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									                                     Get the Facts on
             Tooth Whitening
We all want a whiter smile, and today, it can     enhanced with a light or laser source. With         In addition to procedures and products
be accomplished safely, quickly, and effec-       this type of procedure, your smile can be       designed specifically to whiten teeth, man-
tively. While tooth whitening is the quick-       whitened up to five shades or more in as lit-   ufacturers have responded to the almost
est and most cost-effective way of improv-        tle as one hour.                                universal desire to have a whiter smile by
ing a healthy smile, there are so many                Professionally dispensed options for        including whitening agents in everyday
options available for getting teeth their         home use also include specially designed        products like toothpaste, floss, toothbrush-
whitest, that it can be confusing to choose       trays that are custom-fitted to your mouth      es, and chewing gum. These may be useful
the best method.                                  and are worn for a certain amount of time       for maintaining professionally whitened
                                                  during the day or overnight. These will         teeth and work by removing slight surface
The Basics                                        whiten your teeth up to six shades or more      stains through physical-mechanical action,
                                                  over time in as few as two weeks.               not unlike cleaning any surface with a
    The most important and first step in any          Either method—in-office procedures, or      cleaning agent.
whitening procedure is to seek the advice of      a professional product used at home—can             However, the shade improvement will
an oral health care professional for a thor-      provide optimal whitening. The oral health      be far less dramatic than with peroxide-
ough examination, assessment, and recom-          care professional’s recommendation about        based, professionally administered and
mendation.                                        which method is right for you will depend       supervised services.
    A visit with your dental hygienist will       on your personal needs, such as time, cost,
result in the whitest teeth possible by making    and the type of fillings or dental work,
                                                                                                                  Your oral health care
sure your teeth and mouth are healthy and         including tooth colored fillings or crowns                     professional is pivotal
that any oral health problems are addressed       you have. Those with tooth colored dental
before you begin a whitening program. Addi-       work in the front of the mouth need pro-                     in determining the best
tionally, surface stains and deposits that have   fessional advice prior to whitening since                           products for you.
collected on the teeth will be removed allow-     only natural teeth respond to whitening
ing for the best possible whitening. Finally,     agents. Your dental hygienist will discuss
your dental hygienist will advise you of          options to provide uniform whitening for
                                                                                                  A Final Word
strategies that will help you maintain your       the best possible result.                           Tooth whitening will continue to pro-
new whiter smile once you have it.                                                                vide an excellent safe and cost-effective way
    Basic tooth whitening involves two dif-                                                       to improve your smile. Your oral health care
ferent types of whitening techniques: per-
                                                  Over-the-Counter Options                        professional is pivotal in determining which
oxide-based whitening and non-peroxide-              There are a variety of over-the-counter      teeth will whiten and the best product for
based surface stain removal.                      (OTC) peroxide-based products available         your individual needs.
    Peroxide-based whitening products             and you may be tempted to use them to               Most important to having an attractive
work deep within the tooth to remove dis-         speed up the process. However, many of          and healthy smile: See your dental hygien-
coloration resulting from years of accumu-        these products—especially those advertised      ist on a regular basis to maintain your newly
lated stain and aging. In addition, peroxide-     on television or over the Internet—are not      whitened smile and to maximize your oral
based products will slightly lighten hard-        safe, reliable, or effective. Some products     health.
to-reach surface stains. When the peroxide        may be runny or acidic and may be swal-             Your dental hygienist will advise you on
agent contacts the teeth it breaks down, and      lowed easily, or may damage your tooth          the best way to maintain your oral health as
the resulting oxidation action “dissolves”        enamel. Others use unproven means to            part of your total health, enhance your teeth
internal and surface stains and makes the         deliver the whitening substance with            cosmetically, keep your breath fresh, and
teeth appear whiter and brighter.                 uncomfortable, universal “boil-and-bite”        assure a lifelong healthy smile.
                                                  mouth trays. Many of these products have             And for more information about oral
                                                  not undergone the vigorous testing of pro-      health care, please ask your registered
Professional Treatment Options                    fessionally dispensed products.                 dental hygienist, visit the ADHA Web site
   There are two types of professional               Other OTC peroxide-based products,           at
whitening procedures your oral health pro-        such as whitening strips and paint-on solu-
fessional can recommend—in-office treat-          tions are safe for maintaining professional-    This fact sheet was prepared by Kristy
ments and professional whitening products         ly delivered results or if you want to see if   Menage Bernie, RDH, BS, and reviewed by
for use at home. Professionally applied in-       whitening is right for you; however, these      Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Dental
office procedures give you immediately vis-       products will not achieve the dramatic          Hygiene Education Consultant.
ible results with few negative side effects.      improvement available with professional
With this type of treatment, the whitening        options and should not be used if you have                444 North Michigan Avenue
agent is applied carefully to your teeth by       tooth colored fillings that can be seen when                Suite 3400
the oral health professional and may be           you smile.                                                    Chicago, IL 60611
Whitening Options • Consumer Information
Product Type:                   How does it whiten?                 How well does it work? Cost:                     Other:
Professionally Supervised and   Peroxide agents, some with a        Highly effective on a range of       $200–$850 Some in-office procedures may require more
In-Office Procedures            light source. Peroxide in trays     staining. Shade improvement of                 than one appointment. Typical treatment
                                or directly applied to the teeth    at least five shades. May cause                involves whitening of all teeth at once in
                                for a period of time. Immediate     temporary sensitivity.                         one visit. Useful to initiate whitening and
                                results.                                                                           may be used in combination with profes
                                                                                                                   sionally supervised and dispensed products.
                                                                                                                   Performed within an individualized professional
                                                                                                                   treatment plan.
Professionally Supervised and   Rapidly working professional        Effective on many types of stain-    $250–$350 Customized whitening trays to fit individual
Dispensed Products              concentration of peroxide based     ing, including internal tooth dis-             mouth and tooth size. Thick gels that stay in
                                strips and/or gels in trays. Day-   coloration. Improvement up to six              place within the tray and may contain agents to
                                time or nighttime wear. Results     shades with long-lasting results.              minimize tooth sensitivity. Performed within an
                                occur over time.                    May cause temporary sensitivity.               individualized professional treatment plan.
Direct Response/ TV/            A range of concentrations of        Effectiveness varies depending       $30–$100    Lack of customized trays may lead to swallow
Internet Products               peroxide and viscosities. Many      on product. Many contain acid-                   ing of whitening product with unknown ingredi-
                                use tray. Others use other          based agents which may damage                    ents and unproven and inconsistent results.
                                methods.                            the teeth and soft tissues.                      System is not specific to each individual’s tooth
                                                                                                                     or mouth size. Many tray systems contain thin
                                                                                                                     gels and are acidic. Products are generally used
                                                                                                                     without the removal of surface tooth stain,
                                                                                                                     thereby producing limited whitening benefit or
Over-the-Counter                Low-concentration peroxide-         Can be effective on age-related      $15–$50     May be useful in maintaining professional tooth
Limited-Use Products:           based product. Daytime wear in      staining and slight diet-related                 whitening results. Limited results without
  • Whitening Strips            general, with new paint-on          staining with reported improve-                  professional removal of surface stain .
  • Paint-on Products           products for overnight use.         ment for whitening strips and
                                                                    paint-on products up to two
                                                                    shades for six months.
Over-the-Counter                Mechanical removal of surface       Effective on slight surface stains   $.75–$5+    May be useful in maintaining professional tooth
Daily Use Products:             stain. Some toothpaste and          only. Temporary results with                     whitening results.
 • Toothbrushes                 chewing gum also claim to           claims of one to two shades
 • Toothpaste                   “coat” the teeth to prevent         improvement.
 • Dental Floss                 new staining.
 • Mouth Rinse
 • Chewing Gum

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