Medieval Romance and Le Morte DArthur

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					Medieval Romance and Le
Morte D’Arthur
  Arthurian Legends
Reflect: Create a chart like the one below to reflect
the strengths/weaknesses of Gawain & Beowulf
How do we try to keep heroes alive?
Through stories
Through Paintings
Through monuments
Through coins
Movies and TV shows
Arthur the Archetype
  Archetype: the original pattern or model of
   which all things of the same type are
   representations or copies
  A typical romantic hero
        Born under mysterious circumstances
        Grows up in obscurity
        Undergoes a childhood initiation involving a magic
        Aided by magic weapons and wise mentors
        Mysterious events surround his departure from the
         world suggesting a return
Superman’s origins
                Superman is born Kal-El on the alien
                 planet Krypton.
                 His parents, Jor-El and Lara become
                 aware of Krypton's impending
                 destruction and send their baby to earth.
                Parents die; spacecraft carrying baby
                The explosion transforms planetary
                 debris into kryptonite, a radioactive
                 substance that is lethal to superpowered
                 (as by Earth's yellow sun) Kryptonians.
                The spacecraft lands in the rural US
                 where a couple named, Kents, adopt the
                 baby and name him Clark.
                Discovers his powers and is taught to
                 use them for good
Le Morte D’Arthur

  Morte: Death
  Page 171 Purple book; page
Reading Check:

    What does Arthur dream on Trinity Sunday?
    How is the truce between Arthur and Mordred
    What is Sir Lucan’s advice to Arthur?
    What does Arhtur do?
    What happens between Arthur and Mordred?
    Where does Bedivere take the wounded king?
    What happens to Bedivere?
Romance Motifs in Le’ Morte…

    Motif: word, character, object, image,
     metaphor, idea that recurs in a work or in
     works of literature
Comparing works

 1.   (a) Explain which of these elements of
      romance is least emphasized in Sir Gawain:
         chivalry
         a far-off setting
         the supernatural
         Adventure
          love
     (b) Which is least emphasized in Morte
Comparing works

    2. Compare the characterization of
     Gawain in lines 459–477 of Sir Gawain
     with Malory’s description of Bedivere as
     he reacts to Arthur’s imminent death.
     Use a graphic organizer like the one

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