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Botswana, the ultimate luxury safari


									A Botswana safari is a truly pure safari experience, it is a land with an
abundance of diverse wildlife which still roams free and most safari
parks are unfenced and untouched by modern civilisation. Although
Botswana is not quite as renowned as Kenya or South Africa, it's a
tourist destination that gently whispers rather than shouting, Botswana
appeals to the astute traveller rather than the masses, with the land
being mainly road less and unspoiled by man.      Botswana is a huge
success story for Africa, the country enjoys a very high standard of
living and economic stability, education and health care which is
unrivalled elsewhere in Africa.

  Botswana is land locked and is situated between South Africa, Zimbabwe,
Zambia and Namibia. With being the same size as France, there is so much
of this diverse country to see and explore. 35% of the country has
designated areas of protected areas for animals, making their plenty of
opportunity to black rhinos, leopards and hippos.    There are numerous
ways to travel around Botswana on your luxury safari, but the best way to
see one of the world's most unspoilt destinations would be via light
aircraft. You'll be able to take in the whole landscape as you travel
around the camp sites in Botswana arriving at your luxury accommodation.
For the intrepid adventurer a Botswana safari promises an awe inspiring
array of geography to witness the African wildlife that Botswana has to
offer, having the world's largest national park (The Kalahari) and the
largest in land delta (The Okavango). A safari park which gets largely
overlooked Chobe National Park, is one of Africa's most densely populated
safari parks, with an abundance of wildlife including some of the worlds
rarest and birds and wildlife such as the big five. The river which runs
through the Chobe National Park provides so much life to the area,
embarking on a boat safari will allow you to witness the African wildlife
bathing and drinking from the river.       Botswana is home to one of the
world's largest deserts (The Kalahari desert), spreading approximately
85% across the countries territories, this desert is not quite what you
would expect from a desert. Like the country as a whole, the Botswana
desert is a very rich place, with lots of vegetation and grass lands,
this is because of the rainy season between November and April. Unlike
other deserts, the Kalahari Desert supports an unbelievable number of
species.      To accommodate the intrepid adventurers to Botswana the
accommodation that you will come across will be beautifully crafted and
expertly well managed safari lodges and cam sites, who can cater for your
every need.       With being so close to Zambia, why not make your trip a
twin city holiday and take a trip over to Victoria Falls, being much
larger than Niagara Falls and one of the 7 wonders of the world.      To
book your safari to Africa, choose Mahlatini. All of our staff have
either lived or travelled extensively throughout Southern and Eastern
Africa. So we bring firsthand knowledge of the locations you will visit
and the accommodation that you will stay in. Whether it's your first or
your tenth African safari, Mahlatini will ensure every aspect of your
holiday meets you specific requirements and expectations.

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