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					                         MANLY LSC CARNIVAL ENTRY FORM


             Open Carnivals 2011/2012 (U15, U17, U19, Opens)
                   Please complete a separate form for each age group

Please read this carefully before completing your entry form. Keep a copy of
this form or make a note of the carnivals you have selected to enter.
To compete at carnivals you must:
     Have completed your proficiency test before 31 December 2011 and keep a record of the date.
     Have carried out a min of 25 patrol hours between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2011.
     Your “year of service” hours are from September 2011 till April 2012 ( 30 Hours)
     Be a financial member of Manly LSC.
     Complete this form and submit it to the competition manager by email
Competition Manager     Debra Hanson           040067211

Administration          Robyne Smith            9977 6101
Head Water Coach        Trent Herring           0403262594

Manly LSC web address: forms can be downloaded from this web page

Out of Branch Carnivals: If not on the list and you wish to attend you MUST Download a full list from Select News & Info, What’s On, Surf Sports Calendar. You must have
your proficiency number to enter any carnival. Your proficiency number is the date you completed your
proficiency. Please fax through to the appropriate club PLUS send a copy to MANLY LSC.

Help at Manly events: Club members are required to assist at all major events held by Manly

If you do NOT submit a form your Representative apparel will not be ordered for you

                            MANLY LSC CARNIVAL ENTRY FORM

Name: (Please print)                                                    Proficiency Date:________

Date of birth:                     Age:                                 Age Group

Contact phone             Mobile

Shirt Size _________________                              Short Size _____________
                                                                      (XS S M L XL etc)

Email address: (Please print preferably type!)
( majority of correspondence is via email please give an address that you access regularly)


The Club will be attending and paying the entry fee for the following
Carnivals/Championships only, please tick if you wish to be entered.

                                                                                            I will be
Date                    Day           Carnivals & Special Events             Venue          YES/NO
24 September,2011       Saturday      PATROLS START
3 December, 2011        Saturday      Queenscliff Open Carnival (CChamps)    Queenscliff
10/11 December, 2011    Sat/Sun       NSW Interbranch Championships          Redhead       Selected team
7 January, 2012         Saturday      Palm Beach Open Carnival               Palm Beach
21 January,2012         Saturday      Manly Open Carnival( C.Champs)         Manly
22 January,2012         SUNDAY        All Australia Nipper Carnival          Manly         Help required
26 January,2012         Thursday      Freshwater Open Carnival + C.Champs    Freshwater
5 February, 2012        Sunday        Cole Classic                           MANLY         Help Required
8 February, 2012        Wednesday     C Lifesaver Theory & Resus. SNB        TBA
9 February, 2012        Thursday      Patrol Comp Theory & Resus. SNB        TBA
11 February, 2012       Saturday      SNB Lifesaving Champs/Surfing          Narrabeen
18 February, 2012       Saturday      SNB Open Championships + C.Champs      Narrabeen
26 February, 2012       Sunday        Tony Vieceli Challenge                 Manly
2,3,4 March, 2012       Fri/Sat/Sun   NSW Opens Lifesaving Champs            Kingscliff
9,10,11 March, 2012     Fri/Sat/Sun   NSW Opens Champs                       Kingscliff
28March -1 April,2012   Tues-Sun      Australian Open Championships          Kurrawa

EAST COAST              DAY                                                 Venue          YES/NO
5 Nov                   Saturday      Rd 1                                  Ocean Beach
20 Nov                  Sunday        Rd 2                                  Dixon Park
4 December              Sunday        Rd 3                                  Terrigal

                            MANLY LSC CARNIVAL ENTRY FORM

Events you wish to enter:
                            Event                                   Age Group /   Tick
                        1   First Aid
                        2   Champion Lifesaver
                        3   Patrol Competition
                        4   Swim
                        5   Boards
                        6   Iron Man/Person
                        7   Skis
                        8   Beach
                        9   R&R
                        10 Boats
                        11 March Past
                        12 Surf Board Riding
                        13 Belt

I understand that if I am unable to attend any of the carnivals above, and I fail to contact Debbie or my
manager / liaison person before the closing date for entries. I will NOT be entered in any further
carnivals. If you decide to enter a carnival AFTER the closing date you will pay the late entry fee.
I have read the competitor’s information sheet.

I undertake to assist at club events (minimum 8 hours)

Name: ……………………………….. Date: …………..

                                        Opens 19s 17s and 15s
                                        email to Debbie Hanson
                        Forms must be received by 25 September, 2011

 If you do not compete in the carnivals you have nominated and you have not informed
  the Competition Manager prior to the day you will be responsible for reimbursing the
                                                 entry fee.


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