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					AC Milan sports Manager Braida with AC Milan Jersey currently is Brazil
for AC Milan investigation future of introduction aid target, Brazil
international team 19 aged of Oscar, and 21 aged of Damiao is Italy media
open of target, and yesterday published of Rome sports reported under
also mentioned has 19 aged of Casemiro, which in summer of when had is
Inter Milan Chase of target, but due to price of relationship eventually
was gave up, in fact, regardless of is Oscar, and Damiao, also is
Casemiro, Price barriers also exist. Italy media had forecast, Damiao of
worth for 12 million euro around, actually is far from so, yesterday,
Brazil famous broker Durant disclosure said: "Damiao of worth does not
cheap, in summer Shi, Brazil International had refused has from
premiership Tottenham 1800 Watts euro of quote," Oscar more exaggerated,
Durant said, "Barcelona in summer had on he asking prices 25 million
euro, but was Brazil international refused. In Durant's view: "Brazil
markets now have become a luxury goods shop, player Brazil Soccer Jerseys
value is high, like Lucas, not 25 million euros are held no less than
that, because his breach of contract damages is set to the 92 million
euros. As Brazil domestic Club now inputs sharply increased, Club also
can for own of players out well of salary, roanldinho, and Fred, has not
been full had gas of players have returns Brazil domestic playing on is
description problem, Club relies on sold players through economic Shang
of difficulties of days, has are gone has, apart from Durant by mentioned
of several players, in summer Shi, Sao Paulo for Casemiro, had to Inter
Milan quote 25 million, Inter Milan directly select has gave up, to know,
Casemiro today Brazil International has not and millions of buy Brazil
players, either at age 16 kudiniao, because Brazil play football players
18 years before permitting to go abroad so Inter Milan was still put him
at dagama continues to play two years or says Horner Mulberry that
parallel imports. Relative to the Oscars have not kicked out and
Casemiro, Damiao prices should also be reasonable, like Dunga said,
Damiao progress was amazing, with his recent performance in the national
team, he should be Brazil 2014 World Cup competitors of the main centers,
Fradique de Menezes of the future will be more to him called into the
national team, Damiao price rises is a matter of sooner or later. Indeed,
now it appears that Iraq will not be retired, State can still be two
years, but waited until Hiboult can not play when Damiao is worth and how
much it? In addition, factors that do not consider Iraq, AC Milan man
does not need fresh blood, Alexandre Pato with Pato Soccer Jersey
continue to trust and Filippo Inzaghi are retired, are unknown, purpose
of Braida trip is to investigate, but if it does not immediately decide,
I'm afraid half a year later, Damiao value is a number that AC Milan will
never be able to reach. Damiao today is worth more than 20 million, but
AC Milan there layiaola this card in their hands, AC Milan Queen's agents
in Brazil also has its own broker, it is no secret, and he was most
closely and Brazil international cooperation. Yesterday, the skies the
famous reporter nuccio Ordine in his show, said: "layiaola though quiet
in summer, but he was still working for AC Milan, he has been committed
to introducing Hamsik, final compensation case compression AC Milan's
transfer budget, so he had to stop work, but layiaola in the winter
transfer window will also revitalize, he remained closely associated and
AC Milan. Not just Brazil market today to transfer market to introduce
young players not easy thing AC Milan promising another player, AJAX with
Shirt AC Milan aged 19, Denmark midfielder Eriksson, only 15 million
euros it. For Denmark, and Netherlands football experts, once disclosure
1.5 years earlier Egyptian horse Facchini reminded of niuersen will go to
AC Milan, be cautious about investment: "he is ready to go to AC Milan
ready for it? Right now, it seems that some adventure, Netherlands
football style, stress and Italy League are different, this is a very
good investment for the future, but if you ask me if he was at AC Milan
that teams main force prepared, I can only answer: too exaggerated. May
strengthening ball analysis of work, introduced some more young, other
Club has not been excavation of players, placed in youth on training,
adaptation Italy of life and football style, then promoted to first-line
team, is a convenient of way, but this need more patience, yesterday, AC
Milan confirmed to 500,000 euro of price from Denmark Lyngby Club buy Xia
has 17 aged of lumbar discitis Norgard, which of body conditions Hale,
dajuguan good, was local hailed as "Denmark of small Van Bommel", he will
in winter joined Hou, Go directly to AC Milan's U19 youth team.

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