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									                                  Paralegal Division
                                of the Utah State Bar
                              Board of Directors Meeting
                                      February 20, 2008

                                      Strong & Hanni
                                  3 Triad Center, 5th Floor
                                    Salt Lake City, Utah

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 p.m. by the Chair, Sharon Andersen. The following
attendees were present, with the voting Directors present constituting a quorum:


Sharon Andersen, Chair                            Tally Burke*
Deb Calegory, Parliamentarian (by phone)          Julie Eriksson*
Carma Harper*                                     Cheryl Jeffs*
Tracy Lewis*                                      Karen McCall*
Suzanne Potts* (Region 4) (by phone)              Thora Searle*
Greg Wayment*                                     Kathryn Shelton, Ex-Officio


Bonnie Hamp*                                      Anna Gamangasso*

*Voting Member

Sharon Andersen tabled January 16, 2008 board meeting minutes for approval at the March
meeting due to insufficient time given to Board members for their review and input.

Discussion tabled until March meeting.

Discussion tabled until March meeting due to Bonnie Hamp’s absence.
Everest College presentation on paralegal utilization and the Paralegal Division is on hold
waiting for further communications from the college. Tally Burke, Greg Wayment and Kathryn
Shelton slated to give the presentations.


Membership. Thora Searle processed one additional Division membership.

CLE/LAAU. Julie Eriksson reported that the February 13 Brown Bag on arbitration went very
well, with 35 attendees. The next Brown Bag will be on March 12, when Bart Kunz will speak
on recent changes to federal and state subpoena laws. LAAU will provide the speaker for the
April Brown Bag. Chief Justice Christine Durham will speak at Paralegals’ Day. Chief Justice
Durham does not have a topic and consequently, Julie would welcome and consider any
suggestions from the board. Discussions concerning speakers for the Division’s annual meeting
on June 20 are underway. Presentation topics include balancing work and personal life as well
as information about Blomquist-Hale benefits available to paralegals through their Division
membership. Tally Burke will speak at the annual meeting on in-house paralegals.

Paul Warner will be speaking on the topic of civility at the Spring Convention in St. George.
The Paralegal Division is sponsoring a panel discussion on the “Dollars and Sense of Utilizing
Paralegals” at the Utah State Bar Annual Convention in Sun Valley in July. Kathryn Shelton has
agreed to be the moderator. Anna Gamangasso will be attending the first 2008 Fall Forum
planning meeting on March 4.

Government Relations. Julie Eriksson reported that there are currently no topics in this
committee relating to or affecting paralegals other than a couple of notary issues. One topic of
interest concerns an attempt to change the judicial selection process.


Deb Calegory reported that elections for directors will be held at the Division’s annual meeting.
There are seven directorships available – four at-large positions, plus positions in regions 1, 2
and 3. The deadline for nominations is March 31. Thora Searle will help Deb with the mailing.
The nomination form is ready and will be sent to the Board.

The nominations deadline for officer elections is April 1. Open positions include Chair-Elect,
Secretary, Finance Officer and Parliamentarian.



Professionalism. No report.

Salary Survey. Due to Tally Burke’s overloaded schedule, Tracy Lewis agreed to take the lead
as co-chair of the Salary Survey committee. Karen McCall is the other co-chair. There is no
further report at this time.

Bar Journal. Greg Wayment reported that we need articles submitted from paralegals for the
Bar Journal.

Law Day. Greg Wayment attended the Law Day Run Committee meeting and initiated a
discussion of running clubs and whether people should be encouraged to join for themselves or
under the umbrella of the Paralegal Division. Julie Eriksson suggested putting the Division on
the registration form for sign-up purposes.

Bar Commission Liaison. Sharon Andersen reported that the Bar is creating a mentoring
program for young lawyers. A discussion ensued among Board members about the Bar’s
membership benefits and specifically Blomquist Hale’s role to members of the Utah State Bar.

Community Service/YLD Liaison. Carma Harper reported that the Professional Clothing Drive
is the end of March. Cheryl Jeffs will assist with dropoff points. Smith’s stores, among toher
places are being considered as dropoff sites. On April 12, The Closet’s upstairs conference room
will host mini-classes on resumes, office conduct, phone etiquette, dressing for success, crock
pot dinners and makeup. Clients for the classes will come from several agencies in the area. The
committee is looking for a place to cater lunch on that date for about 50 people.

Carma also reported that the Young Lawyers Division Needs of Children Toy Drive is in May.
Paralegal response to this as well as to YLD’s Wills for Heroes has been good.

UMBA Liaison. No report.

Licensing Trends/Bar Ad Hoc Pro Bono Committees. No report.

Website/Blog. Tracy Lewis reported that the Division’s redesigned website is complete. Once
we settle on a Division logo, we can post it on the website. Greg Wayment will prepare an
events calendar to post on the website. Sharon Andersen will send a listserve to Division
members informing them and providing a link to the new website. The new domain name is


UPL/Job Announcement Policy. No report.


Spring Convention Expenses. Directors needing assistance in paying expenses for the Spring
Convention should contact the Division Chair for help. The Paralegal Division will not be
holding a luncheon at the March 2008 Spring Convention in St. George.

Paralegal Division Logo. Sharon Andersen solicited help with circulating a proposed logo.


The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held at Strong & Hanni on Wednesday,
March 19, 2008.


Paralegals’ Day. Sharon Andersen also solicited ideas for a speech topic for Chief Justice
Durham at this event.

Spring Convention. Thora Searle raised the idea of Spring Convention attendees from the
Paralegal Division going to various firms in St. George and taking treats and brochures for
recruitment purposes. Carma Harper suggested creating a Division newsletter with new
developments. A discussion ensued of a possible Division presentation either at the convention
or through the Southern Utah Bar Association.

No additional agenda items were raised by Board members.

This meeting of the Board of Directors was thereby adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

The foregoing minutes constitute a complete and correct account of the proceedings of this
Board of Directors of the Utah State Bar, Paralegal Division, held February 20, 2008.

                                                           Karen C. McCall, Secretary



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