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					Closest to runner-up status of best second place are Denmark and
Portugal, while Swedes and Greeks are waiting a chance , if they with
manage to take four points and still remain behind the Croatian.Today we
will know 12 of the 16 participants in the European Championships in
Ukraine and Poland next year. Besides the two hosts ,placement have
already secured Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands which only
science fiction can remove them from the top position in the group, but
not the Euro 2012 because they have already secured a status of the best
second placed teams. The remaining five group winners will be known today
or next Tuesday.Group AGerman national selection is already in Warsaw and
Kiev, and in the battle for second place Turkey has two points more than
Belgium and better mutual ratio, and two home games ( Azerbedzjan and
Germany). Belgians hosts Kazakhstan and travel to Dusseldorf, while the
Austrians due to poor ratio with the Turk no longer plays any
theory.Group BFour teams could be the first, and most chance of it have
the RussiansTo Russia due to a better ratio counter Ireland, is
sufficient draw in Zilina ( Slovakia), as in the last round they will
gamble at home against Andorra. The remaining three candidates for the
first place ,are hoping for success of the Slovaks which would bring for
IIreland would a role of favorited as they travel to Andorra and hosts
the Armenians, who previously welcomed Makedonians.Slovaks are mutually
worse than the Armenians and the Irish so they have little chance for
second place, if they dont defeat Russia.Group CThe Italians were placed
on the fifth consecutive Euro, but it can affect the outcome of group C.
If they lose on Tuesday in Belgrade, the Serbs are certainly second
placed. With the draw Italians will "kill" Slovenians, who would with win
of Prandelli team on Marakana have the opportunity on the next match in
Maribor, to beat the Serbs, and if Estonians do not celebrate in Belfast,
be second in the group due to a better goal-difference than
Estonians.Group DProbably things will be resolved at the Stade de France
on Tuesday, where Bosnia and Herzegovina will need to win for the first
place. Of course, with the prerequisite that with the same success they
do the same with Luxembourg's (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Albania
(France).To Romanians plays theory for second place, but with two French
defeat or draw and Bosnia and Herzegovina defeat they need triumphs over
Belarus and Albania in Tirana.Group ETo drop to second place the Dutch
would had to lose in Amterdam of Moldova ,and then suffer defeat with
four goal differences in Sweden, while the Swedes had to celebrate in
Finland, which is mission impossible "5".Bosnia and Herzegovina will try
to win in two games to retrieve the best runner-up spot (struggle with
the group H - Portugal and Denmark), while the Hungarians due to lower
mutual ratio with the Swedish won in Finland would be already
crossed.Group FThe first two places will occupied Croatia and Greece. In
which order will find out probably today or next week. In case of
Croatians victory in Greece its all over, and draw turns match Croatia
against Latvia in the match point, while Croatian victory in Greece turns
match for Greeks in Tbilisi (Georgia) in a must win game.Group GEngland
avoidances of defeat in Montenegro lead them to the Euro 2012 . In this
situation, the match Switzerland - Montenegro becomes a a direct match
for second placein which the Swiss need any win, provided that they do
not lose in Wales, and that at the same time Montenegro win a point
against England.With Portugal's victory over Iceland and Denmark in
Cyprus, Norway, which welcomes Cyprus on Tuesday, would lose the
opportunity for first place.Then the crucial match, Denmark - Portugal.
Any of those three teams, depending on the results of Greece, Sweden and
Montenegro may be second best.Group IThe Spaniards, as expected, rushed
to Euro , and the Czechs (the Spaniards at home and away match in
Lithuania ) and Scottish (travel to Lihenstein and Spain) are hunting a
consolation prize. Czechs in the final battle for the additional
qualifications entering with a better ratio of the two points.

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