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									This nation of islands, atols, kays, and islets, with a total area of
5,382 square miles (13,939 square kilometers) is scattered over 100,000
square miles (259,000 square kilometers) of ocean. It is located just
Southeast of Florida, Northeast of Cuba, and Northwest of Turks and
Caicos. It is a scenic, unspoiled land and water environment enjoyed by
both tourists and residents who live on REAL ESTATE BAHAMAS.      As a
rule the islands are low and flat. The highest ridges typically range
from forty-nine to sixty-six feet (15-20 meters) above sea level. The
highest point is two-hundred-seven feet (63 meters). There is typically
lush green vegetation surrounded by sandy beaches and turquoise water
that is so clear that there is visibility to a depth of 200 feet. Clear
blue, unpolluted skies round out the picture of what many consider to be
paradise on earth.

  The climate is a warm tropical to subtropical moderated by the Gulf
Stream, especially during the winter months. Annual temperatures range
from seventy degrees (21 C) to eighty-four degrees (29 C). Freezing
temperatures have been unknown. Annual rainfall averages about fifty-four
inches (1.39 meters). Hurricanes threaten during the summer and fall and
some years strike some of the islands.      Travel is by sail, motorboat
or air. There are plenty of outdoor marine activities including some of
the best scuba diving in the world. These islands stretch over a distance
of five-hundred miles. There makes for a great deal of diversity in the
coral reefs, walls, fish and other marine life encountered. There is also
a great deal of difference in each of the four seasons, with fish
migrations. Water temperatures range seasonally from 70 degrees (21 C)to
the 80s (27 C).      You can swim with sharks, dolphins, sea turtles,
eagle rays, and endless varieties of colorful fish. Special attractions
are sunken Spanish Galleons and other barnacle encrusted shipwrecks.
Others are the blue holes, which are massive inland and ocean floor
underwater caverns and caves up to 200 feet (60 meters) deep. Snorkeling
and water theme parks have something to offer the whole family.
Guided fishing charters can bring delightful days of fly and bone fishing
along inland waterways. Deep sea fishing for Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi,
Tuna, Wahoo, Cobia, and King Mackerel will never be forgotten. Bahamian
sailing starts about fifty miles from the Florida coast and extends
seven-hundred miles, almost to Haiti. There is not better sailing
anywhere.      REAL ESTATE BAHAMAS makes possible living permanently, or
for extended periods, in this marine wonderland. Warm sunny days,
colorful scenery, clear waters, and marine activities like this are only
found here.

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