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					Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country on the Balkan peninsula of southern
Europe sustaining an area of 51,129 km² (19,741 sq. miles), & an figured
population of as much as four million people. BiH has been a greatest
performer in recent years in conditions of tourism growing tourist
arrivals have grown along an average of 24% annually from 1995 to 2000
(360,758 in 2002).Granting to an estimation of the World Tourism
Organization, BiH will have the third highest tourism growth rate in the
world betwixt 1995 and 2020. The major sending states in 2002 have been
Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, United States,
Poland, United Kingdom, Austria, and Spain. Bosnia has a rich culture by
using numbers of famous persons admitting poets, writers and a nobel
prize winner in Chemistry. One of the notable writers is Ivo Andric, a
Bosnian with Croatian ethnicity that won the nobel prize in literature.
He wrote the very famed book, Bridge over Drina, which was the famous
Ottoman bridge across the river Drina touching Visegrad, a city in the
eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He penned all about the Ottomans
even though he was not partial to them.An additional renowned Bosnian is
the Nobel award winner Vladimir Prelog, who won the Nobel award in
chemistry 1975. He was born in Sarajevo in 1906 and was informant to the
notable assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, the
assassination that started World War I.Bosnia and Herzegovina has
produced several good sports stars. numbers of of them were famous in the
Yugoslav national teams before Bosnia & Herzegovina's independence. The
Yugoslav interior basketball team, which one medaled in every world
championship from 1963 through 1990, has included Bosnian stars like
Drazen Dalipagic & Mirza Delibasic. Additional internationally famed
players from Bosnia & Herzegovina include Zoran Savic, Vladimir
Radmanovic, Zoran Planinic and Aleksandar Nikolic. Bosnia and Herzegovina
on a regular basis qualifies for the European Championship in
Basketball.In football, Bosnia & Herzegovina has not proven for a big
championship yet. Mirsad Hibic, Elvir Bolic, Elvir Baljic, Meho Kodro,
Sergej Barbarez, & Hasan Salihamidzic are famous Bosnian football players
that have played for the Bosnia and Herzegovina home football team. The
early Yugoslav interior football team included famous Bosnian players,
such as Josip Katalinski, Dusan Bajevic, Ivica Osim, Safet Susic, &
Mirsad Fazlagic..Bosnia & Herzegovina is the current world champion in
paralympic volleyball. One thing that makes the players so valued is the
fact that they misused their legs in the War of 1992-1995.Bosnian
national teams face a struggle to get all the best players born in the
country to play for them. numerous players born in Bosnia & Herzegovina
select to play for Extra areas due to their ethnic recognition. For
example Mario Stanic and Mile Mitic were each born in Bosnia, but
purchase to play for Croatia and Serbia respectively.

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