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					          The SLN 7-11 Coasts Guide
If you disagree with this list, then propose another site yourself. These are not just online learning
resources and there will be an element of surprise because at SLN we are thinking outside the

Holderness or Dorset both feature strongly. Where else can you study? The Algarve? Australia?

The Marine and Coastguard Agency provides plenty of reasons for studying coasts with land-
lubbers! The press releases includes poignant stories of people losing their lives or being involved
in serious accidents at the coast. Understand the coastal geomorphology allows risks to be

The University of Hull Geography Department site is
great fun for virtual fieldwork. You can measure how far the coast has retreated and compare old
maps will aerial photos.

The LOIS Project has been recommended by
Mike Beardmore St John Fisher RC High, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Humberside from the Air and thanks to Pete Humphries for making
his fieldwork available

The East Yorkshire Coast has some good images and old maps

The Dorset Coast is a World Heritage Site and there is also the South
West Coast Path

Try this one on the Geology of the Dorset coastline it has
some great images.

Raffles Girls School, Singapore have some wonderful fieldtrips to Bali and Australia their home-
made animations are a delight

The World Surf Atlas may hook you into studying coasts has brilliant
maps of surf beaches. Why does North Cornwall have 48 places and East Scotland only 6?

Surfers against Sewage is a charity trying to clean up coastal waters.

Cambridge Coastal Research Unit has many case studies and academic background

The East Coast Floods 1953 - the 2003 anniversary website is a picture, audio and video archive
with an interactive floodmap and gives the weather context.

Jump-off Joe has disappeared in less than 100 years - this sequence of images is a

The Natural History of Nova Scotia has
good background material for A-level on coastal landscapes

The Great Ocean Road, SE Australia has some magnificent coastal features and the virtual tour
on this site is nicely done

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