FB X-Tab Review by anamaulida


									Is Phil Benham and Daniel Tan's FB X-Tab a scam? This is a complete suite
of tools that allows the user to do many things on their Facebook fan
pages easily on automation and saves lots of time. Using one of the apps
inside called XTab pages, I am able to quickly build a Facebook fan page
from scratch with custom content in a matter of minutes, and I must say
that this is one of the most convenient and easy to use Facebook fan page
creator I have tried so far.1. Review of the FB X-Tab Contests
ComponentAnother app called the XTab Contests allows users to create
entries and contests and run them automatically, tabulating the total
number of entries and winners at the end of the contests. The concept of
using contests is highly effective for driving fast traffic to any
Facebook fan page, and this app allows me to take full advantage of that.
Many large companies and brand names are using this strategy to get
thousands of fans on their pages in any given day.2. Review of the FB X-
Tab Docs AppThis app allows users to "like" and download anything that
they want that does not have to be a downloadable file. This means that I
can download any file even if it is only a URL of the file, PDF or other
formats. I can also put up a commerce store right on my Facebook page
with the app called X-Tab Products. Overall, this package is one of the
more flexible Facebook page builder right now, so if you are planning to
build or already have fan pages to maintain, you should check this out
and see how it can add value for you.3. What Else Does the FB X-Tab
Software Allow Me to Do with My Fan Pages?You are probably aware of the
concept of using deals to drive traffic now, especially after the
emergence of a coupon company like Groupon. One of the deals in the
package is called X-Tab Deals, allowing the user to create group buying
deals for people to unlock themselves when those deals reach a certain
number of "likes".The number of companies that are adopting this concept
are growing exponentially. The user has complete control over the number
of "likes" required before the deal or offer is unlocked. From my
experience, running this type of offer gives a Facebook fan page a much
better chance of going viral quickly.

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