safe        EMOTIONAL TRAUMA
     rooms and available    RESPONSE TEAM –
     responders and         Guadalupe Martinez
     communicate to           & Ellen Wolfson
     Dean of Students
                                                  Dean of Student

Community partners

                                  Response Team
Risk Assessment                      Campus
    Team –                           members
Dean of Student   After initial
    Services      assessment, Team
                  remains dormant.
                  Team lead serves
                  as primary

                         Co. Mental
Campus wide incident – High Alert
High alert critical incident =
 threats (bomb, shooting, hostage)
 fire/explosion,
 natural disaster,
 kidnapping,
 intentional death on campus, etc.

 Emergency Response Team mobilized
                                                     Global critical
                             Initial point            INCIDENT
                             of entry
     Dean of
  Campus Services/       Incident Commander requests
Incident Commander       approval for Emergency Response
                         Process to move forward

                                             College President
    As part of Command

      Emotional Trauma
       Response Team
Emergency Response Process ON
If a “go” is given upon consultation with the
   College President and/or appointee
   (Executive Team), the Board adopted
   Emergency Response Plan initiates and
   the campus as a whole falls under
   direction of the Incident Commander.
Communication filters down as needed at
   will of Incident Commander.
Management Plan
                  RESPONSE TEAM–

                                                                 INCIDENT COMMANDER – Bill Leach
                                                                           (Backup is Kirk Pearson)
                                                             Responsible for all activities and functions
                                                             Assesses need for staff and assigns staff
                                                             Establishes incident objectives
                                                             Directs Incident Action Plan

            LIAISON OFFICER – Dick Ashbaugh                                                                               PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER –
                       (Backup is Pete Kandratieff)                                                                               Anne Donelson
Point of contact for outside agencies that are supporting the operation                                                             (Backup is Janet Paulson)
Provides briefings to and answers questions from supporting agencies                                            Responsible for information dissemination to staff, community and
                                                                                                                Provides information to the Planning Section

           Control and containment
           Initial investigation                                                                                         SAFETY OFFICER – George Sims
                                                                                                                                (Backup is Joan Harrison)
                                                                                                            Responsible for safety of incident response personnel
                                                                                                            Maintains safety equipment and materials needed for incident

                                                                        ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
                                                             Operations Chief
                                                             Planning Chief
                                                             Logistics Chief

    MEDICAL/TRIAGE TEAM                            INCIDENT COMMANDER                                FINANCE/ADMIN TEAM
       (Generally not required)                                                               (Generally not required for most incidents)

                                                                          LOGISTICS CHIEF – Charlie Arata
                                                                                    (Backup is Debbie Mullins)
      OPERATIONS CHIEF – Kirk Pearson                                   Provides all resources that support the tactical effort
                   (Backup is Charlie Arata)                            (i.e. establishes staging areas, assigns resources,
     Directs the tactical staff support
                                                                        obtains necessary supplies and provisions).
     Uses the resources available in an incident
                                                                        Provides food, water, facilities and medical support
                                                                        to the incident staff
                                                                        Provides equipment for internal communications
                                                                        among incident staff
               PUBLIC WORKS
     Infrastructure specialists
     Utilities specialists
     Debris removal

                                                                          TRAUMA TEAMS – Ellen Wolfson
                                                                              (Backup is Lupe Martinez and Bill Zuelke)
         EMERGENCY SERVICES                                             Provides trauma intervention and initial support to
     Shelter and mass care
                                                                        affected staff and students
     On site medical teams

                                                                          PLANNING CHIEF – George Sims
     COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS                                                            (Backup is Tina Birch)
                     ITS staff                                          Documents the incident and the response
     On-site technology infrastructure                                  Maintains maps, as-builts, building drawings and
     Campus telephones, etc                                             other support materials needed by tactical team
                                                                        Completes all required paperwork
                                                                        Prepares Incident Action Plan and demobilization
Third phase – debrief & ongoing


    Team                           Dean of
                              Student Services/
                            Risk Assessment Team
Emotional Trauma Response Team
Mission Statement-
Plan, support and carry out an immediate
  emotional support response to critical
  incidents that affect the campus as a
     Emotional Trauma Response Process
1.   Dependent on scope & severity of incident, number of safe
     rooms are determined by 1st & 2nd contact points
     (Counseling Co-Chairs, or backup)

2.   Safe rooms & locations are reported back to Dean of
     Student Services & Dean of Campus Services by 1ST and
     2ND points of contact, respectively.

3.   Emotional Trauma Response Team phone tree is triggered
     and all current information is filtered: incident status,
     Emergency Responders command post, safe room
     locations, ETRT member confirmations

4.   Day-After process arranged- Referrals, Safe Rooms,
     Debrief mtg.
ETRT Primary Members & Phone Tree
                                                                                            Ellen Wolfson –
                                                                                           1st point of contact

                                                                                    1st Backup: Guadalupe Martinez
                                                                                      2nd Backup: Jean Devenney

                                          Guadalupe Martinez – Counseling                               Co. Mental Health
                                                 2nd point of contact                                        Partner
                                            1st back-up: Jean Devenney
                                            2nd backup: David Blessman

                                      Jean Devenney –
                                 1st backup: David Blessman
                                                                 TIP Partner
                                 2nd backup: Carol Dodson

                                                              David Blessman –
              Carol Dodson –
                                                                Chair, CERC

  Margaret Mallat-         Toni Davis –           Yvonne Wilebski-             Casey Sims –
Counseling, Harmony         Counseling             College Now??                Counseling
Safe Rooms
Areas –                  Process –
1. Vets                  TBA
2. Main space
3. Staff
4. Individual/personal
   attn space

Locations - TBA
Risk Assessment Team:
Team Lead – Dean of Student Services, Bill Zuelke
Campus Safety Rep – Criminal Justice Dept. Chair,
   Dick Ashbaugh
Counseling Reps – Counseling & Advising Co-
   Chairs, Ellen Wolfson & Guadalupe Martinez
Clinical Expertise Rep – Nursing Dept. Faculty &
   Psychiatric Nurse, Carol Dodson
Clinical Expertise & Community Liaison Rep –
   County Mental Health Psychologist
     Disciplinary Process**
    All allegations must be in writing and signed by                     Violation of CCC                Allegations must be delivered to department
    complaining party. Chap. V                                           Code of Conduct                             Chair, director, or campus safety

               Plagiarism-                                 Health
                                                                                            Student                        Non-Student
       Cheating-Classroom Behavior                     Science Student

                   Instructor                          Health Science                                                 Campus Security
                                                        Dept Chair
                                                                                       Disciplinary         Student directed to meet with
                                                                                       Procedure            Dean or director (Chap. V)
             Instructors can:
      Require assignment                                                                    Division?
          to be redone, give
             failing grade for                                 Known                                                       Unknown
       assignment, or give
     failing grade for class                                  Dean                                                         Counseling
                     (Chap. V)
                                                          Dept Chair/Mgr                     Para. I                       Dept Chair
Letter to student within 24 hours                                                           Immediate
with invitation for student to explain                                                       Threat?
case                    Para. I
                              Summary                          Yes                                                         No
                             Suspension                                                                                               Student asked to meet
                                                                                                                                      with dean or director
                                                                                      Investigation                                   to see if sanctions are
                                                                                                                                      warranted      (Para. A)
                   Sanctions can include: Censure, Suspension,                      Dean recommends              Para. B
                   Disciplinary Probation, Expulsion, Restitution                    Sanctions to V.P.
                                                 Para. H

                                                          Student                       V.P. sends                         Student
                   If student fails to appeal within      Accepts                     Certified letter to                  Appeals
                   5 days or does not show for            Sanction                      Student with                       Sanction
                   appeal hearing, appeal rights                                  Allegations & Sanctions
                   are waived            Para. D
                                                         Procedure                                                          Student
                                                         Complete                                                           Hearing
Student files written request within 5 days of receipt of sanction notice for hearing,                   Student requests hearing
along with a written response to allegations

    Formed within 10 days of receipt of student’s request                                            Appeals Review Committee formed

                           Committee is composed of:
                                                                                                       Committee receives evidence
•   Chairperson appointed by president of college

•   3 students appointed by president of ASG

•   1 faculty member appointed by president of CCCFA                                                   Committee retires to executive
•   1 administrator appointed by president of exempt group                                               session for deliberation

•   1 support staff member appointed by president of CCCACE

                                                                                                   Committee announces findings,
           Student and college have right to counsel.                                            conclusions and recommendations in
           Written record of proceedings are kept                                                     writing to college president
           Written statements may be submitted
           Hearing shall be private unless student
             requests public hearing
                                                                                                       College president reviews the
                                                                                                            record of the hearing

                                                                                  President agrees                        President disagrees

                                                                                    Hearing closed                        Hearing reconvened
             ACUTE SITUATIONS                              ON-GOING STUDENT CONCERNS
Immediate threats to harm self or others – violent      Disturbing or Repeated Behavior/Potential
                      behavior                                            Violence

FIRST: Call 9-1-1 from any phone –                   Report the incident or behavior to:
   including house phones
                                                     Ellen Wolfson
YOU MUST PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING                       503-657-6958, ext. 2550
   INFORMATION:                                      or
•  Fire, Medical, or Police                          Guadalupe Martinez,
•       Exact Location                               503-657-6958, ext. 2717
•  Building Name
•  Classroom or Office Number                        Or drop by the Advising & Counseling Center
•      Nearest Building or Parking Lot

SECOND: Call Public Safety 1-971-563-0101            Student’s Name
   (From any office phone) or Dial 6650 (From
   house phones)                                     Situation (When, Where)
                                                     What Happened or What Is Your Concern

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