Volkswagen Drivers Club Of Queensland Inc by H73r0S


									  Simply print this form and send it with your Cheque/Money order made out to
                      "V.W.D.C.Q Inc" to the address below.

                              Volkswagen Drivers Club of Queensland Inc
                              PO Box 568 Morningside
                              Australia 4170

                                            Membership Form
We invite you to join our club and participate in driving events, social outings and meeting people with
similar interests.

General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month (except January) at Morningside
RSL, 481 Wynnum Road, Morningside commencing at 7:30pm. There is off street parking.

Membership entitlement - 2 Club Stickers and Membership Card which on presentation will give you
discount parts and service at participating outlets (Queensland, Australia Only), CAMS affiliation for
motor racing purposes and a monthly magazine containing news and views.

The club also participates in Queensland Transport’s Special Interest Vehicle Registration Scheme,
however this is provided only to members of 12 months standing with the club or by special approval
from committee.


Full : $40.00                         Pensioner/Student : $30.00             Associate : $5.00 per day

NOTE: Membership is for a period of 12 months, starting from the time your application is accepted.

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Please return with the fee to:        VWDCQ Inc,                                          M/ship No
                                      PO Box 568, Morningside
                                      Queensland, Australia, 4170.

I/We, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership to the Volkswagen Drivers Club of Qld Inc.
(We are a CAMS affiliated club.)
I/We understand that this application is subject to acceptance by the committee, and is granted on the
condition that I/We agree to abide by the rules and the Constitution of the Club.

NAME (1) ________________________________ NAME (2) ________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________POSTCODE: _____________________

EMAIL: ____________________________________________________________________________

PHONE: (H) _____________________ (W)_____________________(MOB) ____________________

DOB (1): ________ (2) ________ OCCUPATION (1): ___________________(2): ________________

TYPE OF VW (1): ____________________YEAR: _______________REGO: ___________________

TYPE OF VW (2): ____________________YEAR: _______________REGO: ___________________

SIGNATURE: ______________________________________DATE: ______________FEE: ________

Would you like your magazine by email?           Yes      No

NOMINATED BY: ……………………….. or Web Site or Renewal (please indicate whichever is applicable)

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