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					Website development is a very complex phenomenon. The person who caters
it may possess prior experience and knowledge of the whole web
development process so that everything should be done in a best way to
achieve the desired goals. The website development process begins with
the contact of client so that it can be understand properly what are the
basic needs and the requirements of the client from the whole process.
This can be done talking to client over the phone of video conferencing
or by face to face talks. This exercise helps in clearing the path on
which one has to move in the whole process.      Planning the project is
next step in website development. In this phase the developers discuss
about the various resources they need in completing the project like
manpower needs, technology requirements, cost of the project and the time
frame within which the web development project be completed. After this
the efficient content writers write some useful and relevant content
about the website of the company prior to its relevance to the industry
it belongs to should be written and used at various levels in web
development process.

  After this a prototype of website design is prepared which is the
almost same look of the website and it has been send to the client for
approval. The design has to be discussed with the client so that if any
change he wishes to make should be exercised and done as per his
requirements. After this the development team went ahead and do the
coding part of the website and the website development process be
completed. After this the testing of the website is done to check the
error if any to be analyzed well on time and should be repaired
accordingly.      A well designed, coded, tested and maintained website
is of no use until or unless it achieves its main aim of being online
i.e. attract a good volume of online traffic. There is millions of
website present on World Wide Web and thousand more are getting added on
a daily basis. All of these websites are fighting with each other for
their mere existence. So in this crowd it's very difficult for a website
to survive without any properly drafted and managed marketing plan. A
properly managed website requires some services like SEO, PPC and link
building in making good profits to the business that has been done online
using the internet.      For more information read about Web Development
Bahrain and also read about Website Development Bahrain and also read
about bahrain website development company

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