Facebook Funnies by anamaulida


									The rise in popularity of Facebook has had numerous results, some
negative and some positive. Now that everyone from your teenage daughter
to your senior citizen father to the guy at the hardware store has a
profile, you end up knowing some details about their lives that you might
not wish you'd discovered! Of course, Facebook also catches us up with
those we've unfortunately lost touch with. Because of the highly social
and informal nature of the social networking site, it's no wonder that
jokes about Facebook are growing in number. Here are a few types of these
jokes listed and discussed. You might even find a new joke to post as
your status!Addiction JokesOne highly popular subset of Facebook jokes is
that category concerning how to tell if one is addicted to the site or
not. Usually, there's a list of signs, many of them drawn from users'
real experiences. Whether the conversation happens via wall posts or a
group, people love to add in their own ways to tell if someone's addicted
to using Facebook. While some of these are more serious (you check your
profile and news feed more than once an hour), others are more absurd
(you visit sites that list ways to determine if you're addicted to
Facebook).Status LaughsLet's face it-the status message can be used for
all manners of things. Though sometimes oversharing of information is
unintentionally hilarious, a lot of status messages are intentionally
devoted to jokes. Furthermore, a large percentage of those are gags about
Facebook itself. Humorous statuses are often the most popular, and since
everyone's already in on this social site, poking a bit of fun at it
makes for a good time for all. One highly popular status joke about
Facebook is when a user claims that he or she wishes to start a new
profile under the name "Nobody." Then, when another person writes
something that isn't exactly intelligent or nice, the original user can
like the posting. That way, Facebook proclaims that Nobody likes this.Off
The Web JestsEven though it may seem that we're all online all the time
now, the truth is that we still have lives offline. That being said, even
late night comedians are making jokes about Facebook. For example, Jimmy
Fallon once remarked that he'd heard that Facebook was developing a new
cell phone. He claimed that it was pretty good, but it only allowed a
user to call people he or she barely remembered from high school. Even to
the famous, Facebook is an experience most of us share, so naturally
they'll mine it for laughs!

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