Facebook Covers - How To Personalize Facebook's New Timeline Profiles by anamaulida


									Facebook's new contour layout, Timeline, is here. The Timeline layout was
officially rolled out on December 29th, after it's much awaited release.
For hardcore Facebook users the new layout is just another way to
showcase their life and also add a little bit of personalization.Timeline
is a new format for your Facebook profile that sorts all your Facebook
activity chronologically, from your most recent status update all the way
back to your birth. Timeline is also a great opportunity to tell people
about yourself and your work history. It will also highlight the biggest
moments in your life by displaying your photos, videos, and statuses.The
new Timeline, shows every status update, wall post and photo ever posted
since the day you joined Facebook. It also becomes easily searchable to
you and your friends by following the date map available. For many -
early adopters especially - dredging up the past for all to see could be
a privacy nightmare.You do have the ability to change what appears on
your Timeline, by going into your settings. However, Facebook does
automatically fill in events for you. If you want to make sure your boss,
business partners, or potential customers see what you want them to see
on your Timeline, try the View As feature. This allows you to look at
your timeline from the point of view of any of your Facebook friends so
you can see exactly what is and isn't visible to them."It's fun and easy
to fill out your timeline," Zuckerberg said.Using Facebook Covers to
Personalize Your New TimelineThe coolest thing about Timeline, is that
you can also easily personalize it with Facebook Covers.At the top of
your Timeline profile you will see a full photo that covers most of the
profile real estate-it also includes an inset of your contour photo.There
are several sites that will allow you to personalize your Facebook
profile with a simple click. The experience for users is seamless and fun
and requires little effort for them to personalize their identity. You
can use your favorite sports teams, pop stars or favorite personal photos
as Facebook covers.Timeline lets users create customized covers on
Facebook. This can become an important part of how people express
themselves on Facebook. The status bar has also had a change of direction
too, it now allows you to update your status, add a photo and location
but also a 'life event'; these events can be anything from documenting a
broken nose, to having a baby and even getting a divorce.However, the
most fun part is making it all your own. Much like decorating your own
room, the new Timeline, can easily be changed to adapt to any mood or
phase in your life.Facebook Covers that reflect your unique personality
can easily be created on various sites for no cost and within minutes.
There are thousands of pre-fab covers as well, if you are feeling too
lazy to create your own.

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