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									                                   PRINCIPAL’S QUICK GUIDE

           Use this quick reference guide to begin working with your school counselor(s). For the complete
           process, please see the Guide for the West Virginia School Counselor Evaluation. If you have
           additional questions, please contact Barb Ashcraft at or at 304-558-

1. Be familiar with the 5 School Counselor Performance Standards and the 13 Critical Elements.
2. Be familiar with the various types of evidence a counselor may present during their evaluation.
        a. Decide if there is any specific evidence that you want the counselor to be able to present at
            the end of the year meeting.
        b. Discuss what evidence the counselor may have in place or may want to create that will
            demonstrate their goals and action steps.
3. Initial Meeting
        a. Meet with the Counselor each school year to formulate their 3 goals and various action steps
            (Form B.3) for the comprehensive school counseling program that they have designed
        b. Be sure their plans are aligned with and enhance your school’s overall strategic plans
        c. Discuss with the counselor if they would like to be observed and when that will happen
        d. Discuss with the counselor process for documenting their program and accomplishments.
        e. Review the counselor’s self assessment/appraisal (Form B.1) and assist counselor in setting
            goals and action steps
4. Mid Year Meeting (No later than January 15)
        a. You are required to meet with all counselors who are less than accomplished in all 13 critical
            elements (Form B.4)
        b. Problem solve and provide supports for areas of concern
        c. You may choose to meet with counselors who are accomplished in all 13 critical elements.
5. End of the Year Meeting (No later than June 15)
        a. Review with counselor the end of their year self assessment/appraisal. (Form B.1)
        b. Meet with all counselors to review their three goals and action steps and progress towards
            completion of action steps as evidenced by the counselor’s documentation
        c. The Annual Program Audit must be presented at this meeting in addition to other evidence
        d. Complete the Final Summative Report (Form B.2)
        e. No Counselor will be rated as Unsatisfactory during this pilot process.

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