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Belize Real Estate at Sanctuary Belize - A developing community in the heart of Belize


									In the Stann Creek District of Belize the quiet and peaceful community of
Sanctuary Belize sits on the southern region. Just as the name suggests,
the place is pure paradise and is true Sanctuary. The area is
approximately 14,000 acre of land and only 3000 will then be developed
for human inhabitant while the remaining land mass will be left untouched
and as natural as possible.      The 24-hour gated community, homes
residents who have decided to leave their previous home for something
more appealing, pleasant and takes away the modern worries of our
society. Expatriates and retirees are the increasing population of the
country of Belize. That is why for those who wish to spend the rest of
their days in pure luxury at an affordable price then they don't have to
look anywhere else since Sanctuary Belize has it all.   Included in one
of the wonderful developments in the community is their Marina Village,
which will serve as the hub of the city. Bearing a lot of necessary shops
and gourmet restaurants to give residents the complete convenience there
is to find in the country of Belize. Here home owners can buy their
groceries without ever leaving the community or by traveling far even.
Aside from the Marina Village there's also the Yacht Club where there are
shops that offers repairs and other services to boat owners and club

  Houses that are developed in this commune are top of the world class.
Developers here are only the best found in the city and have dedicated
their craftsmanship to chiseling the homes of the resident's dreams to
reality. Made with only the finest materials that are also eco-friendly,
the houses here are fit to be featured in an architectural magazine with
its splendid design, modern innovation and aesthetic qualities.    Live in
the house of your dreams in the heart of paradise and experience the
fullest length of luxurious living to be found only here.       Belize
real estate market has seen a tremendous upward trend coming from this
area of the country, since the affordability and the flexible payment
terms, people are actually smartly investing into these kinds of
properties. Perhaps it is so because this is one great way of speculating
with properties and earning in the future.      Also to mention in the
commune would be their wild life reserve where the very first Jaguar
reserve is found in the entire planet. This community is both animal
friendly and environmentally aware, that is why they encourage horse back
riding while exploring the area, they have their very own equestrian
center dedicated to its residents.      Furthermore, private resorts and
spas are the craze by residents. With first class amenities and
magnificent wonders awaiting residents and their guests, relaxing and
enjoying a cocktail or two is simply one of the things they can do here
aside from staying in or lodging Cabana hut Style.      Otherwise the
best development here could be the preservation of the surroundings where
one can just walk around and be in awe while simply looking at it.
Belize - simply a paradise. Own a piece of that Jewel now! is the best belize real estate for you. They offer
buyers from all walks of life, the opportunity to maximize the benefits
of property ownership in Belize. No other community offers such abundant
natural beauty, modern amenities, and return potential - for so little
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