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Transportation Digitization Survey FAQs


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									   National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN) Digitization Working Group
                              Digitization Survey FAQs

What is the NTKN Digitization Working Group (DWG)?
The DWG is a subgroup of the National Transportation Knowledge Network (NTKN)
focused on digitization efforts to improve access to transportation information. The group
was formed in June 2009 with a broad charge to develop a digitization agenda for
transportation information collections. This effort is also one of the top 10 priorities of a
successful, effective NTKN as described in Implementing Transportation Knowledge

Why is the DWG conducting a survey?
The first task toward achieving the group’s charge established is conducting an
environmental scan of digitization activities in the transportation community. The DWG
is conducting a survey because little is known about what digitization activities are
currently being undertaken in transportation libraries and information centers. This effort
is the first of its kind on this topic. The DWG would like to know what is being digitized
and how organizations are going about their projects so that this information can be
collected and shared to benefit the entire transportation community.

What kinds of questions does the survey ask?
The survey collects information in eight categories:
    Demographic information about the library
    What is being digitized
    Why is the library digitizing (goals for digitization)
    How is digitization happening – Budget/Resources
    How is digitization happening – Technology
    How is digitization happening – Workflows
    What challenges does the library face regarding digitization
    How can NTKN better support digitization efforts

What is the DWG hoping to learn from the survey?
The DWG is looking for trends across the transportation community. They are interested
to know what motivates digitization and what types of organizations are able to support
these projects. They hope to find best practices and advice that can be shared across the
community so that transportation organizations can use the lessons learned from each
other’s projects to further their own digitization efforts. The DWG is also interested in
the barriers to digitization exist in the community.

What organizations are being surveyed?
Transportation libraries and information centers listed in the Transportation Library and
Information Center Directory are being surveyed.

Who should answer the survey in my organization?
The project manager or staff person responsible for overseeing digitization activities in
your organization should answer the survey. In many libraries and information centers,
answers will be gathered as a collaboration between different members of the
organization’s staff, some working directly with digitization efforts, others more aware of
staffing and expenditures within the organization. Each library or information center
should only submit one response, however.

If my organization is not digitizing, should I still answer the survey?
Yes. Many organizations are not digitizing. This information is just as valuable to the
working group so that they can examine all trends involving digitization across the
transportation community.

My organization maintains a small or no print collection. Do I need to answer the
Yes. Several questions on the survey address management of digital collections. Even
though your organization is not converting print materials into digital objects, you have
valuable information to share with other organziations about how to organize, describe,
access, and manage digital collections.

My organization is digitizing as an agency. How do I respond to the survey
Please have the project manager overseeing the digitization project for the agency
respond to the survey. It is likely that they will need to consult with each of the member
libraries within the organization to answer some questions. It would be particularly
helpful if you would also submit additional materials with your survey response.

Will responses to the survey be published or shared?
The working group will be sharing summary data and trends. No responses from any
individual respondent will be identified or shared. When the survey project is completed,
the results will be analyzed and disseminated. The working group will use the results to
identify training opportunities, compile best practices, and develop other potential
products (e.g., a database of digitization expertise) for the benefit of the community.
Additionally, results will be used as a foundation of development of a digitization agenda
for the transportation community.

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