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									You've created a Facebook fan page for your business and might want to
try your hand at positioning an advertising campaign       on Facebook.

  Appears simple enough, right? Actually it's not. Face it-- folks won't
go on Facebook to purchase stuff. They go to        socialize. So when
you're producing an advertisement for Facebook, keep in your mind that
you are actually wrestling with        additional things that your target
viewers find interesting. So how do you make sure your advertising stand
out?       Here are actually some points to keep in your mind when
developing an ad for Facebook:       1. Keep it brief and effortless. A
regular post on Facebook uses fewer than 135 characters. You wish to
catch attention by getting straight to the point or        pairing the
picture with a witty tagline. One hair salon that created an ad for
Facebook found that fielding an edgy as        well as irreverent ad
raised its clients by 20 percent.       2. Make the post stand out. One
may do this by having a catchy tagline AND a great image. "A picture
speaks a thousand words" so be sure to use an        image that merits a
second look as well as one that'll get folks clicking "Like". Be
cautious, however, with images that        border on risque or
inappropriate when developing an advertisement for Facebook or you risk
having the ad rejected.       3. Ask questions. Countless companies that
have exposed on Facebook have actually received a better response by
asking a question. So go         ahead, ask your potential customer a
question and get them thinking.       4. Narrow it down. Facebook has
more than 500 million registered individuals. Exactly how could you
promote to all of them? The great news is        that you are able to
target your audience based on their interests. This are going to make the
campaign more effective. For        instance, if one're promoting a new
coffee store, you may wish to target individuals that live within the
locale. Or reach        out to folks that have previously "liked" or
expressed interest in coffee or particular coffee brands.       5. Know
the viewers. Whether you 're placing a standard advertising campaign or
a Facebook posting, it constantly pays to test. For example, one
restaurant installed two marketing campaigns on Facebook-- one targeting
ladies as well as an additional one that targeted        both genders. The
advertiser discovered that targeting women made it possible for them to
secure 1,000 new fans in 2 weeks.       Now that you are armed with more
information regarding developing an ad for Facebook, it's time to make
your first        advertisement. If you have actually done traditional
advertising in the past, some of that wisdom may not be actually
appropriate to Facebook advertising, so it consistently pays to test your
posts. If the advertising campaigns do not get a        great deal of
"likes," don't be dismayed. We don't all get it right the first time.
What is actually crucial is to learn as        you go, applying your new
knowledge to your next attempt in order to continually improve in your
advertising plan.       Daki Dok is a fan of liking pages in Facebook and
his also a Facebook user since Facebook launch the website. He makes very
informative eBooks like the best selling "SECRETS OF FACEBOOKING" that
helps internet marketers market and promote and advertise their websites
via Facebook marketing.

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