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									                                              Shipped Semen Breeding Contract
2011 Breed Fee:       $500.00
Early Booking Breed Fee: $500.00 (includes 1st shipment of semen OR 1st (2) farm pickup collections)
Early Booking Period Ends: March 1, 2011 (Received by/ NOT postmarked – May be limited to first 5
Booking Fee: $150.00 (included in breed fee, due with this contract)
Re-breed Service:     $50.00 Shipped Semen Fee: $150.00 (per shipment - in the continental USA)
                              Farm pickup of Semen: $50.00 (per collection)

I hereby agree to breed my mare: _______________________________________Reg. #______________
To the Stallion Flash Nu Cash, AQHA #3925956 / NFQHA #F0022880 (82%) for the year 2011 breeding
season with cooled semen on the following terms…

1. I agree to pay a breed fee of $500.00 - Of that amount a $150.00 non-refundable booking fee/
deposit shall be due with this contract and the unpaid balance, plus any unpaid shipping, veterinary,
and other expenses shall be Paid/Recieved at least 5 days prior to shipment of semen.

2. Cooled Semen Shipment Fees and conditions: $150.00 for each shipment by next day Federal
Express. Counter to Counter Same Day Air service IS NOT available. Any shipments other than Fed Ex
next day to the continental USA will be subject to additional charges and must be paid prior to shipment.
A) The Mare Owner agrees to return the shipping container (unless a disposable container is used) at Mare
    Owners expense via three day Fed Ex or other ground courier service. An additional fee of $150.00
    will be charged if Mare Owner does not promptly return the Equitainer to The Rocking 2S Ranch (I.E.
    within 5 working days of the last date of insemenation).
B) A request for shipment of cooled semen MUST be made at least 10 hours prior to the 7:00 AM
    PST shipping time from The Rocking 2S Ranch. Late orders will be denied or incur additional
    charges. Please notify the stallion manager when your mare comes into heat and the anticipated
    time of ovulation well in advance to insure the best possible coordination between stallion
    manager and mare owner.
C) Cancellations must be made prior to 7:00 AM PST the day of shipment.
D) Mares on premises of The Rocking 2S Ranch have a breeding priority on any given breeding day;
    therefore, we make no guarantee that cooled semen will be available for that specific day.
E) Collection days are Monday thru Friday (excluding any holiday and the day prior to a holiday)
    beginning February 25th and ending July 15th. I as the mare owner further agree to give my
    veterinarian ample opportunity to settle my mare (having bred her through at least three heat periods).
    If however, for any reason she does not settle, I will hold the Rocking 2S Ranch harmless.
F) All fees and charges due under this Agreement must be paid prior to any shipment / pickup of semen.
G) The Stallion Manager may refuse to make any shipments to the Mare Owner if the Stallion Manager
    believes that the mare is not in sound or healthy breeding condition.
H) Upon receipt of semen, the Mare Owner shall try diligently to impregnate the Mare and shall use all
    diligence and care in the insemination of the Mare.
I) The Rocking 2S Ranch reserves the right to approve all locations where semen is shipped, and
    will only ship to those locations which are trusted to handle the semen properly.
J) Semen may be picked up at the Rocking 2S Ranch for a $50.00 fee per collection however, all
    guidelines must be adhered to as if it were being shipped with the exception that semen MAY be
    available by pickup on regular non-shipping days if scheduled in advance.

       24980 Schaupp Rd. - Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603 - Ph. (541) 723-2066 - Email: rocn2s@aol.com
                                   Website: www.rocking2sranch.com
                                                 Shipped Semen Breeding Contract
K) The Rocking 2S Ranch will make every effort to get semen to my mare in good condition; however,
   will make no guarantees or warranties that the semen will be in good condition upon arrival. Shipping
   fees cannot be refunded for any reason once semen is shipped.

3. LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE: It is agreed that I am guaranteed a live foal at the signing of this contract
and that if my foal does not stand and suck (or live for 48 hours), I will be entitled subsequent return in
season to the same mare (unless mutually agreed) until a healthy live foal is achieved. This guarantee will
apply ONLY if I notify the Rocking 2S Ranch within (1) one week from death. This notice must be
accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian. There shall be no liability upon the Rocking 2S
Ranch on account of said guarantee except to grant me a free season for 1 mare until a successful healthy
live foal is achieved. Said free season shall refer to the BREED FEE ONLY. The Re-breed fee as well as
shipping expenses will be charged as usual. Rebreed contract must be filled out and returned BEFORE any
semen will be shipped. Mare must be returned (unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing) the same
or following season as the original contract. If mare is bred to another stallion the live foal guarantee will
become null and void unless embryo transfer has been used. If my mare should die or become unfit to
breed a substitute mare may be mutually agreed upon to take her place. Breed fees will not be refunded.

4. STALLION AVAILABILITY: It is agreed that should the above named stallion die or become unfit
for service before the live foal guarantee has been achieved, the breed fee as well as any un-used shipping
fees will be refunded. If said stallion should be sold this contract will be transferred as-is to the new stallion
owner. In the event that the new stallion owner cannot fulfill this contract the breed fee and any un-used
shipping fees will be refunded.

5. Is this mare embryo transfer?    Please circle one:   YES               NO
A) If more than one foal results from any (1) one embryo flush , an additional stallion breed fee shall be
     due and payable to the Rocking 2S Ranch when each foal is 90 days in utero.

6. PREGNANCY STATUS: I, as the mare owner or lessee, agree to have the mare pregnancy checked no
later than 18 days after her last breeding date and notify the Rocking 2S Ranch of the results no later than
30 days after her last breeding date.

7. I agree not to assign or transfer this contract without the prior consent of the Rocking 2S Ranch.

8. It is my understanding that the Stallion Owner or its Manager, as well as the Rocking 2S Ranch will not
be responsible for accident, sickness, or death of my mare or foal, whether from fire, flood, theft, act of
God, or any other reason. I will not be responsible for any disease, accident or injury to above named
stallion for any reason. In the event of any injury or death to my animal, I will look solely to my own
insurance and in the event that anyone shall assess a cause of action against the Rocking 2S Ranch or
stallion owner on account of any injury or death to my horse, then in such event I agree to hold the above
mentioned harmless from any such cause of action including the cost of defending same. Not withstanding
anything above, the mare owner’s insurance shall not be precluded from subrogation against the Rocking
2S Ranch or stallion owner if death or injury is due to gross negligence by the Rocking 2S Ranch.

9. It is agreed that if is should become necessary for the Rocking 2S Ranch or someone on your behalf to
incur costs and expenses to retain the services of any attorney, pay legal fees and/or court costs to enforce
this agreement or any portion thereof, I hereby agree to pay reasonable costs and attorney’s fees thereby
expended. It is expressly agreed that this contract is performable in Klamath County, Oregon and venue for
any action hereunder shall be in Klamath County, Oregon.

10. Semen will not be shipped until the Breed Fee, Shipped Semen Fees, as well as any additional fees
incurred are paid in full and a signed contract and copy of mare’s registration papers are on file at
the Rocking 2S Ranch.

        24980 Schaupp Rd. - Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603 - Ph. (541) 723-2066 - Email: rocn2s@aol.com
                                    Website: www.rocking2sranch.com
                                              Shipped Semen Breeding Contract
Contracts that are not filled out completely are invalid. This contract consists of 3 pages. Please be
sure to review all of them.

NAME: __________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________



STATE:____________________ ZIP:__________________

HOME PHONE: __________________________________

CELL PHONE: ___________________________________

OTHER PHONE:__________________________________

EMAIL: __________________________________________

FAX: _____________________________________________



REG. NUMBER: __________________________________

BREED: _________________________________________

     Mare Owner Signature: ____________________________________Date: _______________

                                       ~ROCKING 2S RANCH~

        Received by:_________________________________________ Date: _______________


       24980 Schaupp Rd. - Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603 - Ph. (541) 723-2066 - Email: rocn2s@aol.com
                                   Website: www.rocking2sranch.com

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